The Demon Lord’s Second Marriage


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Demon Lord Galtau Leuzen was attacked at the Demon Lord’s Castle by the hero’s party, but quickly turned the tables on them. After they were all knocked out, the kind-hearted demon lord returned them all to their families, which was when he had a fateful encounter: He instantly fell for the hero’s mother, Laetia, a widow who was raising her hero daughter alone. Galtau, who also lost his wife and lived in loneliness ever since, felt drawn to the hero’s mother. After somehow easily getting the OK, he married Laetia, but naturally the hero couldn’t accept the demon lord suddenly becoming her father, leading to a weird household situation. In order to get along with his new step-daughter, the demon lord now has to put his all into creating a new home for his family.

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I'm a Demon Lord. My Second Marriage was with the Hero's Mother, and the Hero Became my Stepdaughter.
Maou desu. Onna Yuusha no Hahaoya to Saikonshita no de, Onna Yuusha ga Giri no Musume ni narimashita.
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Scott5431 rated it
July 21, 2019
Status: c22
I love this novel! It’s an easygoing comedy, that in my opinion is done perfectly. The translators are great and I never have to stop and try to figure out what’s being said. I know I check a few times a week for new chapters and cannot wait to see if it continues being as great as it’s been.
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August 25, 2019
Status: --
The novels by this author are all very interesting and entertaining with unique comedy elements that tend to differ from common tropes, the author is also rather versatile and does novels ranging from slow life, shounen, shoujo, kingdom building and even yuri.

Regardless of the genre though there always tends to be fluffy moments that can keep you reading for hours if you enjoy that kind of element.
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