Raid Breaker


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The existence of ‘Knights’ who have awoken special powers.

The boss ‘monsters’ that have embraced the dimensional power of the dungeons.

The ‘Titan’ that was an important tool in monster hunting.

And Kang Su-hyuk who obtained an entirely new type of power.

Now a new type of raid has begun!

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레이드 브레이커
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Latest Release

Date Group Release
11/16/16 Secondo Korean v1c7 part2
11/14/16 Secondo Korean v1c7 part1
11/06/16 Secondo Korean v1c6
11/05/16 Secondo Korean v1c6
11/02/16 Secondo Korean v1c5
07/26/16 Rainbow Turtle... c4
07/08/16 Rainbow Turtle... c3
06/24/16 Rainbow Turtle... c2
06/24/16 Rainbow Turtle... c1
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douchi rated it
July 30, 2016
Status: c7
Well, if those 11 who gave two or less stars only read the seven translated chapters then it's definitely unjustly dissatisfaction considering the voting behavior on this website. That's why I'll give a short review - and add a premature rating. The story is set in a modern world after an apocalypse so the concept is similar to Dungeon Hunter or especially Evolution Theory of the Hunter with the difference that humanity relies on self-build weaponry including piloted robot suits (mecha elements). The protagonist's personality is similar to the one... more>> in the latter story, although likely more socially inapt, so I expect a more naive approach at life, romance, and such.

Based on the seven translated chapters i'd imagine the depth of this work is lower than of the two above mentioned novels. The focus is probably on adventure and action rather then politics, schemes, war strategy, nuanced decisions, etc., so it would be a more relaxed read.

The only major issue I've noticed at this point is the low number of chapters. The novels has been apparently completed after 118 chapters while the chapters are just a bit more than twice as long as those of a typical Chinese Xuanhuan novel. <<less
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