The Genius Assassin Who Takes it All


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A world only I know of, now I will take it all for myself.

There’s no kind soul here willing to share and eat nicely with others.
Only the ruthless one who will devour it all alone exists here.

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혼자 다 해 먹는 천재 암살자
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2 Reviews

Mar 17, 2024
Status: --
Messed up translation.

I would not be surprised if skydemonorder. Com are bunch of machine translation users. And just editing back and forth.

Many characters switches genders from male to female, and from female to male. Almost like the entire crew of skydemonorder. Com are woke LGBTQ people and can't decides on genders in this novel.

Or perhaps everyone are non-binary koreans.
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Jan 18, 2024
Status: c40
Okay, you know it is a repeated dungeon gene, one of those stories where MC has a cheat called (he knew everything because HE IS THE AUTHOR) plus the normal cheat, aka, his unique one-in-million power/ability.

Anyway, he is smart, ruthless, and looks comfortable in his new life. (I used to see it ironic for a former obressed loser to suddenly gain confidence and, holla, start killing b!tchs everywhere.... but it has to do with the new fresh (?) start and well.... it is fantasy so there are no rules for... more>> killing those who should be dead and you can actually do it.) So far, I like the irony in the story.

MC is facing the hiding boss, known to the masses as humanity's hero. That hero and his gangsta do lots of shady stuff like, exploiting other guilds, slandering innocents, sl@ving those of low ranks, orchestrating full accidents to play the hero rule plus adding the normal acts of killing. While people kneeled down and kissed his feet for saving them. all that while our MC is solo playing to level up and kill that hero and, of course, in the process, saving the world..... Ah, he is the public villain of humanity.
What I actually like here is that the main and sub-main villains actually have personalities (which is a total phychco).

Maybe it is too early to write this, so I may come back after moving further into the story and write a proper one. <<less
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