Silent Lover


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The Northern Garrison Prince possesses authority that reaches all the way to heaven, surpassing tens of thousands of people. The Northern Garrison Prince is licentious and lustful, not distinguishing between female and male partners, with a brutality beyond compare—though he has taken nine concubines as wives, not a single one managed to survive. This time, the Northern Garrison Prince is interested in the daughter of the prefectural magistrate.

To prevent her fate of being tormented to death by the Northern Garrison Prince—just as the crown prince was switched with a raccoon dog—a mute s*ave from the magistrate’s residence is sent as a substitute on the marriage sedan. The mute s*ave was born with the beauty of an exiled immortal, but also the disability of voicelessness; because of his appearance that might attract misfortune, he was locked away in the courtyard by his mother.

Suddenly one day, the prefectural magistrate’s household bestows upon him the name of Shen Yu and sends people to teach him how to serve another before delivering him onto the bed of the “Living King of Hell.” Will he become the tenth ghost to die unjustly under the Northern Garrison Prince’s body?


Associated Names
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Mute S*ave
The Silent Concubine
Ya Nu
Á nô
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43 Reviews

Opal October
Opal October
Nov 08, 2020
Status: --
Such low ratings for a good story with a good plot, I don't understand it. And not only that, the mute character is interesting. Some people are complaining about the abuse, the r*pe, and some even went as far as to complain that the punishment for the MC is unfair.

First of all, let us remember that there are tags of r*pe, and abuse, so if you can't stand it, don't even click the story. Why are you even here?

Second of all, life isn't fair. Especially in Ancient Times. Justice and... more>> Punishments are given from whatever limited evidence there are, and in Ancient China, life is very harsh, even in the damn Forbidden City, whether you are a s*ave, servant, noble or consort, or even the Emperor with enemies and conspiracies at every corner. The limited education and way of thinking is very different. As such, the attitudes may seem unreasonable to us "modern" people, please be more understanding.

r*pe and abuse were too common in ancient times, even though those who break the rules are heavily punished under rightful law, there are loopholes. For example, they say men must not r*pe women, but the law did not include men. You can probably guess the rest.

Beauties married to men live a very unsecured life. They either fight among themselves to get their husband's attention because their life literally depends on him. And when I said fight, I also mean they kill each other one way or another. Back then, there is no such thing as equal rights, and those men on men love were not allowed, it's a miracle if they actually manage to be together.

If you skip what I said above for the second reason, I'll say this simply.

Don't read this with a modern view.

If you choose to do so, then my advice is that you read a modern BL story. <<less
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Apr 28, 2020
Status: c98
The prince is a slag yandere, the s*ave is a holy Mary, the villains are one-dimensional, and the plot is abusive. All in all, a fun read that suffers from the typical tropes of the genre. MTL'd after chapter 13 (it's do-able for the initiated).

Some additional tags from the author's description: 2nd male lead exists, abuse in the first half and fluff in the second (assuming massive grovelling exists later on, because otherwise that promised HE is impossible).

Unbelievably, the shou s*ave is the most likable, realistic character despite the fact... more>> that he's out-of-this-world beautiful, has a photographic memory, and immediately trips head-over-heels in love with ML. He acts more or less like you would expect as mute, illiterate, and naive young teenager who grew up as a disabled s*ave in ancient society. Thanks to the ML's abuse, he gradually wises up and grows by leaps and bounds (mentally—physically, he's a wreck). It's slowely revealed that MC


is actually a "Yunmeng" person, which sounds like the author's set-up for the mpreg. And an explanation for MC's OP skills.


ML is your standard issue abusive slag who can't protect his lover. As the ancient military general slag variant, he also can't manage his courtyard. ML's legitimate wife is the spoiled rotten emperor's little sister — so of course, as the only major female in the plot (read: natural immunity to MC's face), she's the source of a lot of MC's pain. ML is also best friends with the emperor, who injects political dog blood into this awkward romance. <<less
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Mar 10, 2022
Status: Completed
I’ve read this novel, and the person below me clearly didn’t know what he/she’s reading. The spoiler he/she made is not accurate. The extras with the kids, no forced kissing happened, and what dog are you talking about?

This is also the reason why I no longer trust NU reviews.

This novel was a good read. Highly recommended.
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Feb 16, 2021
Status: Completed
This novel has been in my radar for a long while I avoided it because I thought it would be depressing. My interest was piqued only after I read the manga. MC was downright pitiful-mistreated by everyone around and eventually ML and boy those chapters were difficult to go through. I almost wanted to drop it since it got so depressing. But I was glad I persisted. This story is so special because MC's sufferings and pain was eventually compensated in a satisfying manner. By the end of it, I... more>> felt extremely satisfied by the whole ride so I would recommend this very much. I assure you you wont regret this.


MC was physically tortured by ML's psychotic concubine. He was sick all the time almost dying and still was tortured and he could cry for help coz he was mute, nevertheless our ML loved him and he fell in love in return. One day, the emperor fancied him and tricked him into spending the night with him in the wilderness-they didn't do anything though but ML wouldn't listen to his explanations no matter what and branded him to be 'dirty' so did all those cruel things to him, throwing away his painstakingly made gift that he spent a month to make.. Sleeping with others right under his nose, you name it-until MC couldn't stand it anymore and left him on his own, but there's a catch, ML pretended to not give a crap when he left but then secretly held MC's mother hostage. MC had no choice but to return and knelt down for a long time begging him until he almost died. MC was saved by our dear emperor who's the perpetrator to their misunderstanding. Now MC lived in the emperor as his concubine sortof.. Emperor is jealous of ML coz no matter what he does MC would not give him his heart so he hatched a plot to get rid of ML. Succeeded. ML was taken prisoner and tortured but still refused to tell MC where he hid his mother-still f**ks MC in prison but wouldn't tell him. ML managed to overthrow the emperor but when they got to the place MC's mother was held captive, she had already died. MC was crushed and hated ML. ML felt guilty and cared for him, however, MC began to hate him as much as he loved him in the past coz his mom died bcoz of ML. MC was locked up in the palace n ML tried to get him back but his heart was alr hardened. He did everything-including making him his queen. But MC remained unperturbed. MC met his remaining Chu clan and was asked to leave but he hestitated coz he still had feelings for ML even though MC ignored him cruelly. Jus as u thought this dog blood drama would end n fluff wld start-nahh it got worse. One day he discovered a letter that revealed that MC's dad was killed by ML a long time ago - So MC left ML and went with his brother. ML found tht letter n realized what he did in the past n for d 1st time he felt unworthy of MC but still couldn't let him go so ML followed them. They were attacked by the Huns n ML saved him. But ML told his brother not to let him know. This is my fave part- ML then donned a mask and followed MC with a new identity as his mute bodyguard. N then things will get better from here. They went to MC's ancestral home and they recultivate their feelings once more-sort of. MC was to get married with his 'brother' who he thought saved him bf- (it was actually ML who did but MC had no idea) He needed to continue his special bloodline but he was torn coz he had feelings for this new mute bodyguard which he suspect to be ML n the rest leads to happy ending between them.

20 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jul 12, 2020
Status: Completed
This book is completely abusive and disgusting. I was curious about the fact that the MC is mute (first time I see a story with a mute character in the NU) and I was completely disappointed, I don't even know how the other readers liked this, but it all depends on tastes.

Sorry for my bad English.
20 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Sep 20, 2021
Status: c116
I read this knowing it's noncon and abuse story. I'm usually happy to write off past transgressions if the flow is believable, I do love me some grovelling. But this is...

It was not some misunderstanding that ML is a scum. He actively wants to hurt MC, he treated him less than a dog, he seems to only exist to torture MC. He leaves MC alone in a house with a royal princess who was never subtle about wanting to kill MC, a princess who had killed/tortured his past concubines who... more>> barely survived his pathetic excuse for lovemaking. Emperor should be a matchmaker, the princess and ML are a perfect match.

He'd shout why doesn't MC trust him!?!?! when he doesn't trust MC either and never properly listens to him. He's this genius tactician who can't analyse his toxic behaviour and can't tell when ppl are lying to him. It's even worse if he had planned everything about MC's time in his manor and him leaving to join emperor faction. He knows he's MC's entire world, and he still trampled over him. Then he had the nerve to say he can't live without MC, when he was MC's living nightmare.

You see, when your image outside is sh!t and your behaviour in real life is also sh!t, people tend to think that's who you are, a sh!t. Oh the fun times when he hanged MC by the hand and whipped him and did it until his bleeding painted the floor in beautiful patterns. So. Fun. Because it's definitely his fault he dances so well everyone falls for his charm, we all know dancing in front of men is the signal to start an 0rgee.

Everyone just stands around letting MC get tortured and humiliated. Not even his friend/bodyguard says anything, MC forgives them all. It's like there's this barrier preventing anyone from helping him when the abuse events gets triggered. MC eventually gets so ruined he will only live 2 years tops (or 20 if his mood stabilised). He's really thin and suffering from poison recurrence (WHICH ML HAS THE ANTIDOTE TO ALL ALONG BTW) and with this tattered body, MC will later get pregnant, idk, this feels like a mess to me. No one is making sense.

Clearly author believes just being in love excuses everything. Stab ppl, oh I did it out of love, it's because I was so jealous that I want to hurt you and feel I own you. Poison ppl, I didn't mean to, I love you so much, you understand me right? Why would I hurt you everyday if I don't love you? Terrorise you, I can't stay away from you, you're the only one for me, who cares about your reputation? Mine is also ruined, we'll be perfect match!

MC's actions feels like he's only attached to ML cus of his Stockholm syndrome, he never knew healthy romantic love, he keeps craving ML's warmth, thinking he's in love even when it's mostly the seggs, hesitates to leave ML even when he's already tired with everything. I find it hard to believe they truly love each other. Maybe if his mom and dad resurrected. I for one would want nothing to do with a person who's been central to my family's demise.

Stars just for author, for trying something even though I wasn't convinced and writing a lot of this mess, and translator's hard work. <<less
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Jul 11, 2020
Status: Completed
(There's a webcomic version if you want to see their pictures) This is a dogblood gender bend story so I started this.

The ML is established a violent and merciless person and you can see his brutality everywhere else so I find it cute to see his rare moments of kindness and pampering of the MC. The biggest problem is his yandere tendencies where his (abnormal) brain thinks of negativity in excess.

As for the MC, I do understand his doormat personality but it's frustrating at times. GET READY FOR... more>> MC SUFFERING AND HARDSHIP. But don't worry, it will only last at the first arc. Second part ML spent his time and effort (and even blood) to woo back MC.

The couple misunderstanding....


will really be getting more and more complicated since the ML weaved an elaborate battle plan. The MC will wake up from his silly love and will try to regain his dignity and freedom (remember he's a s*ave). MC falling to the emperor's hands is part of MLs plan. The couple will argue out their misunderstanding. The great King would finally realize that what he did is wrong but he is too late. Still, he'd swallow his pride and try to convey his real feelings for MC. Later half of the story the circumstances reversed and now ML will be the one to chase MC. I find it sweet when he tried being the dumb one himself and try to understand how it feels in MCs shoes.


And oh, btw, I want to spoil, about guard Song and the one called red lotus in the raws,

it's just pretend play, ML NEVER slept with him. Red lotus guy likes Song so he is jealous of MC bcos of him. Not bcos of the North King. They will be the secondary couple later.

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Lost Happiness
Lost Happine
Mar 03, 2020
Status: c38

I want to cry every time I read each chapter. The harem drama is strong in this one, at least for where I'm at so far.

Chapter 38

big reveal where the princess consort tells the ML and everyone who has gathered the naming of MC's status as a concubine that MC was a substitute.

MC has been afraid of this since he thinks ML likes him because of his presumed status as Shen Yu. So he tries to push ML away and get ML to not give him a title but as always, ML takes no for an answer.

12 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Apr 06, 2021
Status: c50
It's weird how everyone expects every story to be fluffy, look at the tags before reading especially if you're trynna read an ancient themed story

If a story doesn't suit your test then it jus doesn't, quit complaining (or write your own novel) and you don't really have to come here and rate it

Btw, why is it tagged mpreg? Is it?
11 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Apr 16, 2020
Status: c13
I really like this novel despite all the violence and dramas in it. The MC is a mute s*ave who was the substitute for the daughter of perfectural magistrate, married to the ML as his concubine. Bad things happens to the MC, especially because he's a mute and he is not educated so he couldn't write his thought; and often the ML misread what the MC expressions means. ML was cruel under the impression of possessiveness towards MC. But because ML is the only person aside from MC's mother that... more>> had shown him any kindness during his life, MC is somehow still grateful and if I dare say, love him. Also beware of the 1st wife of the ML, the younger sister of the emperor, because she's a jealous bit*h who continuously makes MC life miserable.

The translator for chapter 1-13 (@cicada_cricket on twitter) said that they will not be continuing to translate Silent Lover and had hoped that another translator will pick it up soon.


I read some spoilers on the internet; they said that the ML will soften towards MC and really love him. He get rid of the 1st wife. MC; who does not really have anything in his life, were supported by the ML and slowly grow to be a great person. Also, there is mpreg happening!


((i really hope another translator will pick it up too. I couldn't read Chinese so the English translation of this novel is really precious)) <<less
11 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Aug 01, 2020
Status: Completed
The first half of the novel, I was like... is everyone stuck on s*upid? Then the last 30%, turns palpable. Like the author improved his/her skill as he/she composes the story.

The first 70% of the novel is blatantly abusive. Pretty excessive and most of the time, the punishments of the MC is s*upidly unfair. It's like the ML is blind or something. He kept misunderstanding the MC without giving him a single chance of explaining himself even though he knows well that the MC is mute. He treats the MC... more>> like a s*x toy and then stomps him in the mud when he is tired of his pretty toy. I don't understand the love the MC has for the ML at all. ML is a total jerk, selfish and egoistic to the max! Then again, perhaps the MC is a masochist.

Said masochist MC somehow grew a backbone and things turn somewhat pleasant. I am not going to lie that I did not enjoy the retribution chapters in the last 30% of the story. <spoiler>The ML spine got stolen by the MC, and he became a s*ave to his Queen. Seeing him grovelling is so satisfying.</spoiler>

Another thing I didn't get is how on earth does the MC thinks that he could fake being a woman when his husband beds him every single night? <i>Which hole does he think his husband is poking?</i> Naivety has to have a limit, or it is equivalent to being an idiot.

This story is a very tall tale. It does not even need to try to compete for the title of being the tallest tale. Oddly, I did somewhat enjoy the last 30% of the novel with the MC being more clear-headed and then pregnant with the ML hovering like a mother hen.

*Reviewed on August 1, 2020 [Read the Chinese raws] <<less
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Sep 26, 2021
Status: Completed
Personally I'm a fan of this kind of trope, where a character starts from being evil and then tries to repent his sins. I'm also well aware of the tags r*pe and abuse so I don't really mind. But the reason I can't give higher score is the way the author handles the changes in the plot and character (especially the ML) in the second half of the story, where ML finally realizes his mistakes and tries hard to win back the MC. It's supposed to be the more exciting... more>> part of the story, but it fell flat and felt rather unbelievable. The ML's character suddenly changes 180 degrees from cruel and cold-blooded person who kills without batting an eye to overly sweet and lovesick-person, I was like "Huuhh?" It's so OOC it feels like I'm watching two different people. Understood that the ML tries to repent his sins by being doting and pampering MC, but realistically no one can change that drastically and there still should be traces of his original personalities, which I hardly see any. Or maybe he has double personalities?!

I can't help comparing it to one of my fave danmei novels, which also features quite similar premise, but the changes are handled very well and realistically, the readers fully understand why the characters react and think certain ways. And all the characters still maintain their distinct personalities, while also made character growth at the same time.

Overall it's a decent read, even though had it been handled better, it'd have been one of my top fave danmei novels. <<less
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Jul 04, 2020
Status: Completed
real rating cause I misclicked: 3.9/5

cried a lot reading this novel, a whole lot. My poor baby, he couldn't stand up for himself at first ;-;

read only if you can take

saddness, violence, r*pe, yandere and of course, the always necessary jealous princess consort. :)



uh, MC gets pregnant towards the end.. Yes, pregnant!
i will say, I actually pity the MC a lot. He only ever felt love once, from his mom, so he took whatever kindness he got from the ML as 'love'. Baby, he's highkey obssessed with you, please be careful!
ML is a total yandere but he was useless at some of the crucial moments — the perfect chances for him to show off to the MC how capable he was, mind you. Do you not see the MC is being I don't know, ABSUED? SAVE HIM, YOU MONEKY-BRAINED IDIOT. I was truly very frustrated reading this novel at times due to the ML's inability to protect the MC at the instances where the MC needs it the most.


overall, it was mediorce. Read War Prisoner for a less awkwardly developed romance or Blind Concubine for a more realistic plot.

war prisoner is HE, blind concubine is not HE.

8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mar 02, 2022
Status: Completed
Listen I just had to read the whole thing on Wattpador like somewhere cuz it was soooooo interesting. Usually, I hate books like these but can we just talk about the MC?

The MC (Shen Yu) : I love the MC. As one reader said, life is hard during ancient times so obviously his punishment would be unfair. You really can't read this mind with a modern view and mindset because if I were to read it with this modern view then everything that happens here is so wrong like hella... more>> wrong but thank god I read the tags before I jumped in. The MC is a mute servant and extremely beautiful. At first, he is portrayed as a weak man but over time as he faces his difficulties he grows stronger and starts developing a sense of self-worth and that he doesn't belong to anyone but himself. I love this growth. Great job author!

The ML (Jun Xuanxiao) : I have to say it...I hate him. And that is the sole reason this great novel got a 4 star from my side. Listen he was like those cold-hearted men whose heart would slowly melt thanks to the MC. But the only thing is that the heart melts so slowly for this fellow that by the time all is said and done, Shen Yu already hates him and he (ML) regrets it. And boy what he did to the MC in the first few chapters...I knew he was going to be tr*sh. (Open spoilers to read it)

So basically towards the end of the year festival Jun Xuanxiao holds like this celebration where he invites people and they like want to see this new siren-like 'concubine' that has this dude so in love. So he was like sure go get him. And then Shen Yu comes and then some like side hoe asks him to do something to entertain them and then Shen Yu is like 'Imma dance and show it to the prince and hope he likes it' so he does dance... Sword dance which is like raw as hella bro. And then this dude out of god knows where gets jealous that others can see Shen Yu dance and then like whips him?! Like what in the f*ck? What kind of f*ckery is this?

So yeah he is tr*sh as hell. Not only that he even has the balls of steel to continue claiming that the MC likes him. He's like "I know that you still love me". He's a narcissistic, egotistic, prideful, the 'I'm better than all of you' kind of a jerk. If I were Shen Yu, I would change his name to queso and dip on him, sis. But oh well, I got to see him kneel for MC so all is well.

I wasn't much interested in the side couple but a nice addition. Listen, when I saw this novel I thought that this would be the same kind of jerk stories like 'After I died the scum gong's grief was too much for him to handle' but lo-behold this was actually great. I like the fact that the ML really had to work hard to earn the MC's trust and that the MC was like mountain Tai, unshakable. Even though they did end up together I was surprisingly satisfied with the ending. Overall I just want to say that if Shen Yu ended up with somebody else this would be 5/5 for me but it's ok even if he did end up with the ML. Great story, kind of emotional and overall a great read. Great job author and I'm looking forward to reading more books of yours!

7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mar 07, 2021
Status: c150
This story has a huge potential. However it is ruined by shallow plot and 1 sided characters. Author probably hates MC soo much that author made him soft and frail as a cottonball. I mean MC is a man, but seems to lack strenght easily losing to female maids/villains. Always slapped, tortured, etc. All the MC knows to do is to cry and act half dead. I mean MC is more frail than a flower (bleeding/wounding himself by just about every move he makes) to the point that you would... more>> want to choke him yourself just to end his senseless sufferings.

MC is also dumb as a stick believing strangers and female villains in almost everything its anmoying. <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Nov 02, 2021
Status: --
really disappointed in how glorified the ML's r*pe, objectification, etc are glorified

and FORGIVEN by the MC later when really the MC should've just killed him imo


MC deserves SO much better
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Sep 26, 2020
Status: c5
I'll come back after finishing this novel. Then I'll revise, if this novel worth more or less.

But, I wanna say this: the Ancient China, like many eastern countries have their own legend of unmatched beauties. Usually, they ended up with tragedy. So, while this novel is abusive, it's kinda weird to look at this from modern standpoint. Because many element from this novel heavily borrow the Ancient China legend of Four Beauties.

So, yeah. Please don't bring modern view when read this novel.
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jun 11, 2020
Status: Completed
This novel succeeded to make me crave for more...
This is the first time I search in Chinese and used google translate to finished it

MC is a extremely beautiful mute s*ave (that I wonder how he look like... how can he make all the straight guy turning gay ? only god know)

ML is a prince who is handsome (of course... if he is ugly this story will turn out different) and cruel

Did I like it ? Yeah....
Did I cried ? Yeah a couple tears drop

After finished it I am happy for this couple eventhough there is a time that I hope the MC ended up with the guard name Song Qing...
I will definitely choose Song Qing....
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Dec 30, 2021
Status: Completed
I am writing this because of how good this novel is. I don't understand why this novel is underrated, as someone who has been reading BL novels for so many years already. This is a hidden gem for those who are looking for angsty novels. Also, STOP COMPARING NOVELS FROM ONE ANOTHER!

The ML here is understandable knowing that they are in ancient times where war between kingdoms are happening. It is normal for him to be possessive, it is normal for him to be rough and whatsoever as a General... more>> who is used to the smell of blood in a battlefield. He knows how to love but not really know how to properly cherish someone.

For the MC, him being doormat is molded because of the environment where he grew up. It is explained in the first few chapters. We can see him grow as the chapters pass by. He was able to talk again at the latter part of the story.

What makes this novel frustrating is that he is unable to express himself due to inability to speak. People kept on sowing a discord between him and ML.


This is in an ancient setting but I still can't help but be upset when ML have s*x with the pr*stitute behind MC's back. Some say it is a pretend play (when there is actually penetration happening and ML seems to be in it. Disgusting.) See Chapter 73 and Chapter 82. It was not explained but please have some common sense what happened afterward. Pretend play but you have to get naked? MC can't see ML at all. He can just hear the voices of the two. Song Qing also said that the ML is seeking "happiness" elsewhere. Anyway, since this is the ancient time, it is normal.

AND, from what I read, it is NOT the ML who captured MC's mother but the Emperor! It's just ML wants to play with MC and so he took the blame and now when ML came to rescue MC's mother, it is too late. MC saw ML's sword with blood and misunderstood him. (Btw, the reason why there is blood on his sword is because they are rebelling to the Emperor)


Our moral lesson in this novel is "to have trust"

Btw, I think the place called "Yungmeng" where MC originated are mentioned in other novels where people have special physique and can get pregnant even when they are a male. It's just in this novel, it is abrupt and there is really no mention about what is special about Yungmeng aside from its relics. Like what other reviews said, it was realistic but then male pregnancy was introduced in the story that affected their ratings, I guess. Btw, it is a pill that a man (only with Chu bloodline it is effective) must take to be pregnant (in this novel)

Fluff? That comes after ML disguised himself as a dark guard that is around chapter 160+ <<less
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Dec 16, 2021
Status: c30
This makes me want to scream... and not in a good way.

I've only read 30 chapters so I'm not sure if the story will get better but so far this is what happened -

... more>>

ML spends his time torturing/r*ping the MC at the start of the story. Everytime, after the ML has his way with MC, MC gets summoned by ML's wife to get tortured as well like forcing him to go on without sleep. This goes on a while till MC and starts affecting MC's performance in bed which angers ML because ML thinks MC was being lazy. After so long, ML's wife had MC drink poison and after that while in the middle of s*x, MC collapses.

ML gets angry at this for some reason but calls the physician to heal MC. Physician informs ML that MC was being tortured by someone else. ML has those involved taken away. While making the MC take medicine, ML suddenly realizes he doesn't want to lose MC and likes him. Then with a 180 change in personality, starts being kind and flirty, etc. Literally after 1-2 days of ML being nice, MC suddenly realizes he loves him wtf???


I usually enjoy cold and cruel characters but so far the ML doesn't have any redeeming qualities. The sudden change in personality when treating MC was jarring at how fast and without a believable reason it was. MC was interesting at first but the way he fell in love so suddenly with the ML was so unrealistic.

Not sure if it's because of how it was written but all the characters seem so s*upid? ML keeps asking for an explanation to him knowing he can't speak and gets angry because of his assumptions. MC was a s*ave that was locked up for most of his life so him not knowing what to do in certain situation kinda makes sense but at least freaking do something and not just smile and take it.

Got so frustrated on how fast they suddenly like each other that I had to stop it for now.. maybe I'll pick it up again but for now... urgh. <<less
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