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Just one step in the wrong direction, and I managed to cross over into a different sphere. A newly-made world of a God.

In the distance stood a small house surrounded by a field. And inside lay a man on a bed.

According to the God, he was a hero. One who had died in a tragic event.

Then the next words of the God threw me into a panic.

What did you mean I needed to save money to return to my original world?

Since there was nothing else I could do anyway, I dove head first into my goal. Plucked some grass. Grew some vegetables. All to earn a steady income.

Apparently, my profession was the “Hero’s Wife,” but that’s definitely a bug, right?

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Chiaroscuro rated it
November 4, 2019
Status: Completed
Slice of life, fluffy, not much drama or angst, yet still bittersweet enough. You'd like to read this after you read dog blooded BL lol like a cup of warm cocoa.

MC is a failed mangaka. Stressed and weary, he decided to take a break and visit his grandma. He got lost and accidentally entered a plot of land created and belonged solely for ML.

MC is a 20th-century Japanese person, polite, hardworking, afraid of bugs, with little stamina.

this actually affected his smexy time. He always fainted because his stamina wasn't enough for snu snu lmao but eventually he raised it and both are able to rid of their virgin status

ML was an almost omnipotent hero. His life was so sad God decided to gave him happiness after he sacrificed his life for war.

The process of MC falling in love is a gradual thing, and I think ML doesn't really understand the concept of love, yet he's already falling for MC. It's a happy ending.


not sure if I should add mpreg tag since they actually have a child but they actually grew it from a seed

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Karry rated it
October 9, 2019
Status: Completed
It's a pretty cute story (in my opinion at least). I mtl-ed this a while back (so memories of the story are a bit fuzzy), so it's nice to see it getting translated.

... more>>

The God (?) gave our MC a way to see his status (?) so that he can see his progress (so that he can leave the place). But as he interacts with ML after he wakes up, his status/rank/title (I forgot exactly what it was) gets upgraded to "hero's wife" or something like that. Lol. MC was very thrown off by that. Hence that one part in the summary.

Another thing to add is that, in ML's world, telling someone your full (real) name means that you're proposing/interested or something like that to someone (again, I read this a long while back so I don't remember all the details). MC told ML his full (first) name after ML woke up. LOL

Edit:ML told MC his full (real) name (which means he's interested/wants to court MC couple chapters after ML wakes up. (Basically, everyone has a fake or abbreviation of their real name in ML's world) (Guys bear with me here. I'm re-reading the story right now and I'm trying to make sure there's no false info here.)

God later called MC to congratulate him on their marriage lol. That's how MC found out about the name thing.


The ending seemed a bit lackluster to me but it still had a 'feel good' feeling to it so I guess it's fine. Overall, it's a nice story. It's nice to see ML (who's been through a LOT as a hero) relax and be happy with MC. Though I will say that the extras after the ending was a nice little addition to read.


Though I feel like the author could've done better with the premise of the story (I mean, your own little snow-globe like dream place ((that the ML can't leave if I'm remembering it correctly)) is a bit iffy to me but meh. I can get over it, I guess)

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YoriMei rated it
March 21, 2020
Status: c55 part2
Honestly I’m surprised at how many 1 star ratings this novel has. It’s not a bad story but it’s pretty anticlimactic. Equivalent to stardew valley or harvest moon, nothing really happens plotwise but that’s not a bad thing.

minoru is a little oblivious but he and Sig have pretty good chemistry and are cute together. The plot is mostly just watching the two get together and then build their little family. There’s some mystery of their past lives but it’s possible to infer the answer. Overall it’s a short, restful little... more>> story that is pretty cute with little drama. <<less
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rhianirory rated it
April 11, 2020
Status: Completed
this was ok. If you enjoy Japanese Isekei bl you will probably like this, but it's not for everyone. I was reminded for the nth time why I usually avoid Japanese Isekei novels like the plague. MC in this genre tend to have personality quirks that make my eye start ticking in annoyance after a while. I am neither a fan of mpreg/ sudden child trope nor am I a fan of oblivious beta MC. Some people can enjoy the fluff and not care about anything else but I need... more>> more than fluff; I like the stories I read to flow well and to be able to connect the dots when it comes to the plot so I was pretty much screwed from page one with this story. <<less
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amruta rated it
March 20, 2020
Status: Completed
A slice of life story. Short and sweet.

There are a lot of unexplained things in the story. The scenes are jumpy affecting the story flow. It’s a enjoyable read if you can ignore all the unsolved mysteries.
The second child’s birth baffles me. So the kids are like their parents or their souls? Where the heck did a squirrel come from?! So once a squirrel always a squirrel.......
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BillionJellyfish rated it
March 27, 2020
Status: Completed
Not bad, but not good either.


The MC was driving through the woods but eventually got lost. After a while, the MC decided to get off the car and cross a bridge to see where the road led. And ta-da! The MC stumbled upon a different world, a closed-off space consisting of a cottage, and residing within is the sleeping Hero, waiting for his Princess to awaken him with a loving French kiss.

In order to go back to the MC's world, the MC must do chores around the house, raise animals,... more>> and do other miscellaneous tasks to gather enough points to buy a bridge to connect back to his world. The MC basically has an app on his phone that gives him missions/tasks and by doing those, he can buy items from the shop. In a nutshell, the MC is acting like a housekeeper/wife throughout the story and eventually falls in love with the Hero.


The story feels a lil messy. Like many other reviewers said, the author may have attempted to put too many ideas into the story, but ultimately didn't flesh it out well. I gave up reading the extras : ( <<less
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Shuangzhu rated it
November 24, 2019
Status: c1 part1
Aaaahhhh this one is so refreshing!! I can't help but imagining Harvest Moon as the setting lol I love the fluff too ?
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remyrem rated it
October 9, 2021
Status: c20
I would recommend this novel, but only to people who like fluff and romcoms, but also aren't sensitive to the usual JP/yaoi tropes. The first 20 or so chapters are like cottoncandy- all fluff and sugar, no filling. ML's POV is lowkey wild and has some possibly problematic content including hints of possible bestiality??? Wtf, then it goes back to fluff, misunderstandings, and slice of life until c32 when things get racy in a lowkey weird way.

Start is very bland and boring, but the concept of the world is very... more>> interesting. In most transmigration cases, it's the fictional world being seen through the lens of a character inside it as a real world. However, here it feels more like MC is the user NPC in a game. I really like the parts focusing more on the tasks and system mechanics, since I'm really into this kind of game irl, but I can see it being very annoying and boring for people who aren't into it.

Speaking of annoying, this is one of those romcom types that heavily rely on misunderstandings to build plot and fluff, but it has the side effect of making a lot of people think the MC is too dense to the point of s*upidity, even though most of the misunderstandings are due to ML refusing to explain cultural differences and MC being understandably confused and stressed out.

There are some moments of humor once the ML and MC meet, but those moments are very mild and probably not enough to keep someone around if you don't already like the other aspects of the story. Also, kudos to the translator- I don't think the first breakfast together would've been as funny with bad TL, since the humor was all in the misunderstandings being set up in dialogue and narration. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Wraxius rated it
September 21, 2021
Status: Completed
this story was hella weird. not the concept but the fact that Sig is lowkey creepy af. why is no one questioning his actions? it got even worse when I read his POV. he kept mentioning that he's underage in his world every dn chapter but does perverted stuff to him. like what? now I like somnophilia (doing something perverted to a sleeping person) sometimes, but Sig just gave me bad vibes all around. and I also idk what's up with Japanese people obsessing over barely legal age factor. just... more>> say you like little kids and go. it's so common to sexualize little kids there that I gave up caring. and Sig's also seemed like he's furry but that's a story for another day. Minoru was okay at first but dude just got spellbound by Sig's pedo d*ck I guess... <<less
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PyonYan rated it
May 3, 2021
Status: Completed
Sweet and fluffy, but the sheer frustration I felt with MC and the vague writing style completely ruined any enjoyment I'd gotten.

MC is dense to a fault, even while knowing clearly that ML is a different race with different customs he completely fails to consider that an action or word might have a completely different meaning to ML. While in the same conversation chatting about some differences in how their world works. facepalm

MC also just keeps info from ML for no reason...? He lies to ML repeatedly and then says... more>> its because ML would be hurt if he found out about the truth. But isn't this caused by MC lying in the first place????? The urge to punch MC just kept increasing as I read more of the story I swear.

I though it'd get better after their miscommunications and misconceptions were cleared but it got worse instead? After that point it loses the small amount of comedy it had but retains add the frustration it had previously. And the relationship progression was also unsatisfying after that point. It felt really rushed, especially the ending.

The writing style really doesn't help as it is quite vague. It felt as though it was skipping alot of descriptions. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
holizshit rated it
June 11, 2020
Status: c47 part2
The main focus of this story isn't an intricate plot or an interesting mystery, but rather fluff. I don't know whether to judge this as a flaw or not since we're all itching for that fluff... just admit it. But I'd prefer a story with a detailed plot and this might not be it. Not saying that the plot is bad, but there are certain parts that make sense, and the rest don't. There are a lot of plot holes that I can't ignore, thus preventing me from thoroughly enjoying... more>> the story. Even after the end, there are some questions unanswered lingering in my head, like an itch unable to be dealt with.


Just to list some things that have yet to be answered. Who exactly is 'father'? Why are there many other miniature gardens and why is he able to construct them? How exactly did Mi reincarnate into Minoru? You see, not knowing the answer won't necessarily hinder you from reaching the ending, but it still irritated me. I also wonder how Sig's life before his death was. It could've been interesting if there were a couple of chapters dedicated to it. Sig once mentioned about him having brothers and how he sacrificed himself for humanity. It's a shame so little of it was explained in the story. I wish there were more heart to heart session between both of them, talking about themselves for more character development.


One major flaw from this story is how small the world is. This was probably to focus on the bond between MC and ML, and even with that decision I still can't feel a deep bond from both of them. I can't help but think that the story progresses too fast, including their relationship. Instead of a slow burn romance, you get a very fast-paced one. Well, this novel only has around 50 chapters after all.


I don't understand. Just how can you fall deeply in love with someone after living for 20 days with each other? Maybe the fact that they are the only people existing in that world might justify it, but nonetheless, I still feel like it progressed too fast. Also, Mi being a pet in MC's previous life, I can't help but wonder how and why he'd harbor feelings with his pet?


Aside from increasing fluff from chapter to chapter, the story revolves around world-building and might be highly repetitive. If you can't stand it, skip this story. I got a bit bored myself, but leaving it halfway doesn't sit quite well with me. Thankfully I made it through the end. Surprisingly, despite the abundance of plot holes, the ending gives a pretty satisfactory closure. I didn't read the extras though. <<less
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CultivatorBunnyLan rated it
May 14, 2020
Status: Completed
Five stars!!

A fluffy and comfortable read. It makes me want to live in the Hero's paradise too.

That kind of simple life is nice.

... more>> I like the MC and ML's connection with each other. I'm so happy for them and their family.

It's a supper HE.

I'm a but curious about the God over there. I wish there was more information.

The way the ML's tribe reproduce is very interesting. I like the xxx scenes although it was not that detailed. I'm just glad that they worked everything out.

I'm happy to have read this novel. I finished it quickly. ?✨ <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Lunav08 rated it
May 4, 2020
Status: Completed
A calm fluffy read ❤

Wonderful translations and story that deserves more Stars
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Blueraven rated it
April 4, 2020
Status: Completed
I actually liked this story, didn't loved it but greatly appreciated it. It was a very cute and short story that is great to read between novels or to cleanse yourself with good emotions.

While the character weren't "very deep" per se, they were very cute and their interactions were simple yet gratifying. Again, a very fluffy novel; not a very complex plot or characters but since it's a short story, it was satisfying to read. Greatly recommend if looking for a quick and fluffy story.

... more>>

Do wish that the novel could have gone into time when Sig saw his squirrel daughter though! That would have been awesome.

2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Resplendor rated it
March 21, 2020
Status: c54 part2
I wish this was better than it was. It's cute, but kinda all over the place. It couldn't decide whether it wanted to be Harvest Moon or a BL Romance and suffered on both points.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Nyankochi rated it
March 20, 2020
Status: Completed
Idk how I feel about this story. It had parts that were good, the translation group CG was amazing as usual. However the plot had potential and it didn't come close to it. I feel like that author just had too many different ideas and combined them all.

... more>>

mpreg through like mythical/magical weird ways without impregnating?

Then like the world building has levels and points instead of money??

The ML is the son of the God of this world?


Like too many things introduced and combined making the story just plain confusing and anticlimactic tbh. It was a quick read as well like 4 hours max with mini breaks soooooo not much details in the story either. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Dezel rated it
March 5, 2020
Status: c39
This wn is mostly fluffy slice of life, in both the good and bad of the genre. Something to note: despite no "physical" mpreg, there's a great deal put on conceiving children between two males in different mystical ways. Definitely wish I knew it before going in.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
1Sami rated it
January 9, 2020
Status: c33.2
This story is full of fluff! It's an OK read and the plot line is funny. I usually read more modern stories and just read this one for a break. All in all, I think I like it.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
tired_abyss rated it
March 19, 2021
Status: Completed
Very fluffy, an interesting plot, a bit of world building here and there, and I’m crying right now since I just finished the last extra a few minutes ago...

You get attached to this story, the characters are amazing and well rounded and there’s shifts in point of view. It’s fantastic, I highly recommend you give it a try, be it as a light read or something to pass the time.

1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Kyrian_Clawraithe rated it
March 15, 2021
Status: c15.1
This story parades itself as a light and fluffy story, with a couple of illogical things and miscommunications. While the things that happen in it can be misconstrued to be that, the reality is that both the "God" and the "Hero" are abusive to the main character.

My problems with the "God":

... more>>

The story starts out with the "God" tricking the MC and making them too flustered/anxious to notice what's happening to them until they are forced into the other world. The "God" then pretends that the MC "snuck in" to the other world (despite the obviously impossible nature of that) and imprisons the MC in the world. Not only do they do that they also make it seem like the MC can easily escape if they "put in the work" in which pretending like they are in a relationship with the "Hero" just happens to be the most effective way to improve the MC's situation by a significant ratio. They also use any misunderstandings that the MC has to put them in a worse position.


My problems with the "Hero"


From the moment they wake up and meet the MC they miss no opportunity or miscommunication to sexually harass or assault the MC. They make no effort to understand the MC or help them understand the "Hero's" actions, even though there is obviously a large difference between the MC's culture and understanding of the world and the "Hero's". They prevent the MC from earning points that they need to escape in any way that isn't directly taking care of or pleasing the "Hero". Shortly after discovering that by their standards the MC is literally still a child (the MC is 25, but the "Hero's" standard age of adulthood is 30) they push the MC down and force themselves upon them. Then not even a week has passed since they've met for the first time much less that incident which made the MC cry, run out into the night, and sleep in the chicken coops because they were so scared of the "Hero", they trick the MC into marrying them by the "Hero's" standards (without even explaining that that was what was happening) and enacted upon that.


In short, don't read this story unless you are interested in reading a "romance" about a guy that was tricked and forced to comply with no real way of fighting back and someone that a quote in quote "God" claims to be a Hero but doesn't act like anyone that you'd ever want interested in you. <<less
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