Spring River Flowers and Moon


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Her father is the Prime Minister,

Her mother is the Princess of Chang,

Among her siblings, all are talented scholars from the Jiangnan region, possessing refined and graceful qualities.

“Between scholars and commoners, there is indeed an insurmountable gap.” So, even after marrying into this family, Gao Luoshen still can’t understand – how did this man, a lowly-born warrior from the northern wilderness whom she hadn’t even heard of until recently, dare to propose to her father for her hand in marriage?

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6 Reviews

Sep 14, 2023
Status: Completed
Hi everyone!

I am the translator for this Novel and I promise to finish this through and treat this as my first baby.

Anyways, if you've already browsed through this page and is tempted to read - start now!

... more>> Coz you are up for a great ride. It may be a long novel but I vouch for it to be a great one.

We'll see growth for both characters though it may be slow on the part of our FL. If you want to see novels with family love, this novel promises it too. For the most part, all I did not like was the indecisiveness of our FL's Father in terms of love and his political aspirations. The reason being his promises to his ancestors to serve the court by all means. I love how our FL grew up from being naïve to vigilant just to protect the welfare of our ML.

All in all this was a great read with not too much angst to get our days by.

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Oct 19, 2023
Status: Completed
So this starts out with misunderstandings--the ML marries the FL to get revenge on her family. BUT, they end up communicating? He falls in love with her HARD. And ultimately, this couple has one of the healthiest (and spiciest) relationships I've read in a novel. Like couple goals. Will definitely re-read this again.
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Nov 19, 2023
Status: Completed
I caught up and then mtl’d the rest. Have to say that I’ll definitely come back and reread this later.

One of the better romance with plot that I’ve read in awhile. Like another review mentioned, the couple actually communicates (unlike FL’s own parents) and make concessions towards each other. I love both of their character development. FL is your typical sheltered high class lady but she’s not completely naive. She’s smart and knows her own mind. She trusts people willingly but she’s also not afraid to cut people off as... more>> they betray her. In that sense, she’s a lot like her father. Her mother is a lot more hot headed and emotional. As she gets married and gets more exposed to the political drama between the court, her family, and her husband, she comes into her own and actually maneuvers herself pretty well through it. ML on the other hand, is on a path of revenge. However, as he gets to know her and falls in love with her, he realizes that his revenge is gonna hurt/affect her and those she cares about but he doesn’t want to give up his revenge. Instead, he revised his plans to go through the “proper” channels after a few particularly angsty moments. It might seem like he’s sacrificing for her but I think that he’s not. In a relationship, there has to be a give and take. But she also does her own share of giving later down the line. She unconditionally supports and believes in him while he would do anything to protect her.

I also agree with another review that FL’s father was very wishy washy. Imo, he tried to have the best of both worlds without really putting in the work, especially regarding his relationship. Her mother is not completely faultless but I’d say that a good chunk of it was due to him valuing his career over his wife. Imo, he was a good official and father but he was a horrible husband. He’s the traditional scholar: intelligent and romantic. Instead of getting rid of things at the root, he’s willing to make concessions for “the greater good”. And he forgives people as soon as they apologize. You’d think he would have more instincts being a court official for so long. A lot of things comes back to him because he’s too willing to forgive for the “greater good”. Ie

he gets separated from his wife/newborn son because he forgave a lady who saved him some 20 years ago one too many times.

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Feb 06, 2024
Status: Completed
It’s a well written novel. Quite interesting if you are into court politics. The FL is a rabbit, her whole life has been decided by someone else, it was like that in her first life and even more so in her second life. She is reborn but it’s not bringing her any benefits as she doesn’t remember anything, I honestly doubt she is the one reborn. ML also had a rebirth, I am more inclined that the rebirth trigger is him.

Of all the characters only the FL mother and ML... more>> have my respect. FL mother should have been the protagonist, she is smart proud but straightforward. It would have made a more interesting pairing with the ML than her actual husband.

The one I despised the most is the FL father. He is a prime minister but he is useless, unable to protect anyone. Instead of protecting the country, he is protecting the royalty that had been failing the people of the country and force his vision onto the ML.

The most dumb prime minister among all novels I have read (except the one where the king promoted guy to that position to use the guy as a pawn so don’t need a smart dude). Strongly suspect that’s the case here as he isn’t smart or shrewd like a prime minister of that period should be.

The romance part is great. <<less
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Nov 23, 2023
Status: Completed
It's very good. I have a lot to say. Although it's good, the suspense really killed me. Did you read the tag's 'Complicated Family'? IT IS, it is really complicated. From the FL's family, the old royal family, the new royal family, and even the family from a different kingdom. There's like a lot of political war and a lot, lot, lot of schemings, from both men and women. THIS IS WHY I ALWAYS FELT TENSE WHEN READING THIS.

You may feel upset or irritated with how FL and her family... more>> treat ML on the second timeline. Or perhaps you sympathize with FL and are upset with ML instead. In either case, I assure you. The story will become better and their attitude will also gradually change.

As bookwurm said, FL and ML are a couple who will communicate BUT this only happens in mid mid-stage of their relationship.

Because at first, either FL or ML will hide their worries and problems because of their own circumstance.

FL is a noble girl so she kinda looked down on ML and only thought ML was a barbarian and disgusted person. From FL's perceptive, you cannot truly blame her since she was actually already promised to be married to another nobleman who is also her childhood friend. But ML, out of nowhere, asked her father for marriage to FL, which of course was protested by many people. But because ML won the competition against FL's childhood friend who will be her future husband, no one can really object and ML finally can marry FL. You would probably already guessed what FL's feelings toward ML are at this time.

While ML is a commoner who has a great ability when it comes to the leading army. He also has a hidden secret as his weapon:

his knowledge from his memory of past life a.k.a the first lifetime


He uses that weapon to ensure his revenge and also FL's safety because of their past life, in his own way. On their wedding night in the second lifetime, FL directly rejects ML and looks at him with disgusted eyes. He understood at that time, that FL was different from the FL in the first lifetime, that's why he always keeps a respected distance from her and also hides what he truly feels or thinks, no one can predict his movement, making him like a wildcard.

Not only FL and ML, FL's parents, her father, and her mother also have an important figure in the story, I won't tell you much, since bookwurm and other reviews already tell the general plot of FL's parents' story.

I said this beforehand to warn you so you have a general idea of the story. Like I said in the beginning, there are lot, lot, lot of schemings and betrayals. But I can assure you, this novel has a happy ending, and everyone gets their deserved ending. The novel also only has 171 chapters which is not a lot for a Chinese novel so give this novel a chance :) <<less
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Apr 03, 2024
Status: c25
I read The Marquis is Innocent and Pihanjin before this and to be honest, author's writing is not that good. The writing is better than average webnovel author but still not as good as review sections made it out to be. While I could still enjoy both novel I mentioned before, I could not make myself to continue reading this. I really thought it would be more interesting based on the first few chapters, but author's story telling lacks character depth. The times where the author tries to make some... more>> character feel like it has color is mundane, as it is not compelling enough for readers to like them (I'm talking about FL parents here), if not, just make the characters feel annoying. <<less
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