Rebirth of the Super Agent: Miss Good-for-nothing Turning the Tables


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Miss Good-for-nothing, Ye Lan, once lived a miserable life, being bullied even by her servants. After rebirth, she lives on with the memory and skill of a super agent in modern times. She is determined to turn the tables on those who had mistreated her. She will make them regret for what they did!
Don’t you dare call me Miss Good-for-nothing! Have you ever seen a loser followed by tens of thousands of nine-grade spirit beasts? Blood will have blood…

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Fèi Chái Dí Nǚ: Tègōng Xié Fēi Yào Nì Tiān
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Morbid Eel
New Morbid Eel rated it
April 5, 2020
Status: c33
It is 'okay'. It has your standard transmigration tropes but the pacing is terrible. Some stories suffer from a plot that drags on too slowly while this is the opposite. It zooms along at the speed of light. For example MC just started up her organization and suddenly she is owning businesses all over the country.
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Emily Wang
Emily Wang rated it
March 12, 2020
Status: c20
I like this novel because the girl Ye Lan is so cool. She was nicknamed Many-faced Actress when she was a super agent in modern time. After rebirth, she revenged on the Ye Family that hurt her and her mother. She also made some new friends, like Xiao Hei, who became her bodyguard, and Libao, a legendary magical beast who was super cute. There seemed to be a prince who liked her. I guess they might fall in love and I wonder what Ye Lan will do after she kills... more>> her cruel father and evil sister. Wow, can't wait to read more! <<less
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KichiX rated it
March 4, 2020
Status: c18
As for as transmigration stories go, this is on the worse end of the spectrum. Poorly explained cultivation, jumps between chapters, author making things up as they go along, unexplained abilities, unexplained everything... The beginning is confusing - the action is not clearly described. The author is obviously trying to go for mysterious but I ended up just being confused and only belatedly realising what had happened. The MC doesn't have to work for anything, it's all just served up on a silver platter.

In conclusion: read the first ten or... more>> so chapters - if it meets your minimum requirements for a novel, go ahead and read it, but if you prefer to spend your time on more polished works, I would skip this completely. <<less
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