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From the moment the red moon appeared in the sky, everyone in the world turned crazy. Except me!

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Cong Hong Yue Kaishi
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tanni103 rated it
October 24, 2021
Status: c813
This novel was really well written with a complete world setting.

The protagonist gives the readers an ordinary, kind and open-minded impression but later reveals more and more things and his original peaceful life turned upside down. There is a family of four (mother, father, little sister and the MC), who can only be seen by the MC and the question is if his mind is already abnormal and is hallucinating or do they really exist? The MC will also reveal some abnormal behaviour from time to time which results in... more>> people around him and also his 'family' being afraid of him.

I really love it everytime his power is unsealed step by step with the help of his 'family' and professors studying the pollution. And while the MC's is still weak his 'family' will protect him until his self-protection is better, even though they give an unreliable impression. And don't even think about bullying him, his family will watch you from all angles!

What I especially love is how he, an "extremely law-abiding citizen", runs around with a gun, shoots people (the infected) and convince you that what he has done is hasnt touched any taboo with a smile lmao Just an example. And he can even volunterely put himself into jail if the law was broken, if that isn't "law-abiding", what else could it be haha.

This world is about some kind of pollution that affects the mind and body of those who are strongly infected, giving them the chance to attain special abilities or become a lunatic who only knows how to kill. Its kinda like the zombie apocalypse but also not. Aside from from lunatics and special ability users, there are also mosnters called spiritual monsters that appear, which like the MC's family, cant be seen or touched except their eh... lets call it spiritual power, is unusually high.

The things ability users can do is really interesting. It doesnt involve any elements like fire water, wind etc. but more like powers that affect, dreams, memories, emotions, perception, your five senses etc. but their are also types that affect the body called the spider typ where your body gets kinda boneless where you can dodge a rain of bullets with flexibility, squeeze into a, for example, 10 cm gap to hide yourself and be proficient in every weapon or mode of transport.

Well I dont want to explain much and only wanted to write the general information of this novel. It can be that their are some mistakes since my memory isnt that good.

Totally recommend to read if you are interested in OP MC, "cute" family and unique world setting with unique abilities.

I think the only downside is that when they explain how the pollution works, how to solve them and what types there are, it gets quite long and boring if you only want to see action. Or maybe because I read the MTL version, so some sentences cant get through my mind.

Well I hope that helped some people deciding if they want to read or not. <<less
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Rexinator100 rated it
December 22, 2021
Status: 300+
Read over 300+ chapters so far and I am impressed. The world-building, as well as the post-apocalyptic setting, weren't the only subjects that made this novel interesting. The power system in here stands out amongst other novels because it isn't based of individual talent or the will of an individual, but rather it is based off the human conscience or psyche. Combined with the horror genre, it can be executed really well as it delves into the darkness of human nature. If I had to describe the type of novel... more>> this is, you can think of it as a post-apocalyptic + My house of horrors + scp universe type. What especially kept me going was the scp-type identification system in regards to the entities of this world, where they are labelled with a number corresponding to their discovery and are prefixed with the title of special corruption event (e.g. Special corruption event 041). The storyline is especially consistent, with the starting chapters laying down the foundation of the MC and his accomplices as well as the organization he works for. But later as the storyline progresses, there will be conspiracy theories, bizarre plot twists, and monsters/humans beyond comprehension. The MC is a regular civilian who has joined a special op group in an organization, but because he has been a normal citizen for the majority of his adult life, he also has the mindset of being stringent with society's laws. Overtime as he further integrates himself as a 'special' person, he doesn't change his mindset as it has already molded, but can show emotional instability when pushed past his boundaries. Because the gradual experience in seeing the loss of human life as a regular occurrence in his 'job', he slowly develops a disregard towards the importance of individuals slowly, which goes to show good character development in relation to his profession. This I can say is a pro of the mc's character as he is shown to be slowly changing as his world view expands, but a con I can confirm is because he is too stringent with the city laws, he follows them strictly. Even when he has a status above ordinary law enforcement agents, he still relies on the police for problems such as corruption or scandal and not to mention that he is ignorant towards enemies with high social status because of his naive bias towards the justice system.

If I have to rate it:
-Power-system=4.7/5 (Due to its uniqueness)
-Character development=4.2/5
-Characters=4.4/5 (They have a realistic feel to them and don't act as catalysts for MC development)
-Villains=4.5/5 (Each have their own unique abilities and even display cunning and strategical thinking in going against the MC whether its through social status or battle intuition and even disregard or take advantage of the civilian population to achieve their objectives)
-Fight scenes=4.6/5 (Each opponent fought against isn't a simple battle exchange but rather who grasps the others weakness and understanding of their ability first)
-MC=3.8/5 (Temporary, because I like their personality change throughout their development but hate their naivety of trusting the justice system too much. Has potential)
Overall rating:4.4/5 <<less
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Yuki_Ringo rated it
January 9, 2022
Status: c400
its like lord of the mystery and SPC had a love child, w background of post apocolytic
with dark gods birth from mental pollution and emotional instability, and the people that fight against these dark gods "We are guardians, but also a bunch of miserable wretches that are constantly fighting against threats and madness" since those people might become stronger monster BUT like SPC they try to fight or contain these pollution.

even better the MC is maybe a schizophrenia w his ability to see his family member that nobody else could or MC is spiritualist that can see possible ghost?? Or that MC had so much power that his power spilt into different persona as his family member.

anyway, the novel has light humor and fight scenes and a lot of undercurrent of tension as MC sane and proper behavior in post apocolytic world seems so unusual especially since MC is a sticker to rules and loves money, but he donates it n live so poorly but when someone disregard the rule and he so casually and calmly kill someone by disambling them n reconnecting them makes everyone else shudders.
in short, after LOTM and interested in SPC then yes, just yes
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Lord of sin
Lord of sin rated it
June 15, 2022
Status: Completed
I wish I didn't read it, but that's also a lie, the novel is 10/10 in plot, world setting, character growth, but damn did the MC really resonate with me, ive read a great novel but now its given me mad depression.

There are 2 endings the author himself has said that the first ending is the main while the 2nd is a open ending, but that open ending was hinted on the first so consider it as you wish, as you know with 2 endings the first was sad BUT... more>> really well done and was in line with the flow of the story, second ending was hinted during the first and so it can be considered an AFTER story atleast in my opinion.

Starts slow yet picks up alot, and while it picks up the MC is changing and learning about himself as it goes, so throughout it isn't a story about becoming strong but more about understanding himself and unlocking what's already there, too bad its not translated. <<less
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faeriexine rated it
March 30, 2022
Status: Completed
It was a really good novel but I'm gonna be honest, it was so tiring reading it at times. Normally long novel series don't affect me, but at some points the author tended to drag on when it could've realistically ended in one chapter. Other than that, the plot was amazing. The world building was great and I really enjoyed the psychological and horror aspects, the 'pollutions' described were very unique and it was the first time I've ever thought of abilities like these. For eg. An ability that can... more>> swap someones fate with another, a person that has the power to jump between people and live as them etc.

I found the fight scenes enjoyable and once again, the plot was sooooo good. I think its interesting how the power system works and is used in this world full of chaos. However, I do just have one teeny tiny complaint.

I really don't get why the romance was added in? It just felt really out of place? I mean, the FL has the mental capacity of a child and I get that they met when they were young but didn't remember (it was only mentioned briefly). I just feel like they were only put together because they're the most powerful people in the world. Maybe the author thought that only someone with relatively the same power level as the MC deserves him, but her image as a kid just can't escape my mind. I mean I didn't even know they were close in age because the descriptions of her were so misleading! Anyways what I'm referring to isn't cannon I think, just a happy ending that the author wrote, but it is clear that this was what they were going for in the original so I don't really know how to feel about it.


Overall it was a really good read. I would consider the MC to be OP, however, he grows both mentally and physically stronger throughout the volumes, so strong to strongest? His backstory was the most intriguing part of the plot, I was honestly shocked at how different he was back then til now..... the reveal was done so well, it had my mouth open in shock the whole time lol. I do have some mixed feelings about the ending though, I can't believe it ended like that: ( <<less
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ljin75651 rated it
June 22, 2022
Status: c890
There were some really great moments of emotional tension in this novel. I got really attached to the MC, and the sad and depressing moments he went through really hit hard. In the Afternote, the author explained that the novel started out as a sort of emotional catharsis for him, and I definitely felt it as well.

You won't regret reading!
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haanhaan rated it
January 27, 2022
Status: c40
Good one, I like a schizophrenic MC that have a clear mind and can control his different 'family' members instead of the other type that goes ballistic on dangerous situation and need their other 'self' help them without them knowing that they are schizophrenic and their other 'self' is waaaay better than them that they need to be swapped constantly as plot armor in life and death situation.

For this MC that is not an issue at least, idk if he still have other 'family' members hidden somewhere or in another... more>> room, but MC is clear that he is a mental patient and find his own solution to solve it himself without affecting other people lives (literally).

The post apocalypse setting is one of my fav world setting, + the mutants and sci-fi elements, and also the world building is done step by step instead of info dumping a big bag of the local 'history' in one or couple chapters. <<less
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skyllz rated it
September 27, 2022
Status: c478
I haven't finished it yet, but it's interesting and quite immersive. What does have quite long explanations sometimes that could bore you. It is certainly a recommended novel especially for people who like harem or ships. This novel is not labeled as harem or romance, but it has a lot of female characters, probably 80 or 90% whenever the MC talks to someone it is with an especially beautiful woman; if the MC was more daring this could probably contain harem and even romance, it's like you can't rule out... more>> the possibility of a love interest, personally I don't like romance or harem so it shocks me a bit but that's already a question of tastes. If you like bromance this probably won't satisfy, that's why I mention the number of female characters. <<less
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yugmodnar rated it
February 2, 2024
Status: c46
A great novel that perfectly infuses comedy into a serious story without ruining the tone or story structure. Unfortunately, a MTLer took over after chapter 40 so the readability declines drastically.
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