Taming the Dark Lord


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One day on the street, Amelia saved the life of an adorable dark elf who was already on the verge of death and was barely breathing. The little guy had a pair of scarlet eyes, pointed ears and a honey-toned skin. He also bore a rebellious personality, clearly matching his brooding appearance.

A stark contrast to her, however, he was a devout follower of the God of Darkness, a firm believer at that, too. The elf was grumpy and a menace, matched with his sharp teeth which promised nothing but pain. His mouth reeked of harsh, biting words and with his sharp tongue, he had insulted her kind by referring them as ‘lackeys of the light’.

Soon, Amelia had enough of it. Unable to control her rage any longer, reprimanded the elf and threatened the crouched form in front of her. “If you dare call me a ‘lackey’ again, don’t be surprised if I cut your pocket money off!”

One day, she opened a book. It’s been quite a while since she last read one. Her eyes skimmed the pages, letting herself be swept away completely.

[The God of Darkness was a sinister and mysterious evil spirit. He had pale hair, dark, age-looking skin and his eyes were the most scarlet pair of orbs ever seen…] As she stumbled on such texts, she stopped reading. She straightened her back and lifted her head from the pages, and her eyes caught sight of the dark elf across her. The elf was diligently cleaning the space, too focused on his errand that he didn’t notice Amelia staring at him.

‘Pale hair, dark skin and scarlet eyes.’ Amelia thought.

[He carried a mysterious golden totem on his back, which is shaped like a blade. Evil to the extreme in appearance…] Repeating the lines from the book she just read, Amelia eyed the mark on the elf’s back.

[First and foremost, the God of Darkness had a brutal personality. If you dare violate His order, He would surely bestow your life with such cruelty that your soul will be ripped apart into smithereens, making your body nothing but a hollow shell that would soon be turned into ashes under his fingertips..] Right at that second, the elf approached Amelia and arrogantly said. “Hey lackey.” He said, his eyes drifting as if in a daze. “Where is the money you promised?”

Agitated by both the elf’s approach and the book in front of her, Amelia frustratingly tore the page off its’ ream. She was upset for having bought a book that had nothing but false, misleading information. What a complete waste of money!

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New Exkelsior
April 10, 2021
Status: c51
Really interesting and enjoyable! A bit bloody but it didn't bother me
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Kisses rated it
January 7, 2021
Status: c16
The elf is so cute! ML doesnt know his real identity as of now and his interaction with the female lead is every bit entertaining. I wait everyday for updates and Im really glad I found this novel.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
SkyRocket rated it
December 28, 2020
Status: --
So cute! Omg this is comedic, cute and interesting, while not being stressful.

Good plot

Highly recommend reading.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
RlngFmas rated it
March 17, 2021
Status: Completed
4.5 stars! I dk how to rate this sorry~

    1. Honestly, it has a good plot, good character building, and a little bloody.
    1. ... more>>

      but I have to say that the ending is really a meh for me, I feel that it's a bit rushed plus the ML probably have to be a loner T.T, I really wish that it could have an extra where the FL reborn and have an eternal life to live happily ever after with the ML. That 0.5 star of is because of the ending....

        1. Ps. My fav character is the ML ofc haha, a bitter sweet chocolate indeed.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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