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The world was hit by an abnormal narcolepsy, and there was a mass coma. Lee-joonhyuk was transferred to a dimensional battle field as he fell into an abnormal narcoleptic sleep. This is the story of him as he starts as a minion.

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레전드 오브 레전드
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ninthlite rated it
July 12, 2016
Status: c10
The first four chapters are pointless and boring. They have zero relation to the story at all, and makes me heavily question the author's writing ability for including these chapters. Start reading at chapter 5 if you want to get into the actual story line.

Regardless of the first four pointless chapters, the chapters that feature the Battefield are poorly written. Every thought, action, and discussion seems to me to be incredibly stilted and awkward. The reactions to the events by the main character are incredibly unrealistic. I have zero desire... more>> to read any more chapters and only forced myself to read up to chapter 10 to be able to give a decent review. <<less
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CLE9595 rated it
April 11, 2018
Status: c19
Hmm, I am oftenly a fan of korean novels...

i am the monarch, Everyone else is a returnee, overgeared, master hunter K,... I like them all

But this one I don't like it, like really not, that is why I even hate it more that I want to put 0 star, the first time I don't like it

... more>> as for the moment there is 2 different " worlds " the imaginary one and the real world

The thing is the real world didn't impact yet on the imaginary world, and beside saving a girl he did not use his power to do something in real world

He said that he must train and stuff, train his power, but why don't he train unstead of doing unessesary stuff in real world, why even bother hiding the fact that you return from the narcolepsy, he would surely get help from the gouverment if it was known... (also for study it in the same way but... it would be mutual)

so it gave me the feeling that the MC is a s*upid, kind hearted (not that I dislike a MC kind hearted to the point to risk his own life for a girl that he doesn't know. But not on a story that is focused on " the strong eats the weak ", character like him would be a good side character for the MC to shine, but not the MC itself)

Finally I couldn't have any empathy for the MC, nor interest (no strategy so far, anyway would be hard to do with this s*upid MC), the side character are not develloped nor interesting (emotionally speaking) and is more focused on their strenghts

i may be a bit hard on my judgement, but when I see a korean novel getting translated I had high hope, so I'm kinda sad <<less
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TheJudge rated it
August 12, 2018
Status: c146
If you ever played MOBA's or LOL to be exact, you'll understand better what this is about. People are sent to a different dimension on fridays, they start off as minions > novice > expert > champions > heroes. Novices get their first skill, with a max of 3 skills and 1 ultimate. Fight, survive, and advance to a higher tier and repeat, it may seem repetitive at first, but more information is unveiled as the story progresses.

Gets better the more you read, starts off okay, but the writer does... more>> try to fill up the gaps later on in the story. I held off reading it because of the low stars, but then noticed only those that haven't even read past the first battle or because the MC is too careful in real life. It's obviously not for everyone especially to kids that likes a powerful MC showing off his power to the world and publicly slapping faces in every chapter and comparing their e-peens. The MC is low key and only acts when he must. He's not some murderer (yet?), although I wish he would be at times, but we'll see, who knows his enemies may become his friends in the future, which is what I think will happen once the MC starts recruiting others to his team.

Edit: dropped to 3 stars, MC becomes an idiot in the latest chapter, he bragged about being able to kill those humans that found out about his true identity, but then says that he doesnt murder people, no matter the reason. He is fueled by greed and decides to sell his mana stones for money. He knows pretty much nothing about these people and just flat out decides to sell them the stones, on top of that he asked the buyer to "kill the people following him" when he could of easily kill them himself, little does he know they too have people following him. What a ret*rd. There are so many ways he an make money, yet he chose this. Very disappointed with how passive the MC is. <<less
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July 14, 2018
Status: c113
It is certainly different. Feels like a Japanese Isekai novel.. The initial ones from almost 10 years ago.

As someone above pointed out, it's enjoyable more than most Korean novels on here that have better ratings.

It is not your classic OP protagonist or Psychopath that readers here have gotten addicted to. It is flawed but enjoyable nonetheless.

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dudson rated it
September 21, 2016
Status: c22
The story is decent and the writing style nothing special.

The MC is a goody two shoes who helps everybody as much as he can, even at the cost of his own health. That is being established in the 4 first chapters and this continues on through the novel. There are a lot of side characters that are introduced, bit until ch22 they are just general descriptions. Furthermore the chance of MC establishing a harem seems high.

The story then picks up with the whole thing where the population of the earth... more>> falls one after the other into a coma and are transported into another world. There they need to battle to death. Nothing too new. When a round is finished, they awaken in RL again and are then later called back for the next round.


I dont know if that counts as a spoiler but ill put it here either way. The whole alternate reality, different dimension or how you wanna call it, reminds me of a MOBA game like League Of Legends/LOL (Legend of Legend/ LOL anyone?) . Why? Because the author (or the TL?) uses terms like ganking, jungle, heroes, minions, there are even towers and a round ends when the enemy base is destroyed. MOBA right?


But lets see how the story continues. Not too bad but also not too good so 3/5 stars. <<less
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PotatoesInvasion rated it
September 19, 2018
Status: c180
Well I never write a review before but I think I should give this novel a review.

I wont say that this novel is really good it just good enough to enjoy reading it. There some plot armor here and there but well almost every LN had plot armor.

People who gave a review 1-3 stars usually only read up to 10-30 chapters, but as I already read up to the latest chapter as I write this, I could say this novel was good enough.

People who said that the first five chapters or so doesnt connect to the story is really wrong since basically the real world and the other world is used alternatively until latest chapter. Saying he was write a decent review when he actually doesnt know it at all lol

Then another people said that MC is s*upid since he doesnt reveal the fact to government is so dumb. He must be so innocent to think that the government would help the MC, if anything the government would capture and restrict him to avoid the truth being spread and would try to monopoli the thing from the battlefield to enrich themself. He must be a kid or someone who doesnt know the world is full of bad and selfish people.


If anything you guys should try to read this to see if u would like it or not, dont really trust the review here since sometimes reviews are f' up
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rusty32539 rated it
July 28, 2018
Status: c127
The world was hit by an abnormal narcolepsy, and there was a mass coma. Lee-joonhyuk was transferred to a dimensional battle field as he fell into an abnormal narcoleptic sleep. This is the story of him as he starts as a minion.

Abnormal Narcoleptic Sleep: On certain Days anyone Under 40 and hinted at least 16 could just randomly fall sleep.

They are Transported to a different World to do Battle, if they die their soul is destroyed and their body never wakes up.

This is a story mainly following Lee-Joonhyuk : Minion... more>> 00110230 on his rise in power while he does his best to stay alive. Does have some real world story also but not to much to make it boring. Very much a Korean story taking some hints from a Japanese novel with out Losing its Korean Roots.

If you think I need a spoiler tag tell me, but everything I just said you will learn by chapter 3 and I left enough details out not to ruin things. <<less
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Hitexh rated it
May 26, 2018
Status: c64
I understand about the underrated reviews, at first I assume the MC is like a power in a shadow, but at later chapter, it prove that he is dense and s*upid. Like CLE9595 review, MC cant give reasons why he has to hide his power. Fine he did hide his power, but he forget to hide his magic equipment, is that make any sense? He even show off this equip as family heirloom and take a shoot at advertising movie... fck, do you think you can lie to hide it... more>> from kid as its a common candy, when all people can identified it and want to buy from you for million dolars? Not only that, he even got tracked by 2 spys, but he just let them go. What a joke.


He hide his power and like to be eyed by a lot of people. He also let a killer run away just because he doesnt want kill human, while on the other world he saw and kill hundreds like crazy. He also promise one babe who sell milk to dating her from early chapter, but until many weeks, she just gone without a tail just like she doesnt exist to begin with.


If only this MC is smarter, I definetely put this one as one of the best. because the idea of the apocalypse into moba game world is very fresh, and the rest of story is good, I still give 5 to compansate the bad reviews. <<less
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pomoli rated it
August 12, 2018
Status: c7
The MC is not clever, and kinda apathetic (or maybe it's just the way it's written). But it's frankly not interesting at all.

And I'm saying that as a lover of good natured harem like MC.
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merong rated it
July 12, 2018
Status: c111
The MC has a few undesirable traits, like he is too helpful for his own good, he was shown as someone meticulous but he just keep on missing a small detail on his plans that jeopardizes the whole situation.

He also has a few harems around him but he doesn't care to clarify if he likes them or not... he just accepts all their 'affection' towards him.

But I am still giving this a 5 star because to offset the ridiculous amount of 1 star rating for this novel.

You see, I find... more>> this novel more enjoyable than Arena, but it Arena has a better rating than this. <<less
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Unicryin rated it
August 9, 2016
Status: c19
I really like the concept of this story. As of now I have rated it a full 5 because I believe this is a story worth hanging on to. The MC has an interesting ability but it has a time limit and a cooldown. There have also been hints that this ability may grow.

I recommend that people give this story a chance and work through the 4 first seemingly useless chapters. I think you will be surprised :)
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Kuchi66 rated it
June 18, 2016
Status: c7
Very good story. Read one similar to this on RRL once. His personality pisses me off, but the story is still good.
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BookishAuto8033 rated it
December 29, 2020
Status: Completed
Ok, I'm a simple guy, I want something that keeps me entertained and is unique enough to keep me interested and does this do this? Yes, absolutely. I went a couple of days straight just reading through the entire book as it seemed like whenever I would find myself getting bored with the story, the author would introduce something which would just make me want to read on.

Is it without problems? God no.

Some plot points are wasted and don't go anywhere, some things maybe don't make perfect sense and overall... more>> a lot of the sub-plots are kind of pointless, not to mention having a pretty bad ending.

Why have I given this 5 stars?

I gave this 5 stars because out of the 7 novels I was juggling I dropped them all to read this one and have no regrets. It is a bit of a slow start sure but once you get into it you really get into it.


I loved seeing the MC slowly build up his strength and it felt so fulfilling when he took down a hero. I also really enjoyed the character interactions, especially in the dimensional battlefield. It's always a treat seeing the transactions between diane, Diana? And junhyuk (it's been a while allow me). Gongon will always hold a special place in my heart.


Overall, it is flawed but if you want a really enjoyable and fun read with a unique concept which I still haven't seen to this day, I would recommend this book.

P.S. I really like the power system in this game, it keeps it clean and simple but also exciting, also the gear, ooh, loved that. <<less
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Ezrah rated it
July 30, 2020
Status: c146
Let's start with positives. It's action packed and entertaining, great way to pass the time when bored of queuing for groups on MOBAs. That's all.

Now with the negatives. The action gets supremely repetitive as it's just the same battleground over and over. The only thing that changes are the strength of both sides. Recently the monsters were buffed and even a dragon was added. Woo! Yeah, I've started to skim read the battlefield stuff.
Females are not likeable whatsoever. Especially the predatorial mercenary colleague who can't take no for an... more>> answer and the irritating teenager who's gagging for some sugar daddy pen*s to hard carry her through life in both realms. The ambiguity of his relationship with her is both confusing and nauseating. And don't get me started on the double standards shown for his repeated sexual harassment at the shop. If the roles were reversed he'd be hunted down and killed by all the women. Or is that how romance is over in Korea? Men being forced into relationships by dominating females who wear him down over time?
But most nauseating is the MC's white knight attitude. At the beginning it's sweet and he's quite the honourable little naive thing, but as he gets stronger he's suddenly decided he's Guardian of the Planet. Because he can't just stand by doing nothing whilst complete strangers are dying. Even though his interference will make things escalate thereby increasing death count, plus he's already being targeted by numerous groups but apparently the additional aggro is acceptable despite the possibility of his parents and friends being endangered as leverage slips his mind. Perhaps their lives are less valuable than complete strangers? Who knows... The guy was quoting Uncle Ben as his reasoning FFS.
And now he's even sitting back passively like a limp sack for the sake of money. He's already loaded! Allowing people to use and threaten him just for financial freedom so he can train peacefully. Ridiculous. How about not working directly for an enemy? How about not being a moral ret*rd and actually kill the ones targeting you? They keep at it because they know he's a wimp and pathetic care bear loser. So he bends over and opens up his as*hole for easier access to dry hump him.

Also a disturbing thing Ive noticed. Not sure if it's an issue with the author himself or just Korean culture in general but something pops up multiple times, enough times for it not to be just a joke. Apparently a guy in his late twenties accompanying a teenage girl in her uniform equates to something shameful and perverted. Never heard of family? Like siblings, cousins etc? I've never had to wear a disguise when picking up my cousins from school in case people think I'm a paedo. So weird... <<less
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IAMallEars rated it
January 28, 2020
Status: --
I say it's survival to the fittest, in the dimension battle field you have to kill there is no moral in this battle and MC react the way normal people do if there in that situation but if MC don't adjust to fit in this battle field and just save the weak and kill the bad guys then there is no more hype in this novel it's just a bland story, For me it's ok if there are flaws and unsolved mysteries but if the character development is no good... more>> or not improve then im out, in the battle or war you have to be cunning not just brute force.

minions if the people that summoned use there brain they can kill heroes like in dota or lol minions can kill heroes too not just that have skills, there people like them just have a higher stat or strength they can die too.

and if the MC just go with a flow and don't think to free himself and go kill some guys to level up. Any heroes can go solo mages, warrior, tank, support and assassin you just have to use your brain how to be advantageous for that moment <<less
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ryguyl rated it
January 8, 2020
Status: c599
I enjoyed the story a lot. However I am a big League of Legends fan/player, so the fan service could play a roll in my enjoyment. The first half of the story (1-300ish) is much better than the second half (301-599) in that the stakes are more real and the mysteries more mysterious. In the latter half, Deus ex Machina runs rampant with speedy plot development and quick narrative.

There are two types of chapters:

... more>>

1) Chapters that take place in the "real" world (Earth) and 2) chapters that take place in the Dimensional Battlefield (mind/soul) world.

Lines between the two eventually blur later into the story due to "other Dimensional" bs.


I found the first type of chapter to be more fun to read as the strategy and action in the second type of chapter seemed like filler. Even worse they all seemed the same near the end of the story so I saw myself skipping through a lot of them.

The character development was non-existent, however most of the good characters were fun and likable.

The bad guys often made little sense and were bad for the sake of being bad.

My greatest critique of the story has to due with it's handling of the very end and ending.


The Dimensional management is never fully explained. Neither is the purpose for the battlefield or why Earth needed heros in the first place. Why do heroes participate if they are unlikely to win and get a wish granted. The mage guy from the champions battlefield was foreshadowed to be just as important as Bebe, yet he disappeared.


All in all, the premis was cool, and the reading was fun. The story deserves a solid 3 stars but I gave it a 4 because of how it rips off draws inspiration from League of Legends. <<less
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darthpsykoz rated it
January 18, 2019
Status: c300
Starts off a bit weak, but I really like where it gets to. Powers like in a MOBA and so there is some sort of "balancing" and the MC doesn't get OP as each ability/skill has its weak points/counters etc.
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Pandamonic rated it
August 31, 2018
Status: c162
Just read it and see of you like it, but if you want my opinion this story is a good story to read. You can see the plot armor here and there, the MC's s*upid stunts, the all interested girls, the basic elements of an apocalypse novel or something. Yet you would like to read this because, you can follow his growth, he is not super smart, everything doesn't just appear and finally he is going to be special.
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Guymaioh rated it
June 29, 2018
Status: c98
Picked this up again after it was left on the shelf! Really glad it was picked up again. I thought the story was going to go a different way, but this is pretty interesting! Worth a read in any case!
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Stompound rated it
April 17, 2018
Status: c105
It took my a while to warm up to the story but the author really seemed to have received some advice or inspiration as it seems to slowly get better with every few chapters. The translator is doing a great job and I find this is one of the few stories I read where I anticipate what's going to happen the next time. While at first I thought I'd hate how heavily this resembles League, the complexity of the game is tuned down and turned into a more interesting story... more>> than the game has ever been for me. Definitely worth a read.

Above comments added in edit. Read below for my opinion around c25

It took me a while to notice, surprisingly, but this is heavily based off of League of Legends. If you have LoL in your mindset when reading about it "the battlefield" becomes easier to understand.

That being said, there is some personal flair to it that the author has added and the real world component mixing in with it is somewhat interesting.

The writing abilities of the author are so-so though and there are sections that could use more detail and others that could use less detail. For example, the first trip to the battlefield lasts "about a month" which is time-skipped. Which makes the second trip there very confusing at first.

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