Tales Of The World Devouring Serpent


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Fang Yun has become a snake and got a system, the system requires him to brush up to 10 million reputation values, or face eternal death. So Fang Yun began to crazily upgrade!

A beautiful outdoor streamer in the mountains, facing the camera and the live friends sending gifts but was caught by a one-meter-long python.

3,000 meters above the sea surface, Lake Logar is suspected of the appearance of water monsters, causing a large number of tourists to explore.

On the calm sea, a luxurious cruise ship is slowly moving forward. Visitors stood on the deck as the sea breeze blow. Suddenly, someone found that under the water behind their cruise ship, a black shadow hundred of meters long is following closely.

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29 Reviews

New prometheus11
Jun 03, 2021
Status: c375
This is the best monster evolution type story I've read in a while, MC stays a monster and doesn't gain a human form although he eventually gains the ability to communicate, mostly the same type of monster (with some small changes like color) and progression is paced very well. I personally really like the POV changes to the humans as it lets you know what's happening in the wider world/galaxy and they are placed really well, for example when the MC has to sleep for an evolution you get a... more>> couple chapters from the humans perspectives. There are very few recurring characters and side character interaction is mostly kept to a minimum, most actions the side characters make are in relation to the MC or his actions. Another good/bad point is the MC mostly abandons his "humanity" for the most part and doesn't really care when humans are dying unless it can benefit him, he actually acts like a monster. The MC is also smart and doesn't take unnecessary risks and isn't afraid to run away if he thinks he'll be in danger. There is some word count padding here and there however, taking a couple sentences to say the same thing, mostly isn't a problem with enjoying the story.

Translation quality is excellent as well, minor typos/confused words here and there but very rarely does it impact the enjoyment, overall I'd give the translation a 9.5/10 and the novel as a whole 9/10 <<less
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New Ryukith
May 21, 2021
Status: --
this is one of the chinese novel with a little racism. And more over this novel is about MC getting stronger.. And side character is only there as background. The only side character that have the most appearance is "lu cheng". He first meet MC while MC is about 10 meter and he still an apprentice. And he meet MC again when MC is about 11 km and he is already an elder for earth
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Jul 06, 2020
Status: c280
The novel is very good for people who love level-grinding, action with no romance or any character interaction.

The author did something really cool, that being making the whole grinding process seem interesting for so long.

There's a plot too, so I guess that's nice.

... more>> The problems I have with the novel though, we're enough for me to take down a star off of this rating.

The author somehow fit politics into the story. Huxia or the Panda country, which is basically China always is the cool nation that suffers the least and developers faster than most countries. Its not blatant but the author obviously favors it, never making it look like an antagonist or having it suffer a lot.

It's not very important to the plot but it's still annoying af.

Then we get a lot of chapters where the pov changes to random humans. I'm fine with a chapter or two from their pov but sometimes it drags out and it's really annoying too, though it isn't done too badly.

None are fatal flaws so I recommend this novel <<less
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Jun 28, 2020
Status: c275
An absolutely amazing book. It’s seriously underrated.
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Jul 02, 2020
Status: c278
A Great Novel of a Monster MC that doesnt get domesticated like in other s*upid novels. If u want to read Monster MC novel, then THIS IS THE BEST!

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Jun 29, 2020
Status: c276
This novel is focused on strength building. MC got reborn into a snake, where he had to quickly eat other animals/ beasts to increase in size. It gets repetitive— HOWEVER, I still can’t stop reading it. There’s a lot of time skips, and the author knew when to make it interesting to keep the story going, which is why I like this novel a lot!!! This is my first time writing a review, and I had to go make one because I saw that there’s barely any review for this underrated novel.
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Jul 31, 2020
Status: c304
5 stars is what this one deserves.

Reincarnated as a monster in a semi scientific fantasy world with evolution of species involved in. A slice of life of a monster is what I can put it in.

Highly Recommended
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jul 16, 2020
Status: c290
If you are expecting the MC to reincarnate into a magical world and have epic battles with ferocius monsters from the very beginning, then that's not what happens. MC reincarnates as a snake, just a normal snake of a few centimeters long, if there where any kind of monster, MC would die right away.

However, after sometime MC will finally find the so awaited monsters, so don't worry.

The only thing that I didn't like was that the animals are quite dumb, their survival instincts sometimes are inexistent, and other time seem... more>> to act like humans.

In summary: A good story to read in your freetime. <<less
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Jun 29, 2020
Status: --
I'm a little confused by whats going... there used to be a translation of this novel on Royal Road and the last chapter I read was around 210~~.

But the story from that site is deleted and the latest chapter here is only 95??

It's a great story tho.

Edit: nevermind the story on the actual website is on the latest chapter.

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Jul 03, 2020
Status: c404
  1. The Chapters are relatively Short but the nearly daily releases make up for that. The Story is one of the best Reincarnated as a Monster Novels out there.
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Jul 03, 2020
Status: --
I expected a fantasy world with fantasy beasts, but so far it's just the MC in the real world. Like, that's it. The MC is a giant snake that eats animals and grows big, and people go speculate about him.

No big bad evil guy, no secret magic world beneath the surface or anything else so far. Just a guy who eats and grows bigger for no purpose.
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Primordial Heaven
Primordial H
Nov 26, 2020
Status: --
novelty wears off quick
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May 11, 2021
Status: c250
Its good. Finally, a story about an actual monster! It's amazing how rare these kinds of stories are. They either gain a human form early to mid in the story and forget about it or have a "beast form" they never use. Its premise is clear. "World-devouring" means that he is constantly eating and constantly strengthening himself. The reactions of those around him and the climate and worldbuilding are a really great addition to the story, but in the end its monster evolution. The growth of the MC feels natural... more>> and balanced at all times. He doesn't suddenly gain massive powerboosts and constantly struggles until he becomes OP. His evolution in combination with the change in the world is really great.

There's a bit of chinese propaganda but its only like 3-4 chapters in total and I understand the author's feelings. If he didn't add such a thing his novel would probably be banned like RI because its about one person that doesnt care about his country, doesnt care about anything except for himself. This includes Panda country (China), so the author boosts panda country a little bit (really small) through faster tech advancements and gives them face. There is no racism.

The argument of "it stays the same, grow, repeat" is a bit shallow since most fantasy novels are like that. It just feels less like that because it is muddled in various "tournament arcs, training arcs, friendship arcs, enemy of the state arcs" etc. It's also inaccurate since relationships keep coming back, the tension changes from prey to predator and multiple amazing abilities and fight scenes are used. The world expands and we learn so much more. There is worldbuilding. Reading a fight scene in chapter 10 gives a completely different feel than a fight scene in chapter 200. All in all, this is the story I've been waiting for. Thanks to the translator for the effort in such frequent updates. <<less
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Jul 14, 2020
Status: c201
The level up story progression is rather fun to read and gets your blood boiling.

However, the MC almost never seems to encounter any difficulties and levels up over and over again within a matter of chapters. This quickly becomes rather redundant especially since there is no character growth.

However, the reason I stopped reading was because I could not stand the ludicrosity of the MC's views on environmental sustainability and animal behavior. According to the MC's logic (or perhaps better said, the author's logic), every single predator is his personal enemy... more>> and is out to maliciously kill him without the slightest self-preservation instincts.

Additionally, the MC finds it personally acceptable to consume an entire region of animals and I mean EVERY. SINGLE. LIVING. ANIMAL within a matter of weeks or months and then move on to repeat this behavior somewhere else. Like, is he just unaware that his "point accumulation" will realistically be impossible to complete at the ratio of point increase needed to reach higher levels/animal deaths or does he just not care if he resets evolution to insects if it gets him another skill?

Needless to say, this astounding logic is what killed the novel for me in the end. <<less
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Mar 31, 2021
Status: c512
In novels we often have the following diagram:
- Our MC encounters a powerful enemy.
- The enemy greatly underestimates the MC.
- The enemy loses and helps the MC to strengthen.
- The MC finally wins.
- And here we go again, we start from the beginning.

Except that in most novels, we have approvals next to it. Secondary stories of the MC or his relatives, other stories that happen to the MC,... In short, there is a common thread, but also secondary threads.

Not here. Right from the start it... more>> is like that, but it is especially with the arc that began "the space age" that it is most obvious and, honestly, boring. We must be in the 300 chapters which ONLY make the diagram explained previously.
There was a vague attempt of secondary thread with a knowledge of our MC, but it is badly used and especially it speaks about it once every 60 chapters.

Honestly it's a pity, because the beginning is very interesting, despite, once again, its already rather abusive use of the diagram. But after... It's just a pain.

So yeah, if you wanna read this novel, stop it after the start of "Space era". <<less
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Feb 26, 2021
Status: c419
Honestly. Read this if you're tired of s*upid MC with a slow-paced story. MC literally just gets stronger every chapter and I love it. He's also got decent humor and a good motive. He goes from a tiny snake into a literal god that can wipe planets for breakfast. If you just shut your mind and read, then I assure you, you will have a good ass time.

Warning: ... more>>

There is a lot of time skips, like a lot. Especially in the latter part of the story. Decades passed by like nothing.

3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
White Dragon
White Dragon
Feb 04, 2021
Status: Completed
I like the ending, I like the beginning arcs but I don't like the later arcs. Rushed and without much creativity. This could have been much better. Anyway, if u are tired of bad romance and arrogant young masters then this novel will heal you a bit.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Dec 24, 2020
Status: Completed
Read the mtl ver till end.

A usual story about MC evolving into a bigger snake, being in different to humans but inextricably get tied to them.

One thumbs up for maintaining the third person relation with the humans without any over drama.

... more>> Good plot, the world building is sound, though not too spectacular.

No romance, no revenge no hero drama, one of the rares out here.

But It does see a steep fall in quality and progression from mid way, the author seems hurried and sums things up, some plots are just skipped and glossed over, and you can see mc's growth starts jumping instead of the steady accumulation.

There are bits here and there that are note worthy and memorable, but taking everything into account its best a c+ novel... Giving it a B would be unfair.

Read it till the blue world arc or the first arc, then on its just author wrapping up his discarded plot. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Nov 11, 2020
Status: c391
I've read ahead with google translator and finally decided to drop this f*cking novel. That Great Will appeared again and again and he defeated it again and again, but it could flee again and again, because he underestimated it again and again and he just thinks "Well, we will meet again anyway". Defeating will bring him great benefits, besides it's great growth rate is an obvious long-term danger.
Until now I thought they would maybe put away their differences, but even at chapter 600 there is no sign of it.... more>> I think this "Great Will" is designed as an and end boss, which the MC allowed to grow because of his f*cking s*upidity.

At the beginning 5/5 stars, later because of some fillers 4/5 stars, later because of some other irritating things and the Mc's dropping intelligence 3/5 stars and finally because of that "Great Will" matter 2/5 stars at chapter 600. Because of this dropping quality and expected 1/5 chapters, overall 2/5 stars. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Nov 08, 2020
Status: c391
I f*cking love it

Its the best

Good points

... more>> -MC is smart and sensible (doesnt reveal himself knowing its dangerous at the beginning)

-PACE is crucial in this type of evolution novel and there is this near perfect pace, and there was a very good, legit reason for the time jump

-MC teamed up with humans, I was always looking forward to this and it came

-the minor characters have detail and backstory

-the plot ideas are all different and you will be hooked all the way to the end

MC has alot of character building but I feel there is this missing humph that makes a vivid impression (i couldnt really tell how the MC would react to the situation cause the time jump seems to have really changed the MCs character)

Pls read. <<less
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Oct 18, 2020
Status: c373
The beginning is pretty slow and boring as there is not really any world building besides what you would know of a modern earth. However past ch 100 things start to get more interesting and the world starts to expand and some good plot starts to develop and at 200 things start hitting their stride and it becomes a genuine good story.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Sep 21, 2020
Status: c353
This is a vary good novel for people that want a change of pace with the somewhat repetitive human MC (or are like me and just like nonhuman MCs) might I add he gets incredibly bada#s in even early-mid chapters.

The story is always engaging besides a litle bit of repetition at the start but from then on moves at a vary good pace and doesn't leave a lot of lose ends besides a few passing charicters. Many pages of this book really got my heart beating and I find that... more>> as a must have mark of a good book.

This novel also has vary well organised chapter labiling with the author grouping chapters into mini segments such as (0/6) at the top to avoid torcherorus cliffhangers with each usually consisting of 6 to 7 per segment so you always have a comfortable place to rest at.

As someone that takes reading as my main pastime I heavily recommend this book if you have the time to get past the first 100 chapters.

My only complaint about this book being the infrequent typos of missing words or letters from seemingly rushed writing, however the word flow is good and whoever is translating this has a vary good understanding of the English language unlike some other novels were that can ruin a scene. <<less
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