Slowly Turning Protagonist to the Dark Side


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The villain forced relations with the tender young male protagonist who save his life. He raised the male protagonist while carrying a bun (child).

Su Wenliang who had survived for three years in the Apocalypse, transmigrated into a cultivation novel 《Three Thousand Great Wildersness》, becoming the early stage villain BOSS Liang Wensu. Not only he had to face large numbers of savage enemies, but also deal with the Love Snake Parasite in his body. In order to change the ending of being tortured to death and dying without an intact corpse, Su Wenliang took the initiative to change the plot. However, it was to no avail as the plot was too powerful. When he was forced to flee with severe injuries, he plucked tender young savior in passing. The reality was he unable to overwhelm him and was rather the one being pushed down.

Ten years later, he found out that the beautiful young boy during that time was the shining male protagonist, and that he carried the male protagonist’s child in his stomach. Every month, the parents needed to do the Double Cultivation to urge his growth.

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Nam Chính Hắc Hóa Từng Giây Phút
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9 Reviews

New IrregularPer
Mar 23, 2024
Status: c38
I suggest skimming the descriptions, it get tedious. You really only need 25% of the information from the blocks of world building exposition. The premise is noncon but points for the novetly of the MC's identity. There's relationship growth after. Their relationship has sugar mama-boytoy energy. After you skim past the filler, the author doesn't drag out their development.
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Jul 24, 2023
Status: Completed
Take heed that this is a cultivation novel. Cultivation novels are grindy. It will have fast time lapses. Like a lot. But it's normal when it comes to this kind of novel. If this is not your thing, then avoid those tagged as cultivation. Anyways nice concept and unique setup. It's unique where the MC spent time inside the orginal's body while the original is still alive w/c lasted for one whole arc! I think I only saw one or couple stories that did this. He is like a second... more>> personality that tries to survive but hides his existence from the original.

I appreciate that MC also has villainous moments bcos it makes sense as he receives the original's memory and body. IMO that's one of the most real thing that should happen to a transmigrator-in-a-villain's body. He started out in a high place (Maou/Demon King) and tried to prevent the original's tragic ending to save himself+system mission but barely made it. Somehow he encountered the novel's protag which is still very young atm. ML is a younger seme.

As for mpreg, it's a snake egg. The divine beast cultivators developed a pill to make it possible for males to get pregnant. And he was forced fed of it. He could only blindly grope about as it is beyond what's written. It's cute that the egg can mentally communicate with both parents while still inside. MC meanwhile had this sense of unreality and has hard time accepting his pregnancy w/c is understandable.


I like the world building and the complications of time and world dimensions. The battles are awesome. MC's tribulation is especially exciting and nail-biting with enemies everywhere. I like that even tho they are strong, they experience difficulties and loads of setback. They are not literal op but is they accompany their innate strength with hard work. Their sheer tenacity is what makes them win. <<less
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Jan 31, 2024
Status: Completed
Was interesting in the beginning and there were some cute parts overall. I liked how even though MC eventually became weaker than the ML, he still worked hard to improve and protect his family.

... more>>

I haven't seen many transmigration novels where the MC alternates control of their body with the original before original dies.


I also enjoyed how the ML's growth and progression was explained. There were a lot of training arcs which were well thought out and explained.


For example there was sort of a tower progression arc where the MC and ML had to progress through different levels of a "tower".


There are also some very explicit scenes (mostly in the beginning) which you can either skip or not.

Overall this would be a 3.5/5 if it weren't for after the timeskip where it noticably felt like the author had forgotten what they wrote about (I think they mentioned it in some author notes as well) and the plot didn't make sense anymore. It felt like a badly written fan fiction of a discontinued story. If you decide to read this, you can honestly stop reading before the time skip and have a better novel in fact than if you read it to completion. <<less
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May 18, 2023
Status: c143
I love the MC. He is not OP. Actually, you can read that he is trying to save his live and his family lives. Gradually he is the weakest is his family of three😂. From the strongest to the weakest. Angry but proud. He tried to be stronger but alas dragon ate mightiest. Poor MC

The ML feels simple. Honest and kind. But he has brain. Thanks god. He cultivate from weak and gradually getting strong. Not OP cause he tried hard for it. He loves MC first. Especially when he... more>> knew the past and knew that this person. Who goves him family. Who is cold and cruel is the kindest and the most honest person to him. The one who always think the best for him. So the ML will try his best to protect MC and their son. And I hope he did. I havent reach the end.

The baby is cute. He is cool and scary to other people but when you know him personally. He is meng. Just a kid. Loved by heaven.

I love the story. Its seem simple but meaningfull. The characters are 3D. You can see the greediness of human. The love and the heart to protect the one you love. The one to choose right and wrong. I read from MTL and its quiet easy to read. Just brave your heart to brainstorming a little. Overally, its a good book. <<less
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Mar 12, 2024
Status: c12
I'm on chap 12 rn... Honestly I feel bad for the OG villain....

he was constantly getting betrayed used and abused. Its like bro... is it any wonder why he blackened?Why he wants revenge? & then out of nowhere our transmigrator MC just possesses his body & planned to take it without remorse kicking out the OG owner or apparently destroying his soul, then all a sudden a wild golden finger system appears??? I don't know about y'all but I want a proper side story for the poor OG villain who got betrayed left, right and center n then literally got his body robbed by MC & a system... Now Idk if the OG villain is truly dead but I'm hoping the later chapters let him be reincarnated or something.

Imagine this vvv

Imagine you are a person from a good family minding your biz then suddenly some guys plot against you, stab you in the back, try to kill you & then some snake guy shows up to poison you with some aphrodisiac preggo medicine demanding that you birth an heir for him. WHO WOULDNT WANT ULTIMATE REVENGE TF. but before you can even enact that vengeance you get betrayed once again by ur new subordinates and ur "bestfriend" AGAIN & just when you think it can't get any worse... some dude & a system transmigrate into ur body, destroy ur soul & go on their way....

since I'm still not to far in I'll refrain from saying anything about the plot holes....
for now....
Update: I'm on chap 24, The ML is cute lol but I still don't like MC his hypocrite side is coming out... usually with Chinese novels the smut is very censored but I was surprised to see it twas not in these couple of chapters... its even detailed lol. I must say.... the smut is (͡º˵ ل͟ ͡º˵) hehe not bad *Chefs kiss*
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Jul 03, 2023
Status: c97
Fun premise, but gets long winded and stale the longer you read.

MC is cold and serious. ML is a good amount of foolish sweet who later becomes blackbelly. Child is adorable. Interactions are fun up to mby 60chs in.

plot is grindy. Grind for experirnce points, levels, and realms against opponents that are way stronger than you until the ML goes dragon form (aka super saiyan) and wins just barely. Not enough of the events matter to the plot more than the exerience points of doing them (as in- who cares... more>> that you lied for years, we forgive you because it is convenient for this battle)

Smut scenes are fun (front loaded in the story. Expect them to peter off)

System is useless. There is one, but it shows up so infrequently THE MC FORGOT IT EXISTED. Didnt really need to be there <<less
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May 19, 2023
Status: c96
It was a good read, the story flow, characters inside, world buildings, all good, definitely worth a read.

There's something that turn my reading appetite off in the middle, so i'll refrain in giving a rating. Because, if I were to give it stars, I would only give it 4, despite it was an enjoyable read until the turn off point came.

... more>>

It's just that.. I used to read cultivation novels which span massive hundreds of chapters, covering realms after realms.. So, it was kind of a turn off for me when they crossed to the upper realm and mentioned there's still another even higher realm than the one they've just arrived to.. So, I just stopped there.

This might not actually be a story about conquering 3 realms, I'm not sure, but just the mention of an even higher realm turned me off, so I just couldn't continue reading

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Feb 21, 2023
Status: c8
i will update review after a few more chapters. Good job translator san, I love this story. I don't know what will happen afterwards, but I love the development and the character building so far. The MC is also not too OP and the ML seems really cute 🥺.
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Jan 14, 2024
Status: Completed
Hmm.. What to say about this novel..

It started with typical transmigration into a novel and cultivation. I was skeptical at first when I found out MC and ML started in lower realm. There are still middle realm, upper realm and immortal world. Usual 3000 worlds you would encounter in this type of novel. However, this story only has 171 chapter which will be very tight.

I like MC and ML relationship and self growth. If you like mpreg, you would probably like this story too. It was explained from beginning to... more>> end. I also like their son growth. What I am kinda dissatisfied is the ending. A lot of time skip and plot twist is still fine, but what about when

MC was killed and woke up in his real body in apocalypse world. I mean it's not explained just why he transmigrated into the Ori villain body. One big plot hole there.

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