Story About Buying My Classmate Once A Week


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Once a week, Miyagi pays 5,000 yen to her classmate Sendai.

The 5,000 yen is to buy three hours of Sendai’s time, which gives the right for Miyagi to give her orders.

Miyagi is at the bottom of the school caste while Sendai is at the top. The two, who never crossed paths at school, spend time together after school under such a contract.

Miyagi’s orders are determined by her mood of the day, and Sendai cannot disobey.

One day after school…

Miyagi calls Sendai to her room and gives her an order that she usually does not give.

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Shuu ni Ichido Kurasumeito wo Kau Hanashi
週に一度クラスメイトを買う話 ~ふたりの時間、言い訳の五千円~
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11 Reviews

May 18, 2022
Status: c314
It's been two days since I discovered this novel thanks to the translation, and I've slept a total of 6 hours since then. The synopsis for the novel seemed extremely dubious, reminding me of AriOto, but as a joke between friends, I decided to read further and was morbidly interested. Clarification for the rest of the review: this is based on reading the novel directly from KakuYomu, I did not use the translation to read the novel, so I cannot comment on the quality of the translation linked here on... more>> NovelUpdates.

And no, the reason that drew me into this was my weakness for angst and mutual pining. And the chapters I've read so far are heavily laden with it, even if Miyagi and Sendai are absolutely stubborn about ever admitting having any relation to each other outside of their weird agreement. And fair warning, when the tags for this novel say [codependency] and [slow burn], Haneda Usa really means it. It's a long ride that takes lots of patience to understand the full scope of their slowly-transforming relationship, so buckle up and get ready to experience a relationship to last for years.

For all it started out as what appears to be Miyagi as the assailant, and Sendai as the victim (a la Aya and Marika in AriOto), that isn't quite the case as we learn early on. It's surprisingly clear a few chapters in that

Sendai is interested in Miyagi, even to the point of pushing her way back into Miyagi's life after she decides to cut off their relationship when pushing a bit too far over the line. If anything, the more that we see, Miyagi is the one constantly running away and Sendai is the one doggedly chasing her down until she gives up, which is exactly how their strange little arrangement came to be. They're both pretty shitty people in their own ways, but so far from what I've read, it feels like they're just two lonely people who had the (mis?) fortune to meet a kindred soul to fill up the void they have outside of the classroom. I've enjoyed seeing their dynamic changed from the initial impression I got.

That being said, I swore this author had a bit of a foot fetish, in the beginning, but that died down in about 15 or so chapters. Who knows if it'll come back after chapter 35. (update: it did, but it's a lot less frequent than the first time around...)


The story itself is pretty simple to read, with the plot not having crazy turns. I'm not completely fluent in Japanese, but the language is easy to follow and a lot of the vocab is repetitive. I think the characters are decently made with complex traits, so it's not all tropes and cliches.

I'm actually so shocked there are 200+ chapters of this, so I'm wondering how far the author is going to go with their relationship.

At this point where I'm at, they've finally had their first kiss after a lot of anxiety, but haven't acknowledged a relationship past Miyagi's stubborness against calling each other friends (Sendai thinks they are, at least. Or at least she did before Miyagi said they weren't a few chapters prior).

Who really knows what what will happen. For now, I'll continue to lose sleep over this story.

Update: I got extremely sick after not sleeping for a week because of this book, but it was so worth it. The later chapters highlight their feelings for each other beyond the contract they made, and getting to see their dynamic without the contract as an excuse was absolutely brilliant. The author is absolutely amazing at timing. They know exactly when to break the suspense and when to hold the tension, leaving satisfactory closures to various conflicts in the stories, while still letting you wanting more for their relationship.

I also love how a lot of plot points build up and come into play later. A lot of things may seem initially very frustrating to understand, such as Miyagi's constant bad mood and Sendai's vague obedience to someone who she should really leave behind, but each contradiction and confusing choice have a reason behind them, and Haneda Usa does a really good job tying up every end.


Such an example includes why Miyagi can't trust Sendai:

"Because up to this point, every rule that we've made was broken by Sendai-san."

It's honestly just so heartbreaking to see Miyagi pull back so many times, despite Sendai going leaps and bounds to express her love, because of her fear of abandonment and the subtle trauma she holds from her mother and father's neglect. And Sendai, who has given her so many things--her earrings, a person to share meals with, a full round cake without leftovers--makes her keenly aware of the stark future she will have when Sendai no longer stays by her side.


Also, Sendai is honestly one of the best things to have happened to Miyagi,

like the amount of attention and care she puts into their relationship despite thinking it's one-sided and without Miyagi even mentioning what's wrong has made me cry more than once. Like when she chose Miyagi's earrings:

"But, if, someday, she were to love someone else other than me.

My heart wouldn't widen enough to wish for her happiness. That's why, when I can't wish for her happiness, I thought that this piercing could wish for her happiness in my place."

And all of this is because---

"Miyagi, like a stray cat, slipped into my high school life that was riddled with cracks, slowly warmed up to me, and gave me all that I am. If she wasn't here, I think I would have continued living in that monochrome world, a fake smile forever plastered on my face."


Update (06/26/2023) : With the release of the second volume and the flood of new readers from the voiced PV, I wanted to address some concerns people had:


The backwards step from their relationship as high schoolers to roommates is quite simply explained. Up to this point, practically all of their interactions up to this point has been in the context of the 5, 000 yen bill, which muddles up their sense of boundaries and where they're allowed to cross. Living with someone isn't the same as spending hours after-school together--and for Miyagi, who very much enjoys her space, it's easily understandable that the first few weeks will be rocky as they adapt to each other's living styles and re-contextualize their relationship as roommates.

That being said, this relationship progression is very much on Miyagi's terms, and given her reluctance to be vulnerable to other people, it takes a very, very long time for them to move up steps in their relationship--and this speaks volumes of Sendai's patience and kindness as she waits for Miyagi to open to her.

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Aug 17, 2022
Status: c164
Really amazingly good, though it's basically all character development and plot is pretty much non-existent - at least as far as I've gotten, the whole story is entirely focused on the two main characters and their relationship, with the rest of the cast, and the rest of the world, being barely mentioned. And yet it's still awesome...

The biggest issue is the translation quality, which is pretty iffy - machine translation with limited editing, I think. It wasn't too much of a problem for me, though, since the writing still manages... more>> to come through. It definitely made me seriously consider offering my services as an editor, though, since I feel this story deserves a more easily readable presentation. Though as I said, the story and the writing still come through.

I can definitely recommend this to anyone who likes their yuri to be character driven rather than plot heavy, and who's willing to invest a bit of effort in getting past the translation quality. Patience and understanding of the release rate is also important - three releases a week seems great, until you find yourself screaming for more as soon as you run out of chapters...

Edited as of ch164:

Updating this review to basically just say it again: this is so good, if anything getting better. The slow burn might make you wonder if things will actually progress or just end up bogged down, but I can happily report that things are progressing, nothing is bogged down, and I'm still obsessively updating the site in the hope of getting a new chapter. And the new chapters are still coming fast. <<less
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Wry Warudo
Wry Warudo
Feb 02, 2023
Status: c276
There's something about the dynamic between the two that's really interesting to read. Each of them have their own issues that reflect in how they interact with one another and really flesh them out as characters. (Personally I have a bit of a preference for the Sendai povs.)

Not much to say about the plot, since it's basically a SoL story where character development is the main focus.

Also for anyone that's interested, the kakuyomu version is... different, in some ways.
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Nov 21, 2022
Status: c209
After 200 chapters in a span of a week, I have so many thoughts about this webnovel I made an account just to write this review. I'm reading the novel via Google Translate, so it isn't the best experience but I correct stuff in my head as I go.

If you can't tell already, it is a very, very slow burn (with up to 266 chapters at the time of writing this review) and there is a LOT of pining. One thing I really love about the novel is reading the... more>> character's thoughts. The POV switches between Miyagi and Sendai-san every couple of chapters, which gives them a much more lively view.

I will say that the foot licking icked me in the beginning, but I understand why the author wrote it. Miyagi ordering Sendai-san to lick her feet is the ultimate test of how far she's willing to go to follow orders for 5, 000 yen. It's used to deter Sendai-san away, yet she still follows orders because of their 'contract.'

The buildup is slow in the first 70-ish (?) chapters, but you can definitely see them growing closer. After 100 chapters or so, I couldn't stop reading with a huge grin on my face.

Miyagi and Sendai-san's relationship is one I really feel. The innocence of two girls hanging out, to feeling like they can't live without the other is something I really love in yuri/shoujo ai. <<less
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Aug 12, 2023
Status: c320
I really really love this webnovel (Miyagi is cute like a stray cat)
go go go for 500 chapter and more please~

Ngl, when I first discovered this novel.
I feel kinda itchy inside especially when first chapter displaying sendai-san licking Miyagi foot..
and that piqued my curiosity to continue read the raw (almost 300 chapter)

and man, this 2 gurl really make me want to slap someone face (but I slap my own cheek instead)

... more>>

I'm going kya kya when Winter Break chapter and Miyagi asking Sendai-san to teach her

Miyagi really cute when she's docile but Miyagi stubbornness also making me anxious and frustrated sometimes tho.

Haneda Usa sensei detailed depiction the girls' inner conflicts, longings, desires, denial, and contradictory emotions really makes my chest tighten so many times.
Miyagi who doesn't want to rely or depend too much on Sendai-san presence, and Sendai-san who want Miyagi's mind+heart full of her.
I can feel the very delicate feeling from both interactions.

Just like <shireidesu> said "Sendai-san is honestly one of the best things to have happened to Miyagi"
and yes I also cried on that part...

"But, if, someday, she were to love someone else other than me.

My heart wouldn't widen enough to wish for her happiness. That's why, when I can't wish for her happiness, I thought that this piercing could wish for her happiness in my place."


I even use translation machine to read the raw, and.....



After fourth time re-reading this..

The Aquarium scene really left an impact to my heart (again) : Sendai-san joy and happiness after seeing Miyagi smile for the first time when they're alone together! <Totally Adorable> indeed


UPDATE 8/26/2023 Chapter 300-301 This chapter got me hard... Miyagi don't do that again.. Don't try to kill your reader please.. My heart almost stop beating


from the machine translation, Miyagi want to end the "Roommate" relationship. I can feel Sendai-san sorrow and despair there, but luckily Miyagi want something more from Sendai-san. This actually make me happy but also anxious for their future.
Miyagi : "Then, don't become someone else's. Don't follow someone when they say something to you, and don't meet that kind of person. Be <only mine>."


Mannnn... chap 320. I cant even describe how I feel after reading that..
How miyagi call sendai-san with "Hazuki" so many times.. my heart.... <<less
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Mar 02, 2023
Status: c150
This.... Is a strange story to read. I don't mean just because of the translator. While Travis Translations always makes things a rough read, this was confusing for other reasons. And I don't like to rate a story based on the translation, as that's not fair to the actual story.

No, what makes this story strange is our two MCs.

One, both of them are violent, though one more than the other. And I'm not talking playful biting, or safe bd*m. I'm talking no sh*t violence towards each other. Blood is drawn,... more>> and I don't think it's ever been in a friendly or consensual way. There is serious pain expressed by each girl about what the other girl is doing. They don't like it. But they keep doing it to each other despite sometimes expressing their like of the other person. It's... uncomfortable is putting it mildly. I'm waiting for a yandere twist in later chapters... Or for one girl to mu*der the other.

Two, consent. The MCs both ignore consent constantly. You'll hear "no", "stop", "I don't want to continue", or they'll call the other's name in a stern tone. You think it's playful? It's not. You get the other person's point of view and they're not exactly happy. This is how the relationship progresses though. It's not through sweet moments, it's not because of communication, it's not because they find out some sweet secret, it's not because someone else confronts their relationship. Nope. It's all because one of the girls decides to push past the other girls boundaries, forcefully and violently. There's moments of sweetness, but they're so far apart that I can't recall them. Mostly it's just violence and s*xual harassment. I want to like the girls, and when you read the moments from the other girl's point of view, sometimes it makes sense for their personal relationships... but it's so damn uncomfortable, and it straddles a line that most stories don't like to straddle. Think "50 Shades of Grey", but with "useless lesbians" (that's a trope, not a knock on lesbians, look it up).

Three, and the last point, no progress. I'm on chapter 150 and....

The girls have moved in together and are attending college... but at this point they're "roommates" One of them has realized they're in love with the other but there's still 129 chapters left. Think about it. they've been together since the second year of high school. That's almost 3 years (2 years of high school, plus their time in college) at this point in the story. When high school ended, their "contract" was over and Sendai convinced Miyagi that she wants her to move in with her, to go to college together from the same apartment. This is a sweet moment that felt like their relationship was moving... BUT NOOOOOOOO, they're just roommates now. The romance/physical relationship dead-ends because instead of being afraid of breaking the rules of the contract, they're afraid of breaking the role of roommate? WTF?! They've done so much together, so why write it like this?


I don't understand this author. I really don't see how they can drag this on for another 129+ chapters. I can only see two resolutions in this story that will make any sense whats-s0-ever: The entire relationship crashes and burns, both of them breaking apart, and finding someone healthy for each other. or two: One of them mu*ders the other, or they commit su1c1d3 together. Yes, it really is that painful to read. <<less
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Sep 29, 2022
Status: c167
Updating after reading to Chapter 167:
The translation quality has improved a great deal since my initial review and is now very much readable.
There are still grammatical errors, but they're mostly sentence structure errors that result in stilted, awkward prose. The text is still clearly understandable despite the occasional poorly structured sentence.
The less common errors that make the text difficult to understand seem to mostly be dialogue related, specifically in translating Miyagi's curt way of speaking. But you still get the feeling of what's being said even... more>> if the actual words sometimes don't make sense.

The story itself just continues to get better. A fantastic slow burn romance that continues to turn up the heat enough to keep you hanging on every chapter. I was so hooked by it that I bought up all the yet to be released chapters.

Previously written after reading to Chapter 58:

Himi-cat's review sums up my thoughts on this work, just more gentle than I'd be when criticizing certain aspects:
- Translation quality is not "pretty iffy - machine translation with limited editing". It's machine translation with next to no editing/or no editing by a native English speaker.
I also considered offering my services as an editor because a native English speaker could quickly and effortlessly correct numerous grammar mistakes while reading each chapter. Most egregious are male pronouns showing up... in a YURI work where 99% of pronouns are female. But despite the poor translation, it's still readable (assuming you're editing in your head while reading) and the emotions and thoughts of the characters still come through.
- The story itself, as Himi-cat said, is a near 100% character driven yuri story between the two main characters, with very little in terms of plot or characters outside of these two characters.
It is a very slow burn yuri romance but works well because the characters are introspective on their escalating feelings and acts of intimacy. Their thoughts show they subconsciously want to get closer but fear the pain from separation after getting too close. The hesitation to escalate their relationship is believable and the underlying emotions that push them to get closer despite this hesitancy makes every small interaction interesting. <<less
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Aug 12, 2022
Status: c252
I really really love this webnovel!! I've never wished more for a pairing to be happy than I have for Sendai and Miyagi 😭 If only these two could start being honest with each other! After 250 chapters and

3 instances of interc**rse the two are still not dating, but it's becoming clear that they're approaching the stage where they realize their feelings!

I really like the two characters and want the best for them, they're both emotionally stunted it's cute
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Aug 03, 2022
Status: c250
The two leads in this story have a very good push and pull dynamic that keeps me coming back for more.

The story starts off with the two characters seemingly just messing around with each other, but as the story progresses, the dependency they have for each other grows, and their relationship founded on 5000 yen starts crumbling into a different kind of relationship.

The author does a really good job of portraying Miyagi, a girl who's dishonest with both herself and Sendai. Sendai's personality becomes more apparent as their relationship "settles"... more>> in the later chapters. <<less
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Jul 08, 2023
Status: c115
This is really good.

Story: 6/10

This novel really takes "character-driven" storytelling seriously. There is absolutely none of the typical fluff and drama surrounding school clubs, siblings, and friendships you see in a typical yuri story. The setting is dreadfully mundane and circles entirely around grades and less dramatic aspects of school life. And you know what, that's perfectly fine with me. At this age I don't want to hear about someone's idealized school life where they constantly go around solving other people's life problems and resolving all their personal flaws (circa... more>> Bloom Into You, Oregairu, etc, etc).

They also graduate from high school about 1/3 of the way into the novel, which is a win for any romance novel.


I feel ambivalent about the author eventually leaning away from the BD*M scenes. That was the only thing distracting me from how much I disliked Shiori as a person (not as a character), and without it the story lacks some excitement. The author took away the action of the story and replaces it with... nothing. I can only hope there's something to fill the void in the next few arcs. The novel clearly works if you take it as a "real" romance with some spice added in, but I only wish the author didn't try to dull things down so much.

Characters: 9/10

I am very impressed with how character development has been tied with the storytelling itself.

In the beginning we are lead to believe that Shiori is the main character. Certainly, with a title like "buying my classmate" you would expect a fetish novel with a major emphasis on the sadistic dominant main character. But after a few chapters, the story turns you on your heels and reveals that she's a deuteragonist and nowhere as threatening as she tries to make you believe. Hazuki is actually the one with agency in this story. Because of just how messed up Shiori is from parental neglect and her fear of intimacy, she gradually loses her ability to control the progress of her relationship, essentially surrendering the plot to her partner. By trying to drift away from Hazuki, she shies away from all her responsibilities, including her role in the story and connection with the reader, in a way that parallels Hazuki's feelings.


Translation/Writing: 7/10

Occasional errors. Nothing immersion breaking if you've read many amateur Japanese TLs. The writing is rather stiff and almost hesitant to portray emotion. If you like [melo]drama, people expressing their genuine feelings in a concise and logical manner, and healthy ways to develop a relationship, this is not the novel for you. <<less
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Apr 25, 2023
Status: c101
It's good so far but story go very very slow pace / relationship take a lot of time (chapter) to develop
I love to see this kind of Yuri couple but too bad Miyagi is Tsudere type that I didn't like much (selfish Tsudere type)

even I didn't like Miyagi much but I still like story so far they start to get close to each other little by little I still wonder how many chapter will take their to the end lol
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