Shadow Queen


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“Could you become my daughter?”

Thanks to the Grand Duke Friedrich’s proposition, Elena became his fake daughter. Yet after marrying the Crown Prince, having his child, and acquiring land to oversee herself, the ‘late’ Duke’s daughter, Lady Veronica, appeared before her.

All along, she had been nothing but a mere puppet for the real thing. Elena’s son is thus taken from her, and she is mu*dered.

In a twist of events however, she ends up returning to the past.

“I will crush each and every one of you.”

She would never live the life of a puppet again.

And so begins Elena’s second life, swearing vengeance on her enemies.

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Queen in the Shadows
그림자 황비
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15 Reviews

Aug 21, 2020
Status: c5
Great story I love it, 10/10. And translation 9/10. It's similar yet different to other time traveling stories where FL goes back into the past. I have to say it look a lot like the villainess turn the hourglass, the only difference is that she doesn't have a super power. It has the tragedy tag because her first timeline resulted in tragedy, it has a happy ending, based on the spoilers.
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Jul 03, 2020
Status: c2
Interesting premise, I love what I've read so far and I hope to read more of it! Prologue is a little confusing since it doesn't make sense why the Duke would want a replacement for his living daughter, but I'm sure it'll be explained in future chapters. I hope the FMC will continue to have a strong backbone and desire for revenge.
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Apr 11, 2021
Status: c12
1/5 stars

I was so excited to read this seeing the good reviews about it. Frankly it's quite disappointing. The translations show very little editing and doesn't make much sense a lot of the time. But I mean it's free, so I guess I can't expect much for quality. However, I realized after reading another version of Shadow Queen that you guys literally skipped an entire page of content in one chapter (didn't check the rest of their chapters cuz why bother).
Poorly edited MTLs are one thing and they suck,... more>> but being lazy and skipping content is just NO. Show some respect man... <<less
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Feb 22, 2021
Status: c17

Went to look for the novel because the manhwa got me hooked! Hmm... I feel compared to the manga the novel was unable to translate the tension and darkness. Maybe it's because I read the manwha first that I felt that the author didn't spend much time creating a tense atmosphere with the FL in a very precarious sitation as drawn in the manhwa.

But what it lacked is of course the finer details which have caused some contention in the manhwa readers 😅

Anywho, the plot's got me addicted! That's... more>> why I overrated it 😁 Hope it doesn't lose potential.. <<less
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May 04, 2023
Status: Completed
I really liked the story as a whole, but ML definitely wasn't the right choice. It was so forced. The FL had more chemistry with the other guy. It was too disappointing.

All FLs in this kind of story seem to end up with the crown prince, no matter what. If they end up with a duke, it's because the crown prince is an ass. Elena had such good chemistry with Ren, but no, she ends up choosing the crown prince in the end, even after telling herself again and again that she would never join the imperial family in this life. And the fact that she would choose him was actually obvious from the first chapter, but I had still hoped that she would move on. But the author used their child as a weapon to justify their union in this life as well. Ren was literally ready to throw his life away to save Elena. What did Sian even do? He hurt her in the past life, and the reason she chooses him in this life is because of their child in the previous life.


If I remove the love triangle from the novel (I wish it wasn't there in the first place), the story is quite nice. The FL actually uses her brain and uses her past life memories effectively to her advantage. The villains were also not just some 2D villains, except for one, but given her past, we can see how she grew up into such a loathsome person. Other villains were actually well-written. And what I really liked about the book is the fitting ending for each villain. I had never read such fitting endings for villains in other similar novels, so it was quite interesting.


The proud one who treats everyone is beneath her dies with her head chopped in public. The smart one who thought she was the smartest in this world is bested by FL in mind games and ends up dying by su*cide. The one who was overwhelmingly powerful both politically and physically dies at the battlefield after seeing his wealth crumble slowly.


All in all, it was a good read.
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Aug 16, 2021
Status: c243
This novel is the one of the best novels in Korean. The plot in this novel is high standard and not repetative. This novel gives the reader uneasiness and makes us feel more curious about the story as we progress. The novel is geniusly written and a lot of wits. It is also complexities and deep insight. It is very rare for such stories exists especially in korean, japanese and chinese. It surpasses the plot of manga.
If this has an manga or anime adaption of this story it is... more>> outstanding.

Unlike other novels which uses supernatural powers to progress the plot to portray the strength and this novel does not have any supernatural power except reincarnation of MC which makes it more realistic and nature and have only option is to rely on unparallel and sheer intellect and shows MC sheer wits and intellegence to bypass danger from powerful enemies and turn the tables in favour for her. <<less
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Dec 02, 2022
Status: c50
World building- literally non existent. The author bypasses it in such an incredible way, for that reason alone, inspiring authors should read this as a study of what not to do.

Character arcs- there are no character arcs. The characters are just cliches/stereotypes.

Plot- its one 1d. Like there is no tension, no reason behind anyone's actions other than following their respective stereotype role. This story is mediocrely entertaining, just because how easily things flow from the lack of tension/issues. MC is not some genius, she admits that she's stealing other peoples... more>> idea trying to save her life. The opposition isn't so clever either. This is just a romance, I don't know why this would fall under any other genre.

Not sure why I even gave this 2 stars.... <<less
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Jun 01, 2021
Status: --
Very interesting premise.I am loving this story so far 61.

This is purely angst filled revenge with a smart reincarnated MC with hands full of cards and has schemes that are profitable for her. She is the leader. At points will be disappointed with how obvious the plot is but this novel uses it in very entertaining way.

An interesting revenge story where she takes revenge by destroying her powerful enemies of previous life. MC has tragic past life and is back with future event knowledge and admits how some things are... more>> changed due to her interferences.

MC is smart working rather than hard working cause she uses all the knowledge she has of the future, she has seen, to the fullest. MC is obviously op and is building and leading the new era trend.

made me wonder how powerful and knowledgeable the antagonist were in previous life.Like all things revolve around them. Seriously if the MC was not reincarnated with all this knowledge she would not have a chance thats how she died.


On the downside

[dumb in previous life but after reincarnation suddenly they become smart] the MC is shown being so observant of all type of world things going on but ignorant of the life she was living, the death of her parents in previous life. Of course the novel states she was living while being nervous that she is fake and was manipulated but really. While she was empress she just heard in passing about Lucia's death and her father finding the cure so she sends the cure to the father in this life. This happens really early and reader will be oh but this is the foreshadowing. All future events are like this. I like it, a new approch but makes me wonder lol


But you will realize from some point on it will typically be like just another reincarnation story with how every character falls in love with MC. Why is this necessary ? About the ML

I was getting really curious who will be the ML because it was hinting to be the prince.. Like the way the prince was being described as not being at fault in previous life and all that. I was hoping this novel to not go the typical prince route but whatever. He is the ml


She reminds me of how stock investers will be if they were reincarnated.

I am not continuing as of now but will continue in future hopefully. As seen in spoiler it has lots of story to unfold. <<less
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Sep 27, 2020
Status: --
If you haven't read this be sure you would.

This is a good story full of schemes and it's a battle of the brains, villains are not that dumb but still FL is one step ahead of them.
The Imperial family is not glorious as it is in other novels, it shows a perfect power struggle between commoners, nobles and the royals which make them look not perfect, and it is more realistic
FL is not a villain but a brilliant tactician to have her revenge and prosper the country given... more>> her past memories.
It's full of angst and it is a roller coaster ride not too much misunderstanding between MC's and contrary to other people's expectations ML is not a douche, and love's FL so much.
At first fl's decision making seems questionable but all will make sense in the end as the story progress which for me seems frustratingly unpredictable cause you are thinking she will make a bad choice, but that makes her a brilliant schemer <<less
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Sep 14, 2020
Status: c7
Clicks everything I like in a story~

revenge plot... check~

comes back to the past after dying a tragic death... check~

... more>> and above all, a strong female lead... check n check~

Gave me some serious 'villainess reverses the hourglass' vibes! The plot is quite similar with the adoption and vengeance. The noble family gives similar vibes, starting with the b*tchey villainous (Mielle and real Veronica) ~

But our FL doesn't waver! she strong~ and that's what I love about this~ I also love that in this story our FL doesn't have a super power like it did in the 'villainess reverses the hourglass'.

It gives some form of raw unfiltered achievement and happiness for her work~

Also, I really hope in the future chapters, we get to see why she actually went back in time.


It was Aria's ability to turn back time that got her back to the past and a proper explanation was given about it with her ability comes from the royal family and that she is a distant relative of the royal family from her biological father's side. I really hope, they give a proper explanation like that for this as well~ can't wait for more chapters~ <<less
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Mar 29, 2022
Status: --
I really hate what was happened on the end of the Side Story... ... more>>

She kept telling herself that she doesn't want to be tied to the imperial family but then after saying that Sian dreamt about the boy, and she just shaken down just because of their past. I felt disappointed of the outcome. Really. I hope the author justify something that 2nd ML should be the right choice even though he is a hard headed person like Calixto (Death Is The Only Ending For The Villainess).

Their love story are too much roundabouts and I think Ren is much better than Sian, because Ren had been very diligent to bring down the Grand Duchy.. I mean, he is more capable than Sian. Come on.. I know I really hate the cliché that in the end they will just end up together again.. Just like the the Abandoned Empress.. I hope they change their writing styles... because it is too much coming back on the same person again and again.


I don't hate the translation. I am very grateful that the TL is very hardworking. I have no complain for free readings. <<less
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Jul 28, 2021
Status: c15

I love villaness reincarnation novels and was excited to come across this.

The story started out fine, the first few chapters laying the groundwork of the story about an Empress who was betrayed and ruthlessly killed by those she trusted. She reincarnated to a time before she started her ruse as the Duke's daughter, which is where the fun starts. The translation was a little rough but it hardly noticeable due to the engaging story.

Unfortunately when the translator changed, I quickly came to realise that the translation had all the hallmarks... more>> of an unedited MTL: incorrect pronouns, no delineation between thoughts and conversations, awkward sentence structures, and nonsensical paragraphs. Seriously all the things that'll melt your brain if you persist.

Sorry, I just couldn't continue but persist at your own risk. <<less
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Dec 13, 2020
Status: --
If you're looking for an enthralling read with an entertaining MC, then you've come to the right place. Plot? Cliche. Support Characters? Overused tropes. Female lead? One heck of a personality. What has kept me as a religious follower of this series is her personality and how she isn't just a doormat that people walk all over. I swear on my name that this woman is the queen of manipulation; like, she seriously deserves an Oscar for her acting. This story is primarily a battle of brains and always has... more>> you wondering what her next course of action is gonna be. <<less
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Jun 17, 2021
Status: Completed
Great, not overloaded with romance, a good ending and a few extras to compliment the story. The FL is ruthless and goes her path without straying, shes uses her knowledge she gained from the first life to the maximum. The bad guys are really bad but aren't total idiots. The translation listed here is good, you can find the rest via google, that translation is not as good but still easily understandable.

... more>>

Reading about the Grand Dukes head on a pike was SOOO good! I really really enjoyed how she dealt with Leabrick and the "real" princess, it was cold and drove home the point how utterly the FL hated those 2.

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Apr 02, 2023
Status: Completed
First of all the trasnlation is on point, I have absolutely no complaints whatsoever.

This was one of my favourites, I waited and waited for this to be translated... just to drop it the moment I found it finally did.

I don't need to give you a big description. Just one.


Sian is the ml


And ya'll I'm done with this sh*t. Bye.I wasted my tears on this story.
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