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I had a strange dream.

A dream where someone with the same face as me said, “I don’t want to be the wife of a beast even if I die. So exchange your life with me.”

After that, I woke up in a room belonging to a large mansion that I had never seen before.

For some reason, there are many animals walking around everywhere.

Tigers, rabbits, dogs, raccoons, animals with names I don’t understand.

I don’t understand their language either.

And the lion, who seems to be the owner of the mansion, is somewhat intimidating.

This is a beautiful story of a young man who after living a gloomy and lonely life due to his quiet personality, begins to live a warm and fluffy life in a whole new world.

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Mono Iwazu to mo Ai Kataru
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Keisotsuna rated it
September 4, 2020
Status: Completed
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The "beastmen" here are not the kind that's physically half-beast, half-man. They're literally just animals. With clothes. So, near the end of the novel, beware of the "bestiality" smut. If you're uncomfortable, you can just skip it. I personally think that the smut was written quite well, enough to make you forget (for the most) part that he's full beast.


Silent. That's one word to describe the protagonist of this novel. He's a very quiet, timid and passive person. It's not that he dislikes socializing with others, but rather, he was "afraid" of socializing with people and he didn't "know" how to do so. Hence, he is often at the receiving end of many injustices, precisely because he couldn't accomplish the most basic form of self-defense— speaking up for yourself.

And while that may be really frustrating to read, I can actually relate to him on many levels. As an introvert, I have always and still experiencing times when I become 'speechless'. Although the words are right on my mind, they wouldn't leave my mouth. And it's not something that I could easily change in myself. So while it was frustrating to read the protagonist's silence over dozens of chapters, I was able to persist and read through it because I can empathize with him. His communicative issues stems psychologically, and not to mention he even has a trauma, and it wasn't something that would magically be gone in just a few chapters.


It's a good thing that the ML, the newly-crowned lion king of the beast kingdom, and the people inside his castle were really kind and patient people who helped the MC find happiness and realize that words aren't the only way to foster genuine relationships with others.


While some readers who aren't used to such a "weak" and passive protagonist (I'd know since I went "why are you so weak? do something! say something!" phase while reading this novel) and may even drop this story halfway (or less) through, I still hope that most readers would persist. This story is actually very heartwarming and endearing. Even when the protagonist is very weak and helpless (and mostly a damsel-in-distress) , his actions and perspective is written well in a way that doesn't make the novel boring or bad. In fact, I personally love his character development.

The novel itself highlights his transition from a very passive young man who doesn't even have the courage to speak for himself into a person who learns the importance of using his words to clearly point out his thoughts and feelings. And I think that this process was written really well (albeit, painful for my heart—— and my now swollen eyes).


A two-faced and cunning magician who was obsessed with the "otherworldly words" (the words that doesn't exist in their own world) literally manipulates the MC through magic, steals his "words" (voice) and unintentionally replicated the scene that was the cause of the MC's trauma, leading to the MC's insecurities to burst. But—



The ML's unconditional trust towards the MC made him realize that he wanted to recover his own "words" and be able to personally tell his feelings to the ML. For the first time, he felt a very strong desire to speak out for himself.


Please don't be scared by everything I mentioned above. This is actually a light-read novel. There isn't too much drama (I'm just really the type who cries easily) and there's more and more fluff and heartwarming moments. I especially love the interactions between the characters especially the part on how the protagonist manages to have a great relationship with the "beastmen" in the castle/mansion despite the language barriers and how he finds his own happiness.

Honestly, I don't usually like reading Japanese light novels. Most of the JP novels I read were poorly written and has a format that I felt would be better suited for a manga or anime rather than a novel (which was proven right when I read a few manga adaptations that were a much more interesting read than they were as a novel), since there's pretty much all dialogues and sound effects stuff with very short paragraphs, world-building and an obviously lacking imagery. But this one is one of the rare exceptions I've read. The whole story is written well, the pacing is good, the characters are interesting and not purely one-dimensional, and the paragraphs are descriptive and moving.

Anyway, sorry for the rant-like long review. I wrote this on the spur of the moment so...
Just read this and give it a chance..? 😗🙏 <<less
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Lou_agt rated it
August 26, 2021
Status: Completed
Imo it was an entertaining read, I also finished it with MTL (which was pretty good and readable). I just want to say that the MC was reallyyy timid and socially awkward, but his experiences in the other world made him a braver person that finally could speak his opinions.


... more>>

1. Sexual assault to MC (Not by ML)

2. Slight attempt of suicide by MC (Because he was thrown back to his original world when there was no one beside him)


I also deleted the R-18 tag from the translator, because the novel did not focus on that part (like other R-18 Japanese novel). Yes, there were those scenes but just like 3 mild chaps and 1 hard at the end of the story. <<less
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