The Demon King Took Off His Little Horns


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300 years after becoming a Demon King, the war angel Ansel faced a serious problem during a certain expedition.

——His halo grew out once again.

Ansel picked an auspicious place that was definitely and absolutely unmanned, and while cursing, he simply and skillfully broke off the newly emerged angelic aperture.

This thing was growing out faster and faster!

When will his undercover mission end already?!

The demon realm was divided and ruled by three kings. Demon King Saros was forced to go on an expedition with his sworn enemy, Ansel.

One day, he noticed Ansel sneaking away from everyone.

Saros decisively followed him, and was shocked to find that his sworn enemy, another demon king of the demon realm, took off a horn headband and fake bat wings. As Ansel cursed up and down, Saros watched as he skillfully removed a cute halo from his head.

This irritable, easily angered guy who loves fighting; the type that was cute when he shuts up but could make even demons angered to the point of ascending to heaven the moment he opens his mouth…

..was actually an angel???

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BambooTriangle rated it
July 28, 2022
Status: --
It's a cute funny novel, about a Demon King (real one) and Demon King (actually an angel) working together to make demon world a better world.

MC is an angel who was banished from Heaven and doesn't care much about his angel status. He can go and use his halos as throwing rings. Demon world actually accepted him and listened to him more than the whole Highest Heavens, leading to him genuinely loving and wanting the best for his demon subordinates. Who would have thought angel would be such a good... more>> demon king! <<less
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THISBRO rated it
July 29, 2022
Status: Completed
A really cute novel, has its comedic moments, but also times where it gets serious. This just hits all my soft spots, a ton of identity shenanigans, found family, and actual communication (when it does happen). No lingering misunderstandings, or awkward situations, green teas, etc. Everything is strung together by a greater threat. There is a wonderful side cast, really strong but also silly, pretty fleshed out as well!!!

I find the ML quite cute and likeable especially. A LOT OF GAP MOE hehehe. The ML's reaction to finding out the... more>> MC's true identity is also quite reasonable

no blackmail, just pure suspicion and the need to investigate why tf there's an angel spy in the Demon Realm + falling more in love along the way. In fact, the ML helps cover for the MC when he's moreorless certain the MC isn't thinking of harming the Demon Realm. Not once does he force the MC to do anything because of this knowledge. He's just there overthinking why MC just beat his angel 'superior' when he's clearly also an angel, worrying that MC will get punished when he goes back to heaven, etc.

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XavierForest rated it
June 29, 2023
Status: Completed
This is an amazing novel. The characters were great (and hilarious), the plot was engaging, and the world-building was spectacular.

Through the serious tones, it was comedic a lot of the time and sad when it needed to be. MC's emotional journey of coming to terms with what the people in his past did to him was a cathartic joy to read.

Now, this is very much a slow burn, with the ML pining and making up scenarios in his head for the past 250 years. The main focus is also on... more>> plot rather than romance,

so if you don't include ML braiding MC's hair, them shielding each other with their bodies when they fall, or ML carrying MC around when MC's wings are "broken", as romance,


then the first actual romantic action where they're both aware and it's not just ML sneaking some tofu is


when ML confesses and steals a quick kiss in chapter 161.


I think in the entire novel, the only things I disliked were

1) when MC took his halo away to do some work on it offscreen and you could hear the cheesy bang bang clang chainsaw missile explosion sound effects, and 2) when MC's little golden bird lifted a giant piece of crumbling rock with the tip of his wing how??? Was he only flapping one wing and that was enough to keep him up? Wut?


because they kinda dragged me out of the story.

But I do find it funny that the three realms

literally made Ansel and Seros when they sensed they had been invaded. Seros' intended role was kinda sad tho.

What happened to Ansel was tragic too.

Also, I'm pretty sure MC's name is actually something like Ansiel, Ansael, or Ansiael, but I decided to go with what the TLer wrote.


I noticed while reading that some things might get a little confusing if not written down, so I've made a list of sins/virtues and a rough timeline of the events from before the beginning of the novel. I will also note that the sins and virtues have different names. This is likely because of both how the word comes across in different languages and because there are different takes on the heavenly sins/virtues. I'll put in brackets what the novel implies they are or uses together with the original:


    • Pride (Arrogance) - Ansel

      / Formerly Offi

    • Lust - Seros / Formerly every Demon King of the Western Region
    • Envy (Jealousy) - Levi

      Currently Sidi / Formerly Levi

    • Wrath (Anger) - Andre
    • Greed - Bululu
    • Gluttony - Baimon
    • Sloth - Amon

    • Patience - Uriel
    • Chastity (Loyalty) - Saria
    • Kindness/Gratitude (Tolerance) - Isriel
    • Humility -

      Formerly Ansel

    • Temperance - Unknown
    • Charity - Unknown
    • Diligence - Unknown
Note: Belial is one of the unknown. Based on personality, I would say he was Diligence, but Temperance is also possible.



-Age of the Gods-

God makes everything

God choses two disciples and gives one horns and the other a halo

The two disciples become the Demon God and the Heavenly God

The first star chooses to reside in the Mortal Realm

The Outer God attaches itself to the world

A wound is made in the void

Monsters are born (suspected several thousands of years ago)

The Demon God and Heavenly God fight, splitting the Demon Realm into seven abysses

Both gods lose

The Demon God's crown splits into three

The Heavenly God's halo splits into three birds

The era of gods ends



A small rift opens in the Seventh Abyss

Prince 2 arrives in the Demon Realm

Prince 2 encounters war and is beaten

Prince 2 splits and creates the Jester

Prince 2 goes to the Mortal Realm

The first sage and brave beat the monsters with a combined Holy Sword and Demon Sword.

Prince 2 escapes to the Heavenly Realm

The first star (Ansel) goes to the Heavenly Realm

A dark blue star (Seros) is made as a backup and is placed in the Demon Realm



Ansel and Seros are born

Prince 2 becomes Isriel

Prince 2 retreats to the Junior Angel Academy



Ansel enters the Junior Angel Academy

Niss observes Ansel

Ansel meets and protects Feya

Ansel beats Prince 2

Ansel enters the Angel Academy

The Jester makes contact with Offi

Offi betrays the former Demon King of the Western Region by giving away [Blood of the Demon King]

Seros meets his "guardian angel"

Offi attempts to injure the authority of the former Demon King of the Western Region by having Seros kidnapped

Offi is exiled from the Western Region's capital



Uriel becomes consul

Seros becomes Demon King

The former Demon King of the Western Region dies



Ansel enters the military

Ansel frequents the Planetary Book Pavilion

Lemille observes Ansel

Prince 2 becomes the head angel in charge of Mercury Sky/Heaven

Seros and Ansel receive the divination from the flame witch



Belial descends to the Human Realm to guide humanity

A human (?) alchemist corrupts Belial using the power of monsters

Belial sends requests to the Heavenly Realm for assistance, which Prince 2 intercepts

Belial dies

Beli and Al are "born", and the alchemist commits su*cide

Prince 2 convinces the Heavenly Realm to seal the passage between realms

Baimon sends a pawn to the Heavenly Realm

Ansel volunteers to descend to the Mortal Realm

Ansel meets Rhine and Anthony

The three realms are separated

Rhine leaves the Holy Court



Saria becomes consul

Ansel attempts to convince the Heavenly Realm of the threat of monsters

A group of angels are killed by the monsters

Ansel burns his wings and life to make an arrow

Queen 1 is killed by Ansel

Ansel is imprisoned and his hair cut off (several months)

Feya frequents the prison but is denied entry

Baimon's pawn in the Heavenly Realm dies

Baimon begins looking for Demon King candidates

Ansel removes and shatters halo #1

Ansel is exiled

Ansel wanders the lake of fire (several months)

Ansel obtains Finny's egg

Ansel meets Seros

Ansel goes to and enters Subabienne

Ansel meets Fuya and Funa

Ansel begins working at Funa's tavern and builds the coliseum wall in their place

Ansel meets Baimon

Ansel contacts Amon

Ansel meets Andre and briefly Gussin

Funa dies

Ansel injures the city lord

Baimon loses half of his right horn protecting Ansel

Ansel meets Haven, his flame demon wife, and their child

Ansel officially meets Gussin

Finny is born

Ansel kills the city lord

Amon makes Ansel's demon horns and bat wings

Ansel meets Bululu

The main battles for the third crown are won

Baimon escapes "his" coronation

Ansel gains the Demon World's sin of Pride

Ansel becomes Demon King of the Eastern Region



Baimon goes to the human world via the Seventh Abyss rift

Feya becomes keeper of the key for the Solid Colour Prison and frequently confines herself to Ansel's cell



Ansel send Seros a letter of challenge

Ansel grabs Seros' horn and throws him

Seros begins to crush on Ansel



Ansel shot an Eastern Demon Lord with an arrow from his castle roof

Sidi discovers Seros' feelings for Ansel

"Gavin" enters the Demon Hunter Club

Sylvia's father dies and she becomes head of the Demon Hunter Club



Offi's exile ends, but she does not return

Ansel discovers monsters in the Demon Realm and dispatches troops

Three Demon King alliance is formed

Ansel completely recovers

Seros completely falls for Ansel

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CynicalStrawberry25 rated it
December 19, 2022
Status: Completed
Amazing. Quite frankly, it's been a while since I wrote a review. But I had to write one for this novel. The world-building is good, the story is fairly interesting, but most importantly, it completely hit my novel-sweet spot. Do you like MCs with hidden identities? Extremely powerful MCs who, despite initially experiencing betrayal, eventually gain a found family? MCs that seem truly kind and almost perfect, yet just imperfect enough not to be sickeningly perfect?

This novel has that. In hindsight, this novel isn't perfect; the MC is rather Mary... more>> Sue (although he's intelligent so not s*upidly kind) and everyone seems to love him. But while reading it I didn't notice any of that. I was so absorbed by his hidden identities and his conviction

(he gives up ruling the whole world to stay with his family)

that I was completely hooked every second of reading this.

A must-read if you like any of the above-mentioned, especially hidden identities! It was such a hidden gem! Also, I mtld the whole thing after the few translated chapters. I was able to comprehend and understand enough to enjoy however, I should give a shout-out to the translator. Thanks for picking this up! If you want to wait for the translation feel free to but if you're like me, the minute you start reading, you'll be hooked. <<less
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MILK99 rated it
October 24, 2022
Status: Completed
I LOVED THIS NOVEL. I actually finished this a few months back, like around July! When BambooTriangle promoted it a bit, I actually got curious and low and behold! I finished it literally in like 3-4 days because (mtl-ed it, of course) I just loved it so much. Though, I've been busy and couldn't make an account to leave a review, but now I can. It's my first time writing a review so...

It's as the summary says, an angel whose pretending to be a demon...! But not for the reasons... more>> you think! I won't say much, but he has a reason for why he's doing that and it's actually quite sad.

Characters are absolutely lovable, and very well written, even the side characters are so full of life and have so much to give for! You can't help, but get invested in all the characters the author puts in! Plus, most characters she mentions do have an important role and she ties back the ends, because there's a human arc. Overall super interesting to read, though I do remember it left me wanting more loveable interactions between the main CP... I wish I had access to the extras, because perhaps that's where I could've sated my thirst. Nonetheless, it's a very solid, entertaining story with character development and stories and once you start, you can't tell time. Because I'm telling you I personally really enjoyed it! Ansel is such a complex character, because he's really gone through a lot... Saros is adorable in his pursuit of him too, at first thinking he's an undercover spy, but then figuring out it's more than meets the eye, you know?

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patch rated it
November 25, 2022
Status: Completed
This one is so good. I love everything about it. A gem indeed.

Great characters, plot, writing, storytelling, world building, and theme. The plot is extremely comedy and creative. There are touch of comedy everywhere even when there is supposed to be a drama. That's create a light feeling and super heart warming.

Truly great novel you would never want to miss it.
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meatbunluver rated it
January 12, 2024
Status: Completed
Possibly THE all time favorite for me. There's not a single thing I wish the author would do differently.

Ansiel and Saros are perfect. They're hilarious individually. They're also really well fleshed out, with complex backgrounds, motivations, and responsibilities.

Ansel is my perfect MC. Hidden, mysterious past and identity. Yes. Extremely strong and competent. Yes. Also an adorable muffin you want to protect. YES. Also kind of s*upid and funny (especially with his subordinates). YES!!!

... more>>

His background is actually pretty tragic (you kind of get hinted this from the beginning but it's not revealed until much later). To me it just made things so much better. I love how he stayed true to himself and made decisions based on the life he wanted to live, and not getting swayed by others.


Not sure how others thought about him staying in the demon realm in the end, but I was 100000% here for that. He earned that right and it was so well deserved. I felt pretty bad for the angels, but it truly was on them. They had their chance and they missed it and I love that the author highlighted that. Also what would Bululu and Mr. Phoenix, and everyone else do without him (I'm sure Saros would find a way to be with him either way so not including him here) ?


Saros too. What a guy. So funny. I don't know if I liked him better or Ansiel (and I really love Ansiel). He is a product of his background but somehow still so innocent???


Author keeps it very tame, but if you know what sin he represents, then you know.


It's lust.


All the mini meltdowns he had over Ansiel and his potential identity gave me life.


And of course after he found out (honestly even how he found out, that scene is iconic) all the mini meltdowns he had over Ansiel's terrible job of keeping his identity secret.


I feel like that part of Saros is summed up in this character 囧 (what it means is basically how it looks, someone making a face like that). Of course like Ansiel though, Saros is a well rounded character. He's amazingly loyal to his kingdom, and I love baby Saros as well.

The rest of the cast is also masterful. Not everyone is as well fleshed out as Ansiel and Saros, but they're still really developed and I loved so so many of them.

The only unfortunate thing about this novel is that I believe to get an even better experience of this masterpiece, you have to read it in Mandarin. The puns. Literally every single detail the author included was perfect.

For example:


Saros can take over the body of his head swan (yes he has a full bank of swan soldiers) and he does this often to spy on Ansiel. In pin yin, Saros's name is "Sai-luo-si", but in swan form, he's "Sai-e-si" where "e" also means swan. Every time Saros would waddle up in his little swan form, I was just grinning and laughing because I just enjoyed it so much. I know it's kind of s*upid but I really don't care.


Even with that said, I think this is still well worth your time to read in English. <<less
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Tutubitter rated it
January 11, 2023
Status: Completed
Love the humor, the plot, and characters. I binged it for several days.

Very recommended to go find the extra chapters 🤣

I just wish I could also read Ansel’s whole story before his crowning. The little snips from each ministers sounds so interesting. The whole thing must be amazing.
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