Onna Doushi to ka Arienai deshou to Iiharu Onna no ko wo, Hyakunichi kan de Tetteiteki ni Otosu Yuri no Ohanashi


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“Girls going out with girls? That can’t be!….That how it should be!

A popular high-school girl, Sakakibara Marika, one day she get one million offer from her beautiful classmate, Fuwa Aya.

“Sakakibara-san, For 100 days I will give you 10,000 yen/day. I will buy you. Let me show you that it’s possible for two girls dating each other”


From that day, it started, their after school xx time.

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Absolute Zero
Absolute Zero rated it
October 2, 2020
Status: v1 epilogue
Just finished this volume and my overall impressions of this series is a 3.5/5

I'd give the translations a 3.5/5 as well. Although it's readable, there are many grammatical mistakes.

I love the Yuri genre so LNs/WNs with those elements are always a treat but this story didn't really feel like a "genuine" one in my opinion. What makes Yuri so great is how sweet it is. So sweet that you feel like you might be getting diabetes (lol). The most important thing for a Yuri focused story are its characters, how... more>> their relationship develops, and the outcome of said development. Sadly, this series falls short on those aspects.


Honestly, the way the relationship developed between the two girls in this series is pretty shallow and even started off as r*pey... It didn't feel like a traditional Yuri where two girls naturally started developing feelings for each other gradually overtime. Instead, it felt more like a Stockholm syndrome situation. Our main protagonist (Marika) is a straight female and essentially she made a bet/contract with another girl (Aya). Because of this bet/contract, Marika can't really go against Aya's demands (partly due to pride) so she ends up in a lot of somewhat forceful s*xual situations. The love between Marika and Aya didn't feel natural but instead artificially created due to situational circumstances. I also don't really like how their relationship seems to be fueled more by carnal desire rather than actual affection (60% - 40%). Speaking of which, I think it's really s*upid how not even two weeks after making the bet/contract, the two girls already reached third base... For someone like Marika who's supposed to be a straight female and is adamant about her sexuality/preferences, she let herself get taken advantage of sexually pretty damn easily. I love adult scenes and what not but I don't like them when they're rushed and don't feel real.

As a side note, at times when they're talking about lesbian relationships, it kinda sounds like a toned down LGBT propaganda (the ones where they try to project their opinions/beliefs onto others).


It's decent read but I wouldn't recommend reading it unless you're bored or a Yuri enthusiast. If you're expecting it to be pure wholesome fluff then you may be disappointed since their relationship is more sexually focused. If anything, this series is like a more aggressive version of Citrus. <<less
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lokq rated it
June 30, 2021
Status: v1 epilogue
Victim of Stockholm syndrome, s*xual harassment, and r*pe painted as a young girl with a budding love. It's seriously so f*cking disgusting.

The romance part feels so forced & weird, with this kind of story, what is the point of using girl x girl as the protagonist, even if you change it with guy x girl, the ending will still be the same, you'll get the 50 shades of grey soft ver. There is no reason for the yuri at all.

I try to force myself reading till the end of vol... more>> 1 even though it's so vexing, and yes, the author still can wrap up the story nicely by making aya looks better in the end, but it didn't remove the part where she groping, kissing, and making marika c*m everyday to make marika loves her.

Marika is a virg*n, never date anyone before, and never kiss anyone, she doesn't know anything, and Aya with her s*xual experience, keeps making marika's body c*m everyday, until marika think that she have a feeling of love for Aya. It's like training a dog to always obey you, it's messed up.

If you're being trained to c*m when a person of the same s*x fondles you, then you'd have no choice but to become a gay, it's seriously messed up man. Yume & Chisaki, the side character in this story have more acceptable reason for their romance, but the protagonists Themselves.... oh god

If You're looking for a good yuri novel, then I wouldn't recommend this to you, even though the ending is wrap up nicely, a toxic relationship where they loves each other is still messed up in my opinion.

There are a lots of better yuri novel out there, but if you're just looking for a p*rn with a little bit of story, then I guess this is for you? the reason I gave this 2 star is because the author can wrap up the epilogue in vol 1 nicely, if not for that, i'll just give this novel 1 star, it's not worth it.

And like I said before, there is no point making this a yuri couple where you can just replace them with a normal boy & girl couple where the story and ending will still be the same. <<less
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enkiros rated it
January 17, 2021
Status: --
The most fitting way to describe this novel would be: "Gay conversion therapy but you're turned gay instead, by way of forced or**sms." If you're conditioned to c*m only when a person of the same s*x fondles you, then you'd have no choice but to become actually gay.

It's exactly as other reviews put it – the MC appears to fall in love with the other girl because she suffers from the Stockholm Syndrome; basically Citrus. All is forgiven if they actually fall for each other in the end, right?

This was... more>> also very obviously inspired by Bloom Into You (it was explicitly mentioned early on), but this fails in doing all the things that said series did right. Bloom Into You at least tries to have relatively complex characters with well-defined struggles they have to overcome. And, their relationship is medium to that. Although bland, we kinda get that Yuu doesn't fall in love with Touku just because she treated her nicely a couple of times, much less forcing her to or**sm enough times so she's conditioned to get aroused regardless of her will.

Bottom line is, the duo here is just incredibly generic and shallow. Also, no matter how much of a good guy you make Aya by the end of the novel, she still did pretty r*pey sh*t to the protagonist, and the protagonist is still a who*e that didn't really think twice about choosing casual s*x with a classmate she didn't know well for a bit of cash over basic human decency and self-respect. I mean, it's okay I guess. It's not like there are NTR or actual r*pe scenes (kinda). Just not the innocent and fluffy romance that one would expect from a yuri rom-com <<less
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rvein rated it
September 6, 2020
Status: v1c1
I have sole advice for whoever that wanted to read this novel: prepare your eyes from a sudden story development...I'm not gonna go into detail about this novel

this novel's YURINESS and le*dNESS is AMAZING

10/10 can't believe I found smth this nice... it's been a while haha
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SolidG rated it
August 13, 2021
Status: v3c2 part1
After venting to a friend about how it was becoming more and more difficult to find good novels to read they challenged me to read something in a genre I would usually never even consider. Under normal circumstances at least 3 out of the 5 listed genres would probably exclude this one from even being considered. BUT, thinking that the challenge was actually a good idea I dove into the sea of genres I usually am biased against and after a lot of..... unimpressive attempts, I finally landed on this... more>> one.

Just a warning, someone who likes these genres might totally disagree with me. They might think that I have no idea what makes a good yuri novel, or slice of life, or smut light novel, and they would be right, I dont and to be completely honest, I dont care. All I know is that I actually really enjoyed this.

-I think the premis of the story is actually pretty good. Buying someone for 100 days is certainly not normal but in the context of this story I could see it happening. I know people that do similar things for a living and I know that at least one of them has admitted to falling inlove with a client before.

-The characters are seemingly pretty typical. While I'm not super familiar with slice of life or school life novels I have been around long enough to at least be familiar with the typical character tropes and these characters seem to follow that pattern more or less. However, in the case of slice of life and school life novels, I think that is actually a good thing. To be honest most people, most places, are mostly the same. Sure they will have a character trait here or there that sets them apart, but in general the differences are basically negligable from a story telling prospective. In my oppinion, a good slice of life novel should reflect that. At the same time, the characters do show growth and development throughout while maintaining a core personality that makes them both fun and understandable.

-Again, not really familiar with the genre, but the "smut" scenes seemed pretty tame. To be fair, they are fairly graphic (in my eyes, again, not really familiar) but they aren't over the top. Which is something I consider a huge plus. I've seen some reviews mark this as a bad thing, and honestly, if thats your thing then I guess I can totally understand you dissapointment. But, in my eyes, they kind of match the context of the story. Any more intense and I think they would have overshadowed the story, which seems to be the main focus of the novel for the author.

- I've seen a few reviews say the romance is unrealistic and forced which I disagree with. Maybe I'm just old but, I've personally seen relationships much stranger than this before, many, many times. I know a couple that went on one date and then got engaged on the second date, they have been maried for 7 years. I know an artist couples that only sees eachother once a month and have been going on for nearly 20 years. I know people who started dating as a dare and ended up geting married. I know people who considered themselves striaght and a chance encounter opened their eyes to being gay or lesbian. Romance isn't something that makes sense and normal for one person is almost alien for the next. Maybe the romance in this story doesn't fit your taste, but I feel like romance in general is suppose to be unrealistic.

I totally acknowledge that some people will read this and absolutly hate it. But I realy really do think it's worth a shot. I wouldn't say it change my perspective of any of these genres, but in the end, I'm actually really glad I read this, In my opinion that says a lot about the author and I can't wait to read more from them. <<less
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Ojhkpp rated it
July 20, 2021
Status: --
when someone says no, it means no, no matter how small the act could be. It's not cute or sweet, and the fact that marika's protests were ignored is extremely disturbing to me. It's not ok just because it's two girls. R*pe/s*xual assault is terrible no matter who it's happening to.

Throughout, the s*xual harassment is never brought up or treated really seriously, even if this is just meant to be a light read - it seems like the author's just trying to fulfil some perverse fantasy to me, possibly fetishising... more>> female relationships (?) or something. I usually find lack of consent or s*xual assault in anime and manga. Overall sht like this just normalises s*xual harassment and r*pe - it's a form of violence, and the weird power aya holds over marika doesn't come across as romantic or sexy or whatever, it just feels predatory and it doesn't sit right with me.

smut is fine, but I find it can be done in a less creepy, less messed up way. This not it :/

just because marika later liked the pleasure from s*x or wanted to be "stubborn", I interpreted it as probably just the author's gross rationalisation of the r*pe/assault. Idk maybe just me. Aside from the harassment, there wasn't the sort of introspection to figure out or come to terms with her feelings, so I feel like the character development and "romance" was lacking and felt forced, making it fell flat.

Maybe I'm thinking about it too hard, and everyone else is here because they r h**ny 🤪, but oh god I really think r*pe and s*xual harassment shouldn't be used for arousal, even in its in seemingly more "tame" ways. Even if aya didn't hurt marika physically, it still felt violent and violating to me, again creating the impression that there's some power imbalance and lack of respect, which was off putting to me. The whole thing just sets a misleading narrative that could be dangerous, to anyone in a relationship. The fact marika didn't leave or stand up for herself just because of the money, or supposed "feelings", implies a toxic relationship. Anyone ought to leave a toxic relationship no?

personally the main problem for me was definitely the r*pe/s*xual harassment. If this is what you like I can't stop anyone from reading this, but I would suggest reading something more consensual. I had to write a rant/persuasive essay omg this was not it for me

i tried to skim read this in a pc westernish way but maybe that got in the way of enjoying it since some things sort of frightened me, so maybe I'll give it another try. I don't know. I am a fan of this genre but maybe I'm just not part of the demographic or something. Sort of makes me wonder about the portrayal of media and limits and boundaries and what not <<less
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shireidesu rated it
June 15, 2021
Status: v4
I actually read (and own) all four volumes of the series that Mikami Teren released at Comiket before the published versions after discovering that Yukiko-sensei provided the cover illustrations, and have been a follower of this series since. It's a fun read as long as you don't think too much about the details, it's definitely not meant to be serious or a masterpiece. I know a LOT of people were iffy about the dubious consent in the first volume, but to be honest I found it funny and sort of... more>> sweet once we got the whole picture. Marika is definitely just a huge tsundere and 10 ft deep in denial about how gay she is. I also aspire to have Aya's top energy.

Volume 1 was definitely a good start, and I loved the additional stories that were added on to the published versions (especially because we never got to see that perspective of how it all started, and my GOD thank you Yukiko-sensei for drawing exactly what I was hoping for). For the record, most of the changes were removing explicit references to franchises (minus Futaribeya), but for Volume 1, the final chapter was beefed up.

Volume 2 I considered as one of the weaker stories, but it was nice getting to see more backstory for Aya (even if the drama seemed a little.... over the top). I didn't really try to dwell on it too much, and not much was added to the published volume.

Volume 3 was definitely my favorite of the bunch since they're deep into their relationship, and I'm currently going through the published version to see what has been changed. It had my favorite domestic fluff and the epilogue story with Marika's mom was so heartwarming I got emotional.

Volume 4 is cute and fun as well, though following v3 it had a lot to work up to. <<less
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Catria rated it
September 16, 2020
Status: v1 epilogue
It's a yuri romance comedy, so some things are quite over the top. Nonetheless I really enjoyed reading the first volume, and I look forward to more. Main character Marika is really really dense and a bit homophobic at the start, but that just adds more to her character development later on.

Some might say her love interest Fuwa is quite forceful and even "rapey", but I don't think that's an issue here. It's actually quite the opposite, she's just really dom but doesn't try to hurt Marika at all.

A very sweet story and cute characters overall.

I'm really glad that this is a series, and that it's popular enough in Japan to get reprints and even a manga serialization later this year. This novel is becoming one of my favorite ones. The translation might need a bit more proofreading though, there are few typos here and there that sometimes stop the reading flow. I'm thankful nonetheless.
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SovietWeeb rated it
November 15, 2020
Status: epilogue
I do feel this story was trying to be something it wasn't or wasn't able to achieve. The characters feel very basic and not that interesting. The romance is shallow and is more Stockholm-syndrome then anything.

Even if this story is just meant to be Yuri Smut. I didn't do anything that interesting. The only thing that makes this stand out from the other smut stories. Is that this is between two girls. The story feels like something I've seen before with the self insert smut stories.

You could've had more interesting... more>> things happening for the smut tag. Have them explore fetishes or anything. Bondage? Petplay? You could go more out and even go for the milk/cow play fetish. There's a lot that could've been done to make the story not feel so generic.

The alternative is to go full A-hole MC. Where instead of falling in love due to just constant s*xual harassment to a girl. Have the MC be straight as can be. But she really is money hungry and the other MC takes advantage of that. So the MC stays around for the money. But also ends up getting used to the s*xual interactions and can't deal being without the girl now. Something just a bit different then what we got preferably.

The main character are very shallow and doesn't have much of a personality. The story tried to do some chapters with character-building admittedly. But they didn't really do anything.

Someone else said it in the reviews. But the story does come across as light LGBT propaganda. Yuri tends to be light hearted and more sweet. But the story kind of fails at that. I'd probably give it more like a 2.7-2.8 rounded to 3. <<less
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askryuzaki rated it
March 19, 2021
Status: v2 extras
Look at the 1st and last lines of the synopsis.

Don't go marchin' in this story then rating it 1 star because you weren't prepared for "XX time" or "Marika is sooo homophobic~", no just don't please.

Personally, I have read about monsters who do r*pe in full detail and it made me disgusted, this novel though? No it did not.

... more>> If you are fine with or ignore these sorts of topics then you get a Good f*cking Read.

Now get your indecisive ass off the review section and press that spicy 'v1 prologue' button. <<less
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HungryEgg rated it
September 14, 2020
Status: v1epilogue
IT'S UNEXPECTEDLY TOO GOOD!!!!!!!! Thank god I gave it a chance and read this one! This novel definitely became my TOP3 of my favorite yuri novels list!!!
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September 7, 2020
Status: --
I really like yuri, but this one's a little bit creepy... ionno, it kind of sounds a bit like s*xual harassment to me. Maybe I'm not reading this properly, since the text is really small and I mostly skimmed it, but.
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Zhele rated it
July 31, 2023
Status: c3 part2
I almost avoided that novel which is good and decent because some people clearly doesn't know how to read and never paid attention to any detail at all, so if you are concerned about false claims I'll give you a little break down. (I can't even believe I have to do this)

First, people who claim their romance is some sort of Stockholm syndrome, how is it Stockholm syndrome or even an abusive relationship? Our MC clearly is head over heels for our female lead, she is basically drooling over... more>> her all the time, she NEVER even once describes her or her appearance without saying how pretty, gorgeous and basically a goddess she is and I'll give you fair examples from the prologue and chapter 1 to 3 which is one ones I finished



It turns out that the sharp gaze is coming from our class' cool beauty, Fuwa Aya.

Seeing her delicate appearance, you’d think she could do no wrong. Her aura and her eyes make her look sleepy at all times, and that, combined with the sensual air that surrounds her and her gorgeous appearance, make it hard to approach her. It's the reason why she’s a lone wolf in this class.

A nicely shaped nose, soft beautiful hair that flows without any signs of bed head. Her glowing skin makes me wonder what kind of UV care she uses. From the top of her hair to the tips of her toes, each part is so beautiful that I’d believe she was crafted from porcelain. She stands at around 160 cm, she has a great style and emits an elegant air wherever she goes. I’ve seen her get invited by a couple of our school's sports clubs, but she ended up in the going-home club.


chapter 1 and a simple description of her hand:


A hand, white like porcelain, got closer and touched my ears lightly. My body reacted on its own by jolting.


chapter 2:


She looks even more stunning than she does in school. She has on a simple eye shadow that emphasizes the shape of her eyes. For her clothes, she chose a sleeveless blouse paired with a tight skirt to emphasize her figure. She’s wearing 7-cm heels that synergize well with her handbag. Her appearance tonight closely resembles my mental image of a ‘Lady of the Night’.



She suddenly appeared, wearing a white shirt that was covered with a coat. She also wore a tie and long black trousers. Her long hair is neatly tied into a ponytail. If I didn’t know she was Fuwa Aya, I may have fallen in love at first sight, simply because she was so captivating.


So these are fair examples of how our MC is 100% into the love interest, she is absolutely in denial all the time about being gay, she is basically inside her closet with one door opened but refuses to leave by doing some mental gymnastics to explain to herself how she is not. To explain avoiding spoilers, she starts denying romance between girls and to be proven wrong the love interests offers her something that she wanted to try, she wanted to get a sugar daddy for money basically, and since she had dealt with a creep in her last job the love interest says she can avoid any creep by having her SELLING HER BODY to her, and she consented even after getting an explanation that she'll do le*d stuff.

That's basically the synopsis we have right, now about our MC personality


She is an EXTREME tsundere, she always does things that she doesn't need to comfort and show affecting towards the love interest, she is literally the stereotype that compliments all the time the love interest and then says or think of some mental gymnastic like "it's a neutral and universal opinion ok?", "but it's not I like you or anything ok?".

From the very beginning she does stuff she doesn't needed, the love interest kisses her and she kisses back PASSIONATELY " All I can remember is that I got so desperate that I ended up kissing Fuwa with all my might"

She gets dead jealousy about her, at the bar she started to get more intimate to her by calling her the first name like the other, but the others were doing it because it was her professional name and had a tag in the clothes. She knowing her real name and it's described as a murky feeling that went away after seeing the love interest reaction, another huge hint of it is her outburst of rage in the bathroom because she thought that she looked too experienced doing stuff, and thinking that she might have slept with more woman she lost it because of jelousy.


About the r*pe tags and claims, I still haven't finished it BUT I think it was in chapter 3 or 2, I don't remember, it gave an idea why people MIGHT see it that way, but after all that explanation it doesn't feel right, here's why:


Basically they have a bet and a contract with money to see if the MC will fall in love with the love interest, but the MC pretty much always had feelings for her from what we see from the very beginning, she competed with her inside her head and never stopped to think about her on any social aspect, anyway, the MC agreed on EVERYTHING le*d related because that's what they agreed on, for 100 days she will sell her body to her, BUT she is also a tsundere and doesn't/can't show that she likes her because she'll lose that bet/contract, so whenever the love interest is doing anything to her, and she is showing any sign of pleasure and gets called out, the MC denies it and says she is lying, but on the other hand she never refuses, complains or thinks it's a bad thing

further more, when they don't go all the way, she gets frustrated and A LOT here's examples (the first one is good to show her mental gymnastic to try to convince herself she isn't into her) :

After a while, Fuwa pulled her head back and looked down at me. Nobody said anything for a brief moment, all I could hear was the sound of our breathing echoing inside this room. Then, Fuwa smiled.

"Okay that's it."
".... Huh?"

"Just one thing, I wanted her to understand that right now, I’m longing for a physical bond, it’s not like I’m longing for a girl or something like that. I want her to properly understand that what she did only made me sexually frustrated, that it didn’t have anything to do with gender or sexuality."

and what would look more forceful is:

"Eh? You know? And you are still doing this and that despite my feelings? I don't get it."
"It excites me to know that my target dislikes me. It really lights my fire."

Now if I find something that IS indeed r*pe I'll edit and update it but for now it's just interpretation from people.


Writing that review to clarify things felt disgraceful, but if it helped you to not drop or avoid it because of false claims on it it's ok, it's a good read and I'm loving how the characters are getting proper development, you see the MC getting better and more honest, her opinions on dates changing and all, it's not just some smut story, it's actually an enjoyable romance. I hope it'll help people who are in doubt to give it a fair try, every book is someone's work and it deserves fair criticism, enjoy. <<less
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EroLNSensei rated it
July 22, 2021
Status: v3c1
Some people who didn't actually read until the end will actually say that this series is dumb or "filled with s*xual actions". But when you actually reach volume 2, you'll find the wholesomeness of the story. Here's a little summary:

Vol 1 = The part where Aya wants to make Marika to be her girlfriend (this volume is filled with forced s*x etc.) But in the end of the story, Aya tells her true reason about why she made a contract with Marika.

Vol 2 = They started dating and begins to accept each other. This volume is basically sweeter than the first volume. You can start reading here if you don't really care about the reason why Aya and Marika are dating.

Vol 3 = I don't wanna spoil this, but basically it's a story between Aya and Marika where they live together for a week.

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Overdrive rated it
June 11, 2021
Status: --
Fluffy romantic story which is a nice short read, nothing complex.

I really loved it!
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Sherrynity rated it
September 14, 2020
Status: v1 epilogue part1
How sweet. Marika is one heck of a dense protagonist, with extra spice of sore loser-ness and massive tsundere trait. Pretty much a match made in heaven with Aya that always acts like a cool adult but actually sweet and a bit insecure inside.

A sweet and light yuri novel to read. Illustrated by the mangaka of Futaribeya, you really can feel the similar vibe... but with extra pinch of smutness. Nice.
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WoolyMarmot rated it
September 13, 2020
Status: v1c4 part2
You have yuri, yuri NSFW bits, and a story told from the point of view of a tsundere. What's not to like?

Well, actually, the NSFW parts do deserve a word of warning. Consent is dubious at best, with all the rationalizations and justifications that are supposed to defuse this. At least once the dominant partner simply runs roughshod over the other's "no" (though the one so treated is ultimately happy with the result). So you have to be able to set that aside. If that's going to be a problem,... more>> find another book to read.

That said, there is an interplay between the s*x and the development of the relationship. It's not just fanservice; it's part of how they become a couple. The book would be a different story without those scenes. While some things are not left to the imagination, there are many euphemisms and vague references; it's certainly NSFW, but with some sense of art, and less sense of graphic description.

As stated, the narrator is tsundere. Watching her fall or flip, or go through a lot of dishonesty about her feelings, is part of the fun. But it also requires putting up with her being dishonest with herself, finding ways to lie that she can get away with -- anything not to be found out. Entertaining as this can be, it's a bit like reading a story narrated by a split personality. Suspension of disbelief may be needed here as well.

Finally, be patient with this book. Some things that seem like bad or unrealistic choices early on get explained by the end of the book. <<less
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runanary rated it
September 9, 2020
Status: v1c3 part1
This novel is something I want to get translated for a really long time (while I'm not familiar with this author's work, I'm big fan of the artist of this series).

There are many "yuri" novel but most of them have main character relationship as some kind of side content that get addon to their adventure. This novel is difference because it focuses on the Yuri part (girl x girl relationship). While not entirely pure and sweet, the erot*c aspect so this novel make it really standout and add to the... more>> enjoyment of the series. Still this is R-18 novel, so you know what to expect from this kind of series.


Because this series fill some void many yuri novels haven't filled for me until now. <<less
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Nghee rated it
June 7, 2021
Status: v2 extras
I love this!!!! I'm glad that my mother language was not English, cause I've heard many times that the translation was bad, but I ended up enjoying it. Like, I read this almost everyday, though people said that this is kinda like r*pey stuffs but who cares! I love it and become a big fan of this LN, I also really love the manga as well. Looking forward to vol.3
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April 6, 2021
Status: v2c2
This is the kind of story you read just because "sex", characters are simple love seems to be forced by the author doesn't feel natural at all.

As someone else mentioned it's just a failed attempt at recreating bloom into you
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