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Police officer, would you believe me if I say this is an Iyashikei game?

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kkgoh rated it
June 18, 2021
Status: c145
Disappointing horror novel from author of "My House of Horrors" MHoH.
This is what happens when China's censorship on supernatural stories goes out of whack.
3/5 stars... really tried to bump it up to at least 4, but I felt that doing so would instead be a disservice to MHoH which I rated 5/5.

A seemingly normal, socially-withdrawn aspiring actor Han Fei, is given a headset for a new VR game by a mysterious old shopkeeper. As Han Fei discovers a hidden "supernatural" world within the game, he has to... more>> overcome horror challenges to survive, while gaining powers and uncovering the game's mysteries.

(1) Flawed world building
China's censorship law prohibits supernatural themes in media, requiring that there be some kind of scientific explanation. That's why there are little to no horror titles, and most are lamely explained away as psychosis or aliens.
This restriction really shows up in this novel as it forces the author to create a fictitious VR world. There are two layers -- a normal surface one, and a ghostly cryptic one. MC just happens to be sent to the cryptic layer.

Around C73-75, the VR world is loosely explained by one of the developers as next-gen photon computers that collate and process so much real-life human data, that it seems to go beyond normal simulation. It's unclear if the "ghosts" are just AI constructs, or something that transcends it (i.e. that the gaming devices are actually an accidental method of isekai/parallel world theory).
But that's way too much of a stretch in tech plausibility, so the more reasonable explanation for now would be AI constructs, which if true would completely destroy the horror theme. Esp since MC constantly treats them as actual former living beings which is just weird. How does he know if it's actually the same person that died? There's never actually any link mentioned anywhere.
You could almost think of it as the "My House of Horror" virtual themepark competitor, where MC Chen Ge himself scoffed at such "fake" constructs.

PM me if if I'm mistaken on this and if there's any evidence before c145 that proves the ghosts are "real". I scoured the novel but couldn't find it.


Horror is horror, because of the unknown.
A great quote from an article in Medium summarized horror as "a controlled fall into the unknown... a very human way to project our worst fears, unspoken questions and worries, and express them in a way everyone can connect to. It takes one of the most primal human emotions -- fear -- and turns it into an avenue for catharsis and release, often with a new kind of understanding."

Creating a "game" element for catharsis is still fine, hence the iyashikei concept. But when EVERYTHING is squarely explained away and gamified, there's no suspense anymore.
-- Pointless stats that are hardly used (Int/Sta/Cha/Lck/Malice/Sanity/Personality) and appear to easily quantify the unknown ghosts
-- Pointless min/maxing (my random stat is now stronger than Ghost Type A, so I can overpower them physically)
-- Pointless 24 hr login requirement, with 3 hr min playtime, 1 mission min completion requirement, blah blah blah blah blah (you're no longer afforded any real build-up and detail on missions, unlike MHoH. You're so focused on clearing missions everyday there's no attachment to any one of them.)
-- Pointless levels with random Exp (no explanation how much Exp per level, MC just randomly levels up)
-- Pointlessly numerous grades (MC starts with Grade G missions... so we're automatically expecting at least 7 levels, Grade A-G). We have little understanding of the differences in grades, because MC completes so many damn missions that are all Grade G and F in the first 100 chapters, with no discernable change in difficulty level other than being told he's "more likely to die". How??

Let's use actual horror video games as a reference, and you can see how that juxtaposes with a reading medium like a webnovel.
There is usually some RPG element with min-maxing functions where players can equip/upgrade themselves. But there are at least two very different routes.
-- Games like "Fatal Frame" and "Phasmophobia" are more laid-back, discovery type genres with limited inventory. This is the route MHoH went through, and fits very well into passive, spectator type perspective like reading a novel.
-- Games like "Dead Space" and "Resident Evil" relies on actively engaging and fighting monsters, basically an adventure-type genre. But it requires an active player taking full control to deliver a strong sense of player agency. This is the route that My Iyashikei Game is trying to follow, and DOES NOT translate well in a medium like a novel.

Also, perhaps due to poor writing for the first 75 chapters, there's a lack of any perceived risk and palpable fear because MC was under the impression that if he died in the game, he WOULD NOT die for real (only his character would be reset).
Later it's revealed that at least in the cryptic world, in-game death for the MC would result in coma.
You should just assume MC knew that from the beginning, else it makes the first 100 chapters really boring.

The ultimate failure of all this is that you end up way more interested in MC's real life as a famous actor than his escapades in the VR ghost world. Especially since MC can use his newfound powers.

(2) Weak, incongruent MC
This was the biggest problem for me. You have a socially withdrawn/anxious MC Han Fei that doesn't do well when around other people. But he's also an actor, which necessitates he's around other people. Huh??

Han Fei is supposed to be a lifelong passive, kind-hearted do-gooder. But somehow within a short few days in VR, he turns into a highly calculative, manipulative person. He learns to lie and think quickly on his feet (despite no change to his Int stat). Huh??

As per @DarkD, Han Fei's relationship with the police is completely implausible.
Han Fei doesn't do any crime-busting besides soliciting info from VR cryptic/ghost world (i.e. he's just a tipster). He conjures info for the police out of nowhere, and nobody questions him. Literally, he responds with "I used logical deduction." End of story. Seriously??
Chen Ge from MHoH was an active vigilante/Good Samaritan so he could plausible solve crimes since he's always at crime scenes.
Han Fei doesn't go anywhere and he's just supposed to magically produce evidence. Huh?? If his power is to experience what the victim went through, take a cue from "Movies Are Real". At least that development was better.

(3) Unrelatable cast of characters
Unlike MHoH where MC Chen Ge slowly interacts with psychotic criminals before actively confronting with powerful specters, our MC Han Fei goes straight into the deep end starting from a haunted apartment complex.
He immediately confronts various horror scenes where people/ghosts inexplicable want to kill him on sight for no apparent reason. We're given ZERO backstory before all this happens, which is confusing.

When Han Fei does meet up with friendly ghosts, they are totally unrelatable and episodic.

- A random amalgamation of 7-8 specters in his apartment, we don't know why they are there except being murdered by 1 guy). We don't find out much till dozens and dozens of chapters later.
So, am I supposed to relate to being randomly murdered?
- A granny who adopted 3 kids, some of which backstabbed her. We don't find out why until dozens and dozens of chapters later. Even when we do, they are totally unrelatable since granny was just unlucky enough that 2 of the kids are naturally psychotic. Huh?
So, am I supposed to relate to unfortunately adopting psychotic kids?
- A shadow child who lures other children into his apartment. We don't find out why...
- A beautiful murderess with a penchant for flesh. We still don't know why she's there even after MC is friendly with her....


Contrast this with MHoH, where the circumstances that led to the ghosts' death are often known ahead of time or quickly discovered (there's actual build-up to understanding the ghosts). We can often empathize with the ghosts' situations. And the focus of MC Chen Ge is how to use the info to counter them.

(4) Similar webtoon
So this novel was supposedly published on Qidian 1/25/2021, and I'm inclined to trust the author's authenticity. That said, there's a webtoon with REALLY similar beginnings called "Movies Are Real", first published on Kakao around 2/28/2021. At least for the 1st horror case of playing the victim, "Movies Are Real" wrote it way better, maybe in hindsight.

(5) True purpose of My Iyashikei Game MIG??

Totally speculating here, but I almost have a sneaky suspicion that this was a throw-away novel written by author, with loose-references to MHoH.

-- Red specters are occasionally mentioned
-- You have "Building Managers" in MIG, alluding to the "Door Pushers" in MHoH which control entire buildings/infrastructure


Maybe by creating a sci-fi element in MIG, the author is sneakily allowing himself a path to continue publishing the supernatural elements in his REAL novel MHoH, without being forced by Chinese censorship to make edits?? <<less
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March 5, 2021
Status: c77
So this is a LOT like My House of Horror. The author clearly wanted to write something for the exact same audience with a few minor revisions. Imagine if MHoH was remade with acting as the protagonists job instead of House of Horrors operator. The problem is that the flaws from My House of Horrors are magnified this time because the author isn't really improving.

Another change this time the ghosts aren't accessing the real world (so far) but they are stuck in another dimension (think Dimensional Sovereign).

Things I love... more>> about this author

His horror is top notch fun to read. NOTE: I don't find horror novels scary. Rather, I find them extremely fun. I love monsters that are bound by obscure and weird rules. One ghost will be extremely powerful, but he won't hurt you unless you turn around to see him.

I also love that this author comes up with unique idea after unique idea. I think this can largely be attributed to horror/litRPG being almost entirely unexplored, but props where they're due.

Once again we have LonelyTree translating. Absolutely top of the line translator. And FAST. Note, you can get about 30+ unreleased chapters on patreon. More chapters for more money. I am getting the full backlog myself for about $27.

Things that I hate about this author.

I'm also not sure the author understands what he's good at. As with MHoH, there are features I loved early on that are being thrown out or watered down later in the story.

When the author incorporates the real world, the character interactions between normal people are almost cartoonish. "Han Fei is the most empathetic person the ghosts had ever seen. His words were like rain in the desert..."

Han Fei like Chen Ge in MHoH is helping the police solve crimes again. And just like in MHoH, the interactions make no sense at all. If someone like Han Fei or Chen Ge came into the police station with half the information he provided the police, the police would make him reveal his sources then tell him to keep away from the investigation while the "professionals" handled it. End of story. At best they might bring him in as a consultant at a crime scene.

Han Fei is also like Chen Ge in that he makes ridiculous emotional appeals to the families of victims that would never work in reality. <<less
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Efu-sama rated it
March 22, 2021
Status: c122
The MC enter a VR game that boasted to give the player Iyashikei life (a healing life where every single moment makes a person fully feel the appreciation towards life, world, and people). The game that should give a player a happy life full of smiles, actually turn into a bloody horror life when the MC enter. Is this a failure in the game system? Or perhaps this bloody horror life actually hid many secrets inside that could make the MC achive the "Perfect Dream Life" he always wanted to... more>> have?

When forced to pariticipate in the game min. 3 hours every day, the MC who lived his life boringly finally realize the beauty of such a "boring" reality, after he spent night full of horror. Perhaps this game indeed create the "Perfect Life", as in making the MC realize nothing beat the beautiful reality, not even the fake Virtual world.

Or perhaps... something else entirely, because


MC has hidden past. This past is influencing his deepest thought. The world full of horrors that appear in the VR of "Iyashikei Life" he attempted to have actually have more meaning. Every monster, every ghost have their stories. Every malicious being has their story. The pain, regret, malice, griefs, and sorrow that those monster and ghost experienced in their life before have turned them into what they are currently.

Attempting to make those monster who have deep regret and pain finally smile and liberating their sentiments... perhaps is what the MC has always wanted to do. His Iyashikei life, his Perfect Dream Life is perhaps... relieving the pain and regret of the human who died unjustly and had been turned into malicious ghost due to their death...


If it were so, then what exactly happened in MC's life, and what actually hidden behind the kind soul and naive front that the MC had?

Well, the novel is still ongoing and the answer is barely there, LOL~ <<less
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reverofukato rated it
January 31, 2021
Status: --
I know that some people would say that it's still too early to give a review, but I have enough trust in the author and the translator to put this here.

The horror genre isnt something we see a lot of, and probably one of the best, if not the best, out there is "My House of Horrors" The novel by the same author of this one, if you read that one, you should know why I'm saying that, if you haven't you really should give it a try, even if... more>> you don't like horror, most of the people I recommended it to said that it wasn't like how they expected it to be, it's a great unique novel that you need try.

And from my trust in the author, and the few chapters they I've read of this one, I can say that this will be another great novel too, so please give it a chance😍😍😍🎉🎉 <<less
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V_sA.Bl_.E rated it
March 18, 2021
Status: c260
I've read the raws up until c106, and I can confidently say that this is very similar (maybe perhaps an improved version) of My House Of Horrors. So, if you like the author's previous work, you will like this. You will feel the same emotions you felt while reading MHOH, but instead of improving a Haunted House, the MC is cracking old cases. If the ghost is treated horribly in life, he will hunt down the murderers and make them suffer/offer them to the ghost too. There is more of... more>> a game system here and doing those tasks makes him level up. After leveling up, he obtains skill points and attribute points that also levels him up in real life.

EDIT: I'm at c260 and the story is getting better and better. Really like this. <<less
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rhianirory rated it
February 4, 2021
Status: c40
very interesting so far. Going to let a bunch of chapters stack up so I can binge one night when I am in the mood for a good scary story!
I'm rating it a 5 for now in the hopes that it's at least as good as MHoH.

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Liero Dirlewanger
Liero Dirlewanger rated it
May 28, 2021
Status: c90
Quite like it, it's like My House of Horrors, except way less repetitive and with a much better integrated horror/real life setting. Hope it doesn't degrade over time.
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hereforthegoodstuff rated it
September 14, 2021
Status: c419
im one of the people paying $40 a month to read this. That should tell you how good it is to me. I'm a huge fan of the author's other work My house of horrors. Which is at this point one of the classic web novels and a must read. This is genuinely and sincerely as good as my house of horrors. Well almost. I will say if you like that, you'll like this. Very similar, and very similar face slapping scenes too (acting and stunning people with his acting... more>> vs scaring people at his haunted house who want to ruin his business).

Just swap out black phone for black box, actor for haunted house owner, fearless and cunning main character, good connections with law enforcement. So yeah my house of horrors reskinned <<less
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fuwa.fuwa rated it
July 10, 2021
Status: c174
I really like it, basically it's indeed has the same nature as MHoH and mostly similar characteristic of despair. It's truly a pity that the law damaged both the MHoH and this one MIG. It's just MHoH is partially damaged and this one is damaged from the start. It's like by the law, MHoH got remolded and this one is the result.

This one is a very slow burn, one case to crack need 74 before it found the light but it's not ended yet just like MHoH style... more>> arc by arc is entangled with each other. The very downside is I hate the word of "cryptic world" related to the game as if the world of "ghost" only exists and clouded by mysterious feeling due to scientific reason (VR etc....). Although I understand why horror genre is tied to advanced tech such as VR because their 4-old-begone rule I still hate it :/ at least I only read 5 horror genre and only 3 which I like... and yes advanced tech is the new harem attribute, 5 of those has advanced tech related thingy xswl *sad

UPDATED: So, I read chapter 288 on Patreon and it actually revealed what outsider is, how one is decided was outsider, and why in the beginning they're bent to kill MC. I got to say when MHoH is full of horror before Town arc, this — MIG is fuller of horror after School arc, which is Cattle Alley and Ziggurat. Plus start from Cattle Alley there's ghost in real world not just through VR *yayyy* although the level is pretty low as no mentioned about Red Specter but yesh, it's getting better as if even the author himself isn't satisfied and only snuck some ghost stories after MIG got approval to be released to public

Btw, I recommend you to sub UNMENTIONABLES on Lonely's Patreon because the Ziggurat arc ended in pretty much the latest chapter on this date. Unless you don't mind waiting for 4 months then it's okay to read on Lonely's blog :) (pst, it's only 20usd for 190 chapter if you sub since first of the month currently. Better be hurry before it changed back to 40usd)

Spoiler what outsider is from c288 :)


"At least that was what I was told. In any case, the blood contains some kind of bug cocoon. After you drank the blood, and did not perish, the cocoon would crawl deep into your soul. Then the security guard would become a qualified flower pot. They would be tormented by the pain and despair brought by the cocoon and eventually lose their humanity and become what most locals call the outsiders." The monster paused before adding, "There are a small portion of people who could resist the mutation brought on by the cocoon, but their endings weren't much prettier."

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maevalily rated it
June 6, 2021
Status: c1
First of all let me say: Lonelytree Thank Youuuuuu ❤️❤️ So much love for our dearest translator who brings us amazing translations EVERY TIME!

Second, this is amazing! I’m back to reading, please guys hop onto this bandwagon 😂🤩
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