Gu Family’s Wife


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The Gu family has always had the tradition of sharing wives, but it is not known to outsiders.

Su Nian, who is like a white rabbit, married into the Gu family happily and became the second young lady of the Gu family. But waiting for her was three wolf like men.

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4 Reviews

Mar 05, 2022
Status: --
My fav ML was the eldest brother, tbh. His scenes were pretty steamy— I mean, um, cough, super good plot, wink, wink. Lol, just read the tags, it's pretty accurate. The scenes are hot too, don't worry. Aaand, the trans is cool. So yeah.
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Feb 19, 2022
Status: Completed

So yeah.. no comments yet, right?

Anyway.. for the first time reader.. don't mind the RATINGS of this one. Just READ forst the tags.. and if its still give you the guts to read it then all I can say is.. minor plot and mostly smuts.

... more>>

Our dear MC here is a Female Lead and got herself, after marrying 1, 3 husbands. Well, its a tradition to the Gu family and its like hmmm... Buy 1 get 2 for free? 🤭


So, don't mind the ratings if your only here for smut 😏. Just don't forget to read the tags and genre of this one. <<less
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May 01, 2022
Status: Completed
As it say is a reverse harem, like the the 18+ kind be warned.

Overall, it hot ofc but something that put me off was that

she married the 2nd bro 1st and wasn't informed about the sharing part until she pretty much got r*ped by the youngest bro. So yea :|


Not much of a plot, its a short read but sexy scenes were pretty good.
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May 10, 2022
Status: c17
Opinion about 2nd and 3rd brother -

... more>>

Husband is annoying because he hid too many things, first, the family's financial situation then the SECRET. When she wanted to leave separately, he just ignored the topic and ran off after dumping his wife to his brother without a single explanation. So, I don't like him and of course liking the third brother is out of question when he literally r*ped her and only cares about his s*xual pleasure, not even giving her time to think a bit....


Female lead-


yeah, she is not normal. As, this short novel has polyandry tag, she is perfectly le*d as needed.


1st brother is alright...😊 <<less
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