The God of Beauty is the Treasure of the World and Cannot be Monopolize


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He is the god of love and desire, he is also the embodiment of the most beautiful in the world.

There are two options for his future: One is to wander among the gods and let loose. The second is to become a treasure that all the gods cannot get, to be held in the palm of the hands of the gods, and not to be desecrated.

Why are there only these two choices, because the pantheon he was born into is… the extravagant and notoriously unscrupulous Greek pantheon!

#As the most beautiful and not very powerful god, I want to get rid of their claws and become self-reliant#

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Bl is lifeeee
Bl is lifeee
May 16, 2022
Status: Completed
yes! Male Aphrodite!!

And yes, this is danmei but there are No CP. So better not expect, there are many good candidates though. MC's romantic life is purely about business and giving and receiving, platonic and stuff. He has many people ready to bow down to him though <33

MC is someone who has no romance yet in his bucket list, just power.
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May 16, 2022
Status: Completed
Very fast paced in my opinion, the logic is there and the MC's character is very consistent and subtly changing through time.

This story revolves around Aphrodite, who became a male god instead of a female, he is inherently cold, very smart and power hungry too. He has great ambition and sometimes extreme means to get it.

Just a little disappointed in the ending, because I felt like the author can write more to be totally complete, still great though.
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Jul 07, 2022
Status: Completed
Male Aphrodite.

Shounen ai because Greek gods. But Aphrodite is a rare virgin male god. Here is why... more>>

Aphrodite is born from the god of sky but before "it" turn into a "she" because of the power of Love, Eros. A voice Stops and turns into a "He" instead. He asks why because the godhead says being a female for the godhead would be better. But the voice gives him the memories of the OG female Aphrodite who basically just indulged and let her godhead control her. That even though she had the title of main god she still got pushed around and was forced to marry the god of fire and forging. Eventually giving birth to Cupid/Eros who would steal her godhead of love and sexual desire and only leave her with the godhead of goddess of beauty



I really like this novel because......

Godhead of intelligence

Godhead of Cunning

Godhead of Business deals/Transactions in which, "I will always make a deal in which I profit from"

Godhead of arrogance because, " Your Lordship and Zeus are always calling me arrogant then I must be the most arrogant god" *bam godhead appears*

Godhead of greed

And most of all

Godhead of beauty.

Of course there are more godheads but theses are to show more a sense of character


I really like him as a character and individual. Nothing shows his character more then this scene in which he talks to Zeus. Where Zeus is holding the god servant of Aphrodite. The god of sexual desire since Aphrodite split his godhead and gave it to a dolphin turning "it" into his s*ave/servant god. Aphrodite tells Zeus to stop holding his neck and in the process of arguing tells Zeus that his servant god is a virgin god. Zeus questions why he is holding back when he clearly the god of sexual desire and as the god of sexual desire he should follow his sexual desire. In which Aphrodite retorts back that as a god of sexual desire it especially grave to have control of your sexual desires.


Aphrodite believes as a God he should have control over the godheads but never allow "it" (godhead) to control him. This is especially prevalent since he is the God of Love and he doesn't want to fall in love as he feels he will lose himself and his goal. But since he has seen the memory of the female Aphrodite and knows she falls in love he is wary. After all falling in love all she did was aimlessly chase her love.


But even he does want to fall in love he is faced with having to fall in love. Due to people referencing that the he has never fallen in love and since he can't understand he would not be able to master the power of Eros. In the novel many actually mock him mentioning how it's ironic that he is the God of Love but has never felt love or the loss of love. As He the god of love just watches others with his cold eyes as other suffer in emotions


Spoiler since I just copied a part of the text:

Finally, Tartarus asked: "Aphrodite, have you ever loved Adonis?"

Aphrodite's eyebrows were like a crescent moon, and he said softly: "I said it before, Tartarus, I knew from the beginning that you were Adonis. You should ask me, have I ever loved you?"

Tartarus's eyes moistened a little, and he murmured, "Then have you ever loved me?"

Aphrodite said softly, "When I loved you was when I didn't want anything. It's a pity that I seem to be born a god who is too rational and too greedy. I want too much, and love can't give me more satisfaction."

"I don't want to be serious. Love who, because there are so many things in my eyes, and there will never be only one person there."

I will admit I was a little saddened but that was for the best


A rational, intelligent, Cunning male lead who likes to plan and wants power. I think I really like this novel because the main character stuck to his ideals and goals throughout the novel. Especially so when there were romance involved. Gods fell in love with him and he fell in love to but he stood by his ideals. I like romance novels but I feel like most characters won't stick to their goals in the end they will bend for their lover which is romantic and all. But as Aphrodite said you should never let things control you especially love since love is irrational but he is a rational being with ambition and goals for himself.

(Ending could have been better especially last chapter. But I honestly enjoyed Aphrodite journey. 5/5 for me. <<less
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