Story About Buying My Classmate Once A Week


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Once a week, Miyagi pays 5,000 yen to her classmate Sendai.

The 5,000 yen is to buy three hours of Sendai’s time, which gives the right for Miyagi to give her orders.

Miyagi is at the bottom of the school caste while Sendai is at the top. The two, who never crossed paths at school, spend time together after school under such a contract.

Miyagi’s orders are determined by her mood of the day, and Sendai cannot disobey.

One day after school…

Miyagi calls Sendai to her room and gives her an order that she usually does not give.

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Shuu ni Ichido Kurasumeito wo Kau Hanashi
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    shireidesu rated it
    May 18, 2022
    Status: c169
    It's been two days since I discovered this novel thanks to the translation, and I've slept a total of 6 hours since then. The synopsis for the novel seemed extremely dubious, reminding me of AriOto, but as a joke between friends, I decided to read further and was morbidly interested.

    And no, the reason that drew me into this was my weakness for angst and mutual pining. And the chapters I've read so far are heavily laden with it, even if Miyagi and Sendai are absolutely stubborn about ever admitting having... more>> any relation to each other outside of their weird agreement.


    For all it started out as Miyagi as the assailant, and Sendai as the victim (a la Aya and Marika in AriOto), it's surprisingly clear a few chapters in that Sendai is interested in Miyagi, even to the point of pushing her way back into Miyagi's life after she decides to cut off their relationship when pushing a bit too far over the line. If anything, the more that we see, Miyagi is the one constantly running away and Sendai is the one doggedly chasing her down until she gives up. They're both pretty shitty people in their own ways, but so far from what I've read, it feels like they're just two lonely people who had the (mis?) fortune to meet a kindred soul to fill up the void they have outside of the classroom. I've enjoyed seeing their dynamic changed from the inital impression I got.

    That being said, I swore this author had a bit of a foot fetish, in the beginning, but that died down in about 15 or so chapters. Who knows if it'll come back after chapter 35. (update: it did, but it's a lot less frequent than the first time around...)


    The story itself is pretty simple to read, with the plot not having crazy turns. I'm not completely fluent in Japanese, but the language is easy to follow and a lot of the vocab is repetitive. I think the characters are decently made with complex traits, so it's not all tropes and cliches.

    I'm actually so shocked there are 200+ chapters of this, so I'm wondering how far the author is going to go with their relationship.

    At this point where I'm at, they've finally had their first kiss after a lot of anxiety, but haven't acknowledged a relationship past Miyagi's stubborness against calling each other friends (Sendai thinks they are, at least. Or at least she did before Miyagi said they weren't a few chapters prior).

    Who really knows what what will happen. For now, I'll continue to lose sleep over this story.

    Update: I got extremely sick after not sleeping for a week because of this book, but it was so worth it. The later chapters highlight their feelings for each other beyond the contract they made, and getting to see their dynamic without the contract as an excuse was absolutely brilliant. The author is absolutely amazing at timing. They know exactly when to break the suspense and when to hold the tension, leaving satisfactory closures to various conflicts in the stories, while still letting you wanting more for their relationship.


    I also love how a lot of plot points build up and come into play later, such as why Miyagi can't trust Sendai:

    "Because up to this point, every rule that we've made was broken by Sendai-san."

    Also, Sendai is honestly one of the best things to have happened to Miyagi, like the amount of attention and care she puts into their relationship despite thinking it's one-sided and without Miyagi even mentioning what's wrong has made me cry more than once. Like when she chose Miyagi's earrings:

    "But, if, someday, she were to love someone else other than me.

    My heart wouldn't widen enough to wish for her happiness. That's why, when I can't wish for her happiness, I thought that this piercing could wish for her happiness in my place."

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