Risou no Himo Seikatsu


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Yamai Zenjirou is your everyday office worker in modern Japan. One morning, he suddenly finds himself summoned to a tropical world where dinosaurs roam the land.

He is told that this is the kingdom of Capua and the person who summoned him – its monarch, Queen Aura – wants him to marry her and leave his old life behind for a life of carefree extravagance as her prince consort.

The reasons for her offer are many and varied, but she needs an heir, and she wants him to be the one to provide it! If he accepts, he’ll never have to work again, lazing around in luxury with no worries other than securing the kingdom its next monarch.

Certainly, sleeping with the buxom beauty is far from a hardship, but is everything really as it seems? He’ll also need to give up everything he knows on Earth.

Is he ready to drop it all at a moment’s notice for her sake? And how well will he be able to navigate the politics, people and culture of this new world if he does?

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The Ideal Sponger Life
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agnirdurga rated it
June 5, 2016
Status: v4c3
I generally don't write reviews but the amount of negative and somewhat unfair reviews is too high. It's a proper seinen novel so please don't expect it to satisfy your teenage desires. The story is generally focused on romance in the starting but slowly and steadily changes its focus on politics as the story advances. The story has magic elements in it but the author generally doesn't focus on it (it's not a negative point but for the people who are thinking that magic is the focus of the... more>> story it isn't). The story has after marriage romance generally not seen in other novels and it feels rather good and refreshing to read. Both of the main characters have been developed quite well especially the queen. The world building is quite good. I will recommend to give this novel a shot if you like slice of life, romance and otherworldly novels. <<less
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Masadeer rated it
October 17, 2016
Status: v5c1
It's a novel about a man who agreed to marry into royalty and essentially live the life of a single woman gigolo. While others may criticize the MC's lack of ambition or drive to develop technology in a fantasy world, you should read the english translation of the novel's title; "the ideal sponger lifestyle". That's right, the entire premise of the novel is the first line in this review. It's a parallel to the story of a person who won the lottery and continued working because life in early retirement... more>> is boring. This, on top of being awkwardly aware of his not-quite-nonexistant shame of living off of his wife, compels him to help out in domestic affairs. He has *no reason* to be more ambitious, he's *no reason* to become a legendary adventurer, businessman, GAR MC, he's *already won* the game of life. Thus this is a heartwarming story that does not follow the cut and dried fanservice template of fantasy wish fulfillment, and instead replaces it with actual life fulfillment. I'll take this instead of your standard template shounen male MC, thank you very much, you tasteless plebians. <<less
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MinRan rated it
May 24, 2017
Status: v4c4
In one month you will be summoned to another world, filled with magic and with a technological level close to the Middle Age. There, you will be made King. You can prepare as much things you want to bring with you as you can fit on a large magic carpet. What do you bring with you ?

Books and books of modern knowledge ? A source of electricity and computers filled with all you could get your hands on (from knowledge to classical/modern music to famous movies) ? Loads of items... more>> that would be worth a fortune in this other world ?

No, no... You bring alcohol. And a fridge because you prefer your beer chilled (because you can't just put it in a stream). Oh, and a fan. And baby clothes (because they certainly won't have that). And bug repellent.

I get it, I get it. The protagonist isn't ambitious and just wants to live an easy life. But he knows the technological level of this other world, he knows that as a King he will have at least some responsibilities, he knows that his future kingdom just emerged from a long war and he knows that he won't be able to go back to Earth for at least 30 years.

So why the f*ck would he simply brings loads of DVD of the TV series he didn't have the time to see ?!

Oh, so you want to know how to make glass ? You want to know more about electricity ? You want a better medical knowledge to help with the Queen's pregnancy ? Well too f*cking bad because he had to bring his beer !

And I swear to Khorne, if he starts to introduce the people of his kingdom to the marvels of japanese cuisine like it's the best cuisine across all worlds (like almost every f*cking japanese protagonist does), I will find a way to reach him through my computer screen to b*tch slap him !

All in all not a bad story. <<less
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June 7, 2018
Status: --
I would like to start by saying that I have currently read until the lastest chapter posted (v7 2nd intermission) and I have noticed that the title ends up being a little incorrect as he starts working in the palace and also travels in various “missions” assigned by the queen.

Hence I propose that the title of this novel should be changed from “the ideal sponger life” to “the ideal s*ave life”


... more>>

It seems to me that he is living the life of a prisoner or s*ave and heres why

  1. He cannot leave his house (inner palace) without someone supervising him: Prisoner lifestyle FTW
  2. When he works he always has someone supervising him (the advisor) : Yeah right, some relationships goals right here lol...
  3. Every time he introduces himself he has to say his masters name (Aura) : Some bullsh*t reason that he cannot have his own ideas because some nobles might want him as king... So what, if you trust him you shouldnt care that he has nobles backing him because you know that he wouldnt do anything. But well, that is if you trust him..
  4. He cannot befriend nobles for fear of helping them (Princess Bona) : This is already borderline offensive. Aura, his “wife” (more like his master), actually controls his interactions with people because he can share important knowledge from Earth by mistake. I mean, the knowledge isnt even hers and she is reprimanding him for helping others? WTF he is an idividual and he can share his ideas with hoever he wants. You can ask him not to do it, but, in the end, its his own decision! He is not your s*ave!
  5. He cannot have political aspirations: Same reason as 4
  6. He cannot speak with his son or sleep with him: Males older than 5 cannot sleep in the inner palace and he cannot get out so...
  7. He is forced to attend parties: You dont want to attend? Well to bad your wife is the Queen and she orders you to appear. What can you do?
  8. He has to “perform” during all his life as instructed when he is out of the cell (inner palace) : He has to work/attend parties because, if not, a rumour that his “wife” is controlling him might spread. BUT! He always has to say and preach that he is following ordres every f*cking time because same reason as 4. The fact that by doing this performance he is already being controlled is ignlred I guess...
  9. All his “achivements” are stolen by his “wife”: same reason as 4
  10. SPOILER He is forced to take a concubine: Well his only “selfish” request (which is actually not that f*cking selfish to start of, I mean, you can actually f*cking wait a generation for the sons to spread the blood or encourage marriges between branch houses like Guillen+Marquez) during every single volume gets completly disregarded and the “wife” actually sold him in front of his face for (quote) “iron” and “ships” to someone he is not actracted to while he is (quote) “pale and barring his teeths”. Then proceeds to say that (quote) “I am the queen (master) and you are only part of the royal family (which has to obey/s*ave) ”. Yeah who cares about his consent when you are the master right? Hahaha nothing to do I guess... If the MC was a girl and a king was forcing her to marry someone she doesnt want for benefits this novel would hace a shitty score...

Well the spoiler ended kinda like a rant haha

The concept that this novel presents (transmigration to marry a queen) was very good and intersting but the delivery could have been soo much better...

To start off, the MC has zero charm as a protagonist... No ambition, no goals, no personality, he is a High level Beta and a Yes-man who would do anything for his “wife” because “he fell in love with her at first sight”. Yeah, absolutely no development, it just kinda happened. Destroy your reputation? No problem! Everyone thinks you are a fool? Done! No friends or relationships? Why do you need something like that when you have a “wife” who only needs you bloodline?

If I had to describe the MC with a phrase it would be: Like a girl in a chinese harem novel with more exposure. No personal goals, no personality, no ambitions, fell in love just cause, accepts everything and no relationships besides FL.

The political part of the novel is also not that interesting. Theres not really a crisis or anything to solve, just random everyday happenings that are nor relevant no important and would be solved regardless. The MC only contributions so far are saying that he is henchmen of the Queen and talking to ambassadors from other countries... Really dissapointing. Everything else is random talking and etiquette wich is plain boring.

The romance, if it can be called so, is extremely onesided and unhealthy. The queen controls everything in the relationships and actively uses the MC as political change and a covenient tool. She even says that the MC is a “rapturial raptor that only moves in the direction she points”. This completely kills the romance as it gives the impression that she doesnt care that much about him. She actually knows it and self-reflects about it and tries to solve it by asking about the MC wishes. Then she says that she cannot grant nearly all of normal and f*cking easy wishes. In the end, the MC 10 or so petitions are reduced to having free time and bath time lol.... Even the objective 3rd person who knows whats happening (the advisor) says that she is treating him like a (quote) “pawn” and she even agrees with him lmao. The wife actually thinks that the MC SHOULD be angry with her but the MC just sucks everything up and becomes a pinnacle of Betanism UP TO VOLUME 7 HE HAS NEVER SAID NO TO THE WIFE even if he doesnt want. The wife though says no everytime even for little things lol

I had expectations that she will eventually stop treating the MC like an special bloodbag and a political tool and start considering him more like and individual with whom she maintains a same stand relationship and has his own goals (not working and no concubine) and moral code but its more like master-servant even in volume 7. <<less
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Immoral Peach
Immoral Peach rated it
March 22, 2016
Status: --
A story about another passive Japanese with no ambition. Being from another world he natural has advantages, despite this, he is content with being a NEET in a fantasy world with magic dragons.

Fine, I get your wife is the queen, and you don't want to seem as though you covet the throne. But you could be doing other things such as starting a business or develop a small territory in a place suitable for yourself.
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Jarrow rated it
March 26, 2016
Status: --
You have a 10' x 5' x 8' volume (magic carpet), and can bring anything that can fit, and you'll spend the next 40 years in a tropical medieval environment. What are your choices? :) (Does Wikipedia have a print version? Cubic Zirconium costs $10 per carat, any color or none :)

Ignore the 1's from the slaughter-folk, this is an otherworldly slice-of-life story without Extreme Phlebotinum or Teenage Violence Wish Fulfillment. A fairly smart MC sets himself up for a responsible, happy family life with a new Queen... more>> who had been in such a bad situation that asking a stranger to knock her up was her best bet. Meanwhile, the MC has to tiptoe around the local politics to prevent a chauvinism-driven rebellion against his wife if he seems too active or competent to certain ambitious nobles. Expect a real-ish world bent on politics and development, without Miraculous Science. Magic is impressive, but limited; science is limited to what the salaryman can invent or remember. My choices for the shipping volume would be different, but the MC still needs to answer to the storyline: "look it up on wikipedia" would destroy much of the drama. :) The Japanese author also writes pretty well about the collision of Japanese Social Customs and the Otherworldly European Equivalent. A fun read. <<less
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Inaho404 rated it
March 21, 2020
Status: v4
So... I was like, "Hey, an isekai novel with romance and fantasy! Why not read it?"

God. I should have never ever, EVER read it.

Reasons being?

... more>> 1. The MC is a pathetic excuse of a man who lacks all kinds of ambitions, is so desperately in love with his wife that even when his wife is actually abusing him, he thinks that as an act of love.

2. So, sure. He was supposed to live a life of luxury, but he didn't. He helped with the taxes, he helped with everything and the wife took all the credits from him.

3. His interactions are limited and his everything is controlled by his wife, the Queen.

4. He can not talk with his son, he can not stay with his son, he can not enjoy a happy time with his son. He cannot even choose a damn thing.

5. So... The wife doesn't want him to take a concubine. Sure, nice. No good wife wants that. So what does she do? She makes the MC take the blame for it, asks him to tarnish his reputation in public, tells him to act like a fool, and the MC is like, "OMG I'm so grateful I gotta repay her back!"

6. While the wife is using his each and every possession as a tool of negotiations, all credits go to her, and she always says that "I'll keep him happy!" But she doesn't. A pathetic excuse of a woman who thinks that the only thing a man wants is s*x.

7. Even how he talks is limited by his wife. He can't even talk out of script thanks to his wife, again.

8. The story is always revolving around unnecessary side characters who don't have any importance in the story. And when it does revolve around the MC, what do we see? We see him trying to make soap and alcohol and glass, which his wife will eventually use for her own good. Again.

9. The MC doesn't leave any impression and even after reading four volumes in a row, I don't remember his damn name, while I remember the maids' names who help him.

10. The MC accepts all kind of abusing and disgraceful comments in the name of so-called 'love'.

Honestly, I think the writer is an extreme feminist and thinks of all men as pathetic beings. I can't believe I wasted my time hoping for improvement.

Even reading an LN about Boku No Pico would have been worthwhile instead of reading this.

I wouldn't recommend this sh*t to anyone, not even to my enemies.

And I don't even know how people gave it a 5-star rating lol. I think either they are extreme feminists like our beloved author, or maybe they just don't know any other LNs beside this.

This is not even good as a shoujo story, much less a seinen or a romance one.

I rate it -infinite/10. <<less
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gazelle rated it
October 29, 2017
Status: --
Im a bit disappointed with ths MC, just like the nobles in the novel. His child is growing up but he is downgrading his reputation, he doesnt have dignity and no achievements. What will child think to his father when he is growing up, the child is in the main palace while he is in the inner palace, a few rumours can make a child distant himself. I just cant take it when the MC is being managed by women, its irresponsible. I guess its japan's trademark. How can you... more>> say that the girl love him when she doesnt even trust him, giving him a few power and things to managed. To afraid to usurped the throne? She loved authority more than her husband. What will he do when the girl leaved him or abandoned him, he doesnt have a job or independent income or power. Sigh~ typical passive MC from samurai japan. <<less
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marine1corps rated it
April 22, 2016
Status: --
Alright I had write a review here because some the reviews are biased. This is NOT an action novel nor is it about building commerce. It is truly about man from different world loving his wife. Yes he brings technology from another world and yes does nothing with it but that is because politics restrict him doing anything. His purpose was to have a baby with the queen because he has the highest purity in blood to do so. Otherwise this about politics and slice of life about him and... more>> his loving wife. If you don't like it then don't read it. <<less
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kawaii12345 rated it
July 6, 2020
Status: v5c1
TLDR Japanese doormat character can't stand up for himself, more than a little s*upid, short sighted and rather uninteresting. He gets very little out of this. S*x with beautiful queen ? (Only when she wants a kid), easy lifestyle nope, personal pride and glory? Nope, family can't even see his kid.

Sum it up take a look at the Manga covers, He's tiny in the palm of her hand. That should tell you all you need to know about which are the honest reviews and which aren't
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blahblah123 rated it
January 1, 2021
Status: v9c1
This started out okay, bland but enough potential to keep reading. However, as the story progressed neither of the main characters felt like actual people, and the ML became more and more subservient to the FL to the point where he reads like more of a s*ave than a husband to me. I spent several volumes waiting for the ML to become more competent, considering he's far more educated than even the most well read person in his wifes homeworld I thought it was only a matter of time until... more>> he actually did something useful without needing explicit instructions from his wife.

Spoilers ahead:

This happened eventually, but what followed was the ML becoming even more of a pushover and the FL taking advantage of that even more aggressively. He only ever made one demand of his wife, and that was to not accept any concubines, and his wife agreed to it. Considering her original promise to him was that he would have essentially zero responsibly this doesn't seem like too greedy of a demand to me. That said, as soon as it's politically advantageous to his wife for him to marry a princess from another country she goes back on her word, going so far as to have a heated debate over terms with the princess in front of the ML and treating him as if he's a dog fit only for breeding. Until this point the ML has never gotten angry at being ordered around, so you would think at this point he would finally lose his cool: and he does, for all of 30 seconds, before reverting back to being his wifes loyal dog. This is where the story lost me, no matter how passive a person is everyone has a breaking point, but the ML is such a pushover that it detracts from the story. His wife has zero respect for him, and although her inner monologue asserts that she loves him, all of her actions say otherwise and point to her only viewing him as a tool, as she often manipulates him and discusses strategies to manipulate him with her secretary.

His wife often thinks the worst of him in her monologues because she doesn't understand his culture. Not once does she even ask about his world or what the culture is like. The only time she shows any interest is when it's something that would benefit the country, she can't even be bothered to pretend to give a sh*t about the perspective of the ML. I only continued the story after this point to see if the MC would finally grow some balls, but unfortunately that never happened. I regret wasting my time reading this. <<less
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Shellman rated it
August 13, 2020
Status: v9c3
This is a difficult one to rate. It has positives that makes me read it to the end, and cons that takes away from my enjoyment of this story seriously. Major pros:

1-Good setting. The world, the not so overpowered magical world, the rather not OP MC, the good mix of politics, modern knowledge, romance etc in appropriate doses.

2-MC's rather realistic and believable impact on the new world. It's balanced. It's neither like a lot of other isekais that MC being from another world has absolutely zero effect on the world... more>> and story, nor few other isekais that MC is changing the shape of the new world and its technological level at an unrealistically fast rate like Release the witch, etc. He's normal and his impact on the world is rather more believable. I really like this aspect in this story. Though I would definitely question his decision on not bringing a lot of science and technology sources like books ebooks etc. And not necessarily to use them immediately (heck he may need to hide them), but to at least have them as another card for himself in an unknown world.


1-The root of most evils: MC's disgustingly low self esteem and ambitions, and his wife taking advantage of this fact to the absolute fullest! Ik that it's supposed to be an easy and laid back life for MC. It's the title. But it stopped being one at Volume 1 or 2. He doesn't have it since after a few weeks/months of his arrival in the new world. Since then he just keeps giving and giving and giving, and his wife keeps taking. And he's so thankful for it! He is the husband of the queen, but he can't have real credit for any of the his achievements. He can't have a business for himself, a small territory, a real position, no money (yes not even money, outside of some pocket money in his long travels... pathetic) and basically no real reward. Nothing at all! He can kiss his selfish wife though. I guess that's a debt he won't be able to repay no matter what. On the other hand, periodically he goes around belittling himself in public to protect his wife position as the queen. And his wife? She gets every credit for herself when it's MC's. The glass and the credit for it? It's hers (MC can't even meet the select few experts working on the matter). Solving the waterwheels problem? She was the one that thought of it randomly. The alcohol? It's Aura's. The soap, shampoo, etc? It's for the f*cking merchant that visits the inner palace regularly.

At first the author and Aura keeps making excuses like how it's a male dominant society and MC taking credit would be a threat for her position as the queen, but it stopped being convincing a long time ago. Like what the hell? Give an actual reward to the man instead of being an insecure bit*h lmao. She's been queen for 6-7 years and she still resists about having a prime minister or an army supreme commander or whatever it's called. She literally wants everything for herself, but pretends that its for the sake of the country! Yeah, no it's for yourself. But at least with others, they are trying to get their share, like that general Puyol that seriously aims for leading the whole army of the country. Or that marques that takes advanced ship building technology for his territory too. Or Freya making deals with Aura and helping her own country Uppsala. But our MC? He's living in his little world and being thankful for his amazing wife that let's him... Idk... exist! To be quite frank I don't believe for one second that there's any trace of actual love in this relationship despite the couple and author pretending otherwise all the time.

2- The overly long and unnecessary explanations... just to fill the pages I guess? The whole story could be written in at most half the current size, and it wouldn't miss a single thing.

I'm rating it 3, but as I said I really like it's pros and absolutely hate it's major con. <<less
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tomaO2 rated it
November 7, 2019
Status: v8c2
This is, perhaps, the most extreme doormat of an MC I have read, at least among the ones that are in full control over their own fates. The premise is interesting enough. Man has been summoned to another world, only instead of being told that he is there to kill a demon king and there is simply no way back, he has been brought across in order to get married to the queen. After accepting, he is then sent back and has one month to get his affairs in order... more>> before being summoned again. Once he comes, he will be stuck for 30 years.

This is an idea that has so much potential for the tech uplift, kingdom building stories that I enjoy. It's also far more realistic to have the information due to being able to bring computers, rather than because the MC is a genius. However, he brings almost none of that.


By volume 8, about the only tech he has brought is some general information on how to make glass.


Even Myne, from "Ascendance of a Bookworm" was able to do more than this guy, and she had a much less to work with. I feel like there could also have been a very interesting story if he could have traveled back and fourth between the two worlds for the first month before the portal closed for 30 years. Imagine getting a camera, taping yourself transport over and then uploading it to Youtube. I would love to read a story about how one man becomes a go between for these two worlds.

The primary value of this guy seems to be his complete lack of ambition. He wants his wife to handle the politics while he sits back to enjoy his sponger lifestyle. Of course things don't go according to plan as he is predictably brought into various problems. That's all fine, and I can forgive the fact that there is very little in terms of tech innovations.

My main problem is how he is sexually controlled by his wife. S*x is considered an act of pure procreation. IF you are not trying to have a child, then you should not be engaging in such acts. Once the woman is pregnant, then the husband and wife are no longer allowed any intimate affairs, even though we certainly know that s*x rarely causes any issues while pregnant, and there are numerous ways of being intimate that can avoid getting a woman pregnant to begin with. He could take on a mistress but he refuses. Admirable. His wife is stated to really love how devoted he is, except she is perfectly willing to sell him off as a piece of meat for the right price.


This is especially shocking due to the importance of bloodline magics. The MC has access to two different types of bloodline magic and the rival kingdom knows this. All his children with his wife remain his, but any children with a mistress can be taken if they have the rival kingdom's bloodline magic. By having a mistress, the MC could be handing over both magics to the rival kingdom. Given the extreme importance of this magic, it is absurd to consider allowing this to happen. The Royal families spent centuries carefully keeping their bloodline magic within their families, and this woman is willing to potentially sell it off for some trade otherwise attractive trade concessions.

That mistress angers me as well, because she states that she just loves how he treats her like an equal, and yet she doesn't care about his personal opinion of her, and he just takes it all and doesn't ONCE show a hint of anger to her for being used in such a way.


This is a man that could have a great deal of power. The help he gave in creating glass was of extreme value to the nation, as is his dual bloodline heritage but he waves everything away and just acts as the loyal servant. Even after directly stating that he wants X, this just gets ignored and he accepts that. He doesn't fight for what he wants. I don't mind a guy being railroaded into an outcome he is against, but this guy doesn't even try to avoid it, instead he just asks his wife to not push him into this stuff, even though he knows she will. This is why I find him such an extreme doormat. He could put himself first sometimes but never, EVER, does.

There is talk about how even the MC could possibly have a limit as to how long he could be used, but I doubt that day will ever come. All the man wants of physical intimacy with his wife, to be able to relax without worries, and to not be forced to have s*x with other women. She gives him none of these things but still get his unwavering support in all things, and her kingdom has benefited greatly from his contributions. It really annoys me. I just can't really enjoy this story. <<less
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admideal rated it
July 17, 2017
Status: v2

*The slice of life interactions that the MC shares with his wife are tender and delightful.

*This novel does not shy away from physical intimacy

... more>> *There is some political intrigue that adds tension to the story


*Many reviews exalt the romance in this novel, but I believe that it's misleading to call it a romance. The MC loves his wife one-sidedly and makes personal sacrifices for her. The queen, on the other hand, cares for the MC but does not love him. Her motives seem to be out of a sense of duty to her country. She also does not trust the MC. She continually monitors him and forms counter-plans behind his back in case he becomes more powerful. For this reason, I dropped the novel at volume 2. Perhaps this problem gets better later on.

*The MC has the opportunity to industrialize and reshape the kingdom, but instead he spends his time in his room all day. Granted, the title is "The ideal sponger life, " so the author did warn us. <<less
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Elaborate rated it
December 15, 2016
Status: v5 intermission 2
Very good novel; feels different from other translations I'm following, which I find refreshing.

This is a slice-of-life story of a modern MC settling down in a medieval-esque kingdom, bringing with him a carpet's worth of modern equipment.

There's not that much action, and what action there is, the MC is generally not involved with. He IS learning magic, but in a very realistic fashion, it turns out to require around three years of studying to use it, so that's not the focus of the story either - we just... more>> see him studying from time to time.

So what's left? Married-couple romance with the Queen, doing the taxes of an entire kingdom with a computer spreadsheet, carefully NOT getting too involved in court politics, trying to invent soap before the supply runs out, negotiating trade routes, teaching the maids to play video games... In short, situations you basically never read about!

Pretty good translator; just the occasional typo here and there.

I heartily recommend it! <<less
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Shirai rated it
June 6, 2018
Status: v7c3
Reading all of the negative reviews, I am starting to think they

1. Didn't know the English meaning of the title (its 'The Ideal Sponger Life' btw)

2. Didn't read far enough, or don't remember what they are reading.

The 1st issue is self explanatory. He will not have ambition to rule. He is also not a King, but a Prince Consort.

2nd issue however is getting on my nerves. This is however, also a way for me to review the Novel.

Aura is NOT power hungry.

Aura is the last remaining Royal of the Carpa Kingdom due to just having experiencing a war. She holds all responsibility of keeping her bloodline in power. She doesn't want to be the reason the Space Time Bloodline is no longer in power. It is a huge responsibility.


Why she has a lack of personnel?

The country just survived a war. Even the Royalty is only left with Aura alone, so my guess is that both Royalty and important personnels were sent to various areas of conflict via Space Time magic to try and gain the upperhand/control the situation.

This was hinted at when Aura mentioned the Royalty used Space Time magic to do periodic checks on Nobles thus the Nobles don't dare to pull off large scale corrupt activities.


No new personnels?

Most if not all Noble Families marry with each other, it is difficult to tell who is trustworthy. Since those Personnel who might not be ambitious might still be loyal to their Family instead of the Royalty. The issue of corruption/ambitious Nobles were showcased a few times in the Novel.


Aura's appreciation and eventually love for Zenjiro does develop as time goes on-

-due to how much Zenjiro does for her. In the beginning, it is only natural that Aura is on guard against Zenjiro, they've barely known each other. She was also afraid of the Nobles changing Zenjiro's mind to be ambitious at first. Zenjiro went out of his way to avoid the Nobles and make his stance of being Aura's supporter in public appearances was definitely a factor. Oh and him not wanting Concubines to dedicate himself to Aura at the beginning.


Overall I felt this Novel was well written. Magic is powerful enough but not ridiculously overpowered in this Novel like most others.
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summers rated it
January 31, 2017
Status: v3
This could have been good. Sadly like most of slice of life fantasy most of the content is just filler. The political aspect was smart without being overbearing and obvious, there is no snickering evil count, just people with reasonable ambitions and worries and interests, that is harder to deal with than an actual antagonist.

The filler is stuff that really ads nothing, I don't need to read about him eating or walking the halls, or the fact that he is using LED lamps for lighting for the 100th time. I... more>> don't need to read that queen is wearing a red dress, she is almost always wearing a red dress. As for the criticism that MC is not bringing in enough modern tech or guns. There is a reason why poorer countries have a hard time making or even stealing some tech; it requires maintenance, infrastructure, a proper supply chain strong knowledge base etc. Those novels that have some guy just watch video and start a industrial revolution requires too much of a suspension of disbelief even in a world of magic.

Its too bad about the filler, because speed reading ahead it looks like there are some interesting and cute/fun characters to be introduced, but I will not waste my time with filler, I have learned to drop those kind of novels fast. <<less
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Elias_bnz rated it
July 27, 2019
Status: v4
They should add a tag for Fake love, Female dominance, and a Passive MC, everyone agrees on that

I kind of feel betrayed by this novel, it started well it had promise but many mistakes were made ex: in the beginning, he had a whole month to prepare some items to take with him but what does he do? he takes; beer ; fridge; fan ;generator, DVD, tv; the most useless stuff like beads, etc... he's preparing to be a full-fledged neet instead of getting knowledge that can help him prove... more>> his worth but unfortunately no, His relationship with his wife is what frustrates me the most he loves her but I can only say she likes him, she uses him in many ways always on lookout for him when he tries to go out of the inner palace afraid of him trying to seize power or having followers and basically he's passive, it's a one-side abuse and he's silently taking it and that's it. <<less
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shuiko rated it
October 1, 2016
Status: --
A great story with great characters that grow organically within the plot. As more characters are revealed more characteristics and political tension comes into play. But best of all awesome main Couple.

This is more a slice of life with political story that surrounds the lovely relationship between the MC and his Wife the Queen.

Overall its very enjoyable and relaxing to read, and the current Translator, though on the slower end, makes up for it with great high quality work. (Which is rare, a lot of TLers are just slow and... more>> also meh). <<less
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Nitin123 rated it
September 6, 2020
Status: v9c3
For giving 1 star to the novel

1) Like every japnexx novel novel MC has no personality

2) MC has never has any opinion on anything

... more>> 3) in the name of ethics (Isekai ethics) MC always follow them unconditionally whether they are right or wrong

4) like most japxxx MC, he have s*ave personality, ex. if someone said it's ur duty to eat sh*t he will eat withought second thought...

5) MC act more like AI (artificial intelligence) than human.. which normally lives in most part of the globe (I don't know if MC like people found anywhere around world)

6) MC role in novel more like tool Peron (s*ave) who can be traded for the kingdoms sake in the name of benifit and duty of king

7) if any sane adult human being given opportunity to bring things from earth to medeival like world he will bring knwolage (book, video, educational material, some entertainment material and basic instruments)

But, our MC (whose IQ is questionable)

Brings following things

Some beer bottle, clothes for children, the glass marble, a generator, a fridge, a laptop, some food, some clothes, shoes

(MC bring above things to make his life comfortable for 30 years of which most are consumable and prone to malfunction)

8) relationship Between queen and MC is like warden and prisoner where his every action is monitor (author given some silly reasons, like noble will take objection, nobles will entice MC to become king and takeover kingdom like every reson is given which shows queen have zero trust toward MC,)

9) MC most of life is filled with absolute obedience where people tells him what he should do that and he should not do. (And MC has no opinion of his on any of his life dicision everything is decided by peoples around him, including how he should behave with his child)

10) last if author read my review by mistake........

I read some cotes somewhere..

A great story is story which make people belive in story

(This novel just has story which contain random mismatching data, some socity rules which has no basic according to author's own words, everything in author's world exist for the sake of existence, which has no purpose only purpose fill the pages increase the no. Words and too much explanations and monologues. Author filled everything he think..

(I have given 1 ⭐ because there was nothing less than that available) <<less
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