Reincarnation in a Different World Rising From the Slums ~Gathering and Hunting, Eating Rice and Living a Slow Life~


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In the kingdom of Merlia, a six-year-old boy named Ed embarks on an extraordinary journey. One fateful day, while strolling along the bustling streets, a minor incident occurs that changes his life forever. Tripping over a small rock, Ed hits his head and experiences a sudden rush of memories from his past life on Earth.

Back on Earth, in Japan, Ed was an ordinary male student attending a typical high school. However, fate had a different plan for him. He now finds himself living in the slums, devoid of his parents’ presence. Determined to survive in this enchanting yet perilous fantasy world filled with monsters, Ed harnesses his unique skill of appraisal.

With his keen appraisal abilities, Ed embarks on a quest for gathering resources and hunting formidable creatures. This skill becomes his lifeline, enabling him to adapt to his new environment and pursue a slower, more peaceful lifestyle. As he navigates through this captivating world, Ed discovers the joys of savoring simple pleasures and sating his hunger with the bounties of his endeavors.

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異世界転生スラム街からの成り上がり ~採取や猟をしてご飯食べてスローライフするんだ~
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1 Review

Jul 04, 2023
Status: c100
Started out with potential but vibe gets more and more wish fulfillment.

I don't mind harem seeking protagonist but every harem member is too young, MC pre-reincarnation age is high school age but still him going nuts on six year olds is very off putting. Harem members rubbing themselves on MC, sleeping together, kissing his cheeks every morning, MC grinning to himself, gives me the creeps, just imagining it makes me want to report MC as a pedo.

And that's another problem author should really have not made MC age six years... more>> old or just get some time skip. He is too strong for his age and doesn't act his age yet the adults around him treat him just like another adult.

MC is too willful he can't seem to focus on just a single task, either be an adventurer or be a business man. The balance between the two is not good. <<less
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