The Demon King Took Off His Little Horns


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300 years after becoming a Demon King, the war angel Ansel faced a serious problem during a certain expedition.

——His halo grew out once again.

Ansel picked an auspicious place that was definitely and absolutely unmanned, and while cursing, he simply and skillfully broke off the newly emerged angelic aperture.

This thing was growing out faster and faster!

When will his undercover mission end already?!

The demon realm was divided and ruled by three kings. Demon King Saros was forced to go on an expedition with his sworn enemy, Ansel.

One day, he noticed Ansel sneaking away from everyone.

Saros decisively followed him, and was shocked to find that his sworn enemy, another demon king of the demon realm, took off a horn headband and fake bat wings. As Ansel cursed up and down, Saros watched as he skillfully removed a cute halo from his head.

This irritable, easily angered guy who loves fighting; the type that was cute when he shuts up but could make even demons angered to the point of ascending to heaven the moment he opens his mouth…

..was actually an angel???

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New patch rated it
November 25, 2022
Status: Completed
This one is so good. I love everything about it. A gem indeed.

Great characters, plot, writing, storytelling, world building, and theme. The plot is extremely comedy and creative. There are touch of comedy everywhere even when there is supposed to be a drama. That's create a light feeling and super heart warming.

Truly great novel you would never want to miss it.
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BambooTriangle rated it
July 28, 2022
Status: --
It's a cute funny novel, about a Demon King (real one) and Demon King (actually an angel) working together to make demon world a better world.

MC is an angel who was banished from Heaven and doesn't care much about his angel status. He can go and use his halos as throwing rings. Demon world actually accepted him and listened to him more than the whole Highest Heavens, leading to him genuinely loving and wanting the best for his demon subordinates. Who would have thought angel would be such a good... more>> demon king! <<less
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THISBRO rated it
July 29, 2022
Status: Completed
A really cute novel, has its comedic moments, but also times where it gets serious. This just hits all my soft spots, a ton of identity shenanigans, found family, and actual communication (when it does happen). No lingering misunderstandings, or awkward situations, green teas, etc. Everything is strung together by a greater threat. There is a wonderful side cast, really strong but also silly, pretty fleshed out as well!!!

I find the ML quite cute and likeable especially. A LOT OF GAP MOE hehehe. The ML's reaction to finding out the... more>> MC's true identity is also quite reasonable

no blackmail, just pure suspicion and the need to investigate why tf there's an angel spy in the Demon Realm + falling more in love along the way. In fact, the ML helps cover for the MC when he's moreorless certain the MC isn't thinking of harming the Demon Realm. Not once does he force the MC to do anything because of this knowledge. He's just there overthinking why MC just beat his angel 'superior' when he's clearly also an angel, worrying that MC will get punished when he goes back to heaven, etc.

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MILK99 rated it
October 24, 2022
Status: Completed
I LOVED THIS NOVEL. I actually finished this a few months back, like around July! When BambooTriangle promoted it a bit, I actually got curious and low and behold! I finished it literally in like 3-4 days because (mtl-ed it, of course) I just loved it so much. Though, I've been busy and couldn't make an account to leave a review, but now I can. It's my first time writing a review so...

It's as the summary says, an angel whose pretending to be a demon...! But not for the reasons... more>> you think! I won't say much, but he has a reason for why he's doing that and it's actually quite sad.

Characters are absolutely lovable, and very well written, even the side characters are so full of life and have so much to give for! You can't help, but get invested in all the characters the author puts in! Plus, most characters she mentions do have an important role and she ties back the ends, because there's a human arc. Overall super interesting to read, though I do remember it left me wanting more loveable interactions between the main CP... I wish I had access to the extras, because perhaps that's where I could've sated my thirst. Nonetheless, it's a very solid, entertaining story with character development and stories and once you start, you can't tell time. Because I'm telling you I personally really enjoyed it! Ansel is such a complex character, because he's really gone through a lot... Saros is adorable in his pursuit of him too, at first thinking he's an undercover spy, but then figuring out it's more than meets the eye, you know?

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