The Female Soldier Has Been Told to Infiltrate the Imperial Magic Academy (LN)


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Is it a glamorous school life with noble young ladies!?

Infiltration, Escort, Avoiding Ruin

The stage is a battle fantasy otome game with a strong twist!? A cheat military personnel, Raze, in a romantic comedy of reincarnation into another world!

Using her memories from her previous life, Raze, who has made a name for herself as an elite soldier of the Cyan Empire at the age of 15. The next mission ordered by her ruthless superior, the Prime Minister, is to infiltrate the Saint Rioll Imperial Magic Academy as a student and watch over the future of the esteemed children of high-ranking individuals⁉ While bewildered by the sparkling school life with the young sons and daughters, which is a complete change from military life, Raze’s friend, Karna, suddenly declares, “This is the world of an otome game, and I am the villainess!” Moreover, if they don’t avoid the worst scenario, Raze will be ruined as well!?

From that day on, Raze will navigate through events, both in the shadows and in the spotlight, aiming to capture them, but one after another, unknown flags that don’t exist in the game are raised–!?

Utilizing her knowledge from her previous life and the skills she acquired as a soldier, she will fully demonstrate her abilities to ensure the success of this mission!

Associated Names
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Gunjin Shoujo, Kouritsu Mahou Gakuen ni Sennyuu Suru Koto ni Narimashita. Otome Game? Sonna no Kiitemasen kedo?
The Female Soldier Has Been Told to Infiltrate the Imperial Magic Academy. What Otome Game? I Didn’t Hear About That?
軍人少女, 皇立魔法学園に潜入することになりました. 〜乙女ゲーム? そんなの聞いてませんけど?〜
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March 7, 2024
Status: --
I have read the web novel so I know the story mostly and I enjoyed it. I just have a problem with the site this novel is posted on.

if you hit Next when trying to read the next part, it doesnt direct you to the next part, but the Kofi page with the whole chapter which, depending on the chapter, you might not be able to see unless Kofi payment.

This is not unique to the novel, but applies to all of the novels on the site
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