Salvation Began from Cafe


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Cross the world of suspected secondary elements and carry the rescue system for welfare.

Can you increase your level by increasing your proficiency?

Can you get all kinds of items and abilities after the completion of the task?

Still, need to travel to more secondary worlds to complete the rescue mission?

Well, before Li Yalin needs to consider the most, how to earn enough debt of one hundred million to hold the coffee shop carrying the girl’s dream.

Everything has to start here…

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10/03/19 senseitranslation c66
10/03/19 senseitranslation c65
10/03/19 senseitranslation c64
09/15/19 senseitranslation c63
09/15/19 senseitranslation c62
09/12/19 senseitranslation c61
09/10/19 senseitranslation c60
09/09/19 senseitranslation c59
09/03/19 senseitranslation c58
08/30/19 senseitranslation c57
08/28/19 senseitranslation c56
08/25/19 senseitranslation c55
08/20/19 senseitranslation c54
08/19/19 senseitranslation c53
08/16/19 senseitranslation c52
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