The Family’s Youngest Is This Household’s Savior


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Born as the granddaughter of Duke Arachrene, Riersha was abandoned for her inability to awaken her powers.

However, as the imperial army invaded her once strong family, she learned a truth she never knew at the end of her life.

“Look. Who died just to protect you.”

She had thought she was completely alone.

But the moment she uncovered the secret her family had been hiding for her sake, Riersha came back six years into the past.

* * *

She couldn’t let her family suffer because of her insignificant self.

Riersha, returned to the past, and decided to leave for her family, but the problem was…

“Unngghh, it’s heavy!”

She had come back to a mere four-year-old, too young to handle it all! Moreover, she had to awaken powers that didn’t exist in the past quickly?

In this state, there were only three things Riersha could do.

“I’m sorry I didn’t greet you properly. Hello.”


“I’m Riersha.”

Number one, to recruit the family’s traitor on her side—

“Now, even Dad can come back.”

Number two, to gather the scattered family members.

And number three…

“Is this… your ability?”

…To protect her family with the ability she barely managed to manifest!

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이 가문은 막내가 살립니다
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