ReBirth ~ From the Upper World to the Lower World


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One day a man fell in a pothole on his way home. Before he noticed, he was in a strange room with a mysterious voice who claims to be [The system between worlds] proclaiming his death as well as stating “What you fell in was a hole to the lower world”.

The man also discovered that the geniuses of this world, were normal people from a higher world, who fell just like him.

Now he has been given the chance to reincarnate in a lower world.

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ReBirth 上位世界から下位世界へ
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Jarrow rated it
November 28, 2016
Status: c30
This title puts the helium in 'light novel'. No substance, all fluff; nothing new or different. Plot armor is measured in meters. MC's choices vary from predictable to idiotic. Side characters are made of cardboard. This is truly a thoughtless read.

Some people may like that.

... more>>

Examples: (all from MC's POV since nobody else really exists)
1) "Please incarnate me as a chuuni - no need for a childhood, family, or backstory, ~kthxby~!"
2) Chapter 2: From First Kill to Grill in a single sentence.
3) "I could really use a map" ~Poof~ "Majic plez" ~Poof~ "I can has language?" ~Poof~....
4) "Hi, you're the 4th person I've talked to, and you are a young, cute, nekomimi s*ave? Oooh, neeto!"
4.5) "Wow, the s*ave owner sure died fast, guess you're my property now!"
4.9) "I'll split the money three ways for the three survivors, except I'll release the old, ugly, lizard guy and give him the cash, but the cute young nekomimi with the sad past I'll keep ens*aved and keep her money, too!"
5) Levelups for others: +7 in 2 years. With MC's plot armor: +7 in 2 weeks.
6) "Dawww - I'm a nice person, I'm not going to screw you on the first night. s*ave. ;) "
Had enough. Quitting here.


Note that the author deleted the raws once he got published, so translations are from archival sources and include changes the author made mid-story (several of them). Also, the chapters are ~1.5 pages of text apiece - really short chapters. <<less
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Hayate rated it
May 5, 2016
Status: --
My real score for this novel is 4.5.

Its just the kind of story that I enjoyed: a laid back story of a person transported to another world with game like elements. Not the type that straight out OP at the start but the type that gets stronger as the story goes on. The only reason I don't give it a perfect 5 is because I found it a bit s*upid for the MC to chose upgrading another skill to lvl2 instead of completing the stat bonus skill.
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Twilight Reverie
Twilight Reverie rated it
November 29, 2016
Status: --
This story isn't bad, it's just extremely lackluster. There's nothing to grab the readers' attention; a solid framework has been created, but beyond that there's nothing that serves to flesh out the characters, the world, or the plot. It's almost as if the author created a thorough draft, but never got around to expanding upon it.

The characters are extremely limited in scope, almost two-dimensional. Even the protagonist lacks any amount of depth, and he is absent of character traits that can grow or be developed later in the work. We... more>> are given essentially nothing about his background or motivations; it is a simple narrative comprised of "this is the protagonist, this is where he is, this is what happens."

The author's narrative and delivery of the content is, for lack or a better term, monotonous. Not only do the characters lack any real sense of emotion or depth, but the manner in which the story is written feels flat, like an open soda that's been left in the summer heat too long. One has to wonder if the author feels any sense of investment in this work or its characters.

In short this should not be viewed as a complete work. This is still a rough draft, with the potential to be a good story in the future, but, unless the author realizes this and begins writing it properly, it will never achieve any of the potential it might possess. Don't waste your time, there's better stories out there. <<less
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RedKaiser rated it
May 3, 2016
Status: --
Typical reincarnated in another world with game element and given cheat and also got s*ave. I never get bored with this kind of novels.

As of chapter 14, the story still haven't progressed too far but doesn't mean that MC is weak. It still unknown what this story will lead too.

I recommed you all to read and maybe we got something breathtaking later
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sal880612m rated it
November 10, 2016
Status: c18
This novel is a fairly light game-elements type novel at this point. I have several issues with the novel in it's current state. There are some story issues that stood out as being particular unlikely or just plain dumb wish fulfillment.

The first female character we meet is a s*ave who has her original owner die in a monster attack and becomes the property of the MC along with another s*ave. Fairly standard but when they reach the nearest city he gives both the option to be released from s*avery and she chooses to stay a s*ave. Maybe it could be played up as a result of having no where to go and not being able to provide for herself but in the translation that is barely touched on. Never mind the fact that the MC is nice enough to pay for them to get out of s*avery, but having a relationship and that pursuing a relationship other than master and s*ave could probably work she still chooses to be a s*ave.


Outside of the story, I have issues with the authors/translators choices. I haven't seen the raws but apparently the author revamped the status system he was using in the novels. I'm not sure if it's him that didn't go back and update the earlier chapters or if it is the translators that didn't. The end result is you get one system for some chapters another for later chapters before going back to the old system and if the translation continues it will once again switch to the new system. As I said I don't know if the raws are available for both systems for the early chapters or if the author didn't rewrite, but the switching of the system and lack of re-translation/proper updating of the early chapters was a big part of the reason I stopped at 18. The translation quality in terms of readability seemed to be decent but the story itself uses fairly simple language. I can't comment on accuracy, I don't have those skills.
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lnv rated it
February 17, 2017
Status: c45
There are some people who complain about the heroine's behavior of accepting s*avery from the get-go. While it is rare such behavior is possible, especially when people have fear of being abandoned. The bigger problem is that there is a lot of issues with the MC behavior. From somehow knowing that the merchants guild can hire ninjas on his first day in town (within 1st week of coming), to his contradictions about how they are going to take quests to level up for the dungeon, then takes a hard quest and then says "lets go to the dungeon to level up for this quest". (And everyone else is fine with it). Not to mention how because of him being a salaryman in his previous life he thinks it is a-ok to act like a PMS teen. (I mean I would think that growing up to an adult you learn the difference between taking things as a salaryman, and not acting childish over minor things). Not to mention 1 month in he already feels he can conduct interviews on proper etiquette (Aka, he thinks he knows more in 1 month than someone who has lived their entire life in that world). And that is not even the worst:

The MC reckless behavior is beyond s*upid. Like when he sees that all he needs is attrition until his friends come to help. But instead of waiting for them, he notices the higher level death knight's sword has a drain life ability. So he does the most sane thing possible, he jumps and gets stabbed through by the death knight on purpose! So that in the off chance the deathknight drains his holy power as he casts heal. I can understand being so reckless as a last resort, but he just does it based on his mood. Who the hell jumps on a drain life sword held by a high level undead?!?!? To be honest only reason he made it out is plot. There is 0 way he could have survived that, 0.

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whosays25 rated it
November 23, 2016
Status: c15
One word - typical. I don't know if it's because I've read several JP novels with similar themes but yeah, this is kinda a bland read for me. Recommended for those who are yet to get tired of harem and JP.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Ignus rated it
February 23, 2017
Status: c30
Its an alright read if you can turn off your brain. Its entertaining enough to read if your in the mood for "Meh".

Nothing special in this story. As in it is too simple.

Reincarnation - game interface - money system - little character development, dungeon diving.... Drinking, eating, sleeping, shopping.

... more>> What bothers me is when the thing that makes a story special is poorly executed.

What should stand out in this story is the game system. It should help drive excitement, gaining rewards for obtaining goals etc.... But instead, it is very simple, and even seems to not be consistent. Primarily no effort is put into the selection of skills. (Like sometimes he skips levels up skill selection)

Also, although easily ignored, but gives you an idea of the quality of writing/planing of the story.

There are a few logic bombs with the monetary system. Primarily at how the author trumps up the value of the baby dragon's materials. Author uses how expensive the baby dragon is to make the importance of defeating it more, but when comparing the cost of common gear MC bought to go into the dungeon he lost gold, or to the cost of normal clothes. <<less
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takoy4ki rated it
May 1, 2018
Status: c60
The story is boring, no explanation ever for the MC's choice, side characters are emptier than in a low quality harem anime, plot armor is thicker than a WW2 bunker, overall not an enjoyable read.

The first part of the TL is full of childish comment and the second although better than the first, has many grammatical mistakes.
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Fuxy rated it
September 1, 2017
Status: c16
It's very superficial story with no effort whatsoever put in by the author to flesh out the world and give it some character.

It's the typical template that he didn't even put effort into hiding.

There are also quite a few inconsistencies like when he levels up multiple levels he only gets to choose 1 skill. It is very clear that the details are not even taken into consideration.
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