The Female Villain and Male Villain Have a Kid Now


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Yu Suye didn’t know when she started liking Lin Wushen.

But it seemed that from the moment she saw him, that strong attraction never disappeared.

So, running errands for him, saving seats for him, silently footing the bill for him, and even banging into walls for him all seemed justifiable.

Unfortunately, Lin Wushen had someone else in his heart, and her name was Xu Wanwan.

Funny enough, beside Xu Wanwan, there was already a man with a similar situation. For so many years, Bianyuan had been by Xu Wanwan’s side, displaying a cold and indifferent attitude.

Both of them came from “big” families, with similar backgrounds, and they clicked instantly.

They were unwilling to be relegated to the role of someone’s backup, so they decided to make a big move—

But before they could successfully break up someone else’s relationship, a loophole appeared internally, and Yu Suye discovered a deep secret of the big shot.

He had an illegitimate daughter.

The sudden appearance of the child disrupted Yu Suye’s routine life and made her experience normal human emotions.

But after all, this was someone else’s child, and Yu Suye tried to maintain her motherly instinct restraint.

However, the adorable and picky little girl unexpectedly called her “Mommy”?

The child said she came from the future.

The child provided various detailed evidence that she was indeed her daughter—

But Yu Suye couldn’t believe that she and the big shot destroyed someone else’s relationship, and they didn’t even know how… they ended up in bed together?

After careful consideration, Bianyuan said seriously, “Then I guess it was you who forced me.”

Yu Suye: ?

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