Parenting in Full Bloom! The Former Villainous Noble Son Who Found His Love Nest


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Lilius, who harboured a past of being an arrogant, high-handed aristocrat and had been exiled from the family when he’d been a student, had been working as a healer in a remote rural village.

Then one day, Lilius met a beautiful but arrogant young boy.

It seemed that Lilius and the mother the boy was searching for were as alike as two peas in a pod. Even treated coldly, the boy wasn’t willing to separate from Lilius’s side.

Although Lilius didn’t want to get involved in troublesome matters, the boy’s father was the empire’s hero and a renowned knight commander.

In addition, there were twin little brothers with rich personalities. For some reason, he ended up living together with these four people, causing Lilius to be at a complete loss. However, the real trouble began from here on.

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Kosodate Mankai!! Ai no Su wo Mitsuketa Moto Akuyaku Reisoku
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13 Reviews

Jun 16, 2021
Status: -
The translation is wonderful, props to the translator! BUT, the writing style itself is kinda... meh? I don't want to say it's bad, it's just.... not my style. Simply dialogue with no descriptions of the characters' emotions or actions makes the story seem quite rushed?

And the characters feel... not personalized? At least to me- it doesn't feel like they have their own personality and way of speaking. This is probably mostly because of the dialogue-style writing though.

What feels more personalized? (These are random lines I made up) :


"You have already crossed the line before, if you do it again, you won't like what comes next."


Something snapped in his mind, "You have already crossed the line before", he says with gritted teeth, every word dripping with suppressed anger "if you do it again, you won't like what comes next." Finished speaking, he turns around and leaves before he fully blows up.


You get what I'm saying??? Now, I'm no writer, but constantly reading pure dialogue is so boring and uninteresting. It doesn't flesh out the characters well! It also gives the feeling that the characters are talking too quickly/the plot is moving to quickly. Again:


"Sir, are we going to continue the mission?"

"No need, we're heading back."


The servant asks carefully "Sir, are we going to continue the misson?"

"No need" he answers indiffirently. He narrows his eyes at the outsiders and orders "we're heading back."


Tell me again, which one is more interesting to read?????

Anyways you get my point, I couldn't get far into the story so I won't comment on the plot too much, but the writing really bugs me.

The only reason I gave this 2 stars is because hey, maybe the plot is okay? And for the translator! The translator gets 5/5 stars.
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Oct 13, 2019
Status: --
At time of review, chapters translated is at 6 but I Google Translated the raw. I skipped chapters after Arc 4 as the story moves towards unfolding Lilius' past and then I eventually dropped the novel.

If you're expecting this to be a light and fun read, don't. Given the synopsis, I thought the story would be about Lilius' growth and his journey towards becoming a family with the ML and his children. It's not though. So far, at 234 chapters and ongoing, the novel is about Lilius facing and overcoming... more>> his horrific past that is now catching up with him since his entanglement with ML & the children.

5 stars for the translation but 2 stars for the novel. <<less
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Oct 31, 2019
Status: c10
First of all, great translation– which for some reason is a rarity for Japanese BLs as compared to Chinese ones...

Might be a little early to rate the story but I don't want the translator to be discouraged by the other 1 star review.

I quite like the MC and his tsundere grumpy nature! Despite his reluctance he can't seem to reject the kid's requests as he sees himself in the kid.

Looking forward to knowing more about MC's backstory and all the fluffy interactions w the the kiddo!
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Jun 02, 2020
Status: c45
First of all, I don't understand why someone would give this novel a 1 star because honestly? It is a 5 coming from me. Give this a chance, it really is that good.

This novel isn't something that you should read while expecting fluffy scenes and happy-go-lucky characters. If you're expecting that to happen then sorry to disappoint but you're at the wrong place, honey. A good part of this novel is filled with angst, it was so painful to read. But there are a lot of heartwarming moments too, especially... more>> with the kids. This was really well-written and it clearly depicted how helpless and desperate the MC was. He had a lot of traumas and somehow we as readers feel like we can relate to it.

By far, I believe this MC is one of the best I've encountered. He has a lot of traumas but persevered despite constant hurdles coming towards him. Despite the title labeling him as a former villain, it's interesting to see how he isn't exactly 'evil' in the first place. He was just misunderstood and unfortunate, thus the labeling 'villain'. It's clear that a lot happened to him in the past but there are lots of stories untold in the beginning. Only by reading further, you will know what exactly happened to him.

MC is very wise, and he spills profound words like it's nothing. Honestly, it's like I'm given advice on how to live my life by reading this novel. And to think, he was an arrogant aristocrat in the beginning. It's so satisfying seeing MC's character growth and how he got through his inner devils. But of course, no matter how strong someone is they need to have someone to support them right?~ This is where the ML comes in. ML is providing what the MC has never truly experienced--the feeling of being loved and pampered.

I like how the romance doesn't overshadow the slice of life genre. It's not the kind of romance that makes you sick to the stomach. The romance between them makes sense--it's not like the ML suddenly likes MC from shallow reasons. They had to break through their prejudices to understand each other, and that's exactly what they did. Ah... It was very beautiful my eyes are starting to water. /wipes tears/

I have to thank the translators for picking up this amazing novel. Seriously, thank you for allowing us to read this QAQ. We have yet to reach the ending, but I'll wait patiently because this novel is worth it. <<less
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Sep 11, 2019
Status: c1
I'll give this a straight up five stars because it's certainly interesting and a thanks for the translator's hardwork.

I expect full on fluff coming from this story and I can't help but be excited to the future chapters.

I'm such a sucker for BL childcare stories.
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Dec 12, 2019
Status: --
If you're looking for something angsty, fluffy and cute (all the animals uwu I might die from the fluff) then this is it!

... more>>

Our MC wasn't a good character prior to this story... not really his fault because I think that's just how his family is. With nobility comes arrogance and disregard to the lives of the poor etc you get the gist. He mentioned how he was framed by his younger brother and his sister hated him because they looked alike (??? Like huh?!) But the story does makes sense and it doesn't just come out of nowhere and I can envision how the nobles act and its realistic and well thought of.

Nevertheless the MC is not a white lotus and we can see parts of his personality that moulded him as a nobility in the past so definitely you know its realistic because people don't just suddenly change! He hates children and speaks rudely with 'ore' not the soft spoken kind of MC. But definitely kind and strong-willed.


People who come here for fluff and dont get what you expect, I dont think you understand the meaning behind the story and the feelings of the character! I mean you could totally write someone that is heartbroken and depressed or a total sweetheart after what happened to them, ignoring the fact that they were a**holes just a few years back. It doesn't makes sense! People dont change that easily!

Not sure about the ML yet but so far he is hot af so I need more ><

I love face slapping moments I hope this novel will have some in the future chaps! Really a worthwhile read! <<less
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Nov 06, 2020
Status: --
Low key sad, but absolutely heart wrenchingly beautiful. Lots of adorable screen time with the little buns. Our MC is such a sad person -that author-san doesnt tell you, you feel it, you want to reach across the screen and have the ML give him a hug.
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Apr 28, 2021
Status: c66
The plot is OK, but the writing.... (I read until chapt.66 then skimmed through until 105).

MC has got a terrible past (any bad thing you can think about, happened to him), but the author doesn't seem to know how the MC should react. His character is inconsitent from his pesonnal life, what he said some chapters before or what side characters explain of what they understood which is really confusing. So the growing of the character is kinda haphazard (and liable to change) and more told than shown.

Plus the non-verbal... more>> communication is exagerated, like a description of manga characters which is really weird in a novel. So each reactions are really stereotypical and of course MC must be the oblivious type, being unintentionnaly sexy or cute and then not understanding the reactions he gets... so cliche... arg

As of now, the cute kids are useless in the story, the author getting them out of the drawer they were put away in when it's fluff time and furry ears and tails have to be described and petted.

As for MC-ML relationship, thay's an endles cycle of zero communication, misunderstanding, hurt feelings. One step forward=one step backward. <<less
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Feb 15, 2020
Status: c30
I usually only review once I finished reading completely translated novels but I really liked this one and there aren’t many reviews so...

So far, there is fluff almost going over the PG13 limit. Plot-wise, I’m curious about what the author is gonna make out of the story. I have a vague idea of where it is going but not really. Who the ML is obvious but I’m waiting to read his POV to understand better what is his purpose and why is he interested in the MC (translator has confirmed... more>> there are gonna be chapters with his POV).

Right now it’s still in the introduction fase where the author introduces the context of the story and other world building stuff. Maybe it has a slow pace to others but to me it’s fluid enough that I’m interested and I don’t feel like the author is bombarding us readers with all the info in the first three chapters.

The characters have personality and some have a background (I have some suspicions that those without are gonna be explored later on).

Chapter 30: so far, so good. I will update this review when I get to chapter 50 or so. <<less
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Jun 10, 2020
Status: c47
The story so far has progressed nowhere really... It's very slow as many things are just dragged out and are explained in a little too much words. It's also a bit confusing sometimes as the author likes going back and forth talking about the same subject at different times, it's rather abrupt and awkward; especially with the change in POV but the same reiteration of what happened (literally how it progresses and almost the same length. You just end up back to where the other character left off).

I mean I... more>> understand that the author is trying to show what's happening on the other side, but it's redundant to repeat the events in length instead of giving a summary with the person's emotions and thoughts, it's not like we can't infer why this happened or why this character choose this. It would also benefit them to have moved some POVs to the extra chapters instead of keeping in the main chapters.


From chapter 11:


“From your magic, I’d wondered if you might be her relative. However, even before I’d sensed your magic, I’d thought — your face is exactly alike. To my former wife, that is.”

Former wife.....

Since the moment I was shown this portrait, there were countless conjectures flying about inside my head.

But even within those conjectures, there was one that was most undesirable to me, namely, the truth that now made my head hurt.

“Former wife, you said. Then, is she now back in her country?”

“That’s right. She went back three years ago. Because we beasts are not humans, that was what she’d said. Since that was the case, I’d sent her off back to her home.”


And, since he had even purposely extended his reach to my home like this, there was definitely some reason for it.

“It might get a bit long, but would you like to hear the story out?”


Thus, I listened on as Knight Commander Moorwright recounted the many outrageous acts my sister had committed — which, upon hearing, made me almost immediately want to bite off my tongue.


A little bit from Chapter 13:


The bracelet dropped into my palm was enchanted with something terrible.

If by any chance I were to harbour aggressive thoughts against a member of Moorwright family or someone close to them, then on the spot, a spell would inflict terrible pain throughout my whole body.

I had an endlessly deep magical reserves. Since he’d previously taken my sister as his wife, he should’ve known of it as soon as he’d seen my black hair and eyes.


From chapter 43 to 47 (where current translations are, the recap could continue into further chapters, I don't know) :
It's basically almost a recap of what happened the arc before....

This is also an example of going back and forth as the author doesn't add these POV changes/ explanations where it's relative to the plot, it's added after everything has happened. Hence, why it takes quite a bit of effort for the plot to be pushed forward.


Their writing style isn't captivating and can some times be dreary to read because it's really boring... (Sorry, I tried to give it many chances, but I just can't find myself to really like it at all.) Subsequently, the bonding/ relativeness to a character isn't really there. Their feelings are written down but it's rather flat and comes across unconvincing. Consequently, the fluffy/ angsty parts aren't as effective as they should be.

At this point, I'm not sure where the story is going because of how slow and repetitive it is, it's almost lacking momentum. So, I don't really recommend reading this until it's probably translated at least 1/3, perhaps, even 1/2 of the way to actually get some story progression. <<less
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Aug 18, 2020
Status: c59
(p.s I'm not good in grammar but I will try my best to give this a good review)

This novel is slow but worth to wait, it has a lot of fluff scene and cute children's. The ML is also cute and understand the MC, the story has a slow progress. Some scene are predictable
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Dec 09, 2021
Status: c148
I've liked this story, it's a 5/5 stars for me and the translation is also 5/5 stars.

Personally I might be more into angst story's which there's a good amount halfway through. The character growth is absolutely stunning, watching the characters I love learn how to love and find happiness.

Childcare part is pretty heartwarming and makes my heart flutter. The MC felt Like an actual person with a past or trauma.

I felt emotional throughout this, getting frustrated and feeling happy or sad it's a mix. Might be people's preferences but this... more>> id love key my type of stray that I absolutely love.

Racing up to 147 chapters was worth it and I would probably stay til then end <3

This is highly my opinion and you have yours 🤷‍♀️

Not really good at reviews but tried 😶😎 <<less
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Feb 13, 2022
Status: c107
70% Angst, 15% Misunderstandings, 10% fluff, and 5% Romance. (Atleast, up to the point that I am reading in 😅)

The translation is awesome, as expected of Chrysanthemum Garden. Note that the chapters are short and the romance is slow-burn. Like I said above, there's so much angst in this which isn't obvious with the title but when you look at the cover of the novel, you'll feel it (plus the tags 😂). I was very reluctant to read it at first since I'm not that strong-hearted...

But sometimes, curiosity wouldn't shut up so I gave it a go.

One thing that I observed is that the happenings are logical, at the same time, isn't. The main character is too pitiful and his experience is just... Vexing, to say the least. The... more>> events happening are really logical, like you can find the reason as to why it happens. BUT the illogical thing is that the MC was a victim as well and some people couldn't see that.


It's because of "Crime by association" 😔. It wasn't the MC's fault that he's related to such bastards and those same bastards even pitted him in so much dirt to the point that he experienced so much horrible things. And don't get me started on the betrayal... Like... f*ck. So vexing!!!


So all throughout this, the MC is just too traumatized but the world wouldn't let him rest... Except for a few moments of fluff.

The children are so cute 😍 Ahhhhhhhhh

And know that THERE IS PROGRESS!!! This novel is slow-burn so have patience. And read the tags and warning because the topics are quite sensitive. <<less
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