Portrait of An Arrogant Master


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Macy, a ghost-painter, lives exploited by her family for her talent. Her legs are becoming limp, and her hands stiffen due to the Name’s curse.

The only way to break the curse is to make contact with the Name’s master.

“Take it off.”
“Excuse me?”
“Take it off. Are you deaf too?”

Finally meeting the name partner, Eren.

He wishes to proceed with the Name treatment in a secluded cabin, with eyes covered.

He does not hide his unwelcome attitude….

“Do you have someone you want to kiss?”

The man who showed such detachment begins to show inexplicable possessiveness towards Macy.

* * *

“Eren, you’re my paramour, not my lover, right?”
“Ah, you want to treat me like a paramour?”
“Is that wrong?”

He twisted his mouth as if it was ludicrous.

“Completely wrong. You seem to have misunderstood; you should have only me as your man. You can never marry and must wait for me alone in that dark, dreary cabin forever.”
“Because I decided so.”

The mouth that uttered such arrogant words suddenly engulfed Macy’s lips.

Unable to bear his twisted love, she fled, but he found her again.

“Come here, Macy. I won’t be angry.”

His face looked the same yet different.

There was madness lingering in his bloodshot eyes.

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오만한 주인의 초상화
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