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This novel is a diary of how childish and immature man pursuing wife.

The day of turning eighteen years old, Lu Xing Yan and Chen Xing Ruo celebrate their birthday together. The next day they would have their examination. At night, Chen Xing Ruo stays up late to give extra lessons for Lu Xing Yan.

Lu Xing Yan plays with his pen sloppily. “Hey.” He asks: “Before what wish you made? You made a wish for three minutes. Tell me, maybe I could help you to achieve it.”

Chen Xing Ruo doesn’t look at him and underlines the main point: “I made a wish that this semester Lu Xing Yan could solve a mathematics book, five books of intensive practice, ten sets of real exam papers, memorize four levels of words, the final exam can be up to four hundred points, do not do any ‘rat shit’ that lowers the average of the class.”

The rat turns silent for three seconds: “Forget it, I didn’t say anything.”

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5 Reviews

Jul 16, 2020
Status: Completed
This is a campus story (high school and some college). It has a light taste and reminds me a bit of japanese shoujo mangas (which I haven't read for a long time). The romance is fluffy, the comedy is great and the F!MC is badass.

i had a couple of laughs while reading this. Many scenes are hilarious especially the interaction between the leads. Also, those who had bad minds have been punished accordingly (all hail MC~).
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Oct 03, 2020
Status: Completed
Tired of cold dominating CEO and white rabbit wives-- this novel presents an cold tsundere FL and a Spoilt heir ML. The best part of the story is that conflicts are never dragged on (i.e. Solved within a few chapters). The author managed to cohere the arcs so beautifully that the flow of the story never sounded abrupt. The characters were very realistic (not like the other novels where FL is either a vengeful spirit out for blood of mortals or mary-sue who forgives the enemies again and again so... more>> that they can counterattack.) Every villain had a motive, a story, a chance to redeem. Character development was visible (especially as ML became more responsible and FL started to show emotions openly in the last few chapters). The comedic parts always managed to force at least a giggle out of me (that's a feat, trust me). This story is one of the most fluffiest, realistic, and full filling chinese novels out there, and you will never regret sticking around. <<less
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Aug 10, 2021
Status: Completed
I love it so much! I really enjoyed reading it. But to me, the characters are amazing especially the ML, I love that his character isn't the typical one that MLs have. The only good thing he got is his looks and his background and he knows it that's why he worked super hard to get good grades and be able to be with FL. On the other hand, FL is freaking hilarious! She's super chill and can be savage at times and I love how she also tried her... more>> best to understand ML's character and comprising in her own little ways so they can be together. ML's mom is one of my fave too.


One of the most memorable part for me is when FL thought to herself that she can't always "correct" ML's actions for him after breaking up and she had a realization when they met again that if she wanted to be with a nice guy with a great sense of responsibility, she would've been inlove with a different guy. They got back together shortly and it was so sweet.


I enjoyed reading it so much despite using MTL T^T. Unfortunately, the site I read it on only has chapters until 106 and I couldn't read the extra chapters. I hope the translator will include the extra chapters in the future🥺 I will definitely read it again when the translation is over. <<less
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Dec 15, 2022
Status: Completed
Loved it. It's warm, lighthearted and even a VERY CUTE ML.

And then there's his MUM.

All in all, there's lot to laugh as long the interaction is with our ML.
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Aug 05, 2020
Status: c24
Sweet, sweet! I love light hearted reading like this. More power to the translator! I will be eagerly waiting for updates!
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