Rainbow City


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After the Adam virus spread due to the scheme of Adam Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., only three unified countries remained in the world. Army Major Kwak Soohwan and Chief Researcher Seokhwa of Rainbow City, a member of the Unified Bureau, became entangled due to the suspicious death of Dr. Han.

Also, even if a vaccine was developed, the virus continued to mutate and infect people. As Adam evolved, so did the human race. Kwak Soohwan and Seokhwa also fell into this category. The fight with the enemies attacking Rainbow City accelerated, and Kwak Soohwan and Seokhwa collided with each other…

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레인보우 시티
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New harupin rated it
April 29, 2024
Status: Completed
Gosh, I love Rainbow City

Have read Chaepali's other novels (plus the manhwa adpatations) but this is my fav. The action, thrill, plot twists n turn of events and even the romance T_T made me love this so much. The scientific explanations of vaccines, antibodies, virus, hosts and more were greatly said in right amount (not info dump) and inserted well in scenarios as if it really existed and didn't bore me out.

It was refreshing to read an apocalypse setting were it already occurred for many years long. Also it didnt... more>> went to the simple "oh it's gov fault" route but more complex than that. And idk if Im just dumb but I srsly didnt expect

Dr. Kim to be part of Garden of Eden. I thought he's going to be just an extra coworker until the main characs pointed it out.

The reveals of second master being seokhwa's father, freaking serpent being seokhwa's half bro, soohwan being the perfect mutant by taking seokhwa's and others (parents' fault btw), got me surprised


I like how cp's 460 (?) + days in Russia was time skipped and was told piece by piece through flashbacks

Soohwan Seokhwa romance got me crying fr, they're too sweet and inseparable. Match made in heaven

epilogue reunion made me cry srsly. When seokhwa kept waiting for soohwan but think he's dead and finally after 151 days THEY GOT TOGETHER. CP deserve that old married couple lives after the countless hardships

I felt bad for those children that got used as human experiments (even the soldiers) by choi hoeon

CP is power couple (seokhwa may lack physical and combat skills but he knows what to do and quick thinker), tho not everything goes with their plan. I love how both are humane in their own ways too.

Seokhwa esp in lovey dovey moments is too cute (ONE OF THE CUTEST MCs), he is also blunt, doesn't get shy when loving soohwan and he is smart.

Seokhwa's bleedings made me dream of it lol as nightmare. The impact was great to me


Kwak Soohwan is my fav charac in here, one of the best ML ngl. (I head cannon him reading danmeis lol) His teasings n funny remarks, show of affection, his words to Seokhwa is the best (calling him hyung and honey too Sheesh). His whole charac outside being ML is great, the camaraderie with his subordinates and soldiers (even cares about their deaths), smart leading and more.

him as controller, able to decipher seokhwa's binary codings and arresting him got me goosebumps ngl. But that's just a cover to protect MC

dirty jokes of the two makes me laugh lmao

The side characs are also worth to mention, Lee Chaeyoon, I love her too and Yang san hoon plus the other soldiers. Moon gil is me fr lol

The escapings, hiding and esp drivings really made exhausted (in a good way) as if I'm with them in the journey. AAA the ending so good (where's soohwan piano scene tho lol), I like how it's written in non chronological order. I'll miss them

I srsly can't wait for the manhwa to cover everything and makes this get known more (and see the piggyback rides visually) <<less
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sadaharuhi rated it
January 1, 2024
Status: Completed
Saw this on NU rec coz all im into right now are KR novels. I was hesitant to read this because never really like the apocalyptic genre but Im glad I gave it a try. Mtl'ed all chaps. Its funny, action-packed, intriguing and has a lot of Biblical reference on creation. The smut is fire. The MC grew on me, didnt really like him at first coz he's emotionally stunted. He maybe on the autism spectrum. The ML absolutely stole my heart. He is crazy, obsessive, super strong and engaging.... more>> Yup, he maybe a red flag but man his devotion makes me want someone like him irl. The scene where the MC fainted and ML did something was so hilarious. Reading KR mtl is so hard but this is worth it. I'll wait for the translation to finish and read this again, I'm sure it'll be a lot funnier. Btw, when I was reading this it reminded me about the anime Darker than Black, the characters have this thing called obeisance which is like an obsessive trait as side effect of their power which the mutants in this novel somewhat have. Anyway, this definitely is a must read. Probably memorable ML second to the ML in Dash. <<less
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