She’s Just Wearing a Uniform


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“This is the first time, meeting someone like you.”

The 19-year old JK I met — Her uniform is fake

Fake JK X Company s*ave’s fluffy love story.

Living with a 19-year old, her uniform is fake.

Being a convenience store manager, Hiromi Doumoto, everyday of his work is tiring,

By some chance got addicted to some shop where JK Akari is working at–

“Then, I’ll service you?”

In an everyday like this, because of a working dispute and was called back to work’s Doumoto, and Akari who got twirled in!?

“I don’t have a place to live in — Please let me live with you!!”

With this sudden co-habitation, Doumoto and Akari overcame their problems.

The two of them, marching towards new heights

13th GA Bunko Rewards – Gold Award

Company s*ave X Legal 19-year old JK!? The two’s co-hab love story starts now.

Associated Names
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Tada Seifuku wo Kiteru Dake
The uniform is for show only
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