The City of Terror


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What the hell is this? What the hell happened here?

How did my room become so ruined after a single night?

The floor and table were covered in dust, his new poster of Zhang Liang Ying that had just been posted on the wall a few days ago had already become yellow and tattered all over. Even Zhang Liang Ying’s beautiful face became monstrous, as if an old devil was looking at him with a terrifying smile.

The walls were covered by a mist of cobwebs and the fruits placed on top of the coffee table were withered and rotted to the point that the mold on them had turned black. The fruits below even seemed to have turned into mush. The aluminium framed window that the landlord had just installed not that long ago was now covered in a layer of white ash and the glass was filled with cracks and covered in dust.

The computer beside his bed was also covered by cobwebs and was accompanied by an empty water glass with a withered worm inside of it.

Dust filled the air making Wei Xiao Bei choke as he tried to breathe.

Everything seemed to be ash gray without any light, as if looking at television static.

After just one night, it seemed like everything in the room had aged for centuries or even millennia.

Mother… is this a dream?

This must be a dream!

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Stark3 rated it
June 1, 2018
Status: c726
EDIT: Novel dropped.

MC is an incredible hypocrite, especially after he's established his strength: he sees a massive conflict between monsters and humanity and just stands by because he doesn't want to use up his strength. Later on he joins the conflict, and once it's over and sees the human casualties will sigh at how sad it is. I'm like... you stood by when you could have done something and massively reduced casualties, and now you have the gall to sigh about the body count? He literally watched the monsters break... more>> through the base defenses and start slaughtering before he acted. One of his reasons by the way on why he didn't want to spend too much strength : the people were Japanese. >.>

What broke the camel's back for me was when he started making people pray to an idol he created so that he can gather the strength of belief to strengthen his internal space.



Honestly, the writing is uninspired, the MC is infuriatingly stupid at times and gives the impression that minus luck / plot armor he'd be going nowhere. Up to c269, there's really no overarcing story line other than the MC increasing the numbers showing up on his character status. It's kind of hard to swallow the author's logic at times as well.


Apparently, having a skill in hidden weapons allows you to use gravel you've kicked out from the ground to kill off relatively weak monsters. I would have been fine if they were at least thrown with accuracy and strength by the MC but really... stomping on the ground to throw up gravel to kill enemies is an application of a hidden weapons skill???

Rant #2: the MC was given a skill early on where he can generate electric current. Aside from emitting it directly, he could also use it internally to help train his strength and agility... but he almost never uses it at all. An RPG min-maxer would be using that as much as he can on top of whatever attribute gains you can get by spending points, but he just leaves that option as is. /smh

Rant #3: The MC has a sub-attribute Hand Eye Coordination under the Agility attribute. For some reason tho, when the author tries to describe what happens when MC promotes that attribute, he keeps saying that it's improving the MC's eyesight : as of c726 he can see up to 6km away, and see individual dust mites in the air. THAT'S NOT WHAT HAND-EYE COORDINATION IS! /doublefacepalm


I'm only reading because I'm kind of fine with brain dead binging right now to go in between my more serious reads... but otherwise... stay away. <<less
20 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Draqe3195 rated it
September 2, 2018
Status: c146
This is the translator. I won't rate this 5/5, since being realistic this novel is not really top novel material, but it is a fresh experience. This novel is not your stereotypical apocalypse novel where the world the MC stays in is apocalyptic. The build up seems slow at first but it is actually quite fast. Compared to most Chinese novels, the excitement starts around chapter 130+ but everything before that is just the character building up strength (the boring part technically). One of the reviews here might say that... more>> the MC is hypocritical, but that is also what makes him human. And then about the comment about the Japanese, I would like to provide an explanation on that. Most Chinese parents (like mine) would actually teach their children that Japanese are bad people all because of the Nanjing Massacre (if you don't know read up on it, it's interesting). People who read 3 chapters and write reviews are not credible enough to actually tell the story.

P.S. If you tell me that I'm defending the story because I'm the translator, then yes, I will defend the story I chose. <<less
11 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ReadsWebNovels rated it
May 7, 2018
Status: c3
Sigh. Another one?

There are a ton of CN fantasy apocolypse novels, and they're all the same. MC has a military/assassin/time reverter/underdog identity, giving him an advantage over others. People backstab people in a dog-eat-dog world. MC begins gathering a party/building a nation.

Spoiler? The author or translator will inevitably drop the story because there's no end goal to the story and it's just kind of chugging along and growing stale.
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ARATA-J rated it
June 3, 2018
Status: c357
The main character is stupid as duck, story building sucks, character seem like going no where and sloppy bromance which can givee you chills and creeps. I just read this novel due to having no material to read but ''enough is enough'' at some point, even you run out of material.

Author need to take some threpy class like literally. I thought when reach 300 will get better but somehow reading up 357 I just lost my willpower rather my intelligence keep going down to the point I got fed up.... more>> I higly recommend you to not read this, if you got too much spare time and energy please do porcee. (You dig your own pit) <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Ner0 rated it
May 6, 2018
Status: c21
This story is about a random dude summoned to battle zones in another plane where he must fight monsters to upgrade his strength and get abilities. The plot is divided between the real world and the time he's summoned in those battle zones, but he can still utilize his power in the real world.

Apart from the fact that the MC managed to kill a monster one level higher than him by rubbing some salt on its wounds (I'm not kidding), and how the summoning to the dust world select only... more>> drunk men (and drunk women?), it is a good read. (seriously could have believed it was made by a Japanese with these outrageous ideas).

I don't personally like the MC, he's a brain-dead muscle guy but the story is well described and interesting overall.


Okay, it was interesting, before it became obvious that there was no plot progression. The following chapters are only the repetition of what happens in the first 10 chapters... <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Shadoerunner rated it
July 16, 2018
Status: c76
Thanks for the chapter! This chapter was my finally awaited one, the main character has some sense drilled into him. I hope to a lot more interesting problems and solutions in the future.

If you like end of the world stories as well as slice of life, this story is a perfect mix. Can't wait to see what the next chapter holds in store for us.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
An Earnest Reader
An Earnest Reader rated it
June 11, 2018
Status: c57
Hi there, an earnest reader here. I'm doing this to support the translator at gravitytales.

I'm pretty picky with my novels. If a novel is terrible to read, then I just stop reading. I don't usually care if it's mainstream or whatever, but the ones I do read, I believe have the capacity to be great.

This novel I'm just trying out, it has a pretty similar idea to a novel called Ultimate Evolution, entering a mystical realm where you can grow stronger while still accessing the modern world. I can tell... more>> you Ultimate Evolution has a slow start, it was hard to keep reading as the foundation of the story was still shallow in the beginning, but as you continue to read you suddenly realize that you can't stop.

City of Terror has a similar power up system to that. Which I have to say, "Mmm, okay.", but that's not really important. What's important is that, this like the great novels I read, is being given a lot of love by the translator, or at least they're good at doing their job. This is really important, because no matter how great the story, if we can't understand it, how are we supposed to enjoy it?

So for that we can say translating team CHECK.

As for the story, we can't always just judge a novel by it's beginning. It's the foundation, there is still a lot of information dumping going on, and character growth is still happening. The story setting is putting him a low beginning, but as we all know he is gonna get OP, we just have to wait and read.

Trust me on this one I've been reading for 3 years, so I have a lot of experience. I witnessed the ending of ISSTH (Deathblade#1), which was pretty cool.

So give this novel a try, I hope that our translator and editor don't give up. A huge amount of chapters attract readers, good grammar helps them understand, and a steady release keeps them waiting for more. I wish you luck. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Fatsquishypanda rated it
June 2, 2018
Status: c47
The main character is simple-minded and his interests go along with what others have said. His main goal at the moment is to get stronger. A goal most main characters tend to hold when it comes to stories like this. Going to a different world, or unlocking an ability or opportunity to change their life. And though I personally would do things differently than the main character here, I can see where he comes from. His main goal is getting stronger and surviving longer in the so called "Dust world";... more>> All so he can in-turn get stronger as the cycle continues. Show-casing a game like stat system with a straight-forward increase in ability as he kills creatures and takes risks in this alternative world. Returning to the real world, able to display his changes quickly and change his life. He is far from the smartest main character at the current time, as his stats clearly display that and his straight-forward and sometimes questionable decisions tend to frustrate the reader. I can say as long as you can stick around and learn to enjoy the story, it can be quite enjoyable.

I personally rate this a 4/5 as the kind of person I am, I like to see the development of the character and to see his gradual and sometimes quick rise in strength or ability. To surprise others, or surpass himself and to see and imagine how I can more vividly imagine such a world where you can fight monsters and creatures beyond your normal comprehension. Besides, the slight under-tones of perverse or flirtatious vibes that are given off around the female characters the MC has in his surroundings makes it interesting to a degree. I can't give this a full five as it does get frustrating as I said before, the MC can make some quite questionable decisions from my own point of view. But I have to respect the way the author has written the main character and am looking forward to further translation of the story. Hope my review helped! <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
5degreesmiopia rated it
June 1, 2018
Status: c47
Ok. So, it is a novel about a guy going between the "dust world" were he can gain points to incriase his abilities and atributes and the real world. Its really the same mecanic as the "dungeon" has in many other novels, this "double life" is honestly nothing original

The story is very ok-ish. No real motive or driving force behind it other than the "getting stronger" idea. The MC is rather unninteresting and dumb. He could really use some points in his intelligence stat.

Overall this is for you if you... more>> are looking at something simple and straight-foward. Its an uncomplicated, casual read to pass time and see a guy shoulder bump a Kuo-toa to death. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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