Sweet Reincarnation


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In an impoverished territory, to a poor aristocratic family, a single boy would be born. Destined to become the next feudal lord, this boy’s name was Pastry (ペイストリー). Pastry, the possessor of a rare talent in his previous life, had a promising future as a confectioner.

Merciless thieves, rabid beasts, scheming nobles, a domain in drought, many hardships such as these will befall the boy.

Our handsome successor, armed with his ingenuity and love for sweets, will survive in this world of swords and magic.

With a smile on his face, aiming for a territory filled with happiness, the young Pastry‘s challenges begin.

The best sweets and the best story. A single boy’s journey to change the world. A royal sweet fantasy.

Associated Names
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Okashi na Tensei
Sweet Reincarnation
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