The Demons In the Reverse Harem Game Are Obsessed With Me


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She possessed a character from an R-rated reverse harem game.

The female lead would be sent to the demon Valley, since she would be the key to the Spirit Stones.
It was a game where the world was majorly run by demons.

However, the character’s body she was in, was the second princess, Yulia, who wasn’t the female lead. She was relieved thinking that now, at least she won’t be dragged into the demon world. And, the moment she heaved a sigh of relief-

“You shall be the one to go to the demons. I couldn’t possibly send Esther.”

The emperor made her take the original female lead’s place.

She was pushed into the Valley Of Death instead of her, the regime of the demons.

“If I eat you, I can get the power of the Spirit Stones, right?”

“… What?”

On waking up, she found out that she was the first person to unify the demon world. She ran into the great demon Bael. Since then, the rain of weird demands began-

“If I can’t eat you, what about sex?”

… Save me!

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역하렘 게임 속 악마들이 내게 집착한다
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New xiyhan rated it
November 22, 2023
Status: Completed
The translated version is onlt at Chap 70 but I tried reading the mtl ver as it's only a few chapters away anyway. Overall, it's a meh story.

... more>>

There is a reverse harem spicy scenes from Bael-Julia-Legion but the end game is Bael. The ending too was too rushed. I would probably need to come back to understand why the tr*sh emperor beat up Julia when she returned back to earth, but at least the author even if rushed, gave us a closure of HE and babies. Kinda feel sad for Legion, was hoping Julia had 2 husbands but sadly, the babies are only Bael's.

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March 3, 2023
Status: c37 part2
Currently reading.

It's not bad, the story is interesting and so are the characters. The MC is a tad annoying with how she can't speak when she needs to

... more>>

She was treated terribly in the castle with the humans but she isn't from this world. I feel like she should be strong enough to speak when it actually matters to her. She has gotten better with this and it's pretty early on but I feel like with the whole Legion situation she regressed a bit


Also this has the reverse harem tag but I'm still not sure if it is a true reverse harem or not


It takes a bit for any snu snu to kick in and when it does she gets oral from one guy and then sleeps with the demon king. After that (and before that really) the demon king is Uber possessive. Which isn't bad since I enjoy that BUT because of his possessiveness I'm not sure if it'll actually be a reverse harem.

in the beginning there is interest from other characters in her but I don't see the demon king letting it slide if she does sleep with someone else. I started reading for the reverse harem so I'm hoping it turns out to be a true one

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flying bulldog
flying bulldog
August 27, 2023
Status: c54.2
So far, the novel has been lively but there is no evidence of a reverse harem for the transmigrating female protagonist. The Demon King maintains exclusinve rights to this woman. I will pdateif I coea cross any actual reverse harem goings on - that's a genre I'd like to see more of!
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