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Join Lu Yin on an epic journey across the Universe, pursuing the truth and tragedy of his past. This is a world of science fantasy where the older generations step back and allow the young to take charge of affairs. Heart-wrenching separations, terrifying situations, all with comic relief that will leave you coming back for more. This is a world where the other characters actually matter, and are revisited frequently as their own lives unfold. Dotting Lu Yin’s path are monumental feats of kingdom-building and treacherous political situations where he must tread carefully if he wants to get to the truth of his history.

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Step On The Star
Treading the Stars
Đạp Tinh
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14 Reviews

New Valixiant
Dec 08, 2021
Status: c112
I thought it might be interesting, especially with the main characters seemingly unique background, but this novel is honestly worse than you average xianxia novel.

First of all, this novel has so much filler. It's terribly boring to the point of being frustrating. A fight will seemingly be about to break out, something will interrupt, and ten chapters later I don't even know if theres going to be a fight in the first place. Also, this novel has a huge problem with infodumping. For example, when the main character entered the... more>> academy they rapidly started explaining every part of it, a bunch of filler later, and I'm already bored.

Second, maybe I just haven't read too far, but the main character seems like a pushover, specifically when it comes to women.

For example, Bai Xue, romantically related to someone he wants revenge on, constantly annoys him, actively working against his goals, etc. For some reason, the main character saves her despite this seemingly not being in his personality, oh well.


Finally, the start of the novel was simply atrocious. For some reason, the main character can progress super fast and is for some reason stronger than a bunch of cultivators. Furthermore, despite having a apocalyptical introduction to the story, this rapidly becomes irrelevant. Theres a ton of plot holes that are purposefully left vague, really annoying. Furthermore, at least early on, battles are pointless. They all end with one or two moves.

Overall, below average novel. Author spends far too much time writing filler for this novel to be any good. <<less
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Paragon Lu
New Paragon Lu
Dec 03, 2021
Status: c1009
A lot of the reviews here are really unfair and and were written by people who like novels where the MC facelsaps people (especially ignore Gomaste).

The cultivation is extremely unique here, all the youths basically have the same cultivation speed (some maybe higher, but it's usually by one realm at Max and by geniuses that won't suddenly stop being geniuses when MC goes to next place (kind of novel I'm sure Gomaste loves).)

But within a realm there are great differences in strenguamong geniuses. MC's cultivation is faster and on... more>> the level of those geniuses (who remain so).

Here increase in strength is not just about breaking to the next realm and going to facelslap some randos. Within those hundreds of chapters (actually about 200-300) chapters the MC can increase in strength drastically at different points in between.

And being a genius here actually matters, some s*upid elder with a high cultivation won't come and be speaking arrogantly to the MC, he may still try to kill him but at least he and everyone else knows that if thw MC had a few more years or was the same age he'd probably kill him with a glance (you don't see that in other novels).

The ways of fighting are super unique too, unique characters with various unique combat methods.

I had to create an account just to write this. Trust me this is the best cultivation webnovel of all.

I've read, the first order, warlock of the magus world, Lord of mysteries and the other great novel by same author and a bunch of novels by other intelligent authors. You can trust me <<less
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Sep 17, 2020
Status: c1744
I personally quite enjoy this story but it has its issues (like a lot of stories), I would rate it at 8/10 for my personnal tastes and enjoyment.

First let me say that this is not an apocalypse story. Even though there is some zombies in the story and talk about apocalypse when the story start.

At first the story can be quite confusing for people because you're just dropped into an apocalyptic earth with some Xianxia elements and like someone said some ridiculous Dragonball power level rating with an MC who... more>> seems to have no memory prior to 2-3 years but nothing is well explained at this point. The power level are just the way this story chose to explain the cultivation levels in this Sci-fi world.

If you have ever read a Xianxia in your life, you should expect some other world meeting, and I can tell you that in those worlds there is no talk of powerlevel through numbers


If you're interested about those 2-3 years that aren't well explained, here is some minor spoilers about it that is revealed through hundreds of chapters:

It's never really well explained when but at one point MC gets in a group of people (let's call it group A). This group A splitted up from their faction (which will be explained why later in the story) and went through the universe but got attacked. MC memories seems to start when they were fleeing through the universe, so he remembers being attacked by some people but don't know who, he just remembers some peoples (and by that, I mean he actually remembers their names and faces) that delayed them at one point to help their pursuers catch them.
After that, for some reasons, that I won't tell as to keep this spoiler minor, MC went to earth for a time between 1-2 years. Because he spent that much time (more than half of his memory) on earth he considers Earth as his homeland. The story start a few months after the start of the apocalypse on Earth.


What you can expect from this story:
- Pretty slow pacing plot line (i mean real plot line)
- Not that great fight in the early chapters IMO it gets better later on. Especially fights that are not 1v1 are in my opinion well done

People actually interrupts other fights to help each others and not just do their 1v1 in the battlefield, at least not always

- Fights that do not go through dozens of chapters. (I personally hate that)
- Good world building (even though if you have read Xianxia stories you will expect a few obvious stuff, the world building is still pretty good concerning all the factions.)
- Incredibly lucky MC sometimes. (As usual in most stories you would say but honestly sometimes it's well done and he gets stuff 300 chapters before, and sometimes he will just get the perfect thing 20 chapters beforehand)
- Alternating Story Arcs Types (Classic Xianxia powerups/fights and for the others see spoilers below)
- Usual MC skipping levels to fight
- Lot of characters, and they are almost always mentionned again later even for very minors ones (Which can it make very hard to remember if you're not binge-reading)
- Beauties, lot of them as usual. (But not all of them are love interest) More on that in the Romance/Harem spoiler below
- Details through the story that will be relevant 300+ chapters later
- No arrogant young master (as in the cliche one, there is still arrogant people obviously)
- Very low amount of physical description for characters (usually it's something like "Middle aged-man"/ "Old man" / "Beautiful girl" etc...)
- Last point, that made me appreciate the story: Often when I see a plot hole in the next 1-2 chapters MC will point it out. (There is still a few plot holes but compared to some stories I think that's not a lot)

Some people talked about the weapons not working anymore in the first few chapters. I don't know if it's a translation issue or an author issue that he corrected later, but I believe that it was more a question of efficiency that made it not work. (Like zombies got tougher so usual modern weapons were not as effective against it). This is my OWN interpretation, you can also consider it as a minor early plot hole I guess that get very quickly irrevalent.

Things that you can expect with spoilers:

- Empire building Arcs
- A few annoying fights where MC skip a lot of levels by using technologies/treasures for a while.
- MC mentality evolution through story events (Well it's not the best I ever saw, but it's still there)
- As the story progress, lot of plottings (sometimes a bit s*upid)
- Ridiculous travel times. One of the minor story issue in my opinion, during the first hundred chapters, MC takes like half a month to go through half a Territory, then later in the story he will takes only 10 days to go through 50+ Territories, even though there is some explications, if you do the maths, it actually doesn't work.


About Romance/Harem:
- Pretty low amount of romance/flirting, it's there but really not often so don't expect it too much. And while the flirting can be Ok/Funny the romance is just meh in my opinion.
- Technically a half-harem story (will probably end up as harem if we take into consideration the number of love interest). I say "Half-harem" because he only recognize one lover but has multiple love interests.

Actual harem details (real spoilers be warned) :

So at first I wanted to give details of relationship but I couldn't do spoilers in spoilers so I will make it shorter...

Through the story MC have a few love interest but as of chapter 1700+ you can only count 2 in the harem:
- Ming Yan - MC Lover's. Princess from Martial continent. Love at first sight. To me this relationsip feels like the most forced ones MC has. But she's the only one that he has kissed and the only one that he consider "loving".
- Long Xi - Wife (Forced) - Due to circumstances they got married while MC had another identity. He has special feelings for her because she takes care of him even though they were forced to marry and she knows he is an imposter.

All the others below can be considered as love interests because MC has shown special feelings for them somehow:
- Wendy Yushan - Fiancée from Great Yu Empire. Consider as family/relative. Helped each others a few times. They had some "sentimentals" scene. MC almost kissed her once and it has been shown that she has feelings for him.
- Nalan's widow (Real name Liu something, but her real name is rarely mentioned) - One the 4 great business owner from the outer universe. Seems like her husband died very early in their wedding (probably some author's tricks to make her a virgin, but really unclear, that's just my guess). Helped MC a lot during Early-Middle story. She's seductice and MC often freeze while looking at her.
- Zhuo Day Night (Not sure about the Zhuo thing, it's often translated as Burning) - "Damsel in distress" from Day Night clan. They save each other life a few times which makes MC have special feelings for her, even though he feels a bit awkward about their relationship.
- Ling Gong - Also known as White Knight, one of the 10 Decisions/Arbiters. Very overbearing woman. MC has shown special attirance to her beauty and even a loss feeling after everyone discover her face and the fact that she is a woman (as she is always wearing an armor and a mask). (He felt like losing something because he was not the only to know that she was a woman anymore + because her face was revealed to other people than him)
- Luo Shen (Roselle MTL) - Useless Pop star that fell in love with MC after he saves her. Other forced relationship IMO where MC feels awkward because he knows that she loves him but he has his "lover" in his heart.

There is a few other women that might be included later on but he has shown no special feelings to them as of now contrary to those I listed to whom he showed very early in their relationship some special feelings.

Special mentions:
- Hai QiQi - Princess from Sea Fall. Foul-mouthed girl. Former Fiancée. A good character IMO. Relationship a bit unclear as of now. He friend-zoned her by saying to her father that he thought of her as a Little sister or Friend and nothing more even though he had more "sentimental" scene with her and spent more time with her than his "lover". They have some nice moments, she likes to be named "7th sister" because of her name, and he likes to be named "7th brother" which makes a few funny scene.
- Mila - A girl from the top 100 youngster and youth council that helped him very early on the story. Relationship very unclear. She used to flirt a bit with him which made him freeze but she has disappeared a bit from the story and she is mostly mentioned without much interaction now, which makes me think that she won't be included in the end harem.

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Aug 23, 2020
Status: c15
I'm dropping this because so far I feel it wont improve, just based on the author's lazy writing style, not a fan.

The story sort of feels interesting at first because you're suddenly thrust into an apocalyptic world where everyone is fighting for survival and it feels dark but that really takes a backseat after the first chapter. The author seems to like making a lot of stuff up on the go as to why certain things don't work or why they can't use certain technology anymore but it just sounds... more>> ridiculous. Everything just happens so quickly it makes you feel sort of detached to the story itself.

The cultivation levels are a joke. There are different levels but they also use power ratings like in Dragon Ball. But the problem is they don't matter at all, the MC just levels up super fast with no thought process into at all, there's no self reflection or cultivation to speak of, just sudden power increases due to crystals.

The fighting sucks, there's no build up or anything, just quick descriptions of battle techniques and they usually end in 2 or 3 moves. There's no struggle or intensity or anything of the sort.

The characters are bland, the author doesn't go into much detail in describing them, I did not care about any of them. The MC was kinda interesting at the start because you don't know who he really is but after that he's just meh. The interactions/dialogue are always short and terse, like the author just writes what is barely needed to get the story moving. No real effort put into character development at all. I mean not once has he described the MC at all. I can't tell you his age or what he even looks like, except maybe he looks Asian since he lives in China.

It reminds me of "Necropolis Immortal" (which I also dropped early on) in the lazy writing and fast pace but this is even worse. It makes me feel that NI wasn't so bad. <<less
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May 03, 2020
Status: c702
What's really interesting is that the content for chapters are really long. The story itself made it feel strange at first.

The protagonist Lu Yin is first introduced in almost a cold and serious person but later on, the author melts this personality into an aloof-scheming character that has no qualms being shameless about doing any of it to others. Hell the man will mug you for benefits as his secret talent relies on money.

I pretty much dropped it due to one of the harem targets...... more>>

The useless weak princess Ming Yan. Seriously, the whole split personality tsundere at 700 mark made me drop it as the Author finds a way to give a useless mortal some OP power. B**** plz, why do you reach the MC's realm after inheriting a single secret technique?


As of 702 there are 8 harem targets and probably more seeing that there are over 1400 chapters.


The Zishan Princess (arranged), The Hai Princess (forced fiancé), the Ming Yan princess ('first love' - tsundere), Lulu (Rich af girl of the universe), the Hitozuma of Nalan (Yep he's in on it with a widow), the girl from the Baiye clan (damsel), 10th ranked Chick in armour (overbearing), Milla (53/100 ranked council woman).


The Sci-fi mix with Xianxia is very muddy in my honest opinion after the introduction to the 6 Universes.


The author pretty much puts forth that the inheritances/lineages towards heaven of the other universes are narrow and limited where as their sci-fi mixed world that does not look into the heavens are unlimited/unbound. This of course makes it tiring as the whole power system so far is just dumb after the MC leapfrogs with OP external-upgraded weapons.


I recommend this novel for those who can stand a plot driven strongly by multiple harem targets and don't mind a MC that gets pushed around once damsels are in distress. <<less
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May 05, 2019
Status: c17
This is good stuff. The plot and world building are quite good, cultivation in modern time with a twist. The MC is actually not a person from Earth, coming here for the purpose of obtaining an illegal cultivation method from other aliens. All the people on Earth were wrecked with zombies and mutations, struggling to survive. Will there be a day the humanity united? Our MC might not care. I hope he will not do too much face slapping.

Translation quality is not up to standard, very hard to read. The... more>> author also did a bad job writing scene transitions. <<less
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Mar 29, 2021
Status: c506
This novel is the worst. Constantly dragging scenes for word count, making convoluted political plots for no reason except the MC acting s*upid as a plot device. In the novel "The Legendary Mechanic" didn't the MC go under other powers at some point? And when he got strong enough he simply left. This MC will never get a backer, which makes it so he is constantly hounded by others. This is the worst. Endless word count and dragging chapters with fillers to the brim. Who cares about some new filler... more>> where he goes to random planet to save some random people, which keeps making him more enemies? Instead he should strive to earn money, what the hell is he doing? His priorities are all over the place. Any other sane person at his position will be drowning in star crystals (which is what he needs to get stronger, the currency).

I just don't get why he acts like that. He is the one of the worst MC I have ever seen. Why doesn't he realize that when he is strong enough he will be able to get what he wants?! Just try to get money so that you will grow stronger. Ffs

Anyway, this novel has hundred of filler chapters which are besides the point, it keeps on dragging and he stays at every cultivation level for hundred + chapters for no reason other than him acting s*upid. The author only works for word count so he has to keep him s*upid. <<less
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Mar 08, 2021
Status: c458
4/5 rating. It’s a pretty good novel that doesn’t really have a lot of flaws.


  • Interesting MC with a mysterious backstory.
  • The factions and politics are done pretty well.

    Especially the parts with the yushan empire

  • Side characters are done well for the most part.
  • Fights are written really well after the first arc or two
  • Pacing is nice. Not slow, but not too fast.
  • Hype moments are crazy

  • Romance is kinda boring so far, but there’s a lot of potential in that category.
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Oct 17, 2020
Status: --
has some good elements, ofc these good elements are all ruined by cliche rubbish you see in all badly written novels, its a mish/mash of good mixed with bad resulting in mediocre. Also the MC supposedly has memory loss, something you as the reader find out is complete and utter nonsense, almost everything he does or say to certain individuals suggests he has zero memory issues so its a pathetic gimmick of convenience that still fails to register given the author just has the MC say things he shouldnt know... more>> and move on to then later mention memory loss again.

Its very similar to most post apoc novels such as dark blood age, only with a confusing/pointless cultivator system thrown in, whats more annoying is that the MC does not spring up from weak to powerful, he literally starts out as super powerful already compared to normal folk or other starter cultivators, he "just happens" to have this and that available without mention of where/how he got them, picks benefits out of literally nowhere because ofc he can etc.

had promise but this quickly evaporated due to the s*upidity of many things ruining what could have been good all round. <<less
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Apr 07, 2021
Status: c522
It's a late bloomer. It start quite boring. But it gets better.

There are 2things you might not like:

  1. MC got skill that is random and summons items (any item from tr*sh to treasure in galaxy) so in short its author plot armor control.
  2. MC is based on being independent and "the strongest" (the author gives him background and story plot armor to make it possible. But its forced and he even meet side charakter that just gives him ultimate body in late 400+chp) Its kind of boring when MC gets everything for free and then gets to spank others with strength that is not his hard work.
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Jan 24, 2021
Status: c372
This one is a decent cultivation novel. Early on it's a bit boring, but gets more interesting pretty fast. There is nothing innovative here, but the fact that Wuxiaworld still has something like this is giving me hope.

One negative is that there are all these love interests, but they are all just a tease, at least up until this point.
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General Tanya
General Tany
Jan 07, 2021
Status: c250
Is was ok is the beginning with interesting word building and MC but then it kinda become more disappointing like any other average novels. Unlike in the earlier chapters where MC was mysterious, he became more bland and predictable like any other mc's when it comes to story mode.

MC isn't as smart as the author try to make him out to be and is kinda disappointing to read these chapter with him in it. Replace him with any character and you wouldn't even notice considering how bland his personality is.... more>> There is nothing that would draw you in which makes him interesting enough.

There is a lot of plot holes and kinda feel like lazy writing to me the more the story progress. The author try to bite off more than he can chew in my opinion. Especially the MC itself who in my opinion is protected by plot armor just as any other novel considering how bad he is when it comes to schemes and tactics. If you have read the really good ones out there when it come to plot and characters build-up then this one is seriously lacking. There is really a lot of plotholes that makes no sense once you think it through.

Truth is the story is just terribly boring. Not bad writing like some tr*sh novels out there but just very boring.

And please do not compare this to Reverend Insanity. Because that is a insult to RI itself. This novel might be qualify enough to read to pass time but not even remotely close to RI when it comes to schemes, world building and characters development. <<less
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Dec 18, 2020
Status: c245
A solid cultivation novel. I'm not going to lie to you and say this novel is revolutionary, or on the same level as other works like Daoist Gu (at least from what I've read so far). However, when compared to almost all other novels in the Xianxia/Xuanhuan genre it definitely stands out to me.

The characters seem interesting, even if they do fold in certain common molds (small girl with super strength and a fiesty attitude, mysterious girl from top-notch clan, crazy old man who is actually a powerhouse), but they're... more>> all still pretty likeable. I also like how the author seems to have a genuine idea for where he wants the plot to progress and started setting up plot lines very early on (a low standard to set I know, but seems rare now with all the filth coming out).

I also really like the protagonist's special abilities, even though they're definitely not used to their full potential.

I would give this novel a low 4 for now, but with potential for improvement (the author seems to be improving). Still, I'll put down 5 so more people take a look at the novel. <<less
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Jan 01, 2021
Status: c942
It's a good scifi /xuanhuan novel, but I have some issues with the behavior and goals of the MC.

The story is a 5/5 at the begining and up to the 400-500 chapters, but once the MC gain some pseudo-background / is able to jump cultivation levels to kill powerhouses, he becomes more and more ruthless and his schemes create a lot of chaos in order to gain control of more people and unit a part of the universe, and this part of the story is only worth a 3/5. The... more>> MC doesn't seem to even do that to gain more money to use his goldfinger, it's really a strange change of pace when he decides to become a conqueror...

Sure, the more you read, the more you learn about the secrets of the univers and it's still quite entertaining to read about these lines, but the author write less and less on the MC cultivation for quite a lot of chapters and it does not fit well with the pace from the first 400 chapters. And so, there are lots of unecessary new plots with some quite annoying characters.

Overall, the depth of the world building keep increasing with the chapters, so there is no big issues with the changement of pace, just that it is a bit annoying/different from what you could have expected.

ps: mtl quality is really not bad once you've read the 300 chapters and are familliar with the terms. <<less
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