What to Do When All Your Knights Are Psychos


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In her last life, as the most honorable saint in Europe and France, Elulu was extraordinarily beautiful, delicate and noble, and held an even higher power than the royal family. Under her command were seven loyal knights with believers spanning across all sorts of races. This was a true winner of life.

However, one day, she suddenly died and got rebirthed into a little loli that looked exactly like her but was the humblest of s*aves. Elulu immediately became stupefied. Afterwards, she found out that those loyal knights of hers, not only were they all non-human, but they were just freaking sickos under the skin of a self-restrained knight. All held all sorts of sick and pe*verted inner thoughts towards her.

Elulu:….is it too late to die once more?

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Seikai rated it
August 21, 2020
Status: c94
Aghhh, I need mooore!! Left off on a cliffhanger, and hasn't been updated in a while. This series is really good, can't stop reading. I like that while this is gearing towards an ending where Eluru is probably gonna end up with all the yandere knights, she doesn't give up trying to be strong and independent and doesn't fall for them easily after sleeping with some of them.

So far ... more>>

her favorite is Mustafa, the blind white haired loyal "Mad Dog". I like him quite a lot, too - he is the most gentle and sincere towards her thusfar


Other than Mustafa,

where Eluru took the lead, all other s*x scenes have been her getting r*ped and traumatized, but at least the novel acknowledges that she doesn't love them and avoids them afterwards.

The world of this novel is set in a somewhat Medieval, dystopian world where women are looked down upon and only those with magic and privileged background protection (like the fancy magic school or being the Saintess) get abused or r*ped. So trigger warning, there ARE r*pe scenes in this. It IS a dystopian world with lots of misogyny, which Eluru will try to fight against. Yes, Eluru is a Mary Sue, but the story and smut is still fascinating and worth reading.

Male leads include

Galius the silver haired beastman who took Eluru's reincarnated first time, cold proud tsundere elf Gawain who was Eluru's book buddy, shape shifting bat? Monster that pretended to be a girl to get close to her, gold dragon mercenary that was raised by previous Eluru and r*ped her, Arthur who acts super gentlemanly but obviously is plotting to steal Eluru, Mustafa the blind knight that had his memories erased but is still crazy obsessed with Eluru, Luo Jue the blood knight that used to scoff at and look down on Eluru but fell for her and r*ped her, and several more I forget.

They're all yanderes who want to kill off competition though. <<less
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siouster rated it
October 19, 2022
Status: c32
First, read the tags and genre. I'll comment on the story, I'm not here to judge what anyone is after.

Second, I want to make it clear that I haven't finished and I read most MTL.

Here is my opinion:

... more>> The idea was good, not so much the execution. It tried to be smut with plot with lesson, and failed all.

The smut is not it, not hot, not exciting. It was too forced - not talking about consent, it was like the author didn't want to write it and was just trying to move on already.

Plot was ok. The world build was cool and full of potential, but it was most exposition. For example:


"The FL saw a village being attack by orcs and that traumatized her". That's it, it literally said it, no story it just throw us the information. And that is a constant


The author cared to make 3d characters, but it didn't do it right, again with the exposition.


"She had a bad childhood, even the man who raised her last hug her as a baby, she was lonely..." - Show me!! Show me her as a child asking for a hug; looking at other kids playing and not being able to go; hugging a toy and pretending it was a friend; flinching at a sudden touch for not being used to it... Show. Me.


That's why the plot and character weren't there.

And lastly the lesson... Just don't. Don't try to give a lesson on a smut-harem-fantasy genre. It's not what the reader want, "woman suffer, equality, respect..." It just comes out as hypocritical and annoying when done simply for doing it.

Look, you can give a lesson, but do it right: use angst or comedy, make it painful or funny. Otherwise it's like talking politics in bed, it just kills the mood. <<less
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Blisfulloblivion rated it
October 24, 2020
Status: c76
Interesting story but very little smut. Honestly, it starts strong and then the story starts meandering. World is very interesting and there is a bit of mystery as the MC has incomplete memories.
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amanda_exoforever rated it
February 2, 2021
Status: v1c31
This novel is kinda confusing, the translation of foxaholic seems to be starting after book 1? Because I'm reading it & it seems like she has a system, & it's her life as the Saint.
so if anyone can answer, is what foxaholic translating the correct novel volume?
i think I found volume 1 & 2, but yeah this story is disturbing and not for me.
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pluckaduck rated it
December 30, 2023
Status: --
does it make sense to be preaching about feminism when the MC is an all-around perfect girl with looks whom no girl can compare, and has a harem of yanderes some of whom r*pe her?

not to mention the cast of female characters. who are overall not as important as the male charas. a couple are written to be jealous b*tches even tho they disappear in a chapter or so

the story shoves it to readers' faces often that MC is not like other girls, she is a perfect beauty but doesn't... more>> want such beautiful looks, her yandere harem is adored by other girls but she is immune to their charms bc she's pure and doesn't daydream about romance, she's so different from other girls so it makes sense that dudes fall for her, etc etc... she's written to be a strong yet soft fl, but she's practically flawless and the novel always reminds us of that and that makes her extremely bland.

otherwise, it's a decent turn-your-brain-off read. <<less
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