SSS-Class Suicide Hunter


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I want an S-Rank skill too! I want it so badly, I could die for it!

[You have awakened an S-Rank skill.] [But it only works when you die.]


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SSS-Class Revival Hunter
SSS급 자살헌터
SSS급 죽어야 사는 헌터
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New Shenghuan rated it
August 3, 2022
Status: c220
Honestly a perfect novel in every aspect. Everything about it just suits my taste perfectly. Each arc was phenomenal. And every character is really unique. The author explains everything really well, and nothing is really dragged out too long. I definitely recommend it.
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New Im_Mortal rated it
July 27, 2022
Status: c73
Even though I didn't like MC who always thinks and acts to save others needlessly, but still I kept on reading the story because I didn't find any other good novels out there and it got somewhat better. But this chapters 72-73 made me drop the novel.

Cuz the MC is left to die by the heavenly Demon. And still the MC thinks about gaining her recognition. Come on what the fck kinda mentality is this when she just let him die without saving and when she doesn't know about his... more>> powers??

This is just too much. Someone left u to die and the first thought u get is about how to complete a pointless quest given by ur killer?

Even if u say that dying is like drinking water for MC and his mindset is different, I can't continue reading this bs. <<less
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April 3, 2019
Status: Completed
*Re-reviewed at 2020 July 3rd*

Well, I've completed the novel and in my view, I think this novel is one of the best action Korean Webnovels, comparable to Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint and Overgeared. And I'm not saying that as joke. This novel is a story about human emotion

The way the author expresses scenes and the pain that people go through is exquisite. The words he uses, the scenes and the struggles the characters go through is simply breathtaking. I'm jealous of the way he can make use of words to craft a scene is incredible. I think that among all of the web novelists in Korea, this author ranks top out of all of them in skills of writing. I truly hope that the translations can properly convey the emotions in this novel and I will be severely disappointed if that does not turn out to be the case. The comedy is excellent and the sad part will have you shedding tears. And all of the side characters are developed, making relatable and their actions understandable. Some will have secrets that shock you. And the main character, you will love this man, his humour and seriousness when the situation calls for it. Of course, the novel is not perfect. There are some implausible events, some that are a result of poorly thought-out scenarios. In fact, the author had to rewrite a few chapter because the situation presented there was so rubbish that the readers unanimously agreed that this was one of the worse arcs he's written. But again, the writing manages to cover up for most mistakes.

In conclusion, I strongly recommend you to read this novel because I guarantee it, you will love this novel

The spoiler below is my previous review


YES. I have been reading this novel in Korean for AGES and trust me when I tell you that this novel is top-tier.

The MC starts out with a horrible personality so the start might be a turn-off for the most of you reading this. BUT like Overgeared, he gets a better personality only he improves at a much rapid pace than Grid (Also a great novel by the way, try reading it).

This MC does have a cheat skill combination but it's not like other novels where the MC's just use it to dominate everyone, he uses it to create a scenario where it results in something everyone is happy and well. I can see alot of people saying that the novel might be boring because we basically know that the MC is going to survive. This isn't the main focus of the novel. Instead, the MC as I mentioned above, trys his very best to create a scenario where everyone can be happy. And THAT is what makes this novel so good. I recommend you read it and just endure the first few chapters.

132 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Nyamh rated it
April 1, 2019
Status: c12
So, I'm a professional writer and editor irl, and what I really appreciate about this story so far is its comedic timing. In the action scenes alone, the writer included interesting descriptions while also utilizing space breaks for solid emphasis and timing effects. By including these details, we not only receive good characterization but also good pacing and action. This author knows how to effectively kill more than two birds with one stone. It's really lovely to read.

On a personal front, I really like how Kim Gongja admits how pathetic... more>> he is. I also like how his mind works. He thinks in details (we get this by what he focuses on in his observations). He plans and then executes it carefully and mindfully. Just these characterization details about him makes him a readable and interesting character to follow.

I'm totally ready to follow this character and see where he's going from here on. I recommend giving him a chance. <<less
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toumatoes rated it
May 28, 2021
Status: c132
edit: thoughts on romance added.


I truly, wholeheartedly despise this novel.

... more>> Why? Because it's the type of webnovel that raises my reading standards. It dragged the line so high that I've come to fear my expectations towards other novels in the internet that I will read in the future.

Well, let's just get into it. First, what I disliked. To be honest, my initial impression towards this was less than stellar. The reason will be early spoilers but it's between me being nitpicky, author's characterization of the MC or just what I would call a flaw:


Basically, really did not like the way the MC killed off the Flame Emperor (FE). This is because in that scene where the FE murdered the Saintess, the MC heard that the Saintess was going to poison FE to death. MC had been in the Tower for forever so he must know how ruthless it is inside, with crimes and politics and whatnot that was not shown to the public. It was thoroughly demonstrated later that FE was a jerk 100% but that scene alone where the MC felt FE was a complete, utter irredemable bastard was so strange to me. Of course, he was murdered mercilessly to death for listening in so resentment yes there.

This was basically the barebones of what I didn't like about that scene. Felt a little like the MC jumping to conclusions and naively defending the Saintess. But my doubts were proven wrong the more I read so it was probably just me being nitpicky about the author establishing a villain.


Now, what was good about this novel was that it didn't take that long to completely sink its claws into me. The 10th Floor hooked me completely. The Empire arc was like boiling a frog (aka me). Then the murim arc and school arc beat me senseless, in a lack of words to describe how the author managed to evoke so many emotions in me again and again. The last two arcs made me want to erase the memory of reading them just so I could read them all over again.

I adore the way author used descriptions.


Examples: the land of white snow echoing the name of his master; scent of snow, the moon, the flowers and the red eyes of Raviel, even the voices and the atmosphere in the meeting of the admins of the Tower, etc.


I adore the way author wrote, displayed and emphasized emotions.


Examples: the children in the basement, the resentment of the Devil King, everything in the murim arc which was a blender of tears and suffering, the process of falling in love and being in love in the school arc, and MC's extreme and inhuman persistence, MC's honesty, MC's goodness, greed, stubbornness and humanity.


I adore the way author shaped characters to be so distinctive that it comes alive in my mind.


Examples: Every single leader of the top guilds, Sword Emperor, Sword Saint, Heavenly Demon, Raviel, Constellation Killer, the librarian even and of course, the MC himself.


I love, love, love the way this author wove this story, one with so many layers and one that resonates. This one is endless but it really shows 20th floor upwards. It's just so. Good.

All the examples above are just so limited. If I would type everything that stuck out to me, I would be going above word count.

And the great thing is? This is actually hilarious. The author has a sense of humor. Amazing.

This WN has moved me continuously, from tears to laughter. Had broken my heart into pieces and made it feel like it was dripping in nothing but honey. Sometimes the imagery made the whole chapter seem like poetry but sometimes it could just feel like a raw wound. The author had written something that felt, excuse my lack of finesse, beautifully human. I'm incapable of completely describing the adventure that was this novel in two or three words.

As a sidenote, here's my two cents on the romance aspect of the novel:


Yes, it was abrupt. Yes, it seemed it like it jumped at you out of nowhere. Yes, it almost seemed like a shoujo manga for a second.

But I feel like that's the beauty of it. Love doesn't politely knock on your door and ask you to sign a contract on renting your couch for the night; it just tears your door down, pushes you out of your bed and hogs the blankets. MC never had experience and the love interest was beautiful, seductive and intriguing with a dash of mystery. I say that a whole bunch of us would absolutely swoon if it happens in real life. Most importantly, the MC and love interest are regressors. It may not be in the exact same way, which was discussed in the WN, but it's like finding that perfect puzzle piece in the crowd of 7 billion? Of other pieces.
Really, you just can't go wrong with Raviel.
And sometimes, you just. Click. You fall, you're so infatuated and you don't even know why. And that's the reason that throughout this arc, they continuously find different aspects of each other they like. They start to trust and we see them bloom with each other. Basically, they were hardcore dating.
Plus, tell me you won't feel some kind of bond with a person that has similar experiences, aka regressing, and suffering as a consequence, aka everyone forgets and everything repeats, died together with multiple times and had the same goal, aka saving that world.

It's love, not logic, okay? Sometimes when your heart tells you to shut up and pine for someone, you just do it. As the WN says, love is a b/tch.

tl;dr The romance is not everyone's cup of tea but I admire that the author got balls to approach it in this manner. Maybe it's not 'realistic' (coughs) but at least it's not boring (and the writing was phenomenal in this arc).


There must be other plot holes or flaws or mistakes etc. But just for what I've seen alone in these 132 chapters, I love this WN. I love it. 5/5.

Also, thank you translators for your hard work! <<less
54 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Dg2 rated it
September 9, 2020
Status: c40
The MC is evil with a hero complex.

His ability seemed kinda unique at the beginning, however, once he used the ork language to kill an ork, it went all down hill. Because right after this point, we are introduction to his 'spiritual teacher' training methods. Which WILL become the sole reason in which the author uses to defend why our MC is already at levels of OPness that makes every side character seem like blubbering child compared to him.

For example: the first floor boss is a complete joke to read.... more>> You have to believe that every other ranker couldn't get passed it, and that somehow our MC completes it by a s*upid mechanic no one thought about before hand. And another one is when the top ten challengers from a previous floor are allowed to pick sides between the goddess and demon king. Where we are then introduce to the local standard of intelligence we are expected see from now on, as everyone turns out to be dumber than our fav rock (MC). And don't let me get into the way he talked down to all the ranking guilds like they were tr*sh and taking up a gamble with them. Where he somehow succeeds and can now act as a solo ranker because of plot along with no questions being raised.

Well besides that, I did notice that a human lie detector was introduced during that goddess/demon king stuff. However, her sole purpose was to force the development of getting the sword saint to be a teacher for the MC as his emperor ghostly one wasn't enough for the OPness the author has in store for us. Where in turn we are suppose to ignore the crucial fact that the saint murdered the MC in the very first chapters, with a very good reason too.

Also on top of that, it turns out our lie detector is a bit faulty and someone sided with the demon king before all hell broke loose. But, fear not though, because our lovely MC has everything in the bag. He can utilize his silver tongue in such a way that he can talk down a murder hobo and play everyone like a fiddle. Not a single time in any of these events did he ever require a 'do over'. So instead of Suicide Hunter, let make the title. The Generic Rise of a Evil Protag. As everything that can go wrong will go wrong and our MC will be their to 'fix' it for his own gain.

Overall, this fic is overly rated. I wasted enough time reading dozens of chapters about our amazing MC that I thought it was a CN biography of a young master.

Rate 2/5 <<less
47 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
June 23, 2019
Status: --
To Nikhilzzz, who said:

“the pitiful guy was innocent at the past time, where he just learned his new skills.

I stopped reading after reaching this part.“

Did you even read the novel properly?

This piece was literally in the part where he was ... more>>




The jerk finally found my leather wallet and smirked. “Let’s see. One gold, two gold, three gold... Hmm. About sixty gold? You’re so poor, mister. Carry some more around, man.”

“That’s all I have... ” All I f*cking had to my name.

“It’s alright. I’ll spend it well on your behalf.” Yoo Sooha took my wallet and patted my head.

4050 days ago, no. He was just like when he burned me alive 4050 days later.

“That’s just life, don’t you agree?” He took out something from his chest with a heave, after putting away the potion he’d promised to give me. Instead, he pulled out a blade. A sword (劍).

It wasn’t an item meant to save lives. On the contrary, it was a tool used to take lives.

‘Ha.’I looked up at Yoo Sooha. Rather than looking angry, I just looked at him as if he was ridiculous.

However, Yoo Sooha interpreted my gaze differently and shrugged. “Hey, don’t look at me like that. I was thinking about giving you the potion, mister... but if I let you live here, you might want to get back at me later, right? I can’t let that happen. A man should live without worry, and since you’ve seen my face... ” Yoo Sooha smiled. “You have to die for me.”

45 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
new cultivator
new cultivator rated it
July 9, 2020
Status: c29
an answer to the 1 star review

... more>>

anybody with a brain can tell the MC isn't right in his mind after dying 4000 times, and him being crazy isn't a reason to rate 1 star, why would anyone even try to read KR novels with more than 4 stars if he only likes beta JP MC, just go to find novel JP 3*/4* harem and u're done

also the flame emperor clrearly tried to kill him, u can say it looks forced but neither the author nor us wanted to have an essay about why he was already evil.

34 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Visser rated it
July 17, 2020
Status: c47
it's okay. World building is garbage, characters are mediocre, skills are op, main character messes with time so much consequences dont matter.
really wanted to give it a 2, but I enjoyed the few chapters I read. Its pretty much shlock.

revently updated review - author is f*cking insane, the universe is bending over backwards to make everything possible, even if it makes no sense, so the main character can act like he is winning via his suicide super powers. There is no longer a coherent basis for time or consequences.
25 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
GrapeJuice rated it
April 26, 2021
Status: c114
From the name, premise, and start of this novel I would have easily written (hehe) it off as some wish-fulfillment mediocrity. I do partake of them time to time, cuz they're fun, but they don't leave a lasting impression. I found it through its manwha, of which I read up to chapter 34, the latest chapter at time of writing this review.

At first I struggled to get through the first chapter, and began to expect very little of it. Typical premise, typical garbage MC. I quickly found out how wrong... more>> I was. The protagonist soon became very likeable, and his chemistry with the main supporting cast was also enjoyable to watch. There were also moments where I was genuinely surprised by the cleverness he displayed with using the few skills he had. By chapter 34 I had come to appreciate some of the nuances of the story and characters, and hearing favourable things about the novel, I took the plunge.

This is a goddamn work of art. The author has great skill in weaving a scene and constructing characters, and the translators also did a good job of conveying their words. The whole cast starts off seemingly simple, and gradually reveals their hidden depths. The author also plays with genres well enough to make the reader appreciate aspects of those stories they would not have previously paid mind to.

All of this stems from the author's masterful ability to make the reader empathise. Characters will go from being simple and s*upid to deep and tragic in a few chapters, and their experiences are heightened with poetic storytelling and beautiful imagery. There is a depth in the the author's empathy towards his characters that you can feel floating off the page. He speaks to their pain so vividly you'll start to worry what he went through, but it is never pain for the sake it. There is always some wisdom to be gained, some growth to be achieved, satisfaction to be had.

Once you pick this one up, you wont want to put it down. <<less
24 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Kezi rated it
May 3, 2020
Status: c113
EDIT: Since people are curious, I read this novel through mtl. I'm good at it after years of practice lol

Great story up until the romance. It's like the author snapped his finger and went, "Okay, time for some romance. Let's make the MC fall madly in love in one second." I'm not even exaggerating, he went from having slight interest in her to obsession in one day. And considering just how much the MC hates losing, and is obsessed with perfect endings, it just feels like he hypnotized himself to... more>> fall in love, so he can have a perfect romance. I would've preferred a slow tower-climbing romance, not the MC basically forcing himself to fall in love. It doesn't help that the person he falls in love with is basically an npc in the tower, it really feels like role playing.

But if sudden, inexplicable, obessive, sickly sweet romance in the middle of a story with no build-up doesn't annoy you, it's a great story. Maybe I'll come back to it one day. <<less
20 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
CowTs rated it
July 27, 2021
Status: c148
A response to DG2

Did you even read the story correctly?

First off in the first boss our MC has to defeat, did you not notice him having to regress once? Did you also not notice him having to get a fire defense skill from the boss by regressing once? Did you miss half the story or something?

Second part, He said that in his first run he’s intending to sacrifice it for knowledge, clearly knowing that he couldn’t just win by himself at that point, and he did die and have to... more>> regress.

Third part, oh look the lie detector lied, wow surprising, maybe it builds that you should question why the reputable lie detector would join the demon side? And yes he did talk everyone down, AFTER 3 people were murdered.

Fourth part, no “do over” at all? I counted at least 161 regressions in all the parts you said yet you couldn’t even count one of them?

In short, this guy probably just skimmed through the story and claims it to be bad, or is intentionally making it look bad since he straight up misses most of the story which is mostly why my tone is also so aggressive. <<less
19 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
thatoneperson0000 rated it
April 3, 2019
Status: c3
First of all, the formatting and translation of this novel was done very beautifully :))) I could tell the people working on translating this put a lot of work in to make it look nice, and I appreciate it a lot!

Second, like the other reviews say, this character is actually pretty relatable. He has emotions and shows them because he's human.

And third, but not really, I really hope there isn't romance bc usually it ruins the story

... more>>

Edit: NOOOO why are the links deadddd :' ( ( (I wanna read more of the novel D: <<less
18 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
kkgoh rated it
July 7, 2020
Status: c26
Decent KR regression-dungeon speed read. Basically "Edge of Tomorrow" + dungeons.
Nothing particularly innovative and pretty iffy world-building, but the character development is where it shines. As this is an early review, I'm assuming the world-building improves. 4 out of 5 stars.

An obsessive, despairing Korean man Kim Gong-ja is awarded a copy-skill with unreasonable limitations. Through a series of odd circumstances, he is able to regress into the past and seek to right wrongs, while attempting to break out of the dungeon and find new purpose in his life.


(1) Nothing particularly new
- "GroundHog Day" (1993 rom-com about a man who relives the same day over and over again)
- "All You Need is Kill" (2004 classic JP sci-fi novel about repeating your life over and over... more>> again, but with an edgy military setting)
- "Edge of Tomorrow" (2014, Tom Cruise movie adaptation of "All You Need is Kill", with slight comedic undertones)
- "The Tutorial is Too Hard" (2016, dungeon monsters/NPCs with intelligence, personalities and backstories)

This novel (2018) clearly took on inspirations from all of these, which isn't a bad thing as long as it's well put together.

(2) MC development seems reasonable
MC Kim Gong-ja is an intense despairing man and it's hard to connect with the MC in the initial chapters. He is extremely jelly of successful hunters to the point of being pathological.

The author tends to write in achronological order so it takes awhile to figure things out. Once you do, the MC's personality seems relatively cohesive and you can look past his insane behavior (which seems to be a major gripe from the more negative reviews). Much better Reverend Insanity.

Post chapter 20, we learn that

quite a number of Tower migrants are likely Earth refugees/thrillseekers/abandoned populace

, so we're left to accept that MC might have a similar background, possibly entering the Tower to seek his own fortune. However, he gets a serious reality check in the beginning chapters when it's stated that majority of skills are luck of the draw from the beginning.

Even warped individuals can be "unfairly" awarded great skills. The initial antagonist Flame Emperor is one such individual. MC's despair results in him being awarded a nonsensical skill, and a series of coincidences allow him to ascend to greater heights. It's similar to how innovative pairing combinations of skills in RPG have an astounding effect (e.g. Divinity II's Chicken Claw + Ruptured Tendons). Along the way, MC appears to decide on his own brand of justice and seek to introduce some level of fairness into the system, which is pretty commendable. It does feel like a backhanded allegory of Korean society and class divide.

(3) Really weak world-building
Author doesn't bother describing how the Tower functions or people came to be.
Although there are hints that there might be more detail in later chapters, it doesn't appear as if the author has any real intention to flesh it out entirely. How the Tower governance, economy, social aspects actually work is a complete black box, and readers are supposed to fill in the blanks with their imagination.

-A functional economy, including cafes, smartphones, liberal news media, etc just exists. Readers are supposed to accept it all just worked out. There's a megacity in the 1st Floor, just because. You'd think a more reasonable scenario is a decent into anarchy/monarchy/feudalism given that there's no way for anyone to leave the Tower (entirely separated from Earth).
-The economy is singlehandedly supported with external dimension (Earth) assistance, with 1 single trader.
-Every human/non-human dimension has their own Tower, but the dimensions don't mix. Yet somehow MC's ghost companion (who doesn't appear to be human or from the same human dimension) is somehow able to mix with MC's human towers. This inconsistency seems odd, unsure if it'll be retconned or explained.
-Tower hunters levels up somehow after killing enough opponents, we're not sure how that works. There are level grades F-A, no idea how that works. The character sheet is laughably simplistic, no stats, nada.


There are more oddball developments, but these are just the ones I can recall off the top of my head. <<less
17 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
NyankoSenseiNyaaa rated it
March 31, 2019
Status: --
This is the one of the darkest and psychologically thrilling novels I have read in a long time. The MC is a masochistic maniac that gets tortured so far it is a cross between Solo leveling and Re:Zero. The first few chapters get you hooked and you feel the hunger for more.
17 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Okabe_rintarou rated it
August 30, 2021
Status: c113
I would've rated this 5 stars. But ... more>>

The damn MC starts off as a pathetic loser, but improves considerably...... Buuuuut only to become a woman's pet later. And not just any woman, an NPC who was a yandere lover for someone else (it's not like she cheated or anything, it was a political arrangement to be married to that guy. But that guy loved someone else and he wasn't even interested in her, he saw her as a witch. But she even got cursed because of her devotion for him. Now why would you want to be with a woman who's so devoted to someone else.

It's essentially blasphemy against her love and devotion.

Buuuut she eventually falls for the MC.

If her devotion that was that strong could be swayed, she could betray the MC as well, if anyone better comes along. Any logical brain wouldn't go for a person who could just change their devotion.

The MC gets so high on dopamine that he agrees to dispose of one of his most practical skills just because she asked. I really can't stand this blind infatuation anymore. He calls her husband and essentially becomes even more of a beta in front of her than some of the worst Jap protagonists. Anyway, while the story is still interesting, the author ruined it with Romance.


Anyway. The writing gives you the omniscient reader's viewpoint vibes.

The lack of proper romance made Omniscient reader unique and interesting. The presence of blind romance is what ruining this...


I hope the story improves later. <<less
16 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Clikplay rated it
March 15, 2021
Status: c102
I was quite enjoying the story, it was a really solid read even tho it has plenty of plot holes and pretentious "pseudo deep" or "pseudo intellectual" stuff.

But with this last arc it took a huge nosedive in quality and personal enjoyment, unfortunately it's impossible for me not to drop it: I am a sucker for romance (more specifically good romance) and was looking forward to it on this novel, unfortunately what the author brought up was actually horrible, completely atrocious in fact, our protagonist ... more>>

just suddenly gets completely head over heels obsessed with a sociopath, princess complex bit*h

which feels so hollow and uncharacteristic of him.

This novel, as far as I've gone, would be a very solid 4/5 if the romance wasn't so damn bad <<less
16 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
slovino rated it
August 15, 2020
Status: --
I will keep just editing my review from time to time

So let me get straight to the point:

... more>>

1/ Stand in the shoes of MC, he think that he is an innocent man and wasnt deserved to be killed like that just because he saw everything. Like yeah, right. On the other hand, stand on the shoes of Flame Emperor, he did the right thing to kill this st*pid MC, why? Only dead man stays silent then secret will be kept.

2/ Building the personality of MC is a complete failure, I dont like it at all, you yourself knew that you made the most three s*upid mistakes of your life, yet you said you were an innocent man who knew nothing, like hell anyone would believe that, I mean c'mon if the anyone let you live in that situation of any novel they are completely ret*rded.

3/ This is the worst start you ever encountered in any novel, If you want to get revenge, you have to get stronger, just put away your silly-minded thinking of revenge and get stronger first, all I read through chapter was nothing but how to kill and bla bla and how to revenge bla bla...

4/ Enemy of Enemy isn't a friend, they just take advantage of each other, so fact that he sided with the witch is silly move after all. Later then they may end up killing each other when they are done with the rank 1 maybe, or it will be just another harem start of witch and MC, I don't care.

16 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
LightNvL rated it
July 24, 2020
Status: c41
I find that the early story, plot and world building to be forced and crude. The driving motivations to action for the protagonist is lacking and incomprehensible. The first Antagonist's character and background is barely explored.

I couldn't understand the intense hatred the Protagonist felt that he was forced to ... more>>

kill himself 4000+ to travel back time and cancel the first Antagonist

Everything just seemed like an after thought and covering any holes after the fact. I'll keep reading hoping the delivery/writing will get better but I'm not a big fan of this way of story-telling. Most likely will leave the 1 star.

It's suffice to say, I did not like the early chapters and I was lost. It did not build or add into the story. I feel that it was only used to introduce time travel. In the same vein as other series' use of "getting hit by truck-kun". I wish it was more simplified or provided a better driving force for the protagonist to do it 4000+ times. I find the adventures fun but I just can't let go of the early chapters. <<less
16 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
JangPong rated it
September 8, 2021
Status: --
I was enjoying reading it until the romance hit you in the face so abruptly and so unexpectedly. I mean why can't the romance built on slowly and surely... The romance part feels so forced and shallow, I mean how can you be so inlove after a day with her.... like falling head over heals in love. My gosh, such a waste.
15 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Pendragon05 rated it
June 18, 2020
Status: c372
Not your typical adventure novel where the story revolves in conquering the tower by fighting. To be honest, I've struggled a lot in reading this novel because it became so boring that I forced myself to skip chapters by reading it fast. The most boring part for me is the arc for Floor 20-29, goodness, it's really hard for me to finish that arc that I skimmed it. Maybe because I like the typical action novel that I was shocked by the unorthodox way of conquering the tower. Floor 40... more>> and above are quite boring as well in my opinion. We also had an unnecessary romance like what the heck is going on, the MC just like a switch that was flipped suddenly became in love with someone so fast. I like the concept of the story but it quickly went downhill. I'm really disappointed that I expected so much from this novel. It went from 5 star to 3.5 but for the effort, I'll settle with 4. <<less
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luckymorris rated it
June 14, 2021
Status: c138
I read webnovels for entertainement, I never expect them to actually be well written. Like I wouldn't expect a fast food to be a culinary experience, just something good enough to keep me full and have a good time.

This novel is not so great at its start, everything is confusing, the main character is rather flat, you get bombarded by a whole lot of new names, you don't really understand what the hell is the tower. It's very chaotic. But I think that the author just wanted to get all... more>> this stuff out of the way to finally focus on the main character, to developp him.

Once you get to a certain arc involving a certain "library", it's when the novel really take off, it's when the main character who always lived a dull life and have not much of a personnality meets new people who change him, who make him learn emotions. And damn it, it's masterfully done, I do not wish to do spoilers in this review but every single arc since the library have been a roller coaster of emotions and this novel can also boast to have one of the best romance i've read in a webnovel, how it introduced the love interest which I didn't give a damn about to turn her into one of my favorite female character in webnovels in about 30 chapters is nothing short of amazing.

I don't see filler in this webnovel, I read every words because each of them matters, it's something that I expect from a published book, not from a webnovel where the author write one chapter a day. And I fully expect the same quality till the end of the novel, it's now over with 400 chapters, clearly the author did not over stayed his welcome to make some more bucks, he finished it when it was finished.

Many thanks to the translator who do a good job and keeps his translations regular and of good quality. <<less
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