Surprise! The Poor School Boy is the Father of the Child


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In the novel “I Love You to Marry”, there are two characters who are more discussed than the hero and heroine. Jiang Ruoqiao is the male lead’s scheming first love who abandoned him before he became famous. Under the pure and harmless appearance, she dislikes the poor, loves the rich, and is greedy for vanity. All kinds of heinous behaviors.

Lu Yicheng, the male protagonist’s college roommate and good friend, comes from a poor family, and was a student god in college, with a gentle and introverted temperament, humble and courteous. One day, when Lu Yicheng was working part-time, he accidentally picked up a five-year-old boy. The child’s eyes were bright and he called him daddy!

Lu Yicheng was at a loss: “…”

Who can tell him how he has a five-year-old son at the age of twenty, and he is sure that he has not had any intimate behavior with anyone. What’s even more shocking is that the little boy pointed at his roommate’s girlfriend in the group photo, and complained, “Dad, why don’t you take me to find my mother?”

* A few years later, there was a rumor in University A According to legend, how beautiful was the school belle of that year? The two influential figures in the Meidao Academy turned against each other because of her.

Regarding this, Jiang Ruoqiao said: “Actually, I didn’t like these two people at first… Do you believe that fathers are more valuable than sons?” Lu Yicheng: “?”

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K_araxx rated it
March 27, 2023
Status: Completed
This novel is great! I remember reading the raws a couples months ago. The FL in this is so calm and mature, she makes a great mom. Additionally the ML is different from most Chinese novel MLs, he’s so realistic in the way he acts that it really brings the story to life. Both the FL and the ML don’t fall in love immediately instead they progress from strangers, to unwilling coparents, to friends, and finally later, to lovers. The slow build of their relationship is so rare, and the... more>> ML and FL’s relationship is built on mutual respect which is great to see. All in all this is a great read, without much drama and lots of cute moments. 10/10 <<less
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hobbes rated it
April 18, 2023
Status: Completed
This was such a surprise. Its been a long time since I read such a nice feeling novel. This feels very real life like. There are no characters who act unreasonably. Every person has their own problems. You can see people make mistakes but they not evil intending to hurt people. Well, may be except the MLs mom. The best thing about the novel are there are no misunderstandings between the ML and the FL. They communicate so well, they tell each other everything and solve all issues together.

FL -... more>> It takes a few chapters to like her, Initially she is shown as a very calculative person and dating the original ML because he is rich. But she knows her boundaries. She will want to date rich guys because she wouldn't want any problems like her boyfriend borrowing money from his friends to buy her gifts and such. She wouldn't be expecting super expensive gifts and trying to exploit her boyfriends. When she finds her son, she never hides or denies him and takes up the responsibility and helps ML with taking care of the child and also the expenses. She also decides to break up with her boyfriend to avoid all the drama. She is very practical and I really liked her way of living where she takes herself as a priority and never lets anyone walk over her.

ML - He is amazing. I loved him. I really need one boyfriend like this too. He is very responsible and takes care of the child really well. He is also very thrifty which I could totally relate to. Although he is poor and has not much money and also busy with university and part time jobs he tries his best to take care of the child. He also tries to accommodate to the FL as much as possible like taking the child's registration under his name, but he tells her explicitly that she has to share expenses of the child with him.

Their son - Super cute. I loved him. He is perfect as a child. In some Chinese novels they make the child very sensible and tries to act like adult and such which I dont like. For me a kid should behave as a kid. Here, he was just a normal kid interested only in food and asking for toys.


Their son is not from the future but from the original timeline. After the FL goes through hell and loses everything. She changes a lot and the ML starts living as her neighbor and they gradually go from neighbors to friends to lovers and finally get married. They also have a son and it is this son who transmigrates to the current timeline.


The original ML is a very confused person being manipulated by his mom. He really loves the FL and kind of becomes twisted because of this in the original timeline. But I really couldn't bring myself to hate him.


He wasn't happy in both the timelines. In the first timeline, he marries the original FL but he is never happy, he will still be in love with FL and will be riddled with guilt towards the original FL because of this. In the current timeline, he moves away from his mother and the original FL and start living by himself. It takes a long time for him to accept that FL really broke up with him. In the end he calms down and accepts the FL has moved on and wishes her happiness. I really wish he had a happy ending too. But its an open ending so he might find someone in the future. Atleast I hope so.


The original FL was confused too, whenever she wants to give up on the original ML, his mom will come and manipulate her to continue liking her son. If it weren't for this I think the original FL would have moved on long back in her life and none of the drama would have happened. She wasn't someone evil or scheming person trying to hurt anyone or trying to break up their relationship.

I like novels where romance starts atleast by the mid of the novel but here it was towards the end and it was the perfect time. The FL and ML understand each other, their family circumstances and everything about each other and come to like each other. Only such love will be ever lasting. I dont believe in love at first sight so I found this really nice.

Its a nice journey with lots of fluff and happy moments with the child. I loved every bit of it. <<less
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RadBABYYYY rated it
November 11, 2023
Status: --

I mean its a bit cute but I found it to be plain and simple nothing is really going on not much drama or romance until the end.

Speaking of romance it was really really REALLY slow and dry as the desert, the depth of their feelings for each others wasn't felt and the most they did is hold hands in the whole novel.

The story also didn't progress much 120 chapters of them being in their 20's (the timeline from the beginning to the end was almost one year from... more>> when they first met and that's about it).

Writing this review made me realize that I probably wasted my time waiting for something to happen :D I mean if its a straight up slice of life genre add some extra plot to spice it up since there's the "coming from the future factor" its just tooooooo boring and simple.

The characters were surely and undeniably mature about the whole situation and almost too accepting?

ah I really don't know how to feel about it but for sure its not THAT good. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
hereforyou rated it
September 4, 2023
Status: Completed
I absolutely adored this novel. The male lead is hands down my favourite male lead of all time. Careful, competent, considerate, he's league's beyond the stereotypical ML set up and somehow remains cute and believable all the while. The FL too was a joy to read, she manages to be mature but not too mature for a 20 year old, relatable yet unique, charming without turning into a Mary Sue. And Lu SiYan was just so so similar to my younger brother 😂.
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Nelle rated it
August 9, 2023
Status: Completed
It's so sweet and so cute!! I really love the two main characters. They are so wise at their young age. They are written so well. I love the concept and premise of the story. My only complaint is the story is too short. It did not address an important question for me (see spoiler).

Their son from 12 years in the future appeared in their current timeline. What happens after they eventually have a son in this timeline? [Another spoiler: he eventually goes back to his own timeline, but returns once it's time for the two MCs to marry each other.]

Will their son stop reappearing because his 'real' self gets born in this timeline or will he remain coming back in the timeline and then get his other self as his younger brother? I wish the author explored this bit.

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