Ariel The Lustful Saint


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In the world of fiction, Ariel finds herself mysteriously transported into the pages of an adult novel she had kept hidden, assuming the role of the tormented female protagonist who had suffered at the hands of the male lead.

But Ariel refuses to accept her fate and decides to rewrite her own story. Determined to break free from the male lead’s control, she resolutely declares, “Your body belongs to me,” as she confronts the charismatic antagonist.

As Ariel embarks on her quest to reshape her destiny, she is willing to embrace the reputation of a merciless and captivating saint if it means seizing control of her own narrative.

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Ariel Geu Eumtanghan Songnyo
아리엘, 그 음탕한 성녀
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24 Reviews

Jul 31, 2020
Status: c1
I tried, but then I got to this part: “But now that she had become Ariel, she had no intention of playing the part of the original female lead who was gentle and... weak. She didn’t like the female lead’s pessimistic view on life because of one man.”

MC says this about a woman who was r@ped repeatedly/regularly & essentially held prisoner by the ML. Up until she committed su*cide.

This is supposed to be an admirable statement, as she chooses to enjoy being f’d by the ML (figuratively & literally). But... more>> come on now. That isn’t right. The idea of a woman being WEAK for being traumatized by abuse is... yikes. Nope.

Anywho. I’ll keep my review as short as my attempt to read the work & just say this gets a hard pass from me. This victim-blaming/shaming is Not Cool. <<less
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Aug 21, 2020
Status: --
1, 5 stars.

I honestly dont know how to feel about this one.

I'm glad she's enjoying all this, and even more glad that I don't have to read the "original" story.

... more>> BUT.

This story is just too messed up for a sane person ( ̄ω ̄;)

Transmigrated Ariel better cool it on the judgemental attitude towards the original FL of I'm gonna f*cking lose it.

''Why didnt the original female lead appreciate this breathtaking sense of beauty?'' she says...

''If only she had enjoyed this pleasurable act together maybe she'd not have such a misarable end'' she says...


This transmigrated girl is way too selfish and has no sense of empathy. THE ORIGINAL FL WAS KIDDNAPED, r*peD AND HER FIRST TIME WAS REALLY ROUGH. Who, in their right mind, will cooperate with the said aggressor? She's criticising a victim not being more receptive to her rapist. I CANT BELIEVE THIS SHIT!!!

If she thinks ''going with the flow'' and ''trying to like it'' is a good and useful choice for survival, she can do it. I mean I know she is ok with all of it since she's too detached from the whole situation because it wasn't originally her body or life but to look down on the original's trauma? To victim shame?


Original FL deserves a little more compassion, mainly from another woman!


I really want to drop this because it is too gore and too much for me to handle but I kinda both hate and dont hate Leandro at the same time and dont know how to feel about him under this new context. I feel like this is walking towards consent and maybe to a moment where both would be equals thanks to the FL being a transmigrated girl and knowing the story and how to 'handle' this beast so I want to see how this idiot girl handles the male leads but we'll see. <<less
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Jun 24, 2021
Status: c5
See, I'd read anything resembling horniness. I'd read a book solely for that smut tag. But damn, even I have standards.

MC, why? Just why? The way that she throws jabs at the original FL is just no. You know one of those aunties who give advice to young wives whose husbands literally throw chairs at them at a regular basis by saying that they should just bear it and act more submissive? Yeah, our MC is exactly that.

I don't even care if she gets such character development that she turns... more>> into an actual saint, my impression of her so far has ruined any positive reading experience I had.

Damn, what did you expect the original Ariel to do? Grovel at the feet of her kidnapper? Say thank you for presenting to her that holy shlong? Contrary to popular belief, it is very normal to get pissed when someone literally brings you to another country after killing your countrymen, ruining your entire life plan in the process, to keep you as an on**ole. It's perfectly normal to break down, it's in the human nature.

Like, the ML is clearly a horrible person. If you wanna indulge in your fetishes, do it. If this is what you are into, there is no shame is trying to pursue your dreams. But at least don't shame someone who's clearly not into this. Why are you trying to justify the ML by putting down the original FL? If you're into that sheet, just proudly proclaim, "This is horrible but me likey."

Lady, I'm here to be h**ny, not get worked up.

Reading this feels like getting a brainwash session for free. I'd even read r*pe just to satisfy my sick fantasies (which mostly do not exist) but not this. Never this. The story would instantly get better the moment the judgemental monologues of the MC disappears. What could have caused her to think like that? What circumstances led to this? I'm starting to feel a bit sorry for her (and the author) now.

But my original stance does not change. <<less
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Sep 30, 2021
Status: Completed
I would have liked the original FL MORE. She seems like a normal person. Who even, in their right mind would fall in love with their rapist?!

This new girl feels so annoying, and unsympathetic. Okay, you like being r*ped, abused and treated like sht, that's fine, but not everyone is tr*sh like you, original FL doesn't deserve your judgemental b*tchin'.

ML has no redeeming quality, glad the woman he truly loves is dead and is replaced by a s*upid nobody. They deserve each other.

Run free original FL from this sht show.
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Sep 06, 2020
Status: c6
So far the smut isn't even that good. It's mainly ML being a rapist and MC groaning in ecstasy/pain. Also there has been multiple mentions from the MC about how the original FL was "weak" and unable to appreciate her beautiful rapist (ML). Truly, never would I have through anyone would write a story based on how the original FL was unable to develop Stockholm syndrome for her captor, who r*pes and abuses her.
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Sep 16, 2020
Status: c11
I don't understand what's so interesting about this novel other then plain smut and r*pe scenes? Like come on I've read so many of Smuts around here including 21+ sh*t but this one is so dumb and slow story. My excitement all vanished the moment the MC decided to act all bold and then couldn't even have control on the situation let alone the ML. The ML is a scum bag top notch a**hole! Like come on! We thought this would be a good story with smut... not like there's... more>> no smut or any less but it's plain sh*t ? Nah not my book... <<less
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Sep 06, 2020
Status: --
If you're here to see the Male lead as a d*ck to fill a hole then it's understandable you like it. But if you want a character you will like please read something else.

It's literally impossible to like the male lead, he literally has nothing that is likable except his looks, something which his extremely ugly personality overpowers ... more>>

He put another male to mol*st the heroine after raping her (since the story starts in the middle of the original plot, it's still considered r*pe), just to humiliate her. He's being rough with her body, disregarding her well-being. He wanted to defile her because she was a saint. On top of all that, he's a sexist f*ck that considers female as only inferior to men holes, toilets where he can damp his cum. He has zero character development and the MC constantly walks on eggshells


oof, honestly him being the main erot*c interest disgusts me so I couldn't continue. <<less
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Oct 30, 2021
Want to challenge your moral values? Feel free to read.

Want to make the feminist in you go insane due to anger? Feel free to read.

Want to make the human in you go insane due to anger? Feel free to read.

... more>> Just here for the smut? Don't bother, there are a lot more better novels that do not and never shame r*pe victims like this one.

female lead has r*pe fantasy? Okay.. you do you I guess.. but why did she have to gaslighted the original female lead who went insane due to constantly being harassed (... hate to say this but og FL is basically a war s*x s*ave)

I think the author forgot that they can write a female lead who enjoys s*x and is sexually active without shaming the original female lead who is the opposite especially when she's (og FL) a r*pe victim. <<less
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Jun 26, 2020
Status: --
A novel to read at your own risk-or bottom line
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Dec 21, 2020
Status: c35
How should I say this? MC is it a bit... unique than other MCs I've read.
This is certainly not for people who like fluffy romance, light drama, and for beginners to read this.

If you come here for smut, then your in. Although, MC has mental issues considering how she criticizes the original host. Perhaps she lost some of her sympathy as well as empathy when she transmigrated.
Male leads? They're f*ckboys. I feel like the kingdom/empire will fall because of their reign. There's probably a rebellion plot in this... more>> story.

Also, there's a tragedy tag, but I think it's not for the ending though. (I hope it's for the ending.) I understand why people don't like this, but isn't it cool that she's different from others? Amazingly, the author didn't give up on this. So I wonder how the Korean readers react.

Come over here and read, if you are a person who has no issues, a rational/abnormal/insane person, and doesn't care about the plot. You're free to read.

As a not sane person, I like it so far but due to MC having mental issues. It annoys me how she keeps talking about OGSaint. It's better to leave it aside if you keep criticizing that made me upset while continuing the story. <<less
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Jul 11, 2020
Status: c9
This one not for you who liked fantasy romance. This one is DARK. I personally think this one is 21+ not 19. The s*x scene is on another whole level. So please don’t rate this one as bad piece if you don’t like the genre. Just drop it. But if you’re like me, open to any genre, when you dont mind to find the male and female lead is super twisted, give it a try. So far I enjoy it.
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Feb 08, 2022
Status: c37
I understand why so many people don't like this but the story is actually not bad. The characterization is actually pretty good. The characters don't just suddenly change their personality to move the plot along.

The FL is not your lovable MC who wishes to change the world or achieve world peace. She just wants to live the life she wants. She is pretty selfish and she doesn't really care about other people.

There's a yandere tag and this is not a joke. The ML is very possessive and is kinda crazy.

If... more>> you don't like legit yandere stories which can be very dark, this would not be your cup of tea. <<less
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Oct 26, 2020
Status: --
My grammar is lousy so sorry if it is not understood, but here it goes... I read the labels and saw the rating, I wanted to give this story a try and judge for myself, but the more she progressed in the story the less I liked her, I feel sorry for the original MC, she had a miserable life, and even in her death she is judged for the female lead for not having enjoyed ML's r*pe, even calling her "weak"... If the abuse by ML is fine for... more>> her and she likes it, then fine for her, but at least she should leave the original MC alone and not criticize her, put herself in the shoes of her at least, since she is occupying her body. Anyway, if you are only looking for obscenity and don't care about context then it will be a good read.

Anyway, 2 stars for the translation, it was quite nice <<less
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Jul 12, 2020
Status: v1c5
I like the assertiveness of the female lead, it's New and fresh compared to others FL that are posted as pessimists and sad characters.
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Aug 10, 2020
Status: --
Mostly here for the smut. This is a men harem, so polygamy with the sole female MC. Smut scene is hot and rough so those who wants vanilla and against poly stay away.

Main ML loves power trip and is kinda an exhibitionist? Idk if that applies here lol. Kinda stick and carrot s*x. MC does good, he rewards her kind of thing.

MC has rotten thought process that is expected of a s*x crazed lady lol. She aint saint and isnt kind. So those who hates evil lady shooo don't read.

6/5... more>> for smut

5/5 translation

For those wondering about character growth. I don't think there will be any here lol. <<less
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Sofia Razi
Sofia Razi
Sep 16, 2020
Status: c11
This is a smut novel so I didn't have any expectations regarding any character personalities because honestly I'm here for the smut and it did not disappoint. There is already a r*pe tag so those who get offended by it are already forewarned. I really like the FL. She decides she's gonna hook the ML. The MLs are total eye candies so she decides to thoroughly enjoy her life in the novel because its not like she can do anything else. Thank god she is not the type of character... more>> who pretends to be all innocent and pretends to put up a fight whereas her body is telling a totally different story. I got really tired of reading those type of novels so this heroine is a breath of fresh air. She's totally manipulative and manages to wrap the MLs around her finger. Looking forward to the updates!! <<less
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Aug 31, 2020
Status: c52
Good enough for me to search the original and read it by machine translation.

I'd just like to point out it's hilarious if you look at the other reviews how the positive ones are typically women (because it is pretty HOT) while the two negative reviews are from *that* kind of people who has the gall to tell the "victims" what they're supposed to be offended by. Disgusting.
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Jul 04, 2020
Status: c4
It's only been 4 chapters so I don't know much about the main story yet, but if you're looking for smut novels, then this has plenty.
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Apr 11, 2022
Status: c38
The transmigrated FL just wants to survive her circumatances. And she did nothing wrong in her position.

If she chooses to die like the OriFL, then what is the meaning of living?

At least, as she lives, she still has a chance to be free. But if she chosen su*cide, then the 'might' next opportunity would never come.

It is her wise choice.

The story' is quite interesting...... The transmigrated FL is full of life..... It is better that way....... At least we can try and try and and try and succeeded.
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Sep 13, 2020
Status: c11
I do not understand the thoughts of readers who judge this novel as bad, especially because ML is evil, coercive and bad character. Did they not read the tag "rape"?? written there, but desperate to read and give a few stars.

I think this novel is good, don't forget the MC character just because of ML. that's the tag, that's the genre, this novel fits the tag. if not your genre, then don't read if it's just for bad comments....

Thanks to translator.... I love this novel, and smuts is good 👍
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