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From birth, I had difficulty feeling emotions. To be more exact, I could not empathize with others.

I was undeniably different from everyone else, and I knew that if I continued this path, something would go terribly wrong.

Yet, at some point, I encountered dreams that allowed me to inhabit other people’s lives.

Through the dreams, I experienced the cruel lives of a hired soldier, a s*ave, an artist, and more, ultimately becoming skilled at virtually everything.

In this world, there was no role I could not perform.

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Ten Million Psychopath Actor
사이코패스가 천만배우
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BronzeCat6265 rated it
September 8, 2023
Status: c91
This is so good! You can read the chapters for free at Alandal or buy *cough* some chapters. Anyways, I like this novel, the MC himself is chaotic good (despite the lack in emotion that is) he is aware of what is right and wrong technically and thankfully due to his dreams is able to hold back on the negative pursue of emotions. He unknowingly exudes compassion though, creating a positive effect to other characters. Plus I love that he has an awesome pet cat 🌻 Overall a fun read... more>> with a considerable amount of free chapters available, I also don't mind the waiting to unlock chapters feature of the site. <<less
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Drunk Moon Resident Scholar
Drunk Moon Resident Scholar rated it
December 28, 2023
Status: c14
A very dull start of constant acting scenes with everyone else reacting with amazement at the main character's acting skills. Made worse by the scenes being acted not being interesting or well-written.

Quite reminiscent of the acting scenes in "I Was Mistaken as a Monstrous Genius Actor" (though worse) so far but where that story has some other things going on to make it a little better this is mostly constant, boring acting/reaction scenes.

Note that I said "mostly" acting/reaction scenes. Fear not! There are still "everything else"/reaction scenes too. They suck... more>> also.

Overall I think that the beginning of this story is boring and lacking a good hook. It's a pity because the idea was interesting.

Keep in mind this is just my impression of the first 14 chapters and it may well improve later on. I even get the feeling that it may just be a poorly written, rushed start in an hurried attempt to get to whatever it is that the author actually wanted to write. <<less
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Loves_Translations rated it
January 28, 2024
Status: Completed
I think the novel has a second name you can search for more chapters: Ten Million Psychopath Actor

The novel reminds me of a mix of Superstar from Age 0 and I was Mistaken as a Monstrous Genius Actor. If you have read these two, the novel may not be very interesting. The career path follows the latter and the abilities of past lives of the former is used the same. I dunno about which came first and whatever, but just making note. Although, unlike the other two, this one is... more>> actually finished at just 200 chapters so there's that.

The MC being a psychopath is semi-interesting, but they handle it in maybe not the best way. His personality around others is generally polite and kind, and he is sometimes ruthless to enemies. If he has no feelings, why so nice? Mimic? What about the heartfelt moments? I guess you shouldn't think too much and assume his dreams make him a little more humane.


Things get... religious? Idk but it's a bit odd that he "fixes" his psychopathy through absorbing holy aura or something? I thought it was nice that although our MC kind of couldn't feel a lot of emotions himself, he could experience them through his dream lives. By the end, our MC seemingly gets religious miracle or something and it was a bit odd but oh well. Idk the science of why people are psychopath but int his novel it takes a little divine intervention to give him more feelings. I would have preferred him to come to a personal conclusion via his dreams or finding that analyzing the characters he has to play helps him understand humans more. But instead we have religious miracles and Godly intervention.


I like his moments with his orphan family. It is just about the only thing that differentiates the novel from mentioned novels (aside from psychopathy).

Not exact a spoiler but I already wrote this out so...


I'm not saying that it's bad that there are similarities, but they were very obvious, especially with IWMMGA. Both MCs have musical talent, know piano, do impressive action genre in Netflix novel equivalent, can cook, etc. I'm not saying it is purposeful or anything like plagiarism, as these type of plots could be seen as generic and the abilities aren't very niche anyway. My personal opinion would be that IWMMGA is better, but this novel has its own merits.


Decent read, I probably would have liked it more if I hadn't already read a lot in this kind of genre. <<less
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Yuriann rated it
October 13, 2023
Status: Completed
I finally read the novel.

When I first encountered this novel, I thought it was really interesting. The plot was new and interesting.

Though after reading to some point it kind of got boring. Not because it was repetitive, but you know if its a actor novel the scenario they receive should be atleast a bit interesting, but it was a little boring unlike other novels, so it was a little disappointing. I think the author could've taken inspiration from some Og work as long as he didn't copy them, I mean its not uncommon. And there was many skips, I hoped we would get more. There could've been more about the MC's skill or life. I think it would've been really long, like 700+ chapters? Anyways it would've been fun.

So I firstly gave it a 4 star. I mean it was not bad to be less than that. But after reading the final chapter, I really liked it haha. Tho I don't like the long time skip. It ended soon, so it's a little sad.

Overall it was good but I think it had the potential to be really good. (Like the monsterous actor, I really like the novel. I think the plot was better than the monsterous actor but didn't meet it's potential or it could have been better/ I didn't mean to compare them but it had that much potential)


I think someone said the novel was similar to "I was mistaken as a monsterous actor" and "Superstar from age 0" and I couldn't agree more. Both of them were my favourite, and I think this novel is a little similar to that.

*So basically the plot is, Song Kyu-ha was a little emotionless from a child. After losing his parents he ran into a monk who took care of him. While staying there he had all kinds of strange dream hence the name, which made him appreciate his life more. After getting a chance to act, he liked it and become a actor. Because of his dream he had all kinds of power which helped him with his popularity. He also got people who he could call "Family" which he never had. And that's really how it ends, he becomes normal enough to not mimicry and actually genuinely happy.*


Interesting plot but really again, it had more potential
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