Rookie Talent Agent Knows It All


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Jung Yoon-Ho, the Vice President of Top Entertainment, is betrayed by those closest to him, including his wife and the company’s president. When he dies of terminal stomach cancer, he receives a miraculous second chance at life through regression. This brings him to his early days as a talent agent at Hoop Entertainment where his career first began, and where he encountered people he truly cared about. With a planner of future events and knowledge of what’s to come, Jung Yoon-Ho starts anew as a rookie talent agent. Determined to lift up those who were kind to him before, he navigates the challenging entertainment industry to turn adversity into opportunity in this journey of redemption and transformation.


Jung Yoon-Ho, the Midas Touch of the Entertainment Industry, regresses to a first-year talent agent.

The life of the unrivaled ‘Rookie Talent Agent’ starts now.

Associated Names
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1st Year Full Level Manager
1년차 만렙 매니저
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1 Review

Mar 02, 2024
Status: c20
Not rating for now, leaving a review of the first 20 chapters.

MC regresses back to the past with the daily planner he's been using for 10 years. Since he has a walkthrough now, he decides to make better decisions in this life and use his knowledge to help the people he cares about.

The initial chapters are exposition. They go by too fast: they don't establish the emotions they are supposed to and the MC adjusts to suddenly regressing waaayy too easily, so it comes off as kind of corny. However,... more>> I look at the first 1-5 chapters of novels like these as just trying to get exposition out of the way so the story can actually begin. Even if the first few chapters of the novel are poorly written the rest of the story can be great. After the first few chapters the general writing quality gets better. There are some unrealistic or over-the-top details which might turn off some readers. You have to suspend your disbelief and think "yeah, he can memorize the entirety of numerous scripts, no problem" and just allow the unrealistic elements to exist as plot devices.

Putting those things aside, the plot is pretty good. Being from the pov of management, this novel has a different flavor compared to most entertainment novels. I get second-hand satisfaction reading about the MC resolving issues and managing talents, like organizing items on a desk. While it's not perfect it's an enjoyable read. It's a perfectly fine novel that could fill your "I don't know what to read next" void, so if you like entertainment novels or management novels or otherwise think this seems interesting you should give it a chance. <<less
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