The Book Eating Magician


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[‘Lightning Magic Primer’ has been consumed. Your understanding is very high.] [The 2nd Circle magic ‘Lightning Bolt’ has been acquired.]

The unprecedented magician who will eat all the magic books of the world has appeared.

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책 먹는 마법사
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Elyas rated it
July 23, 2017
Status: c60
The female characters are written like japanese fetish characters with no personality other than having no experience with men for no reason and also being extremely "interested" in the main character for no reason and they're a major part of the story so this completely kills the novel for me.
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PajamaKiD rated it
August 24, 2017
Status: c64
The story is soo fast pace which gives no room for building foundation, personality and backstory. My initial response in the story is pretty good but eventually become bad. The beginning of the story seems to be pretty solid and unique in my opinion but the author made it soo fast that we get noting but random stuff with no meaning.
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Aeternus rated it
July 31, 2018
Status: c380
The novel is ending soon, and sadly I do not think the ending can change my rating anymore, so I decided to leave a review.

The translator, rainbowturtle, deserves praise for her dedication to translating.

So the review:

... more>> 2 stars means apparently poor. And sadly this is what the novel is.

It starts (the first 100 chapters) with a good mechanic, but a standard plot. The execution lacks, author changes styles and information can not be relied on, changing greatly. It seems amateurish, but kinda honest. And I liked it.

Then the novel seems to stabilise (chapter ca. 100-200). It seems to have found a style and direction. It is investing into stable worldbuilding. It also has decided to go the mythical western route. Some arcs are better then others, mechanic plays a big role.

Later (chapter 200-300) things get complicated. The novel changes once more. Eastern parts get added. Which is ok. But the important part is, once more the core mechanics are subjeted to change. The novel lays off the book eating part! Without it, it is not different from any other cultivation novels, you train, some "bullsh*t unicorn power" aspect., stronger enemies just a realm about you, decide to attack you etc. It invest heavily into premonions, cheap mystries and epicness. We get a standard cultivation harem route. Magic is at this point not much different then boom, and bigger boom. That is also why our magician becomes a complete swordsman, with especially bullsh*t ability, besides being "so owerpowered" and "never seen", it doesn't actually ever do anything, maybe because it is "so owerpowered". If the novel started like this, noone would read it. Can it get worse? And yes, it can...

Ending (300+), there is no reason to read further. The novel fails completly at this point. Why? Because it doesn't do something in my opinion necessary. To show us any redeaming qualities of the main character, or any personality of the MC. Who/What is the mc? At this point he is already noone. He is you, the reader. You are the hero, who gets a cheat with no consequences, who goes to adventures with no effect on you, and who gets everything you want with no effort. The plot gets is just a jocke, we all know it is about establishing

  • who has the biggest "sword" in the town
  • who will deserve to be a "shaft" of this sword, and how will it happen
  • tocken actionsequences for companions
  • meet cool mythical whoevers
Yea, and I read this thing. It is not even a good power fantasy, at least you get to swing your "sword", I guess. Not just a trophy hall. If that makes it better for you...

I appologise for any mistakes, or failures in logic, just can not let myself spend any more time on this "jewel". <<less
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akus45 rated it
August 9, 2018
Status: c381
  • World building was good till 200ch
  • Harem it's really wierd like who is MC in relationship with?
  • Romance none (if you came for it leave now,)
The MC has no guts be it in fight or in relationship

Like three are 4 females who likes him and he is like I'm not ready yet?!?

poor Sylvia she didn'td even have proper response she is like ignore later half of story

Same for elf n blue dragon


Story was good till author decided to give up on book eating and other things pop like it's free

Feels sad but I don't think I want to read it's end
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WisdomKing rated it
March 20, 2018
Status: c310
I tried to keep a blind eye on the plot holes but I'm done, this is too much for me.

The MC must be the luckiest guy ever, Meng Hao ain't got nothing on him. The MC keeps getting blessings/powers/gifts from legendary magicians and gods like every 3 minutes.
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2Girls1Cupcake rated it
January 20, 2018
Status: c191
I was honestly very impressed with the premise of this novel, but it's a shame that it turned way too OP way too early, as they say, "The journey is more important than the destination", the premise of this novel was a grimoire that can eat other magic books and through this the MC can advance on the journey to fulfill his dream of becoming a powerful magician.

But this is over in pretty much no time, I would have loved to see a story about overcoming challenges to find new... more>> original books and more focus on the basic premise, it's just thrown away after a few chapters with unnecessary evolutions that make it anything but a story about a grimoire that's able to absorb the knowledge from other magic books.

It's about 10% journey and 90% the destination, of course it's far from over, it's a Korean novel and just like Chinese ones he has to become a god and battle other gods before it's over, honestly it's tiring, it's basically just a circle jerk for people who dream of being superior to other people while having accomplished nothing irl. <<less
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dereonlad rated it
December 2, 2017
Status: c218
I'll start with the things I take issue with. The MC is not just a stale character, he has no personality. Really, his dialogue is so plain and to the point that it feels as if he has no desires. The plot just happens around him and he reacts. Maybe I've been misinterpreting the story and the MC is someone I project myself into. That would be plausible if every other were not stale.

There's little distinction between the characters speech, that denotes different origins or the intensity of their relationship... more>> to each other. Because none of these factors is expressed in the dialogue there is zero sub-text that lets me become attached to the characters or emphasize with their situation, although the worldbuilding and the plot keep me hooked. Every character seems polarizing, they're either a good guy or a bad guy and there is no character development outside of what you would expect from the premise. In addition, the phrasings and some words feel forced in a way that stops my immersion. The worldbuilding is pretty good, I like the magic circles, and while the game system element seems a little forced, it works well enough because the plot is fast-paced. I love the pacing whenever a surprise element is brought into play, like seven sins or the desert dragon, so when the story is fast paced it can hide a lot of the other deficiencies. But when the pace is slower everything seems plodding.

Somewhere within this is the potential for a top 10 Korean novel but it's not likely to be realized. <<less
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FaIleD8 rated it
September 6, 2017
Status: Completed
Book eating magician when I read the title I already got interested... and then when I read it I cant stop until im at this chapter... the story is refreshing well theres a common cliche but the setting and the writing is superbly good... theres a little minor mistakes in the translation but is not really that big that you will see it if you do not find it...i really like how the author use some of the biblical and mythological story he put in the novel... and also it... more>> might be slow pace for me or fast for others but I hope the plot will still thicken... this is more like a diary on how the MC is getting stronger but overall I enjoyed it... thank you for the translating this novel and thank you for bringing this to us author-san. <<less
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PoshMafia rated it
September 5, 2017
Status: c80
Very much a young adult fiction. The author has a very strong sense of naivety and clearly has not watch enough period dramas.

And due to that sense of innocence I cannot really find myself enjoying this work.

Ignoring the ridiculous leveling speed of the main characters, weak side characters and a rather silly sense of what nobility was accustomed too. I am sorry but no prince knew how to dress himself for a formal engagement... :P

Not for me, someone who wants a happy go lucky story with an op MC that... more>> gets everything he wants, will enjoy this. <<less
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giratina143 rated it
January 26, 2018
Status: c190
I've read the above reviews and all I can say is that they are premature :/. As expected from a good Korean novel, the author doesn't drag things out much, places timeskips in very good spots of the story and infuses a lot of action and plot wherever needed. There are a few drawbacks, like MC is a bit (just a liiiiiiitle bit) like those thick skulled idiots in other novels where he interprets obvious signs of courtship as something completely different. But there are signs of him growing... more>> out of it.

Also looks like this novel is going to go 500+ chapters. That's a lot considering most KR novels are usually below 400. As of chapter 190, more than 75% of the mysterious higher powers that are very integral to the plot are still missing.

So overall, this novel is great. The world building is excellent. It looks like MC has only explored one half of the world he is living in as of now (another point supporting the 500+ estimation) . The girls who are in love with MC also exist.

I recommend this novel. KR novels always have an edge over JP and CN novels because they don't bullsh*t a lot. I love it ! <<less
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heiro001 rated it
March 10, 2018
Status: c400
Power-leveling story about a boy who dreamed of being a magician and failed, miserably, until one day being chosen by a magic book that gives him the "cheat" ability to grow much faster than everyone else by absorbing the knowledge and souls of powerful individuals of the past through the books they wrote and artifacts they made. If you're not a fan of the power fantasy/ cultivation / etc. Genre, you're probably not going to like this one either.

That having been said, I really like the touches of melancholy in... more>> this story compared to other works in the genre. The main character starting out as a failure, the magic book that gives him his "cheat" having failed in it's purpose for millennia on end, the souls that feed his growth all having failed in their life purposes, and the lead having to fulfill their last wish to gain their abilities. The other magic books that show up in the story have all failed to live up to their sole reason to exist, from the antagonists to the supporting characters. A world where all the gods are long dead and all the religions are mere shells of what they once were.

There's this thematic thread running through the entire story of dreams unfulfilled, destinies unmet, and legends long since in decline that just adds a nice bit of spice to a story about someone trying to realize their dreams, forge a destiny, and become a legend. <<less
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hannz rated it
February 19, 2018
Status: c284
Despite its current shortness, it has been a enjoyable read. The story flows in a steady, but kind of a fast pace, especially noticeable if you mostly read CNs. At first, I even thought that story is going to end in 200 chapters, due to there being almost no filler narrations, well, when compared to CNs.

All-in-all, the vibe I've been getting from this novel is similar to 'Warlock Of The Magus World', but without cynical behavior of Leylin. Also, it has a lesser attention to the intricacies of mana, but... more>> that is substituted with a high diversity of forces and applications of mana, magic etc.

Character-wise, the personalities of the characters are kind of flat and their development is mostly predictable, so far. <<less
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EricBannen rated it
February 12, 2018
Status: c279
This is among my favourite novels. It has an incredible concept of magic, use of grimoire and the fighting is well described. The only flaw is that the MC has no interest in women who really love him 😕 kinda weird cuz he says that these women are attractive and yet wants to only improve magic... Basically MC is a wuss when it comes to women.... But he is not absolutely ruthless and uncaring for life... His actions are well planned and he knows how to get stronger...😅😊 I give... more>> it 4.4/5 <<less
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Nneeil rated it
December 31, 2017
Status: c242
Incredible. Usually I don't write reviews but I must describe how incredible this masterpiece is.

Theodore is an excellent and very hard-working student, however due to his poor talent he can't practice magic, which drives him to work even harder to make up for his defect. Nevertheless, he isn't able to overcame his lack of talent with his hard-work.

Eventually he meets Gluttony, a grimoire which allows him to eat and absorb all the books he'd read. There's a limit though. He can do it only a few times every day, and... more>> as he keeps unlocking the grimoire's seals he can eat even less.

One thing that I wish to praise is the character growth. The MC doesn't become overpowered fast, nor later. The grimoire is a tool which make his path easier, and coupled with his intelligence and hard work he get strong pretty quick, but considering all the strong people he faces I can say it's legit. In fact I don't know why some people said that he is op. HE ISN'T!!! OP MEANS THAT THE MC CAN EASILY OPPRESS EVERY OPPONENT!


There's a battle where the MC meets another grimoire of the 'Seven Sins' set: Pride. In that battle the MC did everything possible to win, he even forced his grimoire to unlock a seal (I'm not going in the details because I'm too lazy to write all the scene), still Pride beat the crap out of him and almost killed him if Veronica didn't appear.


Is he strong? Yes! But cmon.. Just look at how many strong people there are.. He is very strong as of chapter 242 but not the strongest, he can't beat opponents with a higher stage than his, now add dragons and grimoires in between and you can say that he has still a long way to go.

As I was saying before the character growth is splendid in my opinion. You can clearly notice the difference as you keep reading. He becomes more mature.

Especially since he trains a lot. He gains a lot of experience and keep growing strong as he faces stronger enemies.

The author also avoid to write useless stuff like pointless information dump, so the plot is fast paced.

The romance is not the best but is not that bad either. The girls don't fall in love too quick, nor too slow. The fact that the MC isn't a pervert is a plus. He isn't that dense, but having romantic relationship is not on his to-do list, this changes later on.

I really recommend you to give it a try. :) <<less
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Vryaer rated it
November 4, 2017
Status: c82
This novel seems to be decent on the surface but once I got into the story I realized that the MC has no character or personality. The power structure isn't explained very well and the MC kind of gains power too quickly while acting like a hero. Also the way the characters act in this novel are too one dimensional like everyone on the side of the MC that isn't an enemy seems to be selfless. Anyway not recommended it's one of those novels that has an interesting idea and... more>> setting but quickly devolves as the plot progresses. <<less
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jebrodrick rated it
September 12, 2017
Status: c82
What I like

    • Intriguing Magic System
    • MC is not lazy, sleazy, dumb or too OP
    • No harem (although it could develop)
What I dislike

    • Plot armor galore (fortuitous events that have no reason to happen just to move the story along)
    • Spoiler

      Although a nice Magic System, there are serious holes in logic (MC needs to eat a book a day but goes into a coma for multiple days during which he doesn't need to eat books anymore? Not buying it.)

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Solracmar rated it
August 21, 2018
Status: c400
I am posting this because I loved this serie and by mistake gave it 4 stars. This a 5 stars novel.

1- world and power building are clear and well explained.

2- the batles are logical.

... more>> 3- nice harem with everyone happy with the situation and not forced.

4- MC is truthful to his ideals and objective until the end. He wanted to became a powerful magician because he loves magic and want to protect his loved ones. He doesn't stray from this until the end.

5- MC is responsible in his love relationship and only advance when he is sure and ready to take responsibility. I really like this part since he isn't a MC that jump in bed with any women. He actually develop his relationship before that. <<less
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cstrife rated it
October 2, 2017
Status: c1
Another decent KR novel that has a western feel (character names/places), and an interesting magic system for the MC. The writing quality feels mediocre in terms of flow and dialogue, but not sure if that's translation or writer's ability. Decent overall and worth reading.

*Update* 1 month later (c195). This book has become horrible. It feels like there's a new translator or it's machine translated. The phrasing and translation is incredibly "clunky" and awkward. The first 100 chapters felt fine and read like from a competent authoer, but it's now like... more>> reading something from a pre-teenager. 2 stars. <<less
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zaim9999 rated it
August 12, 2017
Status: c9
meh it feels too cliche..... too much plot armot.. too much coincidence.....i wanted to give it more time and read more chapters but honestly I dont feel like forcing myself, , , , , inconsistencies in logic always ruin a story for me... btw the spoiler is not that bad as I only read 9 chapters

... more>>

So the main cheat that the MC has is this gluttony which eats books among other things and absords the knowledge and transfers the ability to MC. And sometimes when it feels like it, it will answer the MC's question.

what I dont get is why the heck does this gluttony with its vast knowledge not know the simplest spells like lightning bolt or flame magic etc. it's almost as if it forgot all the beginner magics spells so that the MC can learn it slowly....., , ,

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Decadere rated it
August 8, 2017
Status: c98
Okay, overall I'd say this is worth reading, and my only two big issues are the female character's somewhat shallow backgrounds and equally shallow interest in the MC, and the story feels a bit rushed. To explain what I mean by "rushed", I'll use a little game analogy:

Its like playing a rpg like Fallout or Dragon Age while completely ignoring anything that isn't a story mission or direct prep for said story mission. He completes the main mission, gains some kind of power, then its off to the next main... more>> mission and repeat.


pupil tournament: The moment he showed his combat power at school, his Professor suggests that he enters it, then he meets the strongest pupil there, realizes he can't win, gets stronger, then wins.

The only notable thing that happens between that and the next "main mission" is him becoming friends with the pupil he won against. Besides that kind of pattern, you can just randomly toss in some "MC gets stronger"s and thats it.


Despite all of that, It still manages to be written in a way to (partially) offset these issues. Even though he keeps getting sent to one disaster to another without a break, (unless you count the month-half year time jumps) but at least the events themselves stay interesting. And the currently shallow potential harem members don't subtract much because the MC isn't always thinking of them so it gets pushed into the background.

I suppose that in the end, I just want more character interactions that aren't hinting to some threat to the kingdom or world apocalypse. I'll call this a 3.5 for the time being.


Okay now I'm starting to think that the romance tag isn't at all needed for this novel.


A high elf is gender neutral until they decide on who they want to be with. Ellenoa chooses Theodore after he saved the day (well, he saved the continent I guess). The tension died down then she asked him if he'd go on a walk with her. The chapter ends after he accepts, so you'd expect the next chapter to capitalize on this romantic situation right? Well, nope. To top things off, he goes home and is already walking into the next disaster.

~back to being rushed~ At the moment, said disaster is either a king/sultan ordering his soldiers to rob and kidnap people (Theodore was attacked already) OR a million year old dragon that could probably kill Veronica with a sigh.

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