Semi Datte Tensei Sureba Ryuu Ni Naru


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I was a cicada. Now I’m a dragon.

I who was reborn in a far place of a different world, was given life as a dragon. As this world’s one and only strongest dragon.

Why the cicada was reincarnated as a dragon, I didn’t understand, or if I had received life again in order to meet her someday.

For her, I will sing again and again. Till the end of my power, till the end of my life.

Miin min min min Miin min min min

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Even a Cicada Becomes a Dragon If Reborn
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VanAlex rated it
May 7, 2016
Status: --
It’s been only a month since I’ve started to begun to have an interest in reading Novels, and I’ve searched in advanced method where I will not rely on popularity, but on rankings through the help of MangaUpdates and NovelUpdates. Because of my elitism, I’ve only picked few novels which are worth of my time, and this is one of those novels that I’ve picked. My expectations on this one was low and I’ve thought it’s just a romantic comedy, but in my surprise this is one of those Poetic... more>> Novels which contains Satirical Moments, Inspirational Moments, Logical Sense, Philosophies, Romantic Sense, Deep Friendship, Ethics which is against the Law of the Jungle, and most of all Love.

This is probably “One of the Best Short Novels” in existence, I’ve never imagined that an short novel will be able to pull a decent paced episodic execution into a masterpiece. Very Unique and Complex which gave me a memorable time to hook me up despite of my lack of sleep, honestly this is one of those series which was able to give a life reflection despite of being a light story. This novel is very simple, yet the underlying message are far too deep than I’ve ever imagined. The Individual Elements are well done, the Comedy was a spot on, it’s so funny yet so deep, the execution of the funny moments contains great messages, the Romance is very simple but theres also deep messages and sensible messages about Genuine Romance, seriously this novel was able to point out what Real Romance is supposed to be, it’s under Seinen Demographic (17+ Boys), but the Whole series is probably good to all audiences ages 13 and above. It’s under seinen because of the messages and some erot*c (not really) dialogue.

The Characters are very well rounded and very complex, most of them have character development, even though the novel is short, it’s better than the most Novel with many chapters. The characters are very memorable, they do react in realistic way and the best of them are they are unpredictable, they are so good and most of them have memorable moments and they have respective spotlight, the story didn’t focus on the protagonist, but to all characters and treated very well. Our Protagonist is nameless, so I’ll call him “Min”, he’s a very amusing but respectful character, he’s a Cicada in his heart but a Dragon in Body and Wise as a Human. He acts as a cicada but does sticks to his Identity as a Dragon and Speaks and interacts like a Human, he’s one of those characters with complex characteristics but He’s one of the Ideal Protagonist. Min was an unpredictable guy who was responsible to complex messages that I’ve mentioned. The Supporting characters are well done, they are very well rounded and complex and does not stay as the same as they are before, most of them have develop incredibly like Min, and everyone is memorable. There’s only One Antagonist (Nyuju) and that antagonist is far better than most Antagonist in many novels, there’s a logical sense and reasonable explanation. This novel can turn into dark if it wants to be since Nyuju’s depth was too dark if it will be compared to the novel’s Light theme counterpart, but at the same time she develop so much and her character development was not force as the others try to do, where she was able to make friends with Min and his friends. I’ve enjoyed it so much that I wasn’t able to get a decent sleep, so enjoyable because this novel have exceeded everything that I’ve imagined, my impression have change, this Novel Deserves Perfect 5 out of 5 stars w/out judging it complicatedly, as for my standards, it’s 8.75 out of 10, I’ve Never Scored 10/10 and the Highest score that I’ve ever scored is only 9.50 only to Anime “Godfather” and Manga “Vinland Saga”. The Score 8.75 in my standards is a series that have exceeded my expectations, the elements are very complex and does not rely on typical tropes, the characters are well done which can’t be copied by other series, and the Things that I’ve mentioned in my opening. Overall I recommend this Short novel, I tell you to read it, and read it with Intellectual Mind. This series is not your Typical Series, this series is for Elitist Standards, for Higher Mind who enjoys intelligent setting and unpredictability. <<less
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Shio rated it
December 29, 2015
Status: --
It’s refreshing and funny. Unlike the usual human reincarnation, this time it’s a cicada that reincarnated as dragon. Both the dragon and cicada memory mix, and gave birth to a dragon that roar ‘min min’ and only eat tree sap lol.

A dragon that sing like a cicada.

A sacred tree that takes mother/wife figure

A pitiful hero that ended up taken by the (cicada) dragon.

The story revolved between those three characters. It’s sweet and heartwarming. I recommend this novel for those who are looking for light and short novel
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Felix3D rated it
May 30, 2016
Status: Epilogue
I've talked about traditional Japanese poetry-like prose before in my reviews, and this work exemplifies that.

For those who are confused, you can look at the "First Exemplars" of literature. For most of the Western World, that exemplar is the Bible (as it is the most formative work). For Japan? It is actually the Kojiki. It is a record of traditional poems, stories, and songs that contain the myths of Japan from before written language was a thing.

Japan didn't have a written language for a very long time, they had to... more>> import Chinese (a very unsuited writing system for Japanese, mind you) from the Buddhist missionaries. This meant that stories, myths, legends... they were remembered not as written tales like our own Fairy tales or Stories... but as songs, poems, and symbols.

This close link with poetry, and the heavy use of implied actions, symbolic meanings, and obtuse allusions pervades Japanese literature. And it is this duality that this Novel experiments with and exemplifies.

Semi Datte Tensei Sureba Ryuu ni Naru is, frankly, a love poem. One that has been very well translated for us to obtain much of the meaning, more than enough for us to see the brilliance within.

It is a poem in the shape of a novel, with stanzas in the shape of stories, and symbols in the shape of characters.

It is a beautiful meeting of language and meaning, that is meant to be experienced like a painting.

What you get out of this Novel is not more important than what you bring to it.

It is at heart a simplistic love story with fantastical elements and some lighthearted jokes and a wonderful build-up.

And if you read it quickly, that's all it will be.

But slow down for a moment before you start. Let the words pervade you, and let yourself bring more to the table. <<less
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fadefang rated it
January 2, 2017
Status: epilogue
First time EVER writing a review... but I got nothing to describe this. It the best emotional read ever. This is funny and also very touching. Why so... Hic*... sad... Hic* T~T. Oh and this story all I've got to say is, read it to the end and you won't regret it. Might not be your taste or your style of favorites but it's very good for a short read.
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Nurman rated it
September 16, 2016
Status: epilogue
Let's be honest, when I first saw how short this story was I was laughing off at the fact that people got emotional over a couple of chapters. Usually character development would proceed over the course of a story through multiple arcs, through countless character interactions and trials. And I managed to cry anyways.

I love the daily interactions between the characters and the meaningful display of emotions. The short story introduces a wide diversity of characters with different agendas and goals, but manages to focus on the key ones that... more>> made the ending pack so much punch. <<less
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GuldTasken rated it
May 4, 2016
Status: --
Reading this in its current state, is highly recommended. Read it without pausing and you will feel the feelings of the Cicada on his journey in his new life. The feelings will surely make it rain eventually. Why? You will realise at the end and know that this short... Work. Is a masterpiece in the emotional department.
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August 24, 2017
Status: --
I was about to type a long enough review about how nice and sweet and fluffy and touching this one-shot is, but at some point, I saw some pretentious, /r/IAmVerySmart, more-intelligent-than-thou, comedian trying hard to validate his so called elitism and intelligence so I had to laugh my heart out for three minutes.

But seriously, this thing's good, regardless of that funny person's post.

So yeah. Read it. It's nice.
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OfficePony rated it
August 24, 2016
Status: Completed
READ THIS STORY! You are missing out on something great if you don't. I can't use my usual rating system on this piece of Art. I laughed, I worried, and I cried. It evoked emotions from me that most things could not. I can't believe that the premise of this story was so simple and silly yet had a hidden emotional roller coaster. READ THIS! Go on a Feel Trip on the Feel Train to Feel Town. You're going to get punched in the Feels and cry manly tears (if... more>> you're of the fairer s*x, then it will probably punch you into a man and force manly tears out of you too). <<less
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uziex91 rated it
October 20, 2017
Status: epilogue
This!... Absolutely wonderful! damn I nearly cried in public reading the last few chapters, and it's not a bad feeling, this is the best! T_T

btw... never really interested in shipping characters in any novel or manga before but, I wholeheartedly ship this Cicada dragon x Tree! lol
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admira rated it
February 27, 2016
Status: --

Okay, this story is fairly short but it definitely has impact. For the most part, it's happy and funny. Even if he's a dragon, he still acts like a cicada for the most part.

As for the ending... so many feels. You'll just have to read it to find out.
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Abelas rated it
August 11, 2016
Status: epilogue
I remember my teacher once saying "A story may be short but it's contents can be so much more".

This is exactly what Semi Datte Tensei Sureba Ryuu Ni Naru is.

A story to fill your heart of joy, to make it warm.

... more>> The story of a cicada reborn as a dragon, don't let it fool you, this story will be better than most out there.

With tears still in my eyes fresh from reading it, I must say that this is truly a masterpiece of a short story.

Mea anima est c*m te. Nostra animae sunt c*m vobis Cicada Ryuu.

Semi Datte Tensei Sureba Ryuu Ni Naru truly deserves a 5/5.

If you found this a good read then might I suggest giving Spirit Mitigation a read too. <<less
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Xu rated it
November 19, 2017
Status: epilogue
This story is definitely worth reading.

It's short, and for the most part it kinda follows some classic Japanese novel tropes (except for the protagonist I guess), so it may not seem very noteworthy, even then, all of the character are very vivid in their description, and are memorable in their own way. The protagonist in particular shows some nice growth.

The climax of the novel is what really makes it shine though; I don't get emotional easily, not more than getting teary-eyed usually, but the last few chapters of this novels... more>> really make me sob like a child for the entire duration of them, it seems unlikely to get so attached to a character after only 7 chapters, but this story made me to.
The final chapter made me feel so hard, and the epilogue made me so happy, the tears of sadness became tears of happiness.

My only criticism are the le*d jokes, they really don't add anything of value. <<less
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lipe117 rated it
April 10, 2018
Status: epilogue
Well, how should I say it.

I think there is only one thing that made me dissatisfied while reading this series:

This series is too short.

... more>> The world this story built is beautiful and you can really see everything through its descriptions.

The story is beautiful and really different from most Isekai (another world) stories.

I truly liked it, every part of it. But I just hoped to see a little more of it. This is just my selfish wish, because the story itself ended as it had to end.

A beautiful story of a cicada that reincarnated as a dragon that may draw some tears from you.

Summarizing, it is a refreshining story that you can read in one go and a must to read on your reading list, I assure that. <<less
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Radical rated it
October 17, 2017
Status: epilogue
Wow. Just wow.

For those who are having doubts on reading it because its short, cast those doubts away. This story will bring your mood up, and maybe a little teary eye (I know I did). If you need a heartwarming and easy read this is for you. If I could rate higher than 5 I would.
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HoloH rated it
February 20, 2017
Status: epilogue

That's what I thought when trying to think of how to describe this story. This is the story of a Cicada reborn into the body of a Dragon, inside a world of fantasy & magic. A short, heartwarming story, that's sure to make the faint of heart cry. Though I wouldn't call this story a tear jerker, nor a laugh out loud comedy. (Despite having some very funny & sad moments)

All in all, a very good story w/ funny, happy, & sad moments all bundled together to form this... more>> story. I enjoyed reading along to the point I ended up accidentally reading the entire thing in 1 go. After finishing the story I felt a strange sense of satisfaction that made me re-check to make sure this was really a Japanese Fantasy story. (Lol) I would recomened this story to anybody. To me it's more of a story of about life rather than any kind of Reincarnated Fantasy.

I hope future readers enjoy it as much as I did. ^.^ <<less
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Roogna rated it
January 17, 2017
Status: Completed
Before I started to read, I didn't have any expectations for this story. I just wanted to pass sometime and then look at some other story. But after reading a few of the chapters I felt compelled to finish. And then after reading chapter 7 part 2

... more>>

my heart shook and I cried. For me who couldn't even cry during a funeral, I cried for the cicada dragon child. I guess I might have a few screws loose in my head but I felt an emotion that I thought had been lost. I really like this story, and believe that if you haven't read it yet and are going to after deciding to read the reviews. Make sure to get a few tissues before you start reading that chapter.

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Royal Milk Teaa
Royal Milk Teaa rated it
December 30, 2016
Status: epilogue
When I started this novel I didn't expect much, I just initially thought it would be some sort of comedy but to my disbelief this story was very touching and brought me to the verge of tears numerous times. The main protagonist was very strange but unique, his relationship with the other characters and how he handled his new life was very interesting and kept me reading for hours. I have never read such a story before and I am sure to remember it fondly into the future! This is... more>> a story I would not mind reading again~

Please do give this story a chance, I can guarantee there is something for you to learn from this story.



4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
scriptor rated it
June 8, 2016
Status: epilogue
Fluffy story that made me cry and laugh and squee. Such an epic combination.

4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Havisu rated it
February 7, 2016
Status: --
The story revolved around a cicada, who was reincarnates as a dragon.

And even as a dragon, he is still a cicada.

If u like poetry, then u would absolutely love this story..

also, ready your tissues

4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mahesvara_ rated it
October 1, 2021
Status: c4.5/c12
Aside from quite many inconsistencies. I just couldn't enjoy it at all, I feel like I'm reading Fairy tales meant for kids where bunch of animals playing 'Friends' but with a dirty humor and a bit of hilarity so the story was pushed to become a story for teens.

One of the problem is from the Protagonist who is a Cicada turn into a Dragon but has a thought process of a human and cares a lot in human ideology when he was never one in the past nor present. (I... more>> mean the point of being an insect didn't justify itself at all)

He was more like a human turn into dragon than a Cicada and despite actually turning into a dragon and was granted thousand years worth of memory of a dragon he never act like one and he became more human than anything in the story.

Aside from that, the whole theme really reminds me of kiddie stories I once read when I was on kindergarten.

Never could've imagine I would drop an already short story. Wtf me. Lol <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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