The Blessed Hero and the Four Concubine Princesses


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The hero Arthur sets out on a journey with his four companions to defeat the Demon King.

He is unable to have s*x due to the “Blessing of Purity” bestowed by the goddess, but his companions..

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dokutah rated it
November 16, 2022
Status: --
As someone who enjoys both well-written NTR and vanilla hentai, I can guarantee this is a work you'll read just once and will forget about it.

There's virtually no redeeming quality about this novel at all. Characters aren't thoroughly thought out, plot is full of holes and the NTR is just tasteless. It's likely this is written just to agitate NTR haters and accomodate to the instant pleasure when someone suddenly get h**ny.

If you are looking for gold, go away. This isn't even to the level of copper. If you just... more>> want to taste the miserable feeling for a while then yes, this is the place. <<less
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Akuray D.Carcalho
Akuray D.Carcalho rated it
May 15, 2023
Status: ?
Look I personally hate ntr, I've only read a few chapters and the novel is pretty much without a decent background and they don't develop the characters properly.
It is practically a story for the sick who like ntr and those who turn off their brain to read, because the story itself is very random and full of holes.

About the characters

MC is going to be an eternal virg*n because of the blessing he received and he is very s*upid practically, he has all the signs that he is taking ntr and he looks like an idiot without realizing it.
The princess (that I honestly only feel disgusted when reading her scenes) she is branded as a s*ave of a fat nobleman and is r*ped by him until she is vacillated on his c*ck, and because of that she becomes a nymphomaniac with a fetish of being r*ped (honestly it is disgusting as she says 'my body may like it, but my heart belongs to the hero-sama' and other phrases like that), even though she doesn't admit it, where practically every man who gets h**ny (all homesms and women are h**ny bastards) forces her (even though she could kill him easily, which she doesn't do because the work is of high quality) and r*pes her, practically her journey and the others is this.
Practically the story is : The whole journey, from different kingdoms to cities, they keep claiming that they love MC and such, but at the first man in 1 week without s*x they 'get r*ped' by them and MC doesn't notice.

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