Resourceful Victoria ~Former Operative Rebuilds Her Life~


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Haggle Kingdom operative Chloe (later Victoria), triggered by an event, decided that ‘There is no reason to continue working here anymore’.

So she disappeared from the organization by staging a scene that could be taken as either an accident or su*cide.

She then entered the Kingdom of Ashbury, two Kingdoms away, changed her name to Victoria, and decided to start her life over as a normal person.

However, on the first day of her entry, she reluctantly became the guardian of an abandoned child. In the process of protecting the child, she seemed to have left a good impression on the leader of the Second Knights’ Order, but she is wary, as a former operative who had fled the organization, she can’t get deeply involved with a knight who pledges loyalty to the nation.

Victoria tries to use her knowledge, skills, and talents that she has cultivated during her operative days to protect herself and her girl and lead an ordinary civil life but …

Victoria, unaware of her loneliness at the bottom of her heart as an operative, notices the many things she lacks in addition to her loneliness in the process of leaving her organization and living as an ordinary commoner.

This is the story of a 27-year-old woman trying to repair her lacking life.

Associated Names
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Tefuda ga Oome no Victoria
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October 24, 2022
Status: Completed
The beginning was great. It was quite unrealistic for her to just randomly adopt a girl she had met for a few hours, and probably even more unrealistic for them to even let her be adopted. I mean, the mother hadn't even left her for a full day yet but already everyone is like, ok lets get her to an orphanage people she is an orphan now. But their relationship was cute. The romance was also a bit unrealistic since the ML also only knew her for less than an... more>> hour before agreeing to become her guarantor. I machine translated chap 20 and beyond and I don't know if its the machine translation or the actual plot itself but it becomes messy and the plot does a nosedive and lands in the garbage.


MC escapes with her daughter and ML is sad. The operatives from MC organisation come to assassinate her but are captured instead and I guess tortured for info. It turns out that the guy who took MC in when she was a child was faking his marriage with that green tea chick as she was actually a double agent and he caught her in the act and imprisoned her. She is a better operative than we are led to believe as she easily escapes her prison and then disappears. MC and ML meet again at a festival and get together? Its all very vague. They move to a different country to be together.

My fav part was when the second prince tries to sneak up on MC to ask her to spar and she mistakes him for an intruder and beats him up badly with a stick. He tells people that he had a fall.

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Brasdf rated it
March 14, 2023
Status: c7
Story feels cold and emotionless. Might be due to translation, which isn't very good in other aspects as well. Just wasn't fun to read even though Victoria should have been an interesting character.

You might wonder, what do I mean? We learn in the first few chapters Victoria was lied to for years by her boss, a person she trusted completely and depended on since childhood, about the fact her whole family died in a fire or something. How did these blood curdling revelations affect Victoria emotionally ? Not clear they... more>> did. In the story she is like a robot.

I was betrayed. Beep bop. My whole family is dead. Beep---Beep---- Calculating. Revenge irrational. Beep bop. Decided to quit job by faking death.

And so on. In theory, I'm sure she was somehow affected, but it wasn't described and it didn't feel like it. Rest of the story is kind of like that from the little I had the patience to read. <<less
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Aldis rated it
February 15, 2023
Status: c30
I had fun reading this. It's quite enjoyable and interesting too. However I can't help to think how, despite having 19 years experience, Victoria is

... more>>

quite reckless, unintentionally attracting officers with her superior self-defense ability and even told ML about the high profile tracker send by CP. Well, she was actually kind of spotted in the first case too (although it bring me a question: why the author directs the attention to her while there were obviously numerous lady in light blue/purple dress?) She's also recklessly stated about her family two times so far while the real Victoria's family did not even died in fire. I don't mind if she's helping people but with 19 years experience her attitude is too eye catching.

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