Silent Hearts


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The meaning behind Lin Mu’s name is the forest at night.

Every time Lu Rong signs his name, he would sign it wrongly, calling himself “Little Deer.”

Very long later, Lin Zhao signed with her fingers, smiling at the two people.

She signed, “The little deer is sleeping in the forest at night.”

A special group of people, a special progress of life, and a special love.

My silence, and your affections.

Please, world, treat us a little more warmly.

Associated Names
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Love in Silence
mo mai
mò mài
Mặc Mạch
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2 Reviews

May 17, 2023
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Dec 26, 2022
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This book is about stories of many people life, heart-warming youth and overcoming life difficulties in the sweetest way.

Lin Mu ... more>>

(Cheerful, Strong will, Kind, Forgive and forget shou)


Lu Rong

(Hardworking, Attentive, Affectionate gong)


TLDR: Story is about Lin Mu and Lin Zhao, a fraternal pair of twin. Lin Zhao was born deaf and one day asked Lin Mu to replace her spot for her community meeting. Lin Mu wore her make up and dress going the meeting. There he met Lu Rong, one year younger than him. Lu Rong came to the meeting with his dementia grandmother who he has taking care of since he was 12 years old.

From now on my review will contain heavy spoilers.

Lin Mu to me come across as someone who is happy, very strong will and very much protective of his sister. At first Lin Mu doesn't want to get to know Lu Rong but slowly throughout many meetings he became closer with Lu Rong. It doesn't take long, about towards end of book 1 Lin Mu already realized his feeling for Lu Rong. With his character, he has no problem confessing and this novel has no chasing. Both of them realized their feeling and ship sails smoothly in the sweetest way.

Lu Rong, he is really good looking but this fact doesn't overpower his character. At first, he seems perfect to me. But slowly we get to know his weakness, his inner feelings that he never shows other people, the burden he has to take while taking care of his grandma. I feel bad for the dude.

The author did take Mika Nakashima song as their inspiration. It reflects Lu Rong really well. Lu Rong essentially feeling like dying, lost and want to give up. His meeting with Lin Mu saved him and he really can't live without Lin Mu. But I think on book 2, he did grow up and they both seems equally foot with each other.

There are lots of side characters that is important as this is a life story, it has some bullying, some family drama but they aren't cliché. Like bullies become friend, drama resolve kindly, and there is also Lin Zhao own love story. I hate sticky plot and this danmei is nothing like that.

Things I'm not liking : Long plot about life, I'm more something- solving kind of person. I wish more inner monologue, longing words, angsty tear jerk love then panty drop comeback. But this is life of slice shounen ai so why am I complaining. I loveee this author other danmei which is Salad Days as it does give me longing feelings and separation then reunion.

Now, should you buy this? I don't regret my purchase, but I strongly advise people who likes heavy plot only and look for ground breaking love to not buy this. If you want to read something new than mdzs, meatbun, priest danmei then go ahead buy this.

My Top 3 Quote


I can't afford to want anything, but I still want you – Lu Rong

I'm afraid my hear would beat too loudly. Can't you hear how much I love you? – Lin Mu

Even the spring knows I'm falling for you – Lin Mu

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