Stigma Effect


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A maid who is beaten on behalf of a noble boy.

Some memories of her childhood were cruel, but Yuriel held no resentment towards the boy. Rather, she liked it–The hand that carefully applied medicine to her wounds was always warm.

“M-Master, stop, Raph, sa, save…ah, mm…!”

“That’s why.. I told you.. to wait.. till I returned.”

But the Raphlet that appeared in her dreams showed nothing but passion and lust.

Prophetic dreams.

The ability that was like a stigma drove Yuriel towards an unknown future.

All I want is to be next to you.

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스티그마 이펙트
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ishrocks18 rated it
August 9, 2020
Status: --
Smut Warning

It begins from chapter 2



Yuriel is the whipping boy of Ralph so she takes his beating. He is been protray a kind boy but lust for her so he left his mansion and join the holy knights. But when he is injured she left the mansion to visit him. But he appears in her dreams telling her that he has warned her of not leaving the mansion and now he can't control himself and pa pa pa.

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Shortk rated it
December 26, 2020
Status: --
I mean maybe there's character growth but unless you like blind in love/devotion MC who doesn't have any respect for herself (bc I understand she used to be a whipping boy) then I don't recommend. There's probably character growth but her early tolerance of Hello is unbearable to me.
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Nekopapaws rated it
October 3, 2021
Status: c42
This novel is why fantasy genre exist. When you read this, don't expect to have normal people in it, even the MC is abnormal. She is too devoted to ML to the point of like being in the member of cult with ML as god. The story is interesting and the smut is super hot, but yeah all the characters are abnormal... Don't read it too deep or u'll become psycho..
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znukhsoc rated it
August 11, 2022
Status: c91
Even though it's cheap and annoying, it WAS quite entertaining... for a while.
Problems starts with MC. She is not a likable character. Every time she talks it's either selfish or idiotic. She's almost childlike, in need of care.
Why did I TRY to complete the story? It's for drama and spicy love, however, it ended up softer than I expected. The r*pe tag is slightly exaggerated because they both have a hard s*x kink. Well, the dubious content is her literal dream but not reality. (NOT a spoiler, it's... more>> literally in the description.) As a enjoyer of spicy content, this was on the soft side, nothing to be afraid about.
Well, I wish spicy content was the problem here, my patience ran out on chapter 91... The story lost its impact, the plot choices to move the story forward got ridiculously annoying, and the FL literally betrayed ML's love and trust. I was preparing to give this 3 at most, now it's a clear 1 to me. I never drop a story this late but I can't waste any more time on this.
Note: I did waste a little more time skimming though the last 10 chapters. It. was. pure.... no I can't find the words. Don't even start reading this. Last warning. <<less
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OtakuGirl99 rated it
September 29, 2021
Status: c40
I absolutely love this! The scenes are so hot and spicy, definitely recommend it!
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chande rated it
July 24, 2022
Status: Completed
The premise of this story was actually quite interesting but MC greatly annoyed me.

... more>>

She was so naive, defenseless, overly kind (probaly because she's the saint?), and too easy to trust other people. If not for ML and several other male characters (like Helio and Baraha), she might already died for several times already. But in the end, she still became a victim from her own naivety (or s*upidity?) when she became Shudmuel's puppet.

She also worshipped ML like a God until it's a bit uncomfortable to read. Furthermore, she was easily scared and didn't hesitate to cling to whoever men who were beside her at that time (oftentimes, it was with Helio and Baraha again). I didn't think that she was so ignorant to not knowing about the propriety between man and woman in her age. Her acts only made her seem like "White Lotus"


The ending of this story was a bit anticlimactic and there were still several loose ends that left unexplained.

    • By what method ML used to resurrect all the dead knights that had a monster core?
    • What about Helio? Did he become a "zombie" too?
    • What about Shudmuel? Last time I read about him, he was seriously injured when MC ran away from the prison. I hope he's not doing well because I hated it when he used MC.
    • What about MC's past? Who was her real parent?
    • What about the alchemy tower? I hope MC and ML would destroy it because what they did before was so disgusting.
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Gail_42 rated it
February 19, 2023
Status: c18
Only read to chapter 18. The translation is pretty well done. The ML started harsh, but the explanations through following chapters softened his reasoning. I'm usually too soft on jerk MLs, so it was fine for me. However... the FL only got worse with every single chapter. It felt insulting to read, like the author was writing something terrible on purpose. Nothing about her supposedly shy, obsessive behavior sounds even slightly real. Things like stuttering are used to imply she's awkward, shy, or innocent, but these behaviors feel extremely forced... more>> and done so badly they make her sound like a ditzy brat you wish would shut up and leave. Any girl who actually does occasionally stutter or is shy... and/or any girl with a scrap of self respect... you'll hate the character. The smut was not worth digging through the writing. The general plot seemed original and could have been fun. It's unfortunate that the characters are so terrible. <<less
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Yukupi rated it
January 4, 2023
Status: Completed
What a great story but what a terrible ending - not giving anything away here, I was simply dissatisfied with loose ends and unanswered questions. Needed way more follow up.

Now a lot of people been hating on the FL for blind devotion and lack of development, but I disagree there. She is so stubborn and sure of what she wants, and isn't afraid to make it happen. Really she's the true yandere of the story and I actually really liked her.

Regarding supposed non con - there is none. There is... more>> a lot of s*xual violence, for sure, but both parties are consenting. She knows he wants to hurt her during s*x but still initiates it. There is one questionable scene early on, but she would have said yes if given the opportunity so... ??? There is definitely dub con cause girl is almost too crazy to give proper consent, but I didn't consider any content to be r*pe.

Finally, that damn plot. It was so good. I was way more into the world, the monsters, and all that than I was into the romance. Dystopian fantasy worlds are my favorite and the author really delivered there. The translation is excellent too! <<less
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January 31, 2023
Status: --
This story had a great potential. The beginning was fun and engaging, but there is a point where it becomes annoying and frustrating because of the MC. To create drama and conflict, it seems like they needed to lower the MC's IQ or to make someone conveniently strong to make the MC do whatever they wanted to keep the story going.

At this point, I was just reading to learn more about Baraha since he is the only likable character I find so far despite his flaws.
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Jojo6299 rated it
December 1, 2022
Status: Completed
Wow... one of the better dystopian fantasies I've read. I loved this one. You may have to look past the MC, who is a maid who lives for her master. Don't read if you can't handle the dom/sub vibes. I loved the mystery of it. It does not end wrapped up in a pretty bow. There are unanswered questions at the end. I would love it if there is a part 2 some day because I feel like there are so many more directions it could go. Or maybe the... more>> manhwa will have a different interpretation or elaborate more on the ending. Either way, it was totally worth ride for me! <<less
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selprenal rated it
October 15, 2022
Status: c12
The writing, translation and smut are good. I'm still early in the story so the rating may change earlier, but the reason I knock down one star is because of this particular statement that had me raising my brow at FL:

... more>>

Even if she [FL] was going to start a family, it would only be after Raphlet settled down and his own child was born. When the moment came that she could no longer support Raphlet, then her child would devote themself to Raphlet and his child.


Okay, I know it's "just" a novel and no one expects real people to behave like FL in reality but


I feel bad for her unborn (hypothetical) child. Yeah we know she'll end up with ML anyway but imagine if she doesn't, her poor future child will have their freedom restricted by their obsessive mother the moment they're born. Seriously, this gives me the creeps. She's way too obsessed. She's the true yandere, not the ML (from the 9 chapters I've read), lmao.


On hindsight, that statement really irked me and I find that aspect of FL's personality really off-putting so I've decided to knock down a whopping two stars. Oops.

Update: I've decided to drop this. I can't foresee myself enjoying this novel so I would rather not bulldoze through it. Since I've only read 10% of the story and what I've read isn't entirely horrible, nor is it an accurate representation of the story, I shall let my ambiguous 3-star rating stay. <<less
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pasteli rated it
October 20, 2023
Status: c11
Disappointing, if you are very emotionally affected by fiction I'd recommend you avoid. I gave up 11 chapters in so please don't call this a spoiler.

ML leaves her for 7 years with like no contact and instructs her to wait till he comes back when he can control himself. She travels because shes worried and tired of hearing about his injuries through the newspaper. In the second chapter it shoes the future briefly and includes a scene where he r*pes her. I assure you it isn't sexy at all. When... more>> she arrives to his location he's rude and keeps on telling her to go back (because hes a fully grown man but can't control himself boohoo so it's her last chance before he literally very aggressively r*pes her). Seeing that he locks her up in a room and r*pes her in the future I'm reluctant to read more. It could've been sexy if it was a story about two people who are both not mentally quite right but somehow manage to work and love each other despite that, but MC is just a very loyal idiot in love with a not very charming man who only views her s*xually. He seemed to be caring before he left for this army thing as the past is talked about in chapter 11, but just no. He still remembers her sleep issues when she comes back at least but this is the first time he's been nice in 11 chapters and I just know he'll go insane over something little soon and treat her like sh*t, I really need to stop reading further. Also, the second (?) ML literally tortures her and seems quite manipulative (just read another half a chapter and apparently she doesn't hate him and has a good impression after all that? Bish wut). That isn't very sexy either.

As someone who can get very emotionally affected by pieces of media I won't continue reading this as I reckon it'll put me in an awful mood. I don't mind if he has a thing for her crying and is a bit of a sad*st but he needs to at least love her and be affectionate. I can enjoy fiction with dubious consent depending on the situation, but full-blown r*pe will never be attractive to me. Does he only view her as a s*x object? What is he, unable to control himself. A wild animal? It doesn't seem like love, just lust. I can like a f*cked up ML but he needs to love the MC.

It could get better but I'm very sure it'll get way worse before it gets better and I won't be able to like the characters. I'm so disappointed I would've liked a good dacryphilia fic (lmao yes I use A03) Sorry I get annoyed when authors disappoint me any ruin my mood so I'm writing my first ever NU review today and I'll do my best to continue to provide you all with rage reviews of disappointing novels. What I'm really curious about is if this novel is written by a man, because it definitely seems like a man has written this so called 'romance' novel.

I'm really curious if he actually ends up being caring but the r*pe turns me off it too much feel free to msg me on here if you read further and think it actually ends up being kinda good. <<less
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okanejus rated it
September 12, 2023
Status: c117
I was willing to look past the dumb devotion of the FL and the scattered premise but the moment the translator changed, it became so painful to read. I still pushed through to the end since I'm a persistent betch.
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shinsenryuu rated it
July 30, 2023
Status: c117
I would probably give it a 3.5 out of 5

The story has a good premise, but in some parts it's very slow and then it moves really quickly just to slow down again.

Smut is fine I guess, though there's better.

The story like I said has an inconsistent tempo, but in the end it leaves you with many questions. I was actually planning on dropping it but seeing it was almost done I just pretty much skimmed through the last dozen of chapters and I don't think I missed much.
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ttrinhdh rated it
May 7, 2023
Status: c50
At Ch. 50 - dropping it.


At Ch. 34 and seriously considering dropping it cuz the FL is UNBEARABLE. She's a total ditz. If the author wanted her to be wilted wallflower, then keep her as one. The whiplash I get between reading her stuttering and being helpless to all of a sudden being aggressive and petty towards people who she thinks is badmouthing the ML is awful. FL does nothing to endear me to her cuz and all she does is causes issues by not being firm when she needs... more>> to be. I'm so annoyed reading this novel.

On an unrelated note: translator did a great job. <<less
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