Relying on Beauty to Commit Crimes in the Escape Game


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As one of the bosses in the Escape Game, Li Xi fell in love with a human at first sight. After thoroughly studying romance guides, he decides to disguise himself as a delicate and innocent character to infiltrate the game.

And so…

When a fierce ghost attacks, he hides in the arms of a man, tears welling up in his eyes, and says pitifully, “It’s so scary! I need Duan Duan to hold me so I won’t cry.”

The ghost, scared by Li Xi’s reaction, instantly loses its menacing demeanor.

The onlookers, thinking the Big Brother has taken action, sneer and say, “Oh, another vixen who relies on looks to get ahead.”

Later, under the leadership of the Big Brother, the group fought their way to the BOSS’ palace. As they reached the throne, they saw the seemingly useless and beautiful Li Xi, who jumped down and kissed the Big Brother, saying, “Don’t worry, Duan Duan, I’ll go easy on you during the fight.”

Everyone was left dumbfounded.

Everyone thought, “Is it too late to call him ‘Daddy’ at this point? (ΩДΩ)”

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forgetdrunkenmoon rated it
January 26, 2024
Status: c59
Thank you for wasting my time, the description of the novel and inside of the novel is so different. I was expecting some side charas to insult MC etc but no, the plot is so different.

So basically there're 4 demon kings that got dragged by a random system into a game and one of them is MC. He fall in love with ML's soul then decide to follow (flirt) him. The plot at the beginning is normal, kinda boring tho. I read only at arc 4 and that's when I... more>> decide nah, this sht isn't worth it.

MC/Li Xi is supposed to be the demon king but he's more of a failed character design, if the author want to make a white lotus inside is black then he/she should've make MC a lil bit smarter, even an as*hole like Clemen has better character design. As for ML, he's more s*upid than MC. He has no suspicion at all despite his 2 friends are guarded from MC, just bcs MC looks pretty.

And don't get me started on how every single line need to mention MC looks so pretty etc (esp in arc 3), I get it that MC looks so pretty but can the author stop using it over and over again. The relationship between MC and ML is good and bad at the same time. ML keep saying like MC is still 18 (fake age) so he can't do bad things on an underage but he still accept MC flirting with him, etc. Idk how to describe it anymore so skip it.

Anyway here's some spoiler i've read so far


Arc 1
Very easy and short to the point I don't remember much abt this one.
1st arc team:
Li Xi (MC)
Duan Zhen (ML)
Xia Qirong
Sun Le
Yao Jiu (memory erased by MC)
Arc 2
Hospital monster an
2nd arc team:
ML gangs
Some corpse puppets from cannon fodder named Bai Hua, later killed by Clemen
Bai Si/Cheng Hui (ex-puppet)
Arc 3
Mermaid arc, poseidon (Hewlett creation) help MC, Clemen qlong with system appear and try to provoke MC into a fight
3rd arc team:
Random cannon fodder
Arc 4
MC lost his memory, this arc show some parts of MC past
4th arc team:
ML gangs + Shan Zuo (old member but new appearance)
At this arc MC reveal his real name as Lance Senafel Filot etc, ML discover MC is the demon king but he still love him (?).


4 demon kings:


Demon Kings:
Senafel (MC)
Hester & Moduna


Plot 3.9/5 (so many potential wasted on bad narration)

Protagonists 3/5

Villain 4.5/5 (Clemen is an as*hole but his characteristics isn't as boring as the protagonist <<less
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ylial rated it
January 18, 2024
Status: Completed
The love development between MC and ML. It is so good~ Take note it focuses more on MC and ML interaction so u will get disappointed if you expect something depth in the instances. The thoughts that the author put in the story is quite good however the she didn't dwell much on the instances, players and world building.

Overall it's a 4 but rated 5 due to low stars.
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Rochantranslations rated it
March 16, 2024
Status: Completed
Heya! I'm the translator for this novel, and I wanted to finish it before giving my impression of it as I was discovering it as I was translating!

So, I'm gonna start of by saying that the first part of my review is going to be "general" without spoilers, while I put examples of what I mean in the spoiler tag below!

To start off, YES, the summary isn't exactly indicative to what is going to happen in the novel. Li Xi is a BIG boss, you can say that he's a... more>> CEO and the "bosses" of the worlds are his employees, so yeah they're scared of him... To the point where they don't act rashly with him (and Duan Zhen/his team) at all. Other characters or teammates that come and play with them in worlds are uh... truly “extras”... they don't even get names most of the times so yes, while there are some people that look down on Li Xi, they are irrelevant and there's no face slapping of the kind that's shown in the summary, but the basis is still there!

Basically Li Xi pretends to be a cute, powerless little flower that needs Duan Zhen's help in these big, scary worlds!! Aside from his real identity, there's also a misunderstanding about ages, especially because Duan Zhen is kinda “strict” about that. I think he's quite cool ML! He's strong, intelligent and he doesn't just falls in love directly with Li Xi (to his despair lmao). He's a bit dense at first because he thinks Li Xi is like a little brother, but then I guess Li Xi cranks it up! Overall I like their dynamics, and our MC is very fun and well, OP, though it does create problems later on which is great in my opinion! I'll talk more about it in the spoilers for those interested!

For the horror side... it's honestly not that scary! In some arcs I literally forgot that it was supposed to be horror instances lol but there are some creepy moments still! I think that given Li Xi's identity as a big boss, it's kinda normal that the monsters/ghosts don't really get the opportunities to "show off" lol


Now we'll get to some more details I liked about this novel! The 4 demon lords!! Basically the system got them to "participate" in the game world and they can't really fight back against it despite being that powerful. Some of them don't care (Hewlett, the sloth-like demon lord that I LOVE, I just think he’s neat!) and others like the twin demons (Hest and Moduna, lovely brats but they don’t appear much to my despair) and Clemens (kinda the antagonist) are sadistic/kinda cruel bastards so they take advantage of this shitty situation.

Basically each of them and Li Xi have their "worlds" that are separated into "smaller worlds" or "instances” for players to go through. Li Xi and Hewlett for example don't really care about their worlds, Hewlett literally sleeps away and Li Xi warns him to not waste away otherwise the system could devour him. Li Xi only gets interested in his worlds when he first notices Duan Zhen! He keeps on observing him and after some time, he decides to disguise himself as a little powerless human to get close to him! I think it's pretty cute since he even follows some "love guides" but it mostly doesn't work on Duan Zhen lol at most he thinks that he's like his younger brother but that's it. Li Xi lied about his age but that def backfires on him because later on Duan Zhen refuses to get with him because he thinks he's barely legal while Duan Zhen is well, older compared to him.

The first world was pretty tame, it just showed some basis (Duan Zhen and his team members Sun Le and Xia Qirong are so great! Xia Qirong is freaking funny and Sun Le is the silent type but has fun thoughts and he's probably the one with most logical braincells in the team, especially when it comes to love) and Li Xi joins them as a pyschic even though they actually have one (he's gonna play his role later on so he doesn't appear at first!!). The second world was a bit creepy cuz it was in a weird hospital, and then we meet "pain in the ass" Clemens. I LOVE HIM!! He's just so crazy and obsessed with Li Xi's blood AND eyes (i wouldn't say it's love or anything like that, he's just messed up, especially when you learn about Li Xi's eyes later on) and he thinks Duan Zhen is a waste of time for Li Xi; Of course our MC isn't happy with that at all and gets quite protective!!

Later on, they get into Hewlett's first world where only Duan Zhen and Li Xi find themselves in! Li Xi becomes a sexy merman and he tries to seduce Duan Zhen, it starts to work and we get to see our cool ML get quite flustered, which was cute imo!!! Li Xi acted a bit too crazy in this world and he literally used his demon lord powers, which is usually a no-no in other worlds reigned by another demon lord, but since Hewlett is lazy, he doesn't care. After this world, Li Xi gets attacked by Clemens but he leaves as Duan Zhen also comes.

We then meet the original psychic/hacker of the team, and Li Xi gets VERY interested in him as he's studying the system and is trying to find a solution to counter it. Duan Zhen gets a bit uncomfortable cuz Li Xi isn't looking for him as much as before and looks for Dan Zuo instead lol

In the next world, things start to change!! Li Xi gets his powers and memories sealed and he literally forgets about everything. Duan Zhen is pretty desperate to try to make him remember, and he even "sacrificies" himself to become his servant/butler. He learns later on that that world is based on Li Xi's memories as Senafel (his identity as a demon lord). He doesn't know if Li Xi is a demon Lord or not. And even like this, Li Xi still has a part of him that likes Duan Zhen, even if he doesn't know why. So basically they relive Li Xi's sad past (the backlore of his eyes/Senafel gets revealed and it's pretty sad considering his whole country got destroyed because of it). They still find a way to get out of the world without completing the original mission, and we learn that Hewlett is the one to have attacked Li Xi at the start of the world because he got a bit mad that Li Xi acted like he wanted in the previous mermaid world, but they’re still kinda buddies and there isn’t a real animosity between the two of them (compared to Li Xi’s dislike for Clemens lol).

And then Li Xi doesn't want to unseal his memories, so while he's a bit mean, he's getting interested again in Duan Zhen who's still desperately trying to get "his" Li Xi back (HE GETS SAD THAT LI XI ISN'T CLINGY ANYMORE!!) it's just so freaking cute lol

Anyways the romance wasn't really rushed from Duan Zhen's part. He's pretty pure lol at least until Li Xi started teasing him in the mermaid arc, he was gentle and not love-struck from the start, which I think is nice because it wouldn't be realistic with his temperament if he fell in love earlier!


Soo yeah, it's not exactly as decipted in the synopsis, but in my opinion, it's a pretty fun novel. It would've been great if there was more horror, but overall, it's nice and all the chars grew on me! I was well engaged in the plot and I think that if it was translated by someone else and I was a simple reader, I could've finished it in two days max since I would want to know what happens next directly haha! <<less
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