S-Class Dungeon’s Mistress


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Adelaide, a succubus who inherited an F-class dungeon along with its massive debt.

In order to pay off the debt and avoid forfeiting an arm and a leg to Lucifer, she had no choice but to manage the dungeon.

She thought it was certainly impossible.

“Are you my master?”

“No, I’m just the master of this dungeon…”

“Yes, that’s right. If so, you’re my master.”

Somehow, she gained a perfect manager as soon as she arrived in the dungeon.

“Don’t touch that unsightly bastard. Eat me instead.”

Presenting oneself as nourishment was one of the greatest predatory demons in Devildom.

“I brought the prince’s neck as an offering to you.”

And offering her a legendary adventurer she didn’t even ask for.

Okay. If it has already come to this, then the goal is to become S-class!

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S급 던전의 여주인
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10 Reviews

Feb 28, 2022
Status: c10
-FL's smooth brain was hard for me to comprehend. I don't know how the author manage to write a character like this: She does absolutely nothing, the only thing she does is using the people around her. She doesn't do the work, doesn't think for herself, she's supposedly this long-lived-mid-level demon but acts like a pre-teen child who knows nothing about the world she's living in.
-The 1st ML is just too convenient for her. He acts like a soulless servant, does everything for her. It doesn't even make tiny miny sense why he's too soft on this shallow being. He is just randomly affectionate.
-About the world-building... It's a sloppy mess so I don't even want to complain about it now.
-Tried to give it a chance until chapter 10. Don't think it'll be worth continuing. Dropped.
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Oct 19, 2021
Status: c46
I like it.

So, the Fl: as tagged, she is dense. She's cute, reckless at times, childish, a bit cheeky and not that 'innocent' (since she's a succubus). Some may say she's selfish, but idk, shes childish but she cares for her friends very much. I like her.

And ML no.1: the manager/butler. He's the cool and serious type. I like him. But as far ive read, I dont see the 'reason' why he likes her.

And ML no.2: the himbo. I like him better. Theres a reason why he fell for her... more>> and their banter is kinda cute, so I ship them more.

The setting: fantasy adventure. Monster/demon MC in an RPG like world (not explicitly stated RPG but similarities are there) is usually seen in shounen/seinen, so this is refreshing. Also its a little R-15, nothing explicit but got some sexy scenes. Its tagged 'harem' but so far, theres only two MLs so maybe there will be more later. Unless you want to count the platonic relationship and extra characters. <<less
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Apr 26, 2022
Status: c143
The translator does an amazing job! She also used to release every 2 to 3 days which is super commendable!

Male reviewers that cannot enjoy or appreciate should get off with their own s*upid harem webnovels and not pull down the star rating of this amazing web novel and the efforts of the amazing translator-nim.

Now praises for the story:

... more>> The FL's personality is refreshingly fluffy and kind for once, and not in that antisocial b*tchy way either.

The scenes are natural and realistic and the best I've seen so far.

A succubus FL is one that I always wanted to read about in a reverse harem setting and this one was executed masterfully.

The plot is engaging with clear and direct goals, and the pacing is excellent, with character and relationship building in tandem with each plot advancement event.

Can't wait for more!

Note: FL is not brain dead. She was deeply traumatized leading to her hidden depression in the beginning. She is also new to love because she hasn't met guys on the same level as her before. <<less
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Oct 30, 2021
Status: c58
So good I binged read from chapter 1 to 58.
MC is the lovable kindhearted idiot type and her antics are always hilarious, kind of like bakarina.

idk the ML but both guys on the cover seem cool but bicker like children.

Also this is kind of similar to that manhwa where the MC has to spread the name of the god of beauty and has a white haired attendant type and also the red haired firey type.

Anyways I just wanted to add a review cause there aren’t many and this is such a great series that I hope you’ll read :)
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Oct 10, 2022
Status: c164
The novel has a slow start (up to the part where she meets Lisian and is learning about the house and the debts), but after that it gets pretty dynamic, love the interactions and the characters development is really great. Highly recommended!! ^^ (If you like protagonists that gets powerful or nice, friendly protagonists, I think this is a good read for you!)

Adela is a little bit dense (or maybe not~), but still cute I think. Heheheh

(>-<) This is just a review about my perception of the novel,... more>> maybe it is different to readers with different preferences~ just hoping to help a little bit if you have an interest in this work.

Bye~^^ <<less
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May 16, 2022
Status: c143
This novel is so funny and interesting, I really love it!

The protagonist is light hearted and simple minded, but is sincere and true to whom she loves and want to protect... the boys are sexy and naughty and so loving that my heart swells reading the progression of their relationships... looking forward to the next 100 chapters!
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Aug 26, 2021
Status: c12
This has short chapters, so as of chapter 12 we still haven't caught up completely with the description (I'm pretty sure that as of chapter 12 they just found "one of the greatest predatory demons in Devildom" who would be the guy on the cover with the red hair). Based on the description I will assume he gets recruited to her dungeon. The prologue also suggests he joined up and they got things really moving. It's an amusing read so far and I look forward to how they go from... more>> a garbage dungeon to one of the best. Pretty sure this is going to be a fun time. <<less
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Jul 19, 2022
Status: --
okay I'm already at chap 163 and all I could say is that this is probably one of the best that i've read here (or probably the best? Lmao) AND THE TRANSLATION IS GOOD I SWEAR

the s*xual tension in this novel is just so immaculate too like my fave ever but the friendship, banters, and the growing family in the dungeon is just the best here and funniest ever like idk how many times i've laughed while reading this to the point that i've almost choked AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA 😭

for fl: first... more>> of all, she's sometimes very dense (which I kinda love and hate at the same time) . Sometimes she acts like a highschool student but sometimes I find her very admirable. She's kindhearted and humble.

for the mls, I like them very much too. They are very different from one another and I guess that's what makes the story even better.

ML #1 - butler. Mysterious, very reliable tho and respects whatever FL wants. The s*xual tension between him and FL oh GOD im gonna pass out

ML #2 - the red-haired dude. MY FAVE. He's just so sexy, adorable, and he just banters with everyone lmao he's so funny and charming. The sexy scenes HAH I can't take this anymore

ML #3 - the surprise. He's just so full of energy (in a different way iykwim 😏) lol idk I kinda like him but also not like him at the same time <<less
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May 17, 2022
Status: c143
Such a great story. It is more about friendship, love, and the odd-ones-out finding a place of their own than a succubus and her demon toys (though there is some of that too). The story is excellent and the translations are really well done. This is on my must read list.
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Feb 02, 2022
Status: c99
The basic premise of the story is basically like this

FL is your bubbly, dense, brain dead protagonist. She got chased out of her guild, got no money on her, discover her distant family was dead and she inherited a dungeon complete with a huge debt. Thankfully there's a handsome competent manager there. Then she started to recruit monster with her charm, get harem member with her charm, then get another monster with MC halo charm, then another harem member from her past. You get the gist of the story.

Personally I... more>> don't really like how dense they make the MC. Her background character didn't make sense for her level of denseness. MLs mostly love her because it's a harem novel, and god forbid if there'a any strong handsome male character that didn't become harem material. Halo protagonist work really hard here.

For casual read it's ok. <<less
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